Glenn McGrath not just called Virat Kohli a great batsman but said the Indian captain was a good human being as well here on Monday.

McGrath has been touched by the support Kohli has lent to the Pink Test that raised funds for the treatment of breast cancer patients.

The legendary Australian fast bowler told Sportstar , “The fact that Virat came out the other day, with pink on his gloves, the pads, the bat, the grip, was a very special and an incredible gesture.”

He added, “I love the way Virat plays the game, he is aggressive. When he walks off the field, he is a good human being, a really good person.”

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McGrath said, “Virat’s humility, the fact that he is a humble person off the field is a sign of greatness. It’s not just on the field but how you carry yourself off the field too that is so important. I have a lot of respect for him.”

On his interactions with Kohli, McGrath said, “He’s been very friendly, very respectful. A confident man on and off the field. He has led the team passionately and motivated his men so well in this series.”

The Aussie observed, “To me he is the best batsman in the world. He shows his quality when he in the middle. Great technique, great temperament. When he gets a loose delivery, he puts it away. Never misses out. That’s the sign of a great batsman.”

On Kohli being booed by the Australian crowds, McGrath said, “Sometimes if the opposition crowd gives you a hard time, it is a sign of respect. I think he has a lot of respect here in Australia. If Australians give you a hard time, then they respect you.”

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Comparing maestro Sachin Tendulkar with Kohli, McGrath said, “Sachin was one of the greats of all time, played 200 Tests, scored so many runs. Whether Virat is up with Sachin at this stage? Probably not.”

He added, “But Virat will eventually get there, there is a good chance. He already has got his hundreds in quicker time than Sachin. He is well on his way.”

Taking a look at their personalities, McGrath said, “Sachin was more quiet and soft spoken on the field. Virat is a little more confident, more aggressive on the field.”

Tendulkar had virtually no chinks in his technique. What about Kohli? McGrath said, “There is no deficiency in Virat’s technique. Occasionally he might chase a full wide one. Sometimes, you can set him up. But he has so many hundreds already in his career and has such an ability to dominate.”

McGrath said there were areas where Virat could learn from Tendulkar. “Sachin could change his game. I remember a Test innings here in Sydney where he did not deliberately play a single cover drive and made 200 plus. That’s part of a special batsman.”