The ICC Board on Friday discussed various contingency plans for its flagship tournaments, including the T20 World Cup and the World Test Championship, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis that has brought cricket to a standstill. “The impact of the pandemic on the sport globally was discussed,” an ICC release stated.

ICC chief executive Manu Sawhney said, “We continue to undertake a comprehensive business continuity and contingency planning exercise which will allow us to adapt to the rapidly evolving world in which we find ourselves.”

No decisions were taken as any shifting of tournament or changing of dates involves gigantic logistical exercise which needs meticulous planning at every stage. “The ICC management will continue our contingency planning around ICC events and will also work with members to explore all options available to us based on a range of scenarios connected to the pandemic,” Sawhney said.

BCCI's discussion with the ICC

The meeting was held via video conference. It was speculated that a former BCCI president would attend the meeting, but Sourav Ganguly was India’s representative.

Later, speaking to TOI , Ganguly revealed the most important issues that were discussed at the meeting. The issue regarding the payment of US$23.7 million to the BCCI from the ICC in lieu of the 2016 T20 World Cup will now be referred to the ICC's Disputes Resolution Committee.

Another matter that was discussed was the ICC will prepare for its elections in July this year.

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Effects of coronavirus on the cricket calendar

A Board member was asked what happens if England, due to host Pakistan and West Indies at home, is unable to do so. The matter of allocation of points would be referred to the technical committee, the member said.

“It can’t happen unless an amicable solution is reached. You might have India playing six series and perched at [the] top and England get to play three due to lockdown and tight [Future Tours Programme] schedule. You need a solution to distribution of points and [the] matter should be referred to the technical committee,” a representative of a member told PTI on the condition of anonymity.

T20 WC not under threat

A couple of Board members felt that the T20 World Cup in Australia wasn’t under threat. “If things are under control from June, we can then work on a specific contingency plan. Right now, ICC would be working on various plans and would come up with their proposals in course of time,” the senior official said.

The Board also approved the audited financial statements for 2019 and the final accounts for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 and the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019. The local organising committee of the Women’s T20 World Cup was thanked for having conducted a successful tournament.