Kanitkar: TN players need to be more receptive to criticism

At the end of a poor domestic showing from Tamil Nadu during the 2017-18 season, coach Hrishikesh Kanitkar laid down a few bare facts for his team's failings.

Tamil Nadu Hrishikesh Kanitkar Vijay L. Balaji Hazare Trophy

Tamil Nadu coach Hrishikesh Kanitkar in conversation with bowling coach L. Balaji during the Vijay Hazare Trophy tournament.   -  R. Ragu

With Tamil Nadu’s 2017-18 season ending on a sombre note following its defeat to Andhra on Sunday in the Vijay Hazare trophy match that saw the defending champion crash out of the event, coach Hrishikesh Kanitkar has expressed that some key issues need to be addressed for Tamil Nadu to be consistent.

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Summing up the reasons for the poor show, Kanitkar started off saying, “We have been lacking in everything, we played below our capabilities. If we do that then this result is normal, it'll always keep happening.”

Last year, TN was without the services of some of its international stars and went on to win two titles. This year, the team had the services of Ravichandran Ashwin and Murali Vijay now and then but failed to capitalise on it.

When asked if the on and off presence of star players affected the team composition, Kanitkar said, “It doesn't get affected so much but the players admire these two very much. So because of that if they change their way on how they play unknowingly or knowingly then it can make a difference.

“They look up to Ashwin and Vijay and maybe they would want to impress these guys and they may not be their natural self. That could happen and it depends on individuals. If such a thing is affecting players then they have to talk about it and sort it out.”

But the former Ranji Trophy winning captain highlighted some more pressing issues and said players need to be more ‘receptive’ and less' sensitive’ to criticism.

When explaining about what made teams like Mumbai successful, the former India left-hander said, “The attitude in Mumbai, Maharashtra is that nobody is beyond reproach from anybody. It doesn't matter if I'm an international player. If I'm not playing to my potential and if my efforts are not good, there will always be somebody to tell you. I think that needs to develop a little more here.”

When probed further he added, “They need to be more receptive to criticism and be less sensitive. If you play in the Indian team you can expect Virat to say something to you.”

“Indian players like Ashwin and Vijay have seen it all and they have reacted in a better way and that's why they are successful. That’s what these guys need to learn. Here, people might protect you but at higher levels they won't protect you and when you do something wrong you will be told.”

He went on to add that players need to be more appreciative of the facilities that they receive and said, “Here the cricket is run brilliantly. But the boys need to know how lucky they are for what all they are getting from the association (TNCA). If they can compare themselves with other players from other states, then they will realise how fortunate they are and they will be smarter in their preparations.”

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