England vs West Indies: 2nd Test, Day 2 highlights

England vs West Indies 2nd Test 2020: Get the cricket score updates, ball by ball commentary of Day two of Eng vs WI at the Emirates Old Trafford.

Ben Stokes celebrates after reaching his century on Day two of the second Test against West Indies at Old Trafford.   -  AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of Day 2 of the second Test match between England and West Indies at the Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.

- West Indies 32/1 after 14 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 6, Joseph 14) Joseph goes after the short ball and ends up gloving it behind the 'keeper for a boundary. He follows it up with a yorker which hits Joseph's toe first then bat. But England isn't too sure of it and choose not to review it. Reply shows it would have been Curran's second wicket of the evening. That's the end of day's play. England will be happy with day's proceedings as it sits in the driver's seat. Windies trail by 437 runs.

- West Indies 27/1 after 13 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 5, Joseph 10)Joseph isn't really sticking to his memo. He seems to be playing his shots as if its a batting promotion for him. Bess tosses it up and Joseph is keen to drive on the up. Last over of the day coming up.

- West Indies 25/1 after 12 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 5, Joseph 8) Curran looks really threatening for England with his over the wicket line to the right handers. Joseph had to squeeze an inswinger with the wood to avoid the ball crashing on to his pads.

- West Indies 22/1 after 11 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 5, Joseph 5) Joseph with a textbook coverdrive off Bess which is appreciated by one of the close in fieldeer 'Nice shot!'

- West Indies 16/1 after 10 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 4, Joseph 0) WICKET! Curran has the answer for Root! Traps Campbell in front with a cutter which the batsman misses completely. Two outswingers before bringing the ball back into the batter. Umpire turns down the appeal but the decision is overturned. Alzarri Joseph is sent in as the night watchman.

- West Indies 16/0 after 9 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 4, Campbell 12) A maiden now from Broad to Brathwaite. Sam Curran to replace Woakes.

- West Indies 16/0 after 8 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 4, Campbell 12) A maiden from Woakes as he tests Campbell on the off stump and wide line.

- West Indies 16/0 after 7 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 4, Campbell 12) A crunching straight drive from Campbell for a boundary but he is nearly caught on the crease by a back of the length delivery which keeps low. Luckily for him he managed to get the toe end of the bat to the ball.

- West Indies 11/0 after 5 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 4, Campbell 7) Campbell is batting far outside his crease to cut down on the swing. He succeeds on the final ball of the over as he whacks Broad for a boundary over mid-wicket.

- West Indies 6/0 after 4 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 3, Campbell 3) Almost an edge! Woakes pitches on the middle as Campbell is beaten. The fielders thought there was an edge but there was no sound of the timber.

- West Indies 4/0 after 3 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 3, Campbell 1) Broad bowls full and wide with the ball swinging away from Brathwaite. The right-hander gets hold of a back-foot punch into the covers as the batsmen run two.

- West Indies 2/0 after 2 overs 1st Innings (Brathwaite 1, Campbell 1) Chris Woakes is in at the other end. There is a hint of late swing under the murky Manchester sky but Campbell remains sharp to play out a maiden.

- West Indies 2/0 after 1 over 1st Innings (Brathwaite 1, Campbell 1) Stuart Broad runs in with the new ball after Kraigg Brathwaite and John Campbell walk out to the middle. And immediately the pacer gets going. He hits Brathwaite on the pads and the fielders go up, but the umpire in unmoved.


- England 469/9 dec after 162 overs 1st Innings (Bess 31, Broad 11) Bess gets on the accelerator he hits Chase over his head for a four and then heaves it towards mid-wicket where the ball goes through Kemar Roach's hands over the rope. Bess then slog-sweeps for a boundary. Joe Root thinks its enough and declares the innings.

- England 454/9 after 161 overs 1st Innings (Bess 16, Broad 11) The partnership is starting to get bothersome for the visitor. Gabriel looks exhausted to say the least.

- England 452/9 after 160 overs 1st Innings (Bess 15, Broad 10) England goes past 450 mark as the final wicket looks elusive for the Windies. Broad and Bess take full advantage of the gaps in the outfield.

- England 446/9 after 159 overs 1st Innings (Bess 12, Broad 7) Gabriel is brought back into the attack to wrap up the innings. Bess pulls him over the mid-wicket and sets off for a second which was never there. The throw comes in at the non-striker's end with Broad miles away from the crease but Gabriel misses the stumps. Bess gets a glove to a short-pitched ball as it goes wide off the keeper for a lucky boundary.

- England 435/9 after 158 overs 1st Innings (Bess 1, Broad 7) Broads smashes Chase for a boundary over backward square off the first ball. Shannon Gabriel's misfield on the last ball gifts away two runs to England/

- England 427/9 after 157 overs 1st Innings (Bess 0, Broad 0) Bess manages to play out a maiden from Holder.

- England 427/9 after 156 overs 1st Innings (Bess 0, Broad 0) Fifer for Roston Chase! Curran tries a reverse-sweep but gets a top-edge which lands easily for Campbell at backward point.

- England 427/8 after 155 overs 1st Innings (Dom Bess 0, Curran 17) Holder gets his man finally. Buttler heaves on the leg side but finds Alzarri Joseph on the boundary who takes an easy catch.

- England 424/7 after 154 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 39, Curran 15) A tossed up delivery on the leg stump from Chase and Curran shuffles across to get over the backward point boundary.

-England 417/7 after 153 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 37, Curran 10) The Windies bowlers look worn down by all the hard work put in through out the day. Holder is unable to generate pace from his earlier spells.

- England 414/7 after 152 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 34, Curran 10) The run rate picks up as Buttler and Curran chip off five runs from Chase's over.

- England 409/7 after 151 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 31, Curran 9) Jason Holder comes back into the attack as the visiting side looks to slash off the tail but is unable to trouble Curran.

- England 409/7 after 150 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 31, Curran 8) Curran gets the scoreboard ticking as smokes Chase for a huge six over long-on.

- England 402/7 after 149 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 31, Curran 1) Buttler flicks Roach off the pads twice on the leg side and takes two runs. England finally getting a move on.

- England 398/7 after 148 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 27, Curran 1) Curran finally gets off the mark with a single on the off-side.

- England 396/7 after 147 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 26, Curran 0) Third maiden in a row. England seems to be in no hurry to pile on quick runs.

- England 396/7 after 146 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 26, Curran 0) Curran shows good footwork but is unable to get hold of Chase's length as he gets down to blocking the over.

- England 396/7 after 145 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 26, Curran 0) Buttler tries to go after Roach but finds it difficult to connect the pacer's wide line.

- England 396/7 after 144 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 26, Curran 0) Buttler's primary job would now to go for quick runs and ensure England posts a dominant first innings total.

- England 395/7 after 143 overs 1st Innings (Buttler 25, Curran 0) Two wickets for Kemar Roach but they have come very late in the innings.

- No hat-trick for Roach as Curran is happy to leave.

- Sam Curran walks out to the middle

- WICKET - Kemar Roach on a hat-trick as he removes Chris Woakes for a duck. Excellent from Roach as he gets the ball to take the outside edge and Shai Hope takes a good low catch at second slip.

- Chris Woakes is the new man in.

- WICKET- Kemar Roach finally gets a wicket and he denies Ben Stokes a double century. Stokes tries to reverse sweep but gets an edge and an easy catch for the keeper. The drought ends for Roach.

- England 395/5 after 142 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 176, Buttler 25) Buttler gets a move on with a couple of boundaries and England inching towards the 400-run mark. Is the declaration coming? We need to wait and watch.

- FOUR- This time Buttler employs the sweep and dispatches it through the square leg for bacl-to-back boundaries. 

- FOUR- Positive from Buttler as he brings out the reverse sweep and slaps it through backward point for a boundary.

- England 382/5 after 141 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 175, Buttler 13) Good start from Roach as he maintains a tight line, giving nothing away to the batsmen. Buttler on his part, defends well. 

- Kemar Roach is back in the attack

- England 381/5 after 140 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 174, Buttler 13) Three runs from Roston Chase over.

- Alright we are all set for the final session of play. Light will be an issue as it's dark and West Indies needs wickets. Chance for Stokes to hit his second Test double ton.

- Tea, Day 2: Another session that belongs to England and Ben Stokes carries his bat through. A double century for Stokes is on the cards and although West Indies had some success with the ball, their toil continues as England pile on the runs. 114 runs from the session with Roston Chase taking both the wickets of Sibley and Pope. Will be back shortly for the final session.

- England 378/5 after 139 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 172, Buttler 12) Kraigg Brathwaite gives three runs in the last over before Tea.

- England 375/5 after 138 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 170, Buttler 11) Roston Chase was on the floor after his LBW appeal was turned down by the umpire as Stokes offered no shot. Replays suggested it was missing the stumps.

- England 373/5 after 137 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 169, Buttler 10) Three runs from the over and Buttler moves into double digits. Important Buttler gets some runs under his belt.

- England 370/5 after 136 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 168, Buttler 8) Stokes is not doing anything adventurous as he is well-set and is looking to carry his bat through. Wonderful opportunity for him to score a double.


- FOUR- Full, on the pads and Stokes tickles it down to the fine leg boundary.

- The umpires check the light and they feel it's enough for the game to continue

- England 366/5 after 135 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 164, Buttler 8) Shannon Gabriel is giving everything he has and almost had Ben Stokes. But, he stepped and the ball fell short of Jason Holder at first slip.

- England 362/5 after 134 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 161, Buttler 8) It's getting dark and the flood lights are on. STokes, however, is unmoved.

- FOUR- Jos Buttler employs the cut shot and it yields him result as the ball races away to the fence.

- England 356/5 after 133 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 161, Buttler 2) Gabriel is bringing some variety by first bowling the outswingers and then getting in the yorker that beats Stokes.

- England 355/5 after 132 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 161, Buttler 1) Buttler is off the mark and just two runs come from Roston Chase over.

- England 353/5 after 131 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 160, Buttler 0) West Indies go for another review. It was for LBW that was not given by the umpire and the replays showed it was missing leg stump. Gabriel remains wicketless.

- England 352/5 after 130 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 159, Buttler 0) West Indies manage to pick two wickets and had Hope caught Stokes, they would have been a pleased unit.

- Jos Buttler is the new man in

- WICKET - Roston Chase strikes and he traps Ollie Pope plumb. Pope completely misses the flick, it was not pitched short, was squared up and the ball hits him on the knee roll before getting caught in between the pads.

- England 350/4 after 129 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 158, Pope 6) Costly miss in the over and West Indies will hope the drop doesn't hurt them much.

- DROPPED - Shai Hope has put down Ben Stokes. Gabriel gets the ball to cramp Stokes, who played an upper cut, doesn't time it well and Hope at gully dives to his left, gets both hands to it only to drop it. Gabriel isn't happy.

- England 346/4 after 128 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 157, Pope 3) Strangely, Roston Chase operated without any slip but had a leg slip while Pope was on strike. Three from the over.

- England 343/4 after 127 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 156, Pope 1) Ollie Pope is off the mark with a single to mid-on.


- England 341/4 after 126 overs 1st Innings ( Stokes 155, Pope 0) Dom Sibley perishes after playing a significant knock. West Indies still have a lot of work, especially with Stokes still at the crease.

- Ollie Pope is the new man in

- WICKET- Finally a breakthrough for West Indies and it's Roston Chase who dismisses Dom Sibley. Sibley perishes while trying to up the ante as he mistimes a shot and Kemar Roach makes no mistake at the deep. Sibley departs for 120 and the 260-run partnership is broken.

- England 338/3 after 125 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 120, Stokes 152) Ben Stokes brings up his 150 and the partnership is worth 257. Time for a Drinks break.

- FOUR-  This time Stokes leans forward and drives the length delivery through the mid-on for a boundary. The partnership crosses the 250-run mark.

- FOUR- Just over Blackwood at first slip and Stokes survives. Flashes hard at a full delivery by Gabriel, the ball takes the outside edge and flies over Blackwood, who leaped in the air but failed to grab it.

- England 326/3 after 124 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 120, Stokes 141) Who can West Indies turn to get a wicket? That might be the biggest question going through Jason Holder's mind.

- England 325/3 after 123 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 120, Stokes 140) Stokes is 10 shy from reaching his 150 and he has shifted gears effotlessly. West Indies bowlers are lacking a plan to break the partnership.

- Stat Alert - With an unbeaten 245-run stand, Ben Stokes and Dom Sibley have created a new record for the fourth wicket stand in Old Trafford. The previous highest was 214 by Michael Clarke and Steve Smith in 2013.


- FOUR - This time Stokes drives through mid-off and he has decided to torn apart the attack. Collects back-to-back boundaries.

- FOUR- Low full-toss and Stokes drills it straight past mid-on for a boundary.

- England 315/3 after 122 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 120, Stokes 131) Roston Chase has to come up with a magical delivery to break this stand. Both batsmen are well-set at the crease and are using their feet well. Not much turn though.

- England 309/3 after 121 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 117, Stokes 128) An eventful over comes to an end.

- Review by West Indies - Huge shout for LBW but the umpire is not interested. Holder decides to review. Stokes was struck just above the knee roll, Hawk-Eye suggests the ball was hitting the bails but it's umpire's call and Stokes survives.

- FOUR- Excellent stuff from Stokes as he dispatches the half-volley through the backward square region for a boundary.

- England 305/3 after 120 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 117, Stokes 124) Stokes takes a single of the very first ball and Sibley plays out five dots in the Roston Chase over.

- England 304/3 after 119 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 117, Stokes 123) Holder got some saw dust as the footholes caused some issues while he has landing his foot while delivering the ball.

Dom Sibley acknowledges the applause after reaching his century on Day two of the second Test at Old Trafford.   -  AP


- Jason Holder brings himself into the attack in the absence of Alzarri Joseph

- England 301/3 after 118 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 117, Stokes 120) The 300 is up for England and both batsmen are trying to up the ante. West Indies needs wickets in cluster.

- FOUR - Stokes pulls out the reverse sweep and plays it deliberately in the air as the ball crosses the third man boundary.

- England 296/3 after 117 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 117, Stokes 115) Kraigg Brathwaite completes the over after Alzarri Joseph walked away.

- Alzarri Joseph walks off the field after having a word with his captain. Not sure what the reason is.

- England 294/3 after 116 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 116, Stokes 114) Stokes and Sibley rotating the strike nicely with England moving closer to the 300-run mark.

- England 290/3 after 115 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 115, Stokes 111) Runs are coming quickly and Ben Stokes with the six has declared his intentions clear that he is not holding back.

- SIX - What a shot from Stokes! Length delivery and Stokes lofts him over the wide of mid-on and the ball sails over the ropes for a maximum. Pure timing.

- Alzarri Joseph back into the attack

- England 283/3 after 114 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 115, Stokes 104) Signs that the England batsmen have decided to go after the bowling, especially the way Sibley is shaping up. the 200 partnership is up and West Indies in desperate need for a breakthrough.

- FOUR - 200 partnership is up with the boundary. Tossed up delivery and Sibley sweeps it through the square for a boundary.

- England 278/3 after 113 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 111, Stokes 103) Probing line from Roach and he has troubled Sibley with his inswingers but hasn't been successful. Meanwhile, West Indies has lost a review.

 - Review by West Indies - A late call from Holder and it was a poor one. Roach gets the ball to come in sharply, the ball beats Sibley and hits him high on the pads. Height was an issue and Hawk-Eye confirms it was missing the stumps. West Indies lose a review.

- England 276/3 after 112 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 109, Stokes 103) Three runs from the over and Chase is trying to lure the batsmen by floating the ball and bowling slow. Need to persist with the line and hope the batsmen commit a mistake. 

- England 273/3 after 111 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 106, Stokes 103) Got to feel for Kemar Roach as he stays wicketless despite bowling a beautiful line and troubling the batsmen. Almost had Sibley but the umpire thought otherwise.

- Review by West Indies - Roach thought he had trapped Sibley but the umpire says Not Out. Holder goes for the review. The ball came back in, Sibley misses the flick and the ball hit him on the front pad. Hawk-Eye suggests it was pitched outside off, hitting the stumps but the umpire's call stays. Roach remains wicketless.

- England 268/3 after 110 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 101, Stokes 103) Ben Stokes notches his 10th Test ton, his second against West Indies as England finds itself in a commanding position. Given that both batsmen have reached their centuries, they might be tempted to up the scoring rate.

- Stokes reaches century - Wonderful from Stokes as he gets to his 10 Test match hundred with a reverse sweep. Tossed up by Chase and Stokes pulls out one of his best shots as the ball races away to the fence.

- England 264/3 after 109 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 101, Stokes 99) Huge appeal for LBW from Roach but that was missing the stumps by a long margin.

Ben Stokes and Dom Sibley forged a huge partnership to put England in command.   -  AP


- Back from Lunch as the players have taken field. Kemar Roach, 82 overs without a Test wicket, will start the proceedings and it will be Dom Sibley on strike.

- Lunch, Day 2: Fantastic session for England as both the overnight batsmen are still at the crease and they have put the home side in a commanding position. Dom Sibley reached his century - his second in eight Tests and Ben Stokes is just one run away from reaching his three-figure mark. West Indies bowled well but lacked assistance from the wicket and although the new ball was taken, the pacers failed to penetrate. The partnership is worth 183 and it looks Stokes and Sibley are not letting this go away easily. Lot of work for the West Indies bowlers. Just 57 runs from the session but England didn't lose a wicket. They will take it. Will be back in 45...


- England 264/3 after 108 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 101, Stokes 99) Chase gets the ball to turn, beats the outside edge of Ben Stokes, who watches the ball till the last minute before withdrawing his bat from the line of the ball. The England batsmen remain unseparated.

- Spin into the attack and it will be Roston Chase

- England 262/3 after 107 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 101, Stokes 97) The focus now shifts to Ben Stokes who is three shy of his century. Can he get his ton before Lunch remains to be seen.

- England 261/3 after 106 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 101, Stokes 96) Fantastic knock by Sibley and he has a chance to better his personal best - an unbeaten 133 that he scored against South Africa in Cape Town this year.

- Sibley scores century - Second Test ton in eight Test matches and this has been a tremendous knock. He was under pressure, battled the nervous nineties and gets to the landmark with a wonderful on-drive. The England captain and the dressing room applaud the feat as Sibley pumps his fist.

- England 256/3 after 105 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 98, Stokes 94) There was some extra bounce that took Stokes by surprise and Gabriel is running in hard, banging it short.

- Shannon Gabriel replaces Kemar Roach

- England 255/3 after 104 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 98, Stokes 93) Alzarri Joseph has been warned by the umpire for running on the wicket. A single from the over.

- England 254/3 after 103 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 98, Stokes 92) Sibley is just two shy of his three-figure mark and this has been some wonderful batting.


- England 252/3 after 102 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 96, Stokes 92) Both batsmen are into their nineties and Stokes has moved at a better pace this morning.

- FOUR - Wonderful shot from Stokes. Picks the length delivery and with a straight bat drives through the mid-off for a boundary. Moves into the nineties.

- FOUR - Edged and doesn't carry to gully. Roach gets it full, round the wicket, Stokes lunges forward, gets a thick outside edge and the ball evades the fielder at gully on its way to the boundary.

- Alzarri Joseph replaces Jason Holder

- England 244/3 after 101 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 96, Stokes 84) Sibley is a boundary away from reaching his hundred but Stokes has reverted to his old style of play like he did in the first Test- shuffling across and walking down the pitch, which brought his downfall.

- England 242/3 after 100 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 94, Stokes 84) Sibley gets a move on with a brilliant pull as Holder decides to bang it short. West Indies needs wickets, else this game is drifting England's way.

- England 239/3 after 99 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 91, Stokes 84) The 150-run partnership is up. There was a miscommunication that could have resulted in a run-out but Stokes is safe. Meanwhile, Roach gets the ball go past the outside edge of Stokes, only to miss by a whisker.

- England 235/3 after 98 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 81) Stokes has done bulk of the scoring this morning and Sibley needs to make a move on.

- FOUR - Beauty from Holder as he squares up Stokes and the ball takes the outside edge and flies past the gully fielder for a boundary.

- England 230/3 after 97 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 76) Stokes takes on Gabriel's arm at mid-on and that was easy for the England all-rounder to steal a single. Roach keeps Stokes at bay but Gabriel allows a single and denies Roach a maiden over.

- England 229/3 after 96 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 75) Better line from Holder as he sticks to the length on and around the off-stump. There's a bit of shape away from the batsmen but Sibley is cautious. 

- Drinks are on the field and an excellent first over for England. The duo of Stokes and Sibley added 22 runs without any loss of wickets.

- England 229/3 after 95 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 75) Kemar Roach is yet to take a wicket in this series and in this Test he has already bowled 21 overs. Just a single from the over (leg-byes).

- Kemar Roach into the attack

- England 228/3 after 94 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 75) Not an ideal start with the new ball for Holder and Stokes doesn't miss on the opportunity to score runs.

- FOUR - On the pads and Stokes flicks it through the mid-wicket for a boundary. Welcome runs for England and the new cherry races away.

- West Indies take the second new ball

- England 224/3 after 93 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 71) Gabriel's consistency with the ball continues as he runs in with a brilliant yorker and then lands a 140km/h ball on the length as Stokes pushes to mid-on for a single to retain strike.

- England 221/3 after 92 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 68) Holder starts well and gives just a single.

- Change in bowling as Jason Holder comes into the attack

- England 220/3 after 91 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 67) There was a beauty from Gabriel that came back in sharply as Stokes was beaten and then to Sibley - that straightened up and beat the outside edge.

- England 219/3 after 90 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 90, Stokes 66) Sibley moves into the nineties but almost edged Joseph but was lucky as the ball fell just short of Jason Holder at second slip. A backfoot punch through the covers put the batsman at ease.     

- England 217/3 after 89 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 88, Stokes 66) Shannon Gabriel is getting better with each over and is giving nothing easy to Sibley. The batsman takes a single of the last ball to retain strike.   

- England 216/3 after 88 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 87, Stokes 66) Alzarri Joseph cranks up pace and clicks 141km/h on one occasion and betters with a 143km/h. Meanwhile, Stokes had a few play and miss moments as West Indies strive to break the stand. Another maiden for Joseph.  

- England 216/3 after 87 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 87, Stokes 66) Shannon Gabriel rediscovers his line and adds pace too. A delivery that thudded onto Stokes' pads clicked 144km/h and the bowler maintained his pace right through the over. There's still some swing left in the old ball.

- England 215/3 after 86 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 87, Stokes 65) Alzarri Joseph bowls a maiden. Sibley does well as he exhibits a compact defence.

- England 215/3 after 85 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 87, Stokes 65) Sibley opens his account with a push to mid-on, while Shannon Gabriel struggled for accuracy and bowled a wide. He went round the wicket to Stokes but kept the keeper busy by bowling way outside the off-stump.

- England 213/3 after 84 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 86, Stokes 65) It's a bit warmer, is what the commentators say and they reckon it will be good for batting. Stokes collects six from the over and England is away.

- FOUR- First runs of the morning and Stokes gets a boundary. Full delivery, Stokes drives, gets a thick outside edge and the ball races away through the square for a boundary.

- Alzarri Joseph will be sharing the old ball with Shannon Gabriel. Still no sight of the new nut.

- England 207/3 after 83 overs 1st Innings (Sibley 86, Stokes 59) Shannon Gabriel starts with a maiden and has been on target. Just sticking to the off-stump line and ball did beat the outside edge on a couple of occasions.

- West Indies has not opted for the new ball. Two slips and a gully. Here we go!

- Alright we are all set for Day 2 to begin and it will be Shannon Gabriel with Dom Sibley on strike.

- While England aims to put a huge first innings score, West Indies would eye to make some early inroads, on a pitch that is holding good for the batsmen.

- England rode on fifties from Sibley and Stokes and the duo will aim to further strengthen the position, with Sibley approaching his century.


- England has done remarkably well after receiving a blow before the Test match began. First, Jofra Archer was dropped after the pacer violated the bio-security protocol and then found itself in early trouble after a rain delayed start. However, Dominic Sibley and Ben Stokes forged an unbeaten 126-run stand and positioned England at pole.

- Day 2: Good noon and welcome to Day two of the second Test at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.


Day 1 Report | Sibley, Stokes score fifties as England takes honours

Dom Sibley and Ben Stokes restored some calm for England after a rocky start to the second Test on and off the field on Thursday, putting on an unbeaten 126-run partnership to lead the team to 207-3 against West Indies on Day 1.

England began the day by excluding superstar paceman Jofra Archer from the match for breaching isolation protocols, before slumping to 81-3 on a decent batting track after losing the toss and then two batsmen in two balls to Roston Chase’s easy offbreaks.


England vs West Indies, 2nd Test, Day 1 highlights

Sibley was content with just sticking around with his cautious style, was joined by Stokes midway through the second session as they plotted their way through 50.4 overs to the close at Old Trafford.


Ashley Giles says Jofra Archer's protocol breach could have been 'disaster'

English fast bowler Jofra Archer's breach of bio-secure protocols could have been a “disaster” and ended up costing the board tens of millions of pounds, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) director of cricket Ashley Giles has said.

England dropped Archer from the second Test against the West Indies following the breach, announcing the decision only hours before the start of the match on Thursday.

The ECB did not state the nature of the violation but media reports said the Barbados-born 25-year-old exited the bio-secure bubble to go to his flat in Brighton after the series opener in Southampton.


Atherton labels Archer’s protocol breach 'very foolish'

Former captain Michael Atherton has termed Jofra Archer’s bio-secure bubble breach “very foolish” as his irresponsible act has thrown the team’s plans into disarray ahead of second Test against the West Indies starting on Thursday.

Archer was on Thursday dropped from the second Test against the West Indies for breaking the team’s bio-secure protocol and will now undergo two COVID-19 tests during a five-day isolation period.

Archer apologised for the lapse, which wasn’t specified in the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) statement but ‘BBC Test Match Special’ said that the speedster had visited his home in Brighton after the first Test.


- Stumps, Day 1: England ends a gripping day at 207/3 with Ben Stokes (59 not out off 159 balls) and Dom Sibley (86 not out off 253 balls) put up a 126-run partnership for the fourth wicket to put England in a good position. The pair made the West Indies bowlers toil hard while giving away nothing. Kemar Roach and Jason Holder bowled some brilliant spells but were unable to shake Stokes and Sibley.

- Playing XI:

England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root (C), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (WK), Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Dominic Bess, Stuart Broad

West Indies: Kraigg Brathwaite, John Campbell, Shai Hope, Shamarh Brooks, Roston Chase, Jermaine Blackwood, Shane Dowrich(WK), Jason Holder (C), Alzarri Joseph, Kemar Roach, Shannon Gabriel

- England’s Jofra Archer has been excluded from the second Test against the West Indies starting on Thursday at Old Trafford following a breach of the team’s COVID-19 protocols.

The doors are certainly not closed on Denly: Joe Root

Joe Root, who missed England’s first Test in Southampton last week, will return to the squad as captain for the second Test in Manchester, with Joe Denly facing the axe. Denly's scores of 18 and 29 at the Ageas Bowl didn't help his cause, but Root maintained that this isn't the end of the road for the top-order batsman.

“It's never easy having to leave someone out of the team. Joe, over a period of time, has done a brilliant job for us. He has helped show our identity as a side and how we would want to play moving forward,” said Root.

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Southampton Test erased swing doubts, says ball-maker

The ball moved enough in last week's Southampton Test between England and West Indies to erase any lingering doubt about swing bowling under cricket's COVID-19 protocols, manufacturer of the Dukes ball told Reuters.

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Strict health regulations that greeted international cricket on its return from a 117-day stoppage included a ban on saliva to shine the ball, even though players can still use sweat to polish it in order to generate swing.

“The ball did swing and it was a balanced game of cricket,” Dilip Jajodia, managing director of British Cricket Balls Ltd, which produces the Dukes balls used in England, told Reuters by telephone.


What: West Indies tour of England, 2020

When: July 16-20

Where: Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester

Time in IST: 03:30 PM


West Indies: Kraigg Brathwaite, John Campbell, Shai Hope, Shamarh Brooks, Roston Chase, Jermaine Blackwood, Shane Dowrich(WK), Jason Holder(C), Rahkeem Cornwall, Kemar Roach, Shannon Gabriel, Alzarri Joseph, Chemar Holder, Raymon Reifer, Nkrumah Bonner

England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root(C), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler(WK), Sam Curran, Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Stuart Broad, Chris Woakes, Ollie Robinson


West Indies Tour of England will be aired LIVE only on Sony Six channels from 3.30 pm