I want to stay involved with the game, says Badrinath

Subramaniam Badrinath, who has been around the domestic scene for 16 long years spoke to us on his plans for the future.

Subramaniam Badrinath is captaining Hyderabad in the upcoming Ranji season.

Having been around for 16 years on the domestic scene, Subramaniam Badrinath has seen it all in Indian cricket but even he wasn't prepared to be forced to sit out two whole days of a Ranji Trophy game without so much as the toss taking place because of severe pollution.

The match against Tripura was finally called off and would be rescheduled later but the Hyderabad captain, in his third year as a professional journeyman, was frustrated. “It is not just about not playing, there can be fog or rain also. But this time it is impossible. There is a dusty, smoke taste you feel all the time, it is difficult to breathe, I have never experienced anything like this ever,” Badrinath said here.

Despite being one of the more competent batsmen on the domestic circuit Badrinath knows he is past the stage where he could realistically hope for a shot at bigger glory with the national side. The former Tamil Nadu captain had a two-match Test career and now leading Hyderabad, he is more keen on building the side and guiding the youngsters. He admits he is bracing for a future past his playing days when he would be able to contribute to the game in other ways.

“I will be involved with the game obviously, it is the only thing I have done since I was eight-years old. But I haven't thought it out exactly. Maybe I will take a break, spend time with my family, do other things I love. Basically, be able to finally contribute to the other areas of my life which are equally important besides the game. It is a nice challenge to lead a young side and help them develop, pass on my experience and knowledge,”he remarked.

At 36, he may not be in his prime but retains his fitness though he agreed that that alone was not enough to keep going. “See, Dhoni may be 35 but he still playing international cricket. If I was playing international cricket I too would be motivated enough to go out and get the runs and keep pushing myself beyond the barriers and remain excited about the future. But when you are only grinding it out on the domestic front, travelling like crazy to all corners for years together, there is a fatigue that sets in. That's also an important reason to move out to first Vidarbha for two seasons and now Hyderabad, there is a new challenge to face,” he said admitted.

With 140 first-class games and 9911 runs under his belt, many would believe he was unlucky to not get a longer rope at the top but Badrinath isn't one to dwell too much on what could have been. “I was born in the times of the Fab Four of Indian batting and it wasn't easy to break into the side. You can't do anything about it, they were, after all, the best of the best. So no regrets, this game has given me everything, I can't ask for anything more. At the same time, no man in this world can say he got everything in exactly the way he wanted. But what I have had has been good,” he said.

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