England vs Pakistan 3rd Test Day 1 Highlights: Zak Crawley ton puts England ahead

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Zak Crawley (right) celebrates with Jos Buttler after scoring his first Test century. - REUTERS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the third England vs Pakistan Test at Rose Bowl, Southampton.



A tiring day it must have been Pakistan. For Zak Crawley, too, it would have been tiring, but satisfying. He scored his maiden Test century and it was an enterprising innings, too; he was cautious when required but played his strokes. Buttler gave him good company. The two scored runs very quickly in the final session. A hundred and forty eight runs came in that session. Here's the report of the day's play.

Join us for all the action on Day Two. Play starts at 3.30pm. Until then, goodbye.

Jos Buttler finished the day on 87 not out. - AP


. Last over of the day. Buttler gets a full delivery outside off-stump from Naseem, he plays a square drive and picks up a boundary through cover. That's 200 partnership between the two batsmen. The fourth delivery of the over is a full and straight one, Buttler drives, the ball runs away to midwicket. Yasir Shah gives chase. Three runs taken. That caught the inside half of the bat. The final ball of the day is defended by Crawley; the ball takes the outside edge and squirts away to the point fielder. No run. 332/4.

That's it. It's stumps.

. Abbas continues to get some movement away from the right hander. The deliveries are left alone safely by Buttler. Abbas gets it slightly wrong, bowls a bit straight for a change, and Buttler tucks the ball to leg for three runs. This is followed by an excellent delivery to Crawley, who did well not to edge it. And then a full delivery outside off, defended off the front-foot by Crawley. 325/4.

. Naseem comes back to bowl his 16th over. A good-length delivery, outside off, and left alone. Then an overpitched delivery, dug out by Crawley. Followed by a short-of-a-length delivery outside off, punched to cover. No run. A full delivery outside off, driven straight to the bowler. A short-of-a-length delivery, outside off once again, defended off the back-foot. A maiden. 322/4.

. Edged, and falls short once again. It goes on the bounce to first slip. It's a delivery in the corridor, Buttler gets an edge to that. And then a near-edge. A good-length delivery, Buttler hangs his bat, the ball narrowly misses it. He leaves the last delivery alone, pragmatically. The ball was wider as well, so it was easier to make the judgment. 322/4.

. A maiden over from Naseem Shah.

. Full, down the leg-side from Shaheen, helped on its way behind the wicket by Buttler. Four leg-byes. A full delivery outside off coming and it's driven to mid-off, no run. Then another one, this time, the placement is correct: it runs away to the long-off boundary. Another full delivery outside off, a little wider this time, Buttler reaches out to it and goes for the drive, misses the ball. 322/4.

. Caution exercised by Buttler in that over from Abbas who bowls in the corridor of uncertainty. Only a single coming off it. 313/4 after 84 overs.

. Shaheen bowls a full and wide delivery, Crawley tries to reach out to that and play an expansive drive. Misses. Then he gets one on his pads and duly flicks it to pick up a single. A loud shout for lbw as Shaheen bowls a similar delivery to Buttler, who cannot get bat on ball and the ball hits his thigh. Was it too high? The umpire says not out.

Jos Buttler and Zak Crawley run between the wickets. - REUTERS


A full and wide delivery once again, on the fifth delivery of the over. Buttler reaches out to that, gets a bat on it and it runs away to backward point for four. He leaves alone the final delivery. An eventful over. 312/4.

. A short-of-a-length delivery and comes back into Buttler who is hit just below the solar plexus. He gets one on his hips, nudges it to leg and scampers for two. The final delivery of the over is an excellent one, narrowly misses the outside edge of the bat of Buttler. Some movement away. 307/4.

. Shaheen Afridi to bowl the first over with the second new ball. Lots of runs in it. He bowls three no-balls, is clipped to midwicket for a boundary after bowling one too straight to Crawley, and then finally gets one right. Pitches on off-stump, shapes back in just slightly. Misses the under-edge of Crawley's bat. Two more singles from the over, including one off an inside edge on a yorker-length delivery. 305/4.

. Another boundary for Crawley. Fawad darts one on leg-stump and it's duly swept. Next delivery, it's nudged to leg and the batsmen run three runs. Shouts of 'catch it' as Crawley hits straight back to the bowler but it's away from the bowler's reach and a single is taken. 288/4.

. A good-length delivery from Yasir. Buttler rocks back and slaps it to long-off for a single. He gets one on his legs and nudges it to leg to pick up two. Two more singles taken. 280/4. Seventy nine overs up, one over to go before the new ball is taken.

. Four singles from the over from Fawad. 275/4.

Zak Crawley raises his bat after reaching 150. - GETTY IMAGES


. Yasir floats one up outside off-stump, Buttler reaches out to it and slaps it to long-off for a single. The ball was in the air for a long time, but no harm done, it reaches the fielder on the bounce. Crawley then pulls out his sweep again and crisply steers the ball to midwicket for a four. He picks up a single through leg on the next delivery to get to 150. 271/5.

. Two singles from the over from Fawad Alam. Crawley comes down the track and on-drives to pick up one, and on the final delivery, Buttler pushes one to the off-side for another. 263/4.

. Yasir abandons his outside-the-leg-stump-to-leg-stump line and resumes bowling from over the wicket. He bowls on a good length, and is treated with respect by Buttler in that over. Two singles taken. 261/4.

. Fawad Alam comes on to bowl once again. The field is spread around. Hardly any close-in fielders for the set batsmen. Two singles and two twos from that over. A sweep and a reverse-sweep on show. 259/4.

. Crawley pulls out the reverse-sweep after Yasir bowls one outside leg-stump - the ball turning leg to off into the right-hander - from around the wicket. Four runs. Five more singles from the over. The 250 is up for England as well. 253/4.

. Shaheen bowls a good-length delivery outside off-stump from over the wicket, Crawley drives and picks up four runs through cover. The fifth delivery is a slower delivery from Shaheen to Buttler, who gets an inside edge on to his pads. 244/4.

. Full, on the pads from Yasir. Buttler calmly tucks it away to leg to pick up a couple and move to 50. That's an excellent half-century. 239/4.

. A full delivery from Shaheeen to Buttler. Buttler collects a boundary -through extra-cover with a nice drive. He needs two more runs to get to his half-century. The partnership: 109. 236/4.

. Buttler is less belligerent in this over from Yasir. After defending three deliveries, he leans forward for a drive and picks up a single. That's the only run from the over. 232/4.

. Crawley shapes up to defend a delivery, there's an inside edge, and the ball flies to fine leg. Two runs taken. Runs are coming quickly for England. A cry of 'catch it' but the ball falls well short of Asad Shafiq at second slip, it was an edge off the bat of Crawley. 231/4 after 68 overs.

Zak Crawley pulls. - GETTY IMAGES


. Flighted delivery from Yasir, Buttler comes down the track and tees off. That's a flat six straight down. And an encore! This time the ball has gone even further. Behind the sightscreen it goes. And a four to finish off! It's pitched up outside off-stump, it's driven fiercely through extra cover. 229/4.

. Short, outside off-stump from Abbas, put away by Crawley. He wasn't going to miss out on that. Sat up to be hit. Four runs. 213/4.

. A loud shout for lbw. Not given. Crawley took out his sweep off Yasir, but the ball probably touched his bat first before hitting pad. Two singles taken in the over. 208/4.

. The strategy is to bowl short to Crawley, as there are three fielders on the boundary on the leg-side: a deep square leg, a deep fine leg and a deep midwicket. The square leg wasn't deep when Naseem bowled a short delivery to Crawley that was pulled hard by Crawley for a boundary through square leg. It went over the head of the fielder.

For Buttler, the fielder comes back from the boundary to his position at square-leg. But he bowls a delivery on the corridor, and it narrowly misses the bat. 206/4.

. Yasir into the attack now. He gets some flight, and bowls full outside the off-stump. Except for the third delivery of the over; it's punched away for a single. 201/4.

. A short delivery from Naseem, it's pulled to fine leg for a single by Buttler. Another short delivery, this time to Crawley. Crawley goes for the pull, but misses it. Possibly beaten by pace. He faces one more short ball, off the final delivery of the over, it's pulled to deep midwicket for a single. That brings up the 200 for England. 200/4.

. The wicketkeeper is standing up to the stumps to Abbas, possibly to deter the batsman from standing out of his crease while facing him. No run taken. 198/4.

. Full, on the pads from Naseem, and put away by Crawley. Four runs. He gets a good-length delivery outside off, and that's crisply driven but straight to the fielder at extra cover. A short-of-a-length delivery to finish the over, there's width on it, put away by Crawley for three. 198/4.

Zak Crawley celebrates his first Test century. - GETTY IMAGES


. A short-of-a-length delivery on middle stump. it's driven back past the bowler by Crawley and three runs are taken. Buttler continues to be cautious and defends or leaves alone the rest of the deliveries. 191/4.

. Naseem Shah bowls an accurate over. Buttler deals with the deliveries cautiously. It's a maiden. 188/4.

. Abbas bowls the first over in the post-tea session. He gets a short-of-a-length delivery on off-stump or just outside, he comes forward a bit and moves across to clip the ball to leg and pick up a couple. 99. He gets another short-of-a-length delivery outside off, and he punches it to cover. Two runs taken. That's his century. Takes off his helmet, is congratulated by Buttler. England dressing room applauds. 188/4.

. Right, so all eyes on Zak Crawley as he bids to get to his first Test century. This is already his career best; his previous best was 76 against West Indies at the same venue last month.

An absorbing session of play once again, and something to take from it for both teams. Pakistan's got the two key wickets of Joe Root and Ollie Pope, while Zak Crawley has calmly made his way to 97.

Join us for the final session of play, in about 20 minutes' time.

. A short delivery from Yasir, it's slapped away past the bowler to long-off for a single. Crawley is now three runs away from his century. That's the only run from the over. It's 184/4.

It's time for the tea break.

Zak Crawley lets a delivery go by. - REUTERS


. Fawad bowls his second over. Buttler steers one past slip to pick up a single to give Crawley the strike. Crawley goes back in his crease to punch one to long-off and pick a single to move to 96. 183/4 after 55 overs.

. Bowling from around the wicket, Shaheen bowls full, outside off; Buttler plays the drive, doesn't time the ball very well, and picks up a single through extra cover. Shaheen goes back to over-the-wicket. He bowls a short delivery to Crawley, and Crawley pulls well to pick up a boundary through fine leg and move to 95. He lets a short delivery go by. 181/4.

. A bowling change, Fawad Ahmed comes into the attack. He bowls left-arm spin from around the wicket. A shout for lbw after the Crawley gets a full delivery and goes for the sweep, and the ball touches his pads. It's two leg-byes. A couple and a single taken as well, from that over. 173/4.

. A review taken after a delivery passes Buttler's bat by as it goes through to the wicketkeeper. Something prompted Pakistan to go for the review even though no outside edge was apparent. The third umpire confirms it as well. 168/4.

. A short delivery from Shaheen to Crawley, who pulls but doesn't time it. The ball balloons up to midwicket amid cries of 'catch' but it falls in no-man's land. Two runs taken, and he moves to 85. 161/4.

. A full delivery from Yasir and it's on-driven nicely for a boundary by Zak Crawley. He gets another full delivery, this time outside off-stump, and Crawley pulls out his sweep. A single taken. Takes him to 83. On the final delivery, Buttler plays a drive and it's a boundary. 159/4.

. A maiden over from Shaheen Afridi. He resumes his across-the-right-hander line. Safely negotiated by Buttler. 150/4.

Ollie Pope is dismissed bowled by Yasir Shah. - AP


. A review taken by Pakistan after Crawley inside edges one and the ball comes off his boot and the ground and balloons to Rizwan. The Pakistan team thinks it's worth a check to confirm the ball hadn't hit the ground; if it came off the boot, it would be out. The third umpire confirms it was not out.

It was a short-of-a-length delivery that came into the right hander with the angle, played awkwardly by Crawley. But no harm done. A maiden. 150/4.

. Shaheen Afridi back into the attack. A short-of-a-length delivery, outside off-stump, Crawley punches off the backfoot and picks up three runs. That brings up the 150 for England. 150/4.

Yasir Shah celebrates after Ollie Pope is dismissed bowled. - AP


. A single and a couple taken from Yasir's 15th over. Buttler trotted his way to the non-strikers' end after flicking one to leg and then scampered back for the second when he saw the fielder running in from the deep had yet to pick up the ball. 147/4.

. An edge, and falls short of the slip fielder. It's a full-length delivery to Crawley, who shapes to defend, gets an edge, but it falls short of first slip. A single taken. Buttler then gets a full delivery and he drives through mid-off for a four. Moves to 10.  Shouts of 'catch' as Buttler plays one off his legs to short midwicket. The tumbling fielder doesn't take it on the full. An eventful over. 144/4 after 44 overs.

. Yasir to Root. Root pulls out his paddle-sweep. Picks up a couple. Buttler, like Pope, goes back in his crease to play a good-length delivery, but he is able to play it safely. 139/4.

. Crawley gets one on his legs and duly flicks to pick up a boundary and move to 73. It was a rare misdirected delivery from Mohammad Abbas. 137/4.

. Jos Buttler, the new batsman, gets off the mark with a boundary. He gets a short delivery, sprayed down the leg-side, from Yasir, and works it away to midwicket. 133/4 after 41 overs.

. Abbas back into the attack, to bowl his 10th over. A single taken from that over. Abbas is getting the ball to seam away after pitching, as usual. 128/4.

. A good-length delivery, pitches on off-stump, and sneaks through to hit middle-stump! Ollie Pope would have thought negotiating the deliveries via the backfoot was a better idea than running down the track, but this delivery zips in after pitching, and Pope couldn't put his bat down in time. Bowled. He goes for 3. 127/4.

. A full and straight delivery from Naseem Shah; it's on-driven nicely past mid-on by Crawley for three. Ollie Pope tucks one to leg off the last delivery to keep strike. 123/3.

Naseem Shah celebrates after the dismissal of Joe Root. - REUTERS

. Ollie Pope comes down the track twice to meet the good-length delivery on the full. The second time he did that, he got a thick outside edge. No harm done, though, as the ball travels along the ground. Words of encouragement from Rizwan in that over. 'Up and down, up and down,' he says. Pope plays the backfoot defence well in that over as well, so perhaps he could look to play that stroke off good-length deliveries instead of coming down the track. 119/3.

. A full delivery outside off from Naseem, Crawley drives well to pick up a boundary through extra-cover. Picture-perfect stroke. 119/3.

. Naseem bowls another short delivery, Root is ready for it and pulls it to long leg for a boundary. And an excellent follow-up delivery! It's pitches on off-stump, moves away just slightly after pitching, takes the edge of the bat, and Rizwan flies to his left to pouch the ball. Root departs for 29.

. Yasir Shah bowls the first over of the post-lunch session. Four singles from it. 110/2.

. A maiden over from Naseem. There is still some movement off the seam; it's observable when Root leaves the ball alone outside off-stump. 106/2.

. A straight delivery from Abbas, Crawley defends to leg and picks up a quick single. The fielder at mid-on fancies a direct hit, he throws and misses and the ball hits Crawley's boot. Another single from Root, and it's two from the over. 106/2.

Mohammad Abbas bowls. - GETTY IMAGES


. A short delivery from Naseem to Root, who jumps out to reach out to the ball - there's some width on offer - and cuts well to collect a boundary through point. That brings up the 100 for England. Another bouncer, this time a well-directed one, but Root pulls well to pick up a single. A short-of-a-length delivery to finish the over, it comes into Root, who works it away to square leg for a single. 104/2.

. A maiden over from Abbas. Deliveries are left alone pragmatically outside the off-stump by Crawley. 98/2.

. Naseem comes on to bowl. Root gets a good-length delivery outside off and steers the ball to the point fielder. No run. Some width once again and Root tries to cut, misses. Root then steers one away to third man for a boundary; it was a good delivery, in the corridor, close to the off-stump, but Root was ready to play that stroke. 98/2.

. Mohammad Abbas to start proceedings in the post-lunch session. And runs straightaway, steered away to cover by Joe Root. Three runs taken. An uneventful over. 94/2.

Zak Crawley raises his bat after reaching his fifty. - REUTERS


Welcome back. Just two wickets for Pakistan in the first session of play, despite the best efforts of Pakistan's seam attack and Yasir Shah. But the pitch isn't as threatening and the conditions not as overcast as last week.

But Pakistan would want to keep chipping away at England.

. At long last, Crawley gets to his half-century, on the final delivery of the morning session. He gets a full delivery from Shaheen on off-stump, sees the opportunity, and plays a drive through mid-off to collect a boundary and move to 53.

It's an interesting over, as not all the previous deliveries were left alone safely. Earlier in the over, he got a bat on one for a change; it was a similar delivery to most others but slightly fuller and the ball was defended on the off-side. Then he hung his bat to another one that left him by outside off-stump. But no damage done.

That's lunch. The score: 91/2.

. Root gets a full toss but fails to clear the in-field for runs as he drives that one. Yasir darts one down the leg side and Root picks up two runs through square leg. 87/2.

. Another maiden. All deliveries left alone outside the off-stump from Crawley as the deliveries pitch on a good length or slightly full and go across the right hander. Crawley remains on 49. 85/2.

Yasir Shah is cock-a-hoop after getting rid of Dom Sibley. - GETTY IMAGES


. And after I write that, Yasir bowls the first maiden over of the innings. Yasir has been giving away runs freely, so that maiden drought ends via an unlikely source. But Yasir has settled into a nice rhythm now. Root defends in that over for the most part, and on the final delivery, when he gets some width, goes for a cut, misses. The bowler and the wicketkeeper sigh. No edge. 85/2.

. Shaheen Afridi back into the attack to resume his across-the-right-hander line. The deliveries are left alone stoically by Crawley, who is on 49. A single from that over, taken by Joe Root. 85/2.

Remarkably, no bowler has bowled a single maiden in this innings so far.

. A loud shout for lbw but this time it's not given. It appeared to be a close call. But there's an inside edge on that, replays confirm, a prominent edge. Yasir has a mind to opt for the review, but Rizwan probably suggests to him that there's an edge, and Yasir grimaces. Root lets out his characteristic smile. 84/2.

. Edged, but falls short! Root edges one off Naseem but the ball bounces a metre or so in front of second slip. The delivery was in the corridor once again, pitched on a good-length. A couple from Root, via a drive to cover, and two singles from that over. 82/2.

. A nice battle between Yasir and Zak Crawley. He's bowling on a good length outside off-stump, but some deliveries are turning away from the batsman, and some coming into him with the angle. Crawley survives, though, and he even picks up a single when one comes into him and he punches it through mid-off. Root picks up a single as well, off the final delivery, and it's two from the over. Yasir's tail is up after that dismissal. 78/2.

. An expert delivery from Naseem to Joe Root! Pitches on or just outside off-stump, on a good length, goes slightly away. The ball narrowly passes Root's bat by. A smile from the England captain in response to that. Two singles taken from that over. 76/2.

. A loud shout for lbw and it's given! Sibley comes down the track to Yasir, the ball hits his front pad and umpire Michael Gough thinks it will go on to hit the wickets. The batsman is a long way down, and he opts to take the review. No bat involved, three reds. He has to depart.

Sibley went too far across for that one, and played all round it. The ball was perhaps quicker and flatter than usual too. Yasir strikes. 74/2.

. A short-of-a-length delivery outside off-stump from Naseem, Crawley steers it to the third-man boundary. The ball goes through gully. Then a short delivery which sat up to be hit - albeit at good pace - and Crawley pulls fiercely to collect another four, this time through midwicket. Crawley moves to 45. 73/1.

Zak Crawley cuts. - GETTY IMAGES

. Three singles from the next over from Yasir. He is being played comfortably and he's all over the place at the moment: full, short, wide, straight. 65/1.

. Naseem gets one slightly wrong, he bowls down the leg side and it's helped away by Crawley for four. Naseem, on the fourth delivery of the over, bowls an overpitched delivery outside off-stump and it's driven away crisply to extra-cover for three runs. Fifty partnership up for the batting duo. 62/1.

. Crawley gets a delivery on middle-stump and he flicks it away to collect two and bring up the 50 for England. Sibley gets one down the leg side and flicks to collect another couple. Two more singles from the over. 55/1.

. Naseem Shah, the 17-year-old express pace bowler, is into the attack now, replacing Mohammad Abbas.

. Three full deliveries from Yasir, driven but no run as the balls travel to the fielders positioned in the circle on the off-side. Then a short delivery outside off-stump and it's smashed through extra-cover for a boundary. Two more singles taken and it's six from the over. 48/1.

It's drinks.

. Abbas continues to bowl in the corridor. Crawley gets a thick edge on the fifth delivery and picks up a single through backward point. He taps the ball to leg on the final delivery to run a single and keep strike. 42/1.

. Yasir Shah into the attack. Three runs off his first two deliveries - a flick to leg from Sibley for two and a cut through point from Crawley for one. He gets a short delivery and plays a drive off his back-foot for a couple more. Another cut stroke, a single taken. 39/1.

Rory Burns walks back after being dismissed. - AP


. Crawley is standing out of his crease when facing Abbas, probably to negative some possible swing or minimise it. He come a step or two further down the pitch to negotiate a delivery, gets an inside edge, the ball goes through his legs to long leg and he runs two. 33/1 after 10 overs.

. After a few short-of-a-length deliveries to Crawley, Shaheen bowls full, and gets a little bit of movement into the right hander. Crawley goes for the drive and gets an inside edge, two runs are taken as the ball travels to the vacant midwicket region. 30/1.

. An excellent delivery from Abbas to Crawley. The ball pitches on off-stump, just moves away slightly, and Crawley can do nothing but awkwardly place his bat in front of his body. No edge. Now that two handers are in the crease, Abbas is settling into a nice rhythm with a consistent line and length. A single from that over, taken by Crawley. 28/1.

. Three runs from the over from Shaheen. Some away movement now when he bowls to the right-hander, too. One of the deliveries just shapes away slightly after pitching and Sibley does well not to edge that one. 27/1.

. A good length delivery from Abbas, Sibley uses his wrists well to get the placement right on the leg-side and pick up four. Sharp movement from Abbas! Pitching on off-stump, back of a length, and Sibley leaves it alone, the ball comes in sharply and passes over the stumps. 24/1.

. A loose delivery first up to welcome the new batsman, Zak Crawley. Remember, Crawley is fresh off a half-century. He gets a very full delivery on middle-stump and flicks it away to midwicket for four. Another full delivery - this time it's even fuller, and just outside off-stump - and Crawley attempts to dig it out, he gets an outside edge and the ball goes through the slip cordon for another four. 20/1.


. Shaheen gets a delivery to move away just slightly and Burns gets an outside edge and it flies to Shan Masood at third slip. There's a bit of confusion about whether the ball carried to Masood; the on-field umpire has his soft signal as out as the matter goes upstairs. The third umpire has to make a straightforward decision. Burns departs for 6. 12/1.

. A single from the over from Abbas. On the final delivery, Sibley manages to get an inside edge and runs a single to keep strike. No real concerns managing the rest of the over; there was no movement and the deliveries were on an off-stump line defended solidly by Sibley. 11/0.

. Shaheen gets his deliveries to pitch on a good length or full and angle across the right-handed Dom Sibley. Some are a bit straight and handled without difficulty. Sibley picks up a single after squirting one away to cover. There is no conspicuous movement when he's bowling to Sibley but when he's bowling to Burns, he is able to get the ball to move away from the batsman. 10/0.

. Dom Sibley gets a full delivery on off-stump from Mohammad Abbas, he flicks one off his legs to pick up three runs through midwicket. Burns gets a thick inside edge to square leg and picks up two runs. 9/0 after two.

. After having gotten out in the first over of the second innings in the last Test, Rory Burns survives this first over of the innings from Shaheen Afridi. But not totally assuredly. Shaheen gets some away movement in that over, bowling from over the wicket. Burns steers one to third man for four; it pierced the slip cordon and raced away. 4/0 after one over.


-- Playing XI:

Pakistan: Shan Masood, Abid Ali, Azhar Ali (C), Babar Azam, Asad Shafiq, Fawad Alam, Mohammad Rizwan (WK), Yasir Shah, Mohammad Abbas, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah

England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root (C), Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (WK), Chris Woakes, Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Stuart Broad, James Anderson

-- England has won the Toss and will bat first.

-- Toss delayed due to rain

-- For Pakistan, on the other hand, a win will give it the No. 4 spot. It currently occupies the fifth position in the rankings. Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach, was buoyed by his team's performance in the second Test. This is what he said.

-- There's the No. 2 Test ranking spot in England's sights as well. If it wins this Test, it will rise to No. 2. Joe Root sees potential for his side to claim the No. 1 ranking as well. This is what he said on Thursday.

--England has named an unchanged squad for the third Test, which means Zak Crawley likely gets another game. Crawley scored an impressive half-century in the last innings of the previous Test, skillfully dealing with Pakistan's potent seam attack. Ollie Robinson, who did not play the second Test, was the like-for-like replacement for Stokes, but the team opted to insert a batsman into the team.

-- Pakistan hasn't won a Test away from home, or the UAE, since May, 2018, when it defeated England at Lord's. The defeat in the first Test of this series was its seventh consecutive loss away from home. Perhaps this record can be motivation enough for the side to level the series, after impressing in the first two contests. Shadab Khan or Fawad Alam: that is likely to be the only selection dilemma by the team management.

So it come down to the third and final Test of this series to decide whether Pakistan can prevent its first series defeat in England in 10 years. Although many hours of cricket have fallen prey to rain, it's still been an enthralling contest between the two teams. Pakistan came close to winning a close first Test, and impressed but couldn't make much of a dent in the second due to the weather, and so the scoreline of 1-0 in favour of England can seem slightly misleading.

All attention will be on the weather in Southampton. Will it or won't it rain? And for how long? "Strong winds and rain," is predicted by the BBC for today. We'll just hope there's minimal disruption of the cricket.

There will be flexible playing hours in this Test, meaning action can start half an hour earlier than usual time in the morning to make up for the hours or minutes lost due to rain.

Here's the preview of the contest.

Where and when can you watch Pakistan vs England LIVE?

Pakistan vs England will be aired LIVE only on SONY SIX channels from 3.30 pm onwards. It will be available for live streaming on SONY LIV.