Former India captain Sourav Ganguly on Wednesday backed the new “red card” rule in cricket, saying the modification of the rules was required since players’ conduct was becoming an issue at the lower level of the game.

Ganguly is one of the 11 members of the world cricket committee, chaired by Mike Brearley of MCC, which announced the new Laws of Cricket to be incorporated.

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“The changes in the law was necessary. It’s a good thing. It may not be prevalent in India but there have been many incidents at lower level cricket in countries such as South Africa and England. You won’t know the importance unless you see the video footage,” Ganguly said.

He was referring to the Level 4 offences such as threatening to assault an umpire, making inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with an umpire, physically assaulting a player or any other person and committing any other act of violence which can result in a player being sent off for rest of the match.

“It’s passed by our committee at the MCC for such incidents,” Ganguly said.

The former India captain, wearing a yellow traditional kurta, visited Sreebhumi Sporting Club in North Kolkata as part of Durga Puja festival.

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Made on the theme of blockbuster movie Baahubali , the pandal is one of the major attractions of this year’s Durga Puja festival in Kolkata and the deity is seen with gold ornaments worth ₹10 crore.

“This is my first pandal visit this year and I’ve come with my full family. Earlier I just went to a pandal in Kumartuli by a fellow Cricket Association of Bengal member. We have a big puja at our house also,” the CAB president said.

“Everyone in Kolkata is out on the streets, there’s no one big or small in the Puja. Time will just fly the next three days,” he said about the Durga Puja which will culminate with the Dussehra on September 30.