England vs Australia, World Cup 2019: Behrendorff, Starc share 9, lead defending champion to last-four

Australia beat England by 64 runs at Lord's to march into the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup.


Starc got the crucial wicket of Stokes.   -  getty images

Jason Behrendorff (5) and Mitchell Starc (4) shared nine wickets between them, helping Australia successfully defend 285 against a power-packed English batting line-up and lead their team into the last-four of the World Cup.

WICKET AND ALL OUT! Mitchell Starc picks the final wicket and Australia becomes the first team to reach the semifinals. Adil Rashid picks out cover and is out for 25.

WICKET! A wide slower delivery from Jason Behrendorff lures Jofra Archer to go for the lofted drive, which he connects sweetly but picks out the man at long-off (David Warner). Gone for 1, Australia 211 for nine. First five-for in ODI cricket for the Western Australian quick!

SIX! Rashid dances down the track and launches Lyon over the long-on boundary for a six. 200 up for England. Nine off the over. Behrendorff strikes again, Woakes departs courtesy great team-work by Finch and Maxwell in the deep. Wicket No. 4 for Jason!

GONE! Moeen Ali edges one to the keeper, and Behrendorff strikes with the third ball off his new spell. Wheels coming off the run chase. Adil Rashid comes to the crease. Seven runs off it. ENG 191/7 after 40 overs. England needs 95 runs in 60 balls

Cummins to continue. Six from the over. Starc, meanwhile, tightening the noose from his end - just one run off his seventh over. ENG 184/6 after 39 overs.

Starc returns into the attack. Stokes brings up the 50-run partnership with Woakes. Bowled'em. Starc returns. Starc strikes. He cleans up Stokes with a brilliant yorker. Stokes is livid but he has to depart. Four runs from the over. Moeen Ali joins Woakes.

Lyon into his eighth over. Four singles from the over.  Shot, Stokes. Cummins goes short and wide, and Stokes has put that one away for four. SMASHED! He's in ominous touch, is Stokes. Slams this one through extra cover for four more. Woakes gets into the act: ends the over with a boundary. 13 from it. ENG 173/5 after 36 overs. England needs 113 runs in 84 balls.

Nathan Lyon back into the attack. Only two off it. Cummins back into the attack. Woakes dispatches an overpitched delivery to the boundary. Stokes, now, gets one past mid-off for four. Nine off the over. ENG 156/5 after 34 overs.

WHAM! Stokes pummels this short ball from Maxi over deep square-leg for six. Follows it up with another maximum. Stokes getting a move-on. 12 from the over.

Maxwell into the attack. Good start, only three from it. Stoinis, from the other end, bowls a quality over - only one off it. ENG 129/5 after 30 overs.

There's the wicket. Stoinis has broken the nagging stand as Buttler holes out to Khawaja who takes a good catch in the deep. Stokes and Buttler shared a 71-run stand. Woakes at the crease. ENG 125/5 after 28 overs.

England physio is on the ground. Stokes in some discomfort.

Good comeback from Lyon, after Stokes hit the first ball for a boundary. Five dots, and Stokes on 49. He gets to his 50 now with a single off Stoinis. Second consecutive fifty for him. Whoa: Take that, says Buttler as he smashes the last ball down the ground for four. ENG 117/4 after 26 overs. England needs 169 runs.

SHOT! What a way to take your team past the 100-run mark. On one knee, and Stokes sweeps Lyon away for four. Five from it. Stoinis continues. Stokes brings up the 50-run partnership between him and Buttler off 58 balls. ENG 105/4 after 24 overs.

Lbw appeal against Buttler. Not given. Australia review on the last second. Replays show the ball pitching outside off and missing the stumps. Buttler survives. Single to end that Stoinis over. ENG 97/4 after 22 overs.

Marcus Stoinis to roll his arm. Stokes steps out and launches him over long-on for four. Is Stoinis going to be the bowler they target? Good over for the host side; a brace to end the over.  Cummins continues. An economical over: two off it. ENG 93/4 after 21 overs.

Starc and Cummins bowling in tandem. Good tactics from Finch: going after the England batsmen. Starc's seven-run over is followed by Cummins, who concedes just four off his fourth. ENG 83/4 after 19 overs.

Mitchell Starc returns into the attack. Buttler greets him with a boundary. Eight runs off it. Lyon into his third. ENG 72/4 after 17 overs.

Behrendorff back into the attack, and nearly gets Stokes out caught. GONE! He gets the breakthrough, does Jason. Bairstow bites the dust, caught by Cummins. Buttler joins Stokes. Two runs from the over. Lyon continues. Three singles off it. ENG 57/4 after 15 overs.

Stokes finally gets a boundary, off Behrendorff: this after being stranded on 0 for 11 deliveries. Four from that over. Cummins to continue. Four runs from the over. Nathan Lyon has been introduced into the attack. 50 comes up for England with that Stokes single. Five from it. ENG 52/3 after 13 overs.

Bairstow's living by the edge, but he's living all right. He has moved to 25 with his fifth boundary. Four from that Cummins over. ENG 39/3 at the end of the first Powerplay. This is now England's lowest PP score at home since 2015.

Bairstow collects a streaky boundary from that Benhrendorff over. Pat Cummins into the attack. He starts with a maiden. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Benhrendorff into his fifth; Jonny plays a handsome looking drive off the backfoot. ENG 35/3 after 9 overs.

Driven square of the wicket: Bairstow's looked good so far. Starc guilty of giving width. GONE! Morgan's been dismissed and it's that man Starc, who's doing the damage with the new ball. Ben Stokes comes to the crease.  ENG 26/3 after 6 overs.

GONE! Starc strikes, and it's the big wicket of Root who has been trapped in front. Australia in the driver's seat. Morgan in at 4. Wicket maiden from Starc. Behrendorff continues. A boundary for Morgan from the over. ENG 21/2 after 5 overs.

Mitchell Starc to share the new ball. Errs in line, on the pads and Root works it away to fine-leg for four.  Seven from the over.  SHOT! Wristy flick from Jonny and it's a boundary to deep mid-wicket. Four from that Behrendorff over. ENG 15/1 after 3 overs.

James Vince and Jonny Bairstow to begin the run chase. Jason Behrendorff with the new ball. Two slips in place for Vince. GONE! Behrendorff cleans up Vince with a brilliant inswinger. Root in at 3. He's off the mark with a cracking cut shot for four. ENG 4/1 after 1 over.


Australia will be disappointed. After the kind of start Warner and Finch got, Aussies would've fancied 300, 350 even. But credit to the England bowlers, especially Woakes and Stokes who kept chipping away to keep a lid on the scoring. Finch's second 100 of the World Cup and Carey's cameo were the highlights. England needs 286 to win. We will be back with the run chase soon.


Archer back into the attack. Starc and Carey take a boundary each off that over. 11 from it. Archer's figures today: 9-0-56-1. Stokes to bowl the final over. Dot and a single to get the 50th underway. More importantly, Carey on strike. Excellent from Stokes: slips in another dot. But Carey pulls one back by clearing the front leg and launching the next ball for four. And another boundary to end the innings.

Carey greets Wood with a boundary first ball. Can he take Australia to 300? Six from that over. Three more overs to go. GONE! Woakes gets his second wicket of the match; Cummins edges behind. Starc joins Carey. Woakes bowls out: 10-0-46-2.

Woakes into his ninth over. 250 comes up for Australia. GONE! Frustration for Smith: he holes out to Archer off Woakes, does Smith and Aussies slip further. Pat Cummins comes to the crease. AUS 253/6 after 46 overs.

Woakes returns from the Pavilion end. Smith ends the 44th with a much-needed boundary. Smith now showing just how nimble-heeled he is with a quick double to finish the 45th. AUS 248/5 after 45 overs.

Harakiri, and Stoinis has to depart. Miscommunication between Stoinis and Smith and the former has been run out.  Alex Carey joins Smith. Rashid has bowled out: 10-0-49-0. Wood, meanwhile, is in the middle of a fiery spell: pace and bounce, putting Smith to the sword. AUS 233/5 after 43 overs.

England have put a lid on the scoring, and admirably so considering the start Australia got. Rashid and Wood bowled the 40th and 41st over respectively. Last five overs, Australia's managed only 32. AUS 222/4 after 41 overs.

Wood to continue. Maxwell departs! Big, big wicket this. England have started to peg back Australia in the last 10 overs. Stoinis joins Smith. Whoa. That was quick from Wood: 152 kmph. AUS 213/4 after 39 overs.


Wood returns into the attack. Overpitched and Smith drives it down the ground before taking Australia to 200 with another hit to the fence. BOOM! Maxwell's in the house, and what better way to announce your arrival then taking on the premier seamer, Archer. A maximum followed by a four. AUS 212/3 after 38 overs.

FINCH GETS ANOTHER CENTURY: his second of this World Cup. Take a bow. Well, he's out next ball. Archer gets his man; Woakes completing a simple catch. Australia have lost their captain but he has done his job. In walks Maxwell. Smith's on strike though and collects a boundary to fine-leg. AUS 190/3 after 36 overs.

Archer back into the attack. Three from the over. Finch on 96. Three singles and a couple from Stokes' fifth. He has been brilliant so far. Meanwhile, Finch is two shy of a 100.

Bowled'em. The pressure tells on Khawaja and Stokes gets the breakthrough. Cleaned him up through the gate, did Stokes. Steve Smith joins Finch. Smith gets off the mark with a single. End of the over; good one for England. AUS 175/2 after 33 overs.

Stokes continues. Four runs now. Stokesy keeping things tight from one end. Finch watchful as he nears yet another 100. Sense an explosive push right after. Rashid into his eighth. Did I just say watchful? Scratch that. Carves one through extra cover to get into the nineties. AUS 173/1 after 32 overs.

Ben Stokes back into the attack. You can almost sense England's desperation here. They need a couple of wickets, and quickly. Good over that: only three from it in the end. Rashid into his seventh over. A couple to finish the 30th over. AUS 162/1 after 30 overs.

Buttler has missed a stumping opportunity of Khawaja. The left-hander rubs salt in the wound by reverse sweeping Rashid's next ball for four. Australia goes past 150. Seven from the 28th over. AUS 155/1 after 28 overs.

England have been sloppy on the field. Meanwhile, Moeen and Rashid continue to bowl in tandem. After taking just three off Rashid's over, Finch manages to get one away to third-man off Moeen. AUS 148/1 after 27 overs.

Rashid continues. Couple of singles and a brace in that over. Moeen's got that wicket all right but he continues to be taken to the cleaners. Finch ends the 25th with a maximum over long-on. AUS 138/1 after 25 overs.

Are the wheels coming off of England's bowling, already? Finch has pummelled this Moeen delivery over deep mid-wicket for six. GONE! Moeen gets the breakthrough, much needed one at that. Warner holes out to Root. Usman Khawaja at 3. 11 runs and a wicket.

Warner brings up his fifty as well. Four runs from that Rashid over. Moeen to continue. End of the 21st. Two off it. Bravo, Warner. 500 runs for him in this World Cup with that single.. After the kind of 2018 he had, to come back and light up the World Cup the way he has, mighty pleasing. AUS 114/0 after 22 overs.

Moeen Ali has been brought into the attack. Seven runs from it. Adil Rashid, now, from the other end. Spin in tandem. Warner goes down on one knee and pulls a short ball away for four. He brings up the 100-run partnership with yet another boundary. Finch, in the meantime, gets to his fifth World Cup fifty with a couple off Moeen Ali. AUS 106/0 after 19 overs.


That would be DRINKS at Lord's.


What an innings this has been from Finch. He has led from the front, playing fearless cricket. Meanwhile, Wood continues to leak runs. Finch moves into the fourties with his eighth boundary of the innings. SHOT! Drills this one through the covers for four more. AUS 83/0 after 16 overs.

Finch and Warner are starting to open up. Wood bears the brunt as both batsmen collect a boundary each off his bowling. 12 from that over. Ben Stokes introduced into the attack. Four from the over. AUS 75/0 after 15 overs.

Woakes getting an extended spell. Finch greets him with a boundary. This is now the sixth 50-plus stand between Finch and Warner. Finch growing in confidence: another four for him, punches this one down the ground. AUS 59/0 after 13 overs.

Woakes into his sixth over. 11 overs gone, Australia's 45 for no loss. This is an excellent start considering the conditions. Mark Wood has been brought into the attack. Down the slip, comes back into Finch and the skipper tickles it down the leg-side for four. 50 up for Australia. AUS 50/0 after 12 overs.

Archer drops short first ball. Warner pulls it away for two. Follows it up with another short delivery; this time there's width on offer and the southpaw carves it away for four. Eight from the over. This is now Australia's lowest score in the first powerplay, in this World Cup. AUS 44/0 after 10 overs.

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, tells us:“After the periods of heavy rain which have affected London over the past week, the capital is in for a drier period, with little in the way of rain, apart from isolated showers. Tomorrow, skies will begin to reveal brighter breaks in the cloud becoming increasingly bright towards the weekend. Temperatures will build towards the end of the week, peaking on Friday and Saturday with isolated highs of 32 C. Beyond Sunday, conditions will turn much fresher once more.”


This is already proving to be a mouth-watering contest. Warner taking his time, Finch upping the ante. Woakes and Archer testing the openers. Just three from Jofra's fourth over. Well bowled again from Woakes. Plenty of movement off the deck against the slope. AUS 36/0 after 9 overs.

Whoa! Finch lucky, once again. The ball just tips over James Vince at backward-point. A couple for the Australian skipper. Three runs from that Archer over. Loud appeal for lbw against Finch. Umpire says Not Out. England review. Ever so close... umpire's call. Finch survives. England retain their review. Woakes troubling the batsmen with a reasonably fuller length. Warner, meanwhile, makes the most of the length: launches it up and over mid-off for four. AUS 32/0 after 7 overs.

Good over from Woakes. Five dots and a last-ball brace for Warner. Archer continues. Short ball to end the over, and Warner pulls it away for his first boundary of the match. Woakes, too, goes short early in his third over and Finch cashes in on with a boundary to deep mid-wicket. Five from the over. AUS 23/0 after 5 overs.

Here comes Archer. Driven away: Finch showing intent against England's best bowler. Archer follows it up with five dots. The speed's in the late 130s, unlike the right-armer who usually clocks in excess of 145. AUS 11/0 after 2 overs.

David Warner and Aaron Finch stride to the middle. Chris Woakes to steam in with the new ball. Two slips for Finch. Dot to start off. Edged and races away to the third-man fence. Finch is lucky, didn't carry to the fielder... Root at second slip. Three slips for Warner. Seven from the over.

Australia and England players march out for the national anthems. First up, Australia followed by host England. We are through with the formalities. It's game on, at Lord's.


TOSS UPDATE| England has won the toss and elected to bowl.

Australia (Playing XI): David Warner, Aaron Finch(c), Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey(w), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Jason Behrendorff

England (Playing XI): James Vince, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood

Aaron Finch: "Not too disappointed about batting first. Wasn't too sure about the wicket, but I would have probably bowled first as well. Two changes for us - Nathan Lyon and Jason Behrendorff in, they replace Adam Zampa and Nathan Coulter-Nile. We aren't really bothered about how the crowd react (to Smith and Warner). Every game is crucial and we can't take any game lightly."

Eoin Morgan: "We are going to bowl. Not necessary a no-brainer, it's a bit soft on the top, it rained overnight and the wicket was under covers, might do a bit this morning. Hopefully, the sun will come out later and make batting easy in the afternoon. We are playing the same XI. Jofra is good, had stiffness in his side and played with the problem in the last two games, we just had a precautionary fitness test."

PITCH REPORT| 'It's overcast, there might be a bit of movement, some green grass on the pitch, but it's dry underneath, although it looks a bit cold. The captain winning the toss would like to bowl first', says Michael Clarke.

UPDATE: Jofra Archer has undergone a late fitness test. We are hearing it's a side strain. More on it as and when we find out. So, Archer has been cleared to play. A collective sigh of relief in the England dressing room?

Live images show overcast skies in London but no rain. So that's good news at the moment.

Right then, Good afternoon. This is Ayan Acharya and I'll be taking you through the day's action in London where England and Australia will lock horns. Believe it or not, England -- despite its heavy favourite tag -- is yet to cement its place in the semis and a loss today could throw the points table wide open. The contest assumes larger importance with the Ashes around the corner. Suffice to say, we are in for a crackerjack of a match.


South Africa, however, isn't a contender any more. With five losses out of seven, it has exited the race for a semifinal spot. Here's what Kagiso Rabada had to say about the Proteas' poor run.

England, too, is a contender. It's mounted a turnaround in its style of play following its humiliating exit in 2015. Here's the team's preview.

Is the World Cup title Australia's to claim once again? It certainly is a top contender. Here's the team preview.

Warner vs Archer? Rashid vs Zampa? What are the key battles to look out for in the upcoming contest? Find out.

“Just because two guys have been punished, served their punishment and returned to play, it doesn't mean they will be accepted back into the cricket community straight away. It will take time.” Eoin Morgan insists it is not his job to tell supporters how to react to David Warner and Steve Smith when England takes on Australia today.

Not only does Australia have the better head-to-head record in contests against England in all One-Day Internationals, it has won more matches than its rival in World Cups, too.

Despite taking part in a net session on Monday, England opener Jason Roy will not return against Australia at Lord's| Roy ruled out of Australia clash

Australia coach Justin Langer says England is still the team to beat at the World Cup despite its surprise loss to Sri Lanka| Faltering England still the team to beat, says Langer

It will be a clash of the heavyweights when England takes on a rampaging Australia in a World Cup 2019 fixture at Lord’s on Tuesday.

Shayan Acharya with the match preview

After a streak of wins, the host slipped against Sri Lanka in Leeds last week, leaving the tournament wide open. The Eoin Morgan-led side, with three crucial games coming its way, will seek resurgence against the Aussies to move closer to a semifinal spot.

England will hope to shore up its batting, which fell short when put under pressure by both Sri Lanka and Pakistan. While, the top-order batsmen -- Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root and Morgan -- have provided steady starts, the unavailability of injured Jason Roy has been a concern.

Roy, who tore his hamstring during the match against the West Indies, has been ruled out of Tuesday’s fixture. “Jason went for a scan this morning. He won’t be fit for tomorrow. We will monitor his progress during the week and assess him then as that unfolds,” Morgan said.

It needs to be seen how the English batsmen tackle the in-form Mitchell Starc -- the joint-leading wicket-taker at the World Cup, with a tally of 15.

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With five wins in six games, Australia is placed second in the table. Its openers David Warner (447 runs in six innings) and Aaron Finch (396 in six innings) are in fine form. However, it could be a challenge for a rather shaky middle-order -- which has failed to contribute in the last three games -- to up its ante, against a star-studded England pace attack, comprising Mark Wood, Chris Woakes and Jofra Archer.

The return of Marcus Stoinis from a side strain has been a boost; the all-rounder proving his worth with figures of  two for 54 in the previous game against Bangladesh.

England, though, has an edge over the defending champion on paper, winning nine of the last ten meetings. With predictions of thundershowers, toss could prove to be crucial.

The teams (from).

England (From): Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Tom Curran, Mark Wood, James Vince, Liam Dawson

Australia (From): Aaron Finch(c), David Warner, Steven Smith, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey(w), Pat Cummins, Adam Zampa, Mitchell Starc, Jason Behrendorff, Kane Richardson, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Usman Khawaja, Nathan Lyon

Match starts at 3 p.m. IST.                      


The match will be streamed live on Hotstar.