In Pictures: Pakistan welcomes its heroes

It was a perfect homecoming for Sarfraz Ahmed. As the Pakistan captain arrived in Karachi on Tuesday morning, winning the Champions Trophy, thousands of fans across the country gathered in front of his residence to cheer for the captain and bask in the glory. While the security forces and family members had tough times managing the crowd, Sarfraz was happy to share the happiness with his fans. Photo: Reuters
Women and children gather on a roof as they watch the arrival of Sarfraz Ahmed in his house in Karachi. Photo: Reuters
Thousands gather outside Sarfraz's house in Karachi just to catch a glimpse of the captain. Photo: AFP
At the Karachi airport, it was all cheers. Even before the cricketers could come out of the airport, thousands of fans were all geared up to welcome the heroes back home. Photo: AFP
Supporters gather around the vehicle carrying Sarfaraz. Photo: AFP
If all wanted to catch a glimpse of the captain and the trophy, even Babar Azam was welcomed with huge cheer at the airport in Lahore. Photo: AFP
Huge cutouts of Pakistan skipper was placed outside his house as the fans waited with baited breath to welcome him home. Photo: Reuters