England vs Pakistan 2nd Test, Day 2 Highlights: England on top after two rain-curtailed days

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England's slip fielders appeal for a wicket. - GETTY IMAGES

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the second England vs Pakistan Test at Rose Bowl, Southampton.



No more play is possible, decide the umpires. The day has been called off. It's been England's day, of course, but Mohammad Rizwan's half-century would have warmed the Pakistan dressing room.

Join us for Day Three at 3.30pm IST. Pakistan will resume on 223/9. Until then, it's goodbye.

The umpires decide the light isn't good enough for play. The players walk back.

. An overpitched delivery from Broad, outside off stump, and it's hit sweetly driven by Rizwan for four through extra-cover. He dabs one to third slip and steals a single to retain strike. A couple and another single also taken from that over. 223/9.

Mohammad Abbas and Mohammad Rizwan added 39 runs for the ninth wicket. - AP


. Welcome back. Broad gets a full delivery to hit Abbas's pads - it angled into the right-hander - and Abbas is dismissed lbw. A straightforward decision. Abbas played all around that one. Hitting middle stump, probably. 215/9.

It's tea.

The players are walking off. The light has deteriorated apparently; the umpires congregate and decide it's not sufficient for play to continue. Azhar Ali claps his players as they come in; it's been a fighting partnership between Rizwan and Abbas. We'll be back when there's some news.

The score: 215/8 in 84.3 overs.

. The couple of runs by Rizwan in the previous over took him to 50. The partnership is worth 39 runs.

The ball bursts through Jos Buttler's gloves as he attempts to complete a catch. - REUTERS


. Rizwan gets a short-of-a-length delivery from Broad; he nudges it to point and takes off. The batsmen decide to take two; it's a tight second run, and Abbas eventually makes it, but it's quite close. Broad, at the non-strikers' end, breaks the stumps after collecting the ball from the fielder, but by then Abbas had made it - just about.

Broad bowls an inswinger to Abbas; it pitches on a good-length or slightly full and hits the batsman on his knee roll. A loud shout for lbw; given not out. Review is taken; it's umpire's call for the judgment on wickets hitting.

Abbas, then, nicks one to slips, but survives again. The ball bounces before reaching the first slip; two runs taken. 213/8.


. Rizwan gets one on his hips and he tucks it fine. The fine-leg fielder dives to stop the ball from touching the boundary ropes. It's two leg-byes. Rizwan takes a single to leg to move to 48. It's a valuable knock from him. 208/8.

. Rizwan awkwardly plays a delivery and accidentally gives strike to his tailender partner. That's the first ball of the over: pitched on a good-length, it touches shoulder of the bat and balloons to the vacant point region. Rizwan thought he could take two; he's extremely disappointed to have Abbas face the rest of the over from Broad. 'Koi baat nahi', he says to Abbas, who survives. There's a short delivery Abbas negotiates with a lot of difficulty, but no damage done. 205/8.

. This time Woakes gets a lot of swing and it goes down the leg side for four byes. Precious runs for Pakistan. That brings up the 200. That's not given as a wide, though. Woakes does bowl one eventually, on the final delivery of the over. A single taken after the ball is bowled again. 204/8.

. Broad back into the attack. Rizwan drives a full delivery to long-off - there's no mid-off in place - but it's the second delivery of the over and so he decides against taking the single. Broad bowls a short one; it swings so much that it evades a diving Jos Buttler down the leg side. Woakes at fine leg restricts it to a single. Eighty overs up, new ball available for England now. 198/8.

Dom Sibley is congratulated by his team-mates after he effects a direct hit to get Shaheen Afridi run out. - AP


. A full-length delivery outside off is driven by Rizwan for another four. Rizwan scampers through after steering a short-of-a-length delivery to backward point, but he cannot run two. Abbas survives the final two deliveries of that over from Woakes. 197/8.

. Some enterprise shown by Rizwan in the over bowled by Curran. He gets wide delivery and throws his bat at it to collect four through point. The fourth delivery is a short one; he plays the upper cut for a four through third man. A single as well, in the over. 192/8.

. A slower delivery from Woakes, a full one to Rizwan, who is foxed by that change of pace but adjusts at the last minute to dig it out. He gets a short one; he pulls it to collect two. 183/8.

Chris Woakes celebrates the run-out of Shaheen Afridi. - AP


. And nearly another run out! This time, it's Mohammad Abbas. He plays a delivery to leg and takes off; he comes back just in time. Perhaps a direct hit would have ended his stay.

Abbas gets a very full delivery. It hits his pads. There's a loud appeal; not out. Was there an inside edge? Yes, replays confirm when England opts for the review and the matter is sent upstairs. It's a maiden over. 180/8.

. Rizwan slogs to the leg side when he receives a full delivery from Woakes; it's a boundary. 180/8.

. A good length delivery to Rizwan, it's an inswinger. Rizwan nearly falls over as he tries to play that one. A gentle appeal for lbw; not out.

And out of the blue, a run out! Another mild appeal for lbw, the ball travels to the slips, it's thrown to the non-strikers' end by Dom Sibley. It's a direct hit, Shaheen was out of his crease. His dive doesn't save him. 174/8.

. A full delivery from Curran to Rizwan, and nearly an edge. Rizwan tilts his head slightly to acknowledge it. Was a good delivery; angled across and straightened just a bit after pitching. Very close to the off-stump.

Another full delivery, this time to Shaheen. He drives, gets an edge to Joe Root at first slip. But has it bounced? The decision has to be made by the third umpire; replays suggest Root had his fingers underneath the ball as he took it. The third umpire says: not out. One of the replays suggested it touched the ground. 174/7.

Chris Woakes bowls. - GETTY IMAGES


. Chris Woakes is back. Three slips in place as he bowls to Rizwan, who gets hit in the solar plexus by a short-of-a-length delivery that angles into him. Woakes bowls a short delivery from wide of the crease; it's pulled to long leg for a single. The batsmen wanted to take two but there wasn't two there so Shaheen has to brace up to Woakes for the second half of the over. He gets a full, wide one and drives, misses. And another; shorter length, Shaheen attempts to drive that one, misses again. 175/7.

. Sam Curran replaces Broad. He bowls from over-the-wicket, and starts off with an inaccurate delivery which goes down the leg side. A full delivery directed on his pads yields Rizwan a single. Curran corrects his length against the left-handed Shaheen. 174/7.

. Rizwan gets a short delivery from Anderson, he pulls it to midwicket and takes a single. Five deliveries for Shaheen to deal with; he survives. 173/7.

. Some uneven bounce there. Broad bowls one to the left-handed Shaheen, it's a short-of-a-length delivery outside off, and the ball bounces twice before reaching Jos Buttler. A single from that over. 172/7.

. Not so lucky the third time. He again goes for the drive off a similarly full delivery outside off-stump - Anderson the bowler - and pays the price. He gets an outside edge and Jos Buttler takes a simple catch. Yasir's short stay ends. Pakistan seven wickets down. That's the third wicket for Anderson; he needs seven more to reach 600.

Shaheen Afridi, the new batsman, survives the rest of the over from Anderson. 171/7.

That's out: Stuart Broad reacts after Babar Azam edges one through to wicketkeeper Jos Buttler. - AP


. A delivery from Broad climbs up on Yasir but he stands up to it and defends it on the off-side. The following delivery is a full one outside off-stump and he has a waft at that. It goes through to the wicketkeeper. Yasir immediately corrects himself, imitating the leave-alone. A similar delivery next ball but Yasir goes for it again and this time connects; it's a boundary through cover. Then, a short-of-a-length delivery from Broad; Yasir doesn't know whether to leave it, and as he tries to get his bat out of the way at the last moment, gets a bat to that. That last delivery is an excellent one; no damage done, though. 170/6.

. Rizwan has another nervous moment when he attempts a drive off a full delivery from Anderson, but misses it. The ball came into him, but there's no inside edge to that.

Yasir gets an expert delivery from Anderson; good length, on off-stump. Yasir is rooted to his crease and does well to avoid edging that one. Two singles from that over from Anderson. 166/6.

. Stuart Broad bowls a short delivery to Rizwan, who goes for the hook but gets a glove on it. Jos Buttler dives in vain; he also gets a glove to it. It's a tough one, but a drop nonetheless. Rizwan suvives. 164/6.

. Anderson bowls one slightly straighter to Babar who clips it to midwicket for a couple. 160/6 after 65 overs.

. Yasir Shah is the new batsman. He negotiates the rest of the over pragmatically. It's a wicket-maiden from Broad. 158/6.

Babar Azam plays the drive. - GETTY IMAGES


. Babar departs! No half-century for him. It's an excellent delivery from Broad that gets rid of him. Good length, on off-stump, moving slightly away from the right hander. Babar didn't no how to deal with that. He gets a thin edge through to Jos Buttler. Babar goes for 47.

First wicket of the day of England.

. Anderson bowls his 20th over. He starts off with a no-ball. A drive from Babar off a full delivery, but no run. He keeps bowling in the corridor; Babar comfortably deals with them if they're back-of-a-length deliveries. He defends them off the back-foot. And he lets the slightly fuller ones go by. And when he gets it on his hips or legs, he works them away sweetly, as he does on the fifth delivery to take a single. The final delivery is left alone. 158/5.

. Broad to resume, three slips in place. His first ball is a full, wide one. Another full delivery, but not as wide as the previous one, and Babar goes for the drive, misses it. Cries of 'oh' by the fielders. Babar pragmatically leaves alone the next one, which is not as full. And then a wider one which swings away. The fifth ball is a repeat of that. And then, he bowls full, on off-stump, Babar gets an inside edge to that, and a single is taken. It was an inswinger to the right hander. Probing over. 156/5.

. Welcome back. Joe Root has a word with his team-mates before they walk out to the ground and take their positions. No wicket for England in the first session despite cloudy conditions; they'll be eager to finish this innings off quickly.

. A single taken by Rizwan after he plays one to fine leg. It brings up the 150 for Pakistan. Babar clips one off his legs to pick up a couple and move to 42. A couple more taken through the leg-side and a single takes Pakistan to 155 and Babar to 45.

And that's lunch. We'll be back in 35-40 minutes.


. A probing over from Broad. Another short delivery in it. No trouble negotiating them. A single taken. 149/5.

. Curran bowls another short delivery in his 13th over. This one was a well-directed one; Babar ducked under it nicely. A single from that over. 148/5.

. Broad bowls full, outside the off-stump, and the ball comes in sharply. Babar left that one alone, and then smiled to himself. It was a good leave. Broad made an expression acknowledging that delivery as well. A maiden. 147/5.

. Babar tucks a delivery to fine leg for a single and moves to 40. A short delivery on leg-stump from Curran, thrown in for surprise. 147/5.

. Woakes replaced, too. Stuart Broad comes on to bowl his first over of the day. He bowls in the corridor as well, and gets some outswing. A single from the over. 146/5.

Babar Azam tries the pull. - REUTERS


. Sam Curran replaces Anderson. It's not the most accurate over; he bowls too wide outside off-stump as well as too straight. Two singles taken. 145/5.

. Another excellent delivery from Woakes; he gets the ball to move away just a bit and again, it narrowly misses the edge. Babar was rooted to his crease and could just manage an uncertain defensive posture. A leg-bye from that over. 143/5.

. Anderson bowls five of his six deliveries in the corridor. He is mostly bowling the outswingers, but he the first delivery of the over is the inswinger to Babar Azam. He's moving it both ways. A maiden. 142/5.

. Chris Woakes bowls perhaps the ball of the session so far. From wide of the crease, he gets the delivery to angle in to the right-handed Rizwan, and the ball straightens a tough to narrowly evade the outside edge and travel to the wicketkeeper. Maiden over. 142/5.

James Anderson bowls. - GETTY IMAGES


. Anderson bowls full and straight for a change and Abar duly picks up a boundary through midwicket. The line and length are tighter for the rest of the over. 142/5.

. Woakes bowls a similar line and length in his over. One of the deliveries is closer to middle-stump - in line - and the batsman takes three after playing it to midwicket. Woakes lets out a smile after the final delivery of the over; the ball was full, and Rizwan attempted a drive but misses. The ball swung considerably and narrowly missed taking the outside edge of the bat. 138/5.

. A good over from Anderson as he bowls back-of-a-length around off-stump to keep the batsman guessing. Babar is up to the task, though. A maiden. 134/5.

. Babar gets a good-length delivery on his hips and uses his wrist play a nice stroke and collect a boundary through square leg. No other run in that over as Woakes continues to bowl in the corridor. Some swing, too. Three more picked after Babar plays one to midwicket. 134/5.

England's players take to the field after a long delay due to rain and wet outfield. - GETTY IMAGES


. Anderson gets some swing in his over. Carefully negotiated by the batsmen. A single taken by Babar Azam. 127/5.

. The wait ends, finally. Chris Woakes resumes his eighth over, and the first couple of deliveries of the day - the fifth and sixth deliveries of the over - are dot balls.


Play will begin at 12.30pm local time (5.00pm IST).

No news yet about a restart.

The rain has stopped and there will be an inspection by the umpires at 11.50am (4.20pm IST).

Rain has delayed the start of play today. Due to the rain-curtailed Day One, Day Two was supposed to accommodate more overs to try and make up for the loss, but it seems we might be in for some more delay.


A reminder: Pakistan is five wickets down with 126 runs on the board.England's seamers would want some clouds to remain, without the rain of course, so that they continue to trouble the batsmen.

We'll be back with some news whenever there is one. Stay tuned.


-  Pakistan cricketer Fawad Alam isn't the only one who returned to Tests after 11 years, the list is endless with John Traicos at the top of the heap, 22 years. Click here for the complete list.

-  Shan Masood got out after scoring one run on Day One. This was the seventh time he had been dismissed by James Anderson. He was out four times to Anderson during England's tour of the UAE in 2015, and twice during Pakistan's tour of England in 2016.

- Pakistan will want Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam to score some runs today, as there's just the tail to follow. This is the eighth Test of Rizwan's career and he doesn't have outstanding batting stats; his career-best is 95 against Australia in Brisbane. That's the only half-century under his belt. He'll hope to add one more today.

- Abid Ali's 60 scored yesterday was the third-highest score of his Test career. It was a stoic innings but not flawless; he edged the ball numerous times to the slips and was dropped twice. He has two centuries, both against Sri Lanka in December, 2019.

A wicket-laden first day made it England's day. Abid Ali scored a half-century but none of the other top-order batsmen so far have been able to stick around for very long. The onus will be on Babar Azam to resuscitate the innings on Day Two.

Eng vs Pak: Pakistan slumps to 126-5 on rain-hit day one  

Rain prevented play for much of Day One. How's the weather going to be like today? "Thundery showers and a gentle breeze," says BBC, with a maximum of 23 degrees celcius and a minimum temperature of 18 degrees.

Where and when can you watch Pakistan vs England LIVE?

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