WTC Final HIGHLIGHTS, IND vs AUS Day 4: India 164/3 (40 overs); Kohli, Rahane rebuild; need 280 to win on final day

WTC Final HIGHLIGHTS, IND vs AUS Day 4 Streaming info: Get the updates of India vs Australia World Test Championship Final from the Oval, London.

Updated : Jun 11, 2023 14:14 IST

Virat Kohli in action.
Virat Kohli in action. | Photo Credit: KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH

Virat Kohli in action. | Photo Credit: KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of Day 4 of the World Test Championship Final between India and Australia at the Oval in London.


  • June 11, 2023 14:14

    IND vs AUS HIGHLIGHTS Day 5, WTC Final: Australia beats India by 209 runs to win World Test Championship title

    WTC Final LIVE Score, IND vs AUS Day 5 Live Streaming info: Get the updates of India vs Australia World Test Championship Final from the Oval, London.

  • June 10, 2023 22:45
    Alex Carey

    I think we have the runs on the board, always look for more wickets, but they played well (on Rahane and Kohli). We’ll have another chance tomorrow. Looked good to me (on the Green catch), we were happy and the right decision was made. It’s not great to see them scoring at 6 rpo, but we pegged them back, quick wickets does help and we’ll look for more tomorrow. I thought Mitch (Starc) played beautifully, attacked at the right moment and took the pressure off me. A tricky little period in the morning and we got over well. Class players, this is a good partnership, we need to remain patient, hit the right areas and hopefully the wickets will come.

  • June 10, 2023 22:39
    Will records tumble on Day 5?

    WTC Final: What is the record for most runs scored on Day 5 to win a Test match?

    WTC Final: Pat Cummins’ men had set up a mammoth 444-run target for India, prompting Rohit Sharma’s men to break the record for the highest-successful chase in Test history on Sunday.

  • June 10, 2023 22:33
    IND 164/3 in 40 overs - STUMPS

    Drifting in and Kohli flicks Lyon to fine leg for FOUR. Lyon skims through another over despite Kohli offering a scare with an attempted catch by Smith behind the keeper. India needs to 280 to win on Day 5

  • June 10, 2023 22:26
    IND 160/3 in 39 overs

    Cummins pushes one up and Kohli dabs it through point for a single. Another no ball from Cummins. Rahane sees off the over and there’s probably one more in the bag before stumps.

  • June 10, 2023 22:21
    IND 158/3 in 38 overs

    Lyon continues. Lyon drifts one into Rahane’s prodding front-and. Stifled appeal and umpire Illingworth denies a wicket. Fuller ball on the loop and Rahane digs it out. Is that an edge? Fuller ball outside the off-stump and Rahane’s attempted drive misses the ball on the outside-edge. The ball deflects sharply after a brief stop in Carey’s glove and it seems like Rahane’s bat made the noise after it hit the ground.

  • June 10, 2023 22:16
    IND 158/3 in 37 overs

    Cummins starts with a short ball that flies over Carey for FOUR byes. He follows up with a sharp delivery towards the stumps but Rahane officers a solid block. No ball, Cummins oversteps again. Cummins overpitches and Rahane drives through point for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 22:12
    IND 151/3 in 36 overs

    Lyon to Rahane. Length on middle and Rahane turns to square-leg for a single. Just a single off it.

  • June 10, 2023 22:06
    IND 150/3 in 35 overs

    Starc to Kohli. Short of a length and wide, Kohli mistimes to point. Four!! Full on middle and Kohli drives it through the onside for four. Four!! Fuller on off and Kohli times it down the ground past mid-off for four.

  • June 10, 2023 22:02
    IND 142/3 in 34 overs

    Lyon again. Four!! Too full and Rahane drives it through cover for four. Length on middle and Rahane uses his wrists to turn it on the leg side for a single. Kohli rocks back and turns another length ball to midwicket for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 21:58
    IND 136/3 in 33 overs

    Starc replaces Boland. Short and Kohli tries to defend. Leading edge trickles to point. Starc targetting the body with the slightly shorter length. Four!! Kohli flicks one for four through square leg.

  • June 10, 2023 21:53
    IND 132/3 in 32 overs

    Lyon continues. Short on middle, Rahane rocks back and flicks it to midwicket for a single. Fuller for Kohli, drives it to midwicket off the front foot.

  • June 10, 2023 21:49
    IND 130/3 in 31 overs

    Boland to Kohli, back of a length angled into the body, Kohli turns it to fine leg for a single. Four!! Rahane opens the face of the bat to this back of a length delivery through gully for four. Rahane tucks one towards midwicket for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 21:47
    IND 124/3 in 30 overs

    Lyon to Kohli. Flicks the ball on middle and leg off the front foot to midwicket for a single. Just one run off the over.

  • June 10, 2023 21:42
    IND 123/3 in 29 overs

    Boland to continue. Wide outside off-stump. Kohli leaves. On a length just outside off-stump line, Kohli defends to point. Another similar delivery, Kohli gets it past the diving fielder this time for a couple. Shorter length, Kohli pushes it to the covers with a vertical bat to keep strike.

  • June 10, 2023 21:39
    IND 120/3 in 28 overs

    Lyon to Rahane. Four!! Rahane sweeps one on middle for four through square leg.

  • June 10, 2023 21:34
    IND 116/3 in 27 overs

    Boland to Kohli. Length outside off and Kohli has a waft at it. Missed the edge by a whisker. Slightly fuller on off, Kohli defends to mid-off. Four!! On middle, Kohli drives past mid-on for a boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 21:31
    IND 112/3 in 26 overs

    Lyon to continue. Australia employing a leg-side strong field. Short on off, Rahane guides it to cover for a single. Full on middle. Kohli drives to long-on for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 21:26
    IND 110/3 in 25 overs

    Boland replaces Cummins. Slightly full on off. Rahane defends. Four dots to start the over for Rahane after two cover drives find the fielder. On the pads and Rahane flicks it to square leg for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 21:22
    IND 109/3 in 24 overs

    Lyon to continue. Kohli dabs one to cover for a quick double. Full on off, Kohli drives to mid-on and scampers across for a quick single. Shorter to Rahane, tucks it square for a single. Four! Lyon goes full on off, Kohli uses his wrists and drives it past mid-on for four.

  • June 10, 2023 21:15
    IND 101/3 in 23 overs

    Four!! Full on middle from Cummins and Kohli drives through mid-wicket for four. Short from Cummins. Too high and Kohli lets it go. On the pads, Kohli flicks it to fine-leg for a single. Another short one to Rahane. Sways out of the way. DRINKS!

  • June 10, 2023 21:12
    IND 96/3 in 22 overs

    Lyon continues. On middle and leg, Kohli flicks to deep mid-wicket for a couple. Single to mid-on to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 21:05
    IND 93/3 in 21 overs

    Cummins starts with a no-ball. Out!! Pujara tries to upper-cut one over the cordon. Knicks it straight to the keeper. Rahane joins Kohli at the crease. Welcomed with a bouncer as Rahane ducks for cover.

    Cheteshwar Pujara c Carey b Cummins 27(47) [4s-5]

    Pujara vs Cummins in Tests

    Runs: 180

    Balls: 617

    Avg: 22.5

    Dismissals: 8

  • June 10, 2023 20:58
    92/2 in 20 overs

    Lyon into the attack. Appeals from the Aussies after a catch at short-leg. No bat involved but. Full on middle, Pujara drives it for a single on the leg-side. Umpire raises his finger. Rohit reviews the LBW. Three reds and the decisions stands. India lose their captain. Rohit tried to sweep a full ball on middle but missed.

    Rohit Sharma lbw b Lyon 43(60) [4s-7 6s-1]

  • June 10, 2023 20:54
    IND 91/1 in 19 overs

    Cummins bowls one on the pads, Pujara flicks it to deep square leg for a couple. Shorter and on middle, Pujara defends to the leg-side. Similar length on off and Pujara guides it for a single. Brings up the fifty partnership for the pair.

  • June 10, 2023 20:49
    IND 88/1 in 18 overs

    Green to Rohit, back of a length on off. Rohit defends to the leg-side. Four! Short ball and Rohit pulls it with disdain to the boundary for four. Last ball of the over coming up. Back of a length on middle. Rohit defends to the off-side. Same length outside off this time, Pujara guides it to point for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 20:44
    IND 84/1 in 17 overs

    Cummins into the attack. Short into the hips and Rohit tucks it behind square for a single. Short and slightly wide, Pujara shoulders arms and watches it through to the keeper. Four!! Pujara with an push-drive through deep midwicket. Starc gives chase but cannot push it back in.

  • June 10, 2023 20:39
    IND 78/1 in 16 overs

    Green replaces Boland. Back-of-a-length ball and Rohit tucks it to the on-side for a single. Just two off the over as Pujara maintains a firm guard of his stumps.

  • June 10, 2023 20:34
    IND 76/1 in 15 overs

    Starc continues. Full and across the line and Pujara pumps the ball through mid-off for FOUR. CLOSE! Starc swings one across and beats Pujara’s outside-edge. Similar line once again and Pujara sets up for a late leave outside the off-stump. Starc strays to the pads and Pujara nimbly flicks it through mid-wicket for two runs.

  • June 10, 2023 20:29
    IND 70/1 in 14 overs

    Boland hits the length, just a touch outside the off-stump and Rohit raises his arms to leave the ball on its line. SHOT! Fraction short from Boland and Rohit checks a punch through cover-point for FOUR. Excellent riposte. Boland sends in a fiery bouncer that sits up from length and nearly hits the outside-edge.

  • June 10, 2023 20:23
    IND 66/1 in 13 overs

    Short from Starc and Rohit nonchalantly flicks it to square-leg for one run. Starc has an issue at the landing area and the groundsman comes in to flatten out the ground where Starc’s backfoot supposedly lands.

  • June 10, 2023 20:19
    IND 65/1 in 12 overs

    Boland continues to needle the off-stump and Pujara proactively moves forward to defend. Boland fiddles through length but Pujara maintains his composure. Maiden.

  • June 10, 2023 20:13
    IND 65/1 in 11 overs

    Starc slides one in and Rohit flicks it to square-leg for a single. Starc angles another in and Pujara glides it fine for FOUR. A single to follow. Straighter delivery this time and Rohit solidly covers the line and taps the ball to the on-side.

  • June 10, 2023 20:09
    IND 59/1 in 10 overs

    Four!! Boland bowls one back of a length outside off. Catches Pujara’s inside edge and runs away for a streaky boundary. Similar ball and this time Pujara defends to cover for a quick single. Boland maintaining the same length and this one keeps low. Rohit manages to defend back to the bowler. Shorter on the body, Rohit turns it backward of square for a single.

  • June 10, 2023 20:07
    Out or Not Out? Gill catch creates controversy

    WTC Final: Green catch to dismiss Gill triggers debate after third-umpire Kettleborough’s decision

    WTC Final, IND vs AUS: India batter Shubman Gill’s dismissal to a Cameron Green catch in the second innings of the ICC World Test Championship final at the Oval triggered debates on Saturday.

  • June 10, 2023 20:04
    IND 53/1 in 9 overs

    Starc to continue. Starc errs in line and fires one way down leg stump. Left alone by Rohit. Four! Short on the hips and Rohit pulls it to backward square leg for a boundary. Four! Fuller on off from Starc and Rohit plays a glorious drive through the covers for four.

  • June 10, 2023 20:01
    IND 45/1 in 8 overs

    Pujara walks in for India after Tea. Boland keeping it short of a length on off-stump. Four!! Slightly wider from Boland and Pujara with a crisp cut for four.

  • June 10, 2023 19:35
    IND 41/1 in 7.1 overs - TEA

    Boland will continue. OUT! Extra bounce outside off, Gill pokes and the ball goes off the shoulder of the bat to the slips, where Green takes a one-handed stunner diving to his left. Gill isn’t moving as the umpires check whether the catch was taken cleanly. The third umpire Green has his fingers underneath the ball and Gill has to go. Shubman Gill c Green b Boland 18 (19b 2x4). Tea has been taken with the fall of that wicket.

  • June 10, 2023 19:26
    IND 41/0 in 7 overs

    Starc replaces Cummins. Angling across just outside off and Rohit defends it to mid-off. SIX! Short and Rohit pulls it out his trademark pull short for a maximum over fine-leg. This is pulled away but just a single at fine-leg. Gill drives off the backfoot for a couple more. Starc oversteps and that will also be a no-ball. Gill cuts one away again and a misfield at point allows him to take a single. Rohit tucks another one behind off his pads for a single. One more for Gill behind point to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 19:21
    IND 28/0 in 6 overs

    Boland to continue. Gill gets an outside edge but it doesn’t carry through to the slips. Gill defends strongly back to Boland on the front-foot. Beautifully punched off the front-foot through cover and point by Gill for a couple. Fuller now and Gill flicks it straight to short midwicket. Driven away through point for a couple more to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 19:17
    IND 24/0 in 5 overs

    Cummins will continue. Drifting down leg and Gill tucks it behind for a single. Full and straight and Rohit times a drive down the ground well but it is stopped by Cummins’ boot.

  • June 10, 2023 19:12
    IND 23/0 in 4 overs

    Boland to continue. FOUR! Pitched too full and Rohit flicks this on the front-foot and through midwicket. He leaves the next one in the channel outside off. Rohit continues to leave well outside off.

    WTC Final 2023: Rohit Sharma completes 13,000 runs as opener; third-fastest behind Hayden, Tendulkar

    IND vs AUS, WTC Final: Rohit Sharma became the third-fastest opening batter to record 13,000 international runs during the second innings of the World Test Championship final at the Oval.

  • June 10, 2023 19:08
    IND 19/0 in 3 overs

    Cummins continues. Hits the top of off-stump length just outside off-stump and Rohit defends. FOUR! Full and Rohit drives it through mid-on with ease. Angling away down leg now and tucked away on the on-side for one more. FOUR! Beautifully punched off the backfoot through cover-point for Gill’s first boundary. FOUR! A leading edge this time and this runs away between gully and point to the boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 19:02
    IND 6/0 in 2 overs

    Boland operates from the other end. Pitched up, angling in and Gill defends it back. Good length, seaming in a bit and Gill is off the mark with a single at mid-on. Rohit flicks one away to deep square for just a single. Just two runs from the over.

  • June 10, 2023 18:59
    IND 4/0 in 1 over

    Cummins to Rohit. Cummins is right on the money. A good length just outside off and Rohit leaves. FOUR! Slightly shorter and Rohit swivels and pulls this to the boundary behind square-leg. Some extra bounce outside off now and it surprises Rohit a bit. Well defended on the front-foot by Rohit outside off. Good start for India.

  • June 10, 2023 18:52
    India needs 444 runs to win

    Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill will need to get India off to a good start as they chase a record 444 to win. The highest successful run-chase in Test history is West Indies’ 418 against Australia. The highest at this venue is 263. A huge task ahead for India. Remember, if the match is drawn, both India and Australia will share the title.

  • June 10, 2023 18:45
    AUS 270/8 in 84.3 overs - DECLARED

    Shami will continue. Carey steps out, misses the cut but picks up a bye. Cummins swings and misses and the ball goes over the stumps. OUT! Cummins looks to go big and gets an edge that goes up high in the air and taken. Cummins and Carey are both running off the field and Australia has declared, setting India a record 444 to win. Pat Cummins c sub (Axar) b Shami 5 (5b 1x4).

  • June 10, 2023 18:36
    AUS 269/7 in 84 overs

    No declaration yet as skipper Pat Cummins walks in. Carey starts off this Siraj over with a single off a thick outside edge. Cummins is off the mark with a single behind point. A couple more as Carey whips one off his pads. Carey walks down the track ans Siraj drops it short. Carey takes his eyes off the pull and it falls short of fine-leg for a single. FOUR! Full and Cummins clubs this down the ground for a boundary. Short and Cummins swings and misses. Players takes a Drinks break and looks like they are also changing the ball.

  • June 10, 2023 18:29
    AUS 260/7 in 83 overs

    Shami continues. FOUR! Not too short but Starc connects the pull well and sends it racing through midwicket for a boundary. FOUR! This is exquisitely timed. Cut away off the backfoot through point. Back-to-back boundaries. He moves to 41 now. Starc swings and misses this time. Pitched up just outside off and Starc wants to go big down the ground but misses. OUT! Starc swings again but this time gets an outside edge and it’s taken in the slips. Mitchell Starc c Kohli b Shami 41 (57b 7x4).

  • June 10, 2023 18:22
    AUS 252/6 in 82 overs

    Siraj comes back. Length ball on leg-stump and Starc turns in down to deep backward square for a single. Siraj pulls out of his run-up here. Swinging away down leg and beats Carey’s attempted flick. Carey flicks this one all right behind square for one more. Starc pulls and it lands short of Shami at fine-leg, who fumbles and allows the batters to come back for a second. FIVE-WIDES! Bouncer leaps up and goes over the keeper for extras.

  • June 10, 2023 18:17
    AUS 242/6 in 81 overs

    India has taken the new ball. Shami will have a bowl now. He comes around the wicket to Carey. He pushes one through point for a single. Starc clips one off his pads for one leg-bye. Beaten! The new ball moves in sharply off the pitch and cuts Carey in half. FOUR! This seams in again and Carey gets an inside edge this time past the keeper.

  • June 10, 2023 18:12
    AUS 236/6 in 80 overs

    Umesh will continue. Carey punches off his hips through midwicket for a single. The game is slipping out of India’s hands now as the lead moves to 403. Full and Starc drives with authority but straight to mid-off. FOUR! This is smashed through midwicket by Starc and it races away to the boundary. Starc goes for the pull next ball but doesn’t quite connect it well. It lands safely at mid-on for a single. Carey cuts behind point for one more.

  • June 10, 2023 18:11
    AUS 229/6 in 79 overs

    Jadeja again. FOUR! Carey gets an outside edge and it lands short of Kohli at slip and goes through for a boundary. Australia now leads by 401 runs.

  • June 10, 2023 18:06
    AUS 224/6 in 78 overs

    Here comes Umesh again. Over the wicket now. Carey defends a full delivery back to the bowler. Carey then tucks one off his hips for a single at fine-leg. Short and Starc goes for a pull but misses. Umesh darts in another bouncer and Starc ducks under it this time and Bharat does well to leap up and get to it.

  • June 10, 2023 18:03
    AUS 223/6 in 77 overs

    Jadeja will continue. Flicked through midwicket off the front-foot by Carey for a single and he gets his fifty off 82 balls. Starc sees off the over with five dots on the trot.

  • June 10, 2023 17:59
    AUS 222/6 in 76 overs

    Umesh continues. Three slips in place. Beaten! Starc goes for a drive but the ball shapes in a bit with the angle and goes past the inside edge. He defends the next one to mid-on. Beaten! Whizzes past the outside edge this time as Starc innocuously hangs his bat outside off. FOUR! Full on the pads and flicked by Starc through midwicket for a boundary. Easy runs for Australia and that doesn’t help India at all. FOUR! Full on off-stump this time and drilled along the ground to the long-off boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 17:58
    AUS 214/6 in 75 overs

    Jadeja to continue. Carey pushes one through mid-on for one. He moves to 49 off 78. Starc is a bit surprised with some extra bounce but keeps it down while defending to short-leg. Follows it up for a single at long-on. Beaten! Turning in again viciously from the rough and Carey is beaten as he looks to defend on the front-foot.

  • June 10, 2023 17:52
    AUS 212/6 in 74 overs

    Umesh continues from around the wicket. Three dot balls in a row as Carey protects his stumps with some solid defence. Five dots in a row now but Umesh doesn’t look very threatening at this point. Into the pad and Carey tucks it for a single and keeps strike.

  • June 10, 2023 17:50
    AUS 211/6 in 73 overs

    Jadeja continues. Carey goes for the sweep first ball and doesn’t connect well. Sweep again and this goes off the inside edge and onto his pads. Carey defends this straight on the front-foot. Paddle-sweep this time and gets a single at point. Starc defends it back to the bowler off the backfoot. Beaten! Turning in from the rough outside off and Starc misses the late cut.

  • June 10, 2023 17:46
    AUS 210/6 in 72 overs

    Umesh from the other end. FOUR! Outside edge first ball and this goes between first and second slip and to the boundary. Kohli and Pujara couldn’t decide who should go for it and it looks like it was Kohli’s catch to take. Carey cuts behind point for a single to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 17:44
    AUS 205/6 in 71 overs

    Jadeja continues after Lunch. Starc continues to defend with confidence outside off-stump. FOUR! This is pitched up and driven through mid-off for a boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 17:14
    Highest fourth-innings team totals at the Oval
    • 429/8 - India v England, 1979 (Target: 438) - Result: Draw
    • 423/7 - South Africa v England, 1947 (Target: 451) - Result: Draw
    • 369/6 - England v India, 2007 (Target: 500) - Result: Draw
    • 348 - Australia v England, 2009 (Target: 646) - Result: Lost
    • 345 - India v England, 2018 (Target: 464) - Result: Lost
  • June 10, 2023 17:13
    Highest successful run-chases at the Oval
    • 263/9 - England v Australia, 1902
    • 255/2 - West Indies v England, 1963
    • 242/5 - Australia v England, 1972
    • 226/2 - West Indies v England, 1988
    • 205/2 - England v South Africa, 1994
  • June 10, 2023 16:57
    AUS 201/6 in 70 overs - LUNCH

    Umesh replaces Shardul Thakur. He comes over the wicket to Starc. Cut away to deep point for a single by Starc. Full and driven by Carey to mid-off. Carey gets a thick bottom edge and almost chops on trying to defend this on off-side. Length on leg-stump and defended back to the bowler. Blocked to the bowler again to end the over. That will be LUNCH. India did get two wickets in the session but Australia still in command with the lead touching 375.

  • June 10, 2023 16:56
    AUS 200/6 in 69 overs

    FOUR! Carey takes a big stride forward and crashes that through the covers for a boundary. Two-hundred up for Australia with that boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 16:49
    AUS 195/6 in 68 overs

    Thakur continues. Fullish outside off and Carey drives well but stopped in the covers. He then chops one behind point for a single. One more for Starc to deep third. Four singles from the over and Starc keeps strike.

  • June 10, 2023 16:45
    AUS 191/6 in 67 overs

    Jadeja to continue. He beats Starc off the first ball as the batter comes forward to defend. FOUR-BYES! This turns in sharply, misses Starc’s drive and goes past the keeper for extras. The ball shoots up in the air after Starc presses forward to defend and it is caught by the short-leg fielder. A huge appeal but India doesn’t take the review. It went off the flap of the pad.

  • June 10, 2023 16:41
    AUS 185/6 in 66 overs

    Shardul Thakur replaces Siraj. He angles in into Carey on a good length from around the wicket. Starc tucks one off his pads for a single. Carey pushes one behind point for a couple.

  • June 10, 2023 16:36
    AUS 181/6 in 65 overs

    Jadeja to continue. Oh!!!! Spins in viciously from the rough and takes Starc’s pads on the way to the fielder at first slip. Four!! Starc cuts a shorter one outside off and the edge finds the boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 16:32
    AUS 177/6 in 64 overs

    Siraj again. Two left-handers at the crease as Starc joins Carey. Four!! Short and wide from Siraj, Carey cuts it to the boundary for four. Two runs to backward square to follow. Starc puts in a dive at the strikers end to make his ground. Four!! Carey’s nudge finds the edge but runs past the slips to the boundary for four.

  • June 10, 2023 16:26
    AUS 167/6 in 63 overs

    Jadeja bowls one way outside off into the rough, Carey lunges and defends to cover for a single. Jadeja bowling to the rough outside Green’s leg stump. Appeals from the Indians but the umpire says no. Pitching way outside leg. Bowled!! The outside leg tactic works. Green tries to pad it away. Ricochets off his pads and onto the stumps.

    Cameron Green b Jadeja 25(95) [4s-4]

  • June 10, 2023 16:20
    AUS 166/5 in 62 overs

    Siraj continues. Back of a length angled in, Carey turns it behind to deep square leg for a single. Chance and four!! Short from Siraj again. Comes off Green’s gloves but rises above the keeper and races to the boundary for four. Three dots to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 16:18
    AUS 161/5 in 61 overs

    Jadeja darts one outside off. Very close to the bat on the way to the keeper as Carey lunges to defend. Carey defends the next ball to cover for a quick single. Just one off the over.

  • June 10, 2023 16:11
    AUS 160/5 in 60 overs

    Siraj in. Two length balls angling into the left-hander. Solidly defended. Carey tucks one to backward square for a single. Short and into the helmet from Siraj. Awkwardly defended to the side of the pitch by Green. Seemed to have come off his shoulder after taking the edge of the bat . Nobody in a catching position though. Close!! Siraj bowls one full and angling in. The ball tales the inside edge and rolls back of Green’s pads.

  • June 10, 2023 16:08
    AUS 159/5 in 59 overs

    Jadeja to continue. Carey drives a fuller one to the covers and quickly scampers back for three. Tight line and length from Jadeja to close out the over.

  • June 10, 2023 16:00
    AUS 156/5 in 58 overs

    Siraj will continue to come around the wicket to Carey. He angles it in on a fuller length then goes back of a length. Two dots to start the over. Then a good length ball on off-stump and Carey defends it with ease. He then pushes on to mid-on to make it four dots in a row. Carey pulls a short one in front of square for a single. FOUR LEG-BYES! Angling down leg-side and this runs off Green’s pads for extras.

  • June 10, 2023 15:58
    AUS 151/5 in 57 overs

    Jadeja to continue. Carey goes for a conventional sweep for a single behind square. Green, meanwhile, defends off the backfoot. He then presses forward to defend outside off. Green drives a fuller one past the bowler for a single. 150 up for Australia in 56.5 overs. One more for Carey to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 15:52
    AUS 148/5 in 56 overs

    Siraj now comes around the wicket to Carey. Just a single from the over as Siraj continues to probe the channel outside off.

  • June 10, 2023 15:51
    AUS 147/5 in 55 overs

    Jadeja continues. Green defends on the front-foot. Full again outside off and Green pushes it into covers for another dot. Beaten! Slower one and Green is beaten trying to cut this late. This is pushed again between cover and point. Fuller and straighter and defended confidently back to Jadeja. Maiden over.

  • June 10, 2023 15:44
    AUS 147/5 in 54 overs

    Siraj into the attack. Waist-high delivery to Carey from over the wicket and defended on leg-side. This is angling across and Carey gets a slight bottom edge trying to cut. FOUR! Full outside off and driven beautifully by Carey for a boundary. Full and closer to off-stump this time and defended into the cover region. Back of a length on leg-stump and defended back to the bowler. Well-defended again by Carey to cover to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 15:41
    AUS 143/5 in 53 overs

    Jadeja into the attack. Probabaly Carey’s presence at the crease forcing that move. Carey sweeps straightaway for a single behind square-leg. Green punches off the backfoot and straight to Jadeja. He then presses forward to defend. Five dots in a row to end the over.

  • June 10, 2023 15:35
    AUS 142/5 in 52 overs

    Shami will continue. Green is getting his pads changed in the middle. Pitched up outside off and Green drives straight to mid-off. This is on a length outside off and Green lets it go. Full on the pads now and pushed to the mid-wicket fielder by Green. This is shaping away late outside off and Green leaves. Swinging away again and left alone again by Green. Five dots in a row. FOUR! Full and straight and driven down the ground by Green for a boundary.

  • June 10, 2023 15:30
    AUS 138/5 in 51 overs

    Umesh will continue. Green defends it and takes off for a single even as the ball hardly leaves the crease. Umesh angles it across and the ball goes under the blade to beat Carey’s expansive drive outside off. Short ball next up and pulled away for a single. A very tight single as Green pushes the ball to mid-on but Siraj fumbles. This could have been close.

  • June 10, 2023 15:26
    AUS 135/5 in 50 overs

    FOUR! Green gets an outside edge and that bounces before the slip fielder before going through his legs to the boundary. Green keeps strike with a single off the last ball.

  • June 10, 2023 15:21
    AUS 130/5 in 49 overs

    Umesh to Carey from over the wicket. Carey tucks one off his pads for a single through square-leg. Green flicks one away behind to fine-leg for one more.

  • June 10, 2023 15:16
    AUS 128/5 in 48 overs

    Shami continues. Green drives crisply but it’s stopped in the covers. Four dot balls in a row now. Outside edge but this goes to third slip on the bounce. Green defended that with soft hands. Another maiden over for Shami.

  • June 10, 2023 15:10
    AUS 128/5 in 47 overs

    Umesh continues. Three dots in a row. He gets the third one to seam in sharply and get Labuschagne on the thigh again. OUT! Huge wicket for India and Labuschagne has to go. He pokes outside off to this fuller delivery and gets an edge to Pujara in the slips. Marnus Labuschagne c Pujara b Umesh 41 (126b 4x4). Alex Carey is in next. FOUR! He gets an outside edge first ball he faces and it runs away past gully for a boundary. Australia’s lead now goes past 300.

  • June 10, 2023 15:06
    AUS 124/4 in 46 overs

    Shami from the other end. The win predictor currently 82 percent in favour of Australia. Beaten! Shami beats Green off the first ball as the ball goes past the outside edge. Fuller and straighter and Green gets in front to defend it back to Shami. Solidly defended by Green. Maiden over.

  • June 10, 2023 15:02
    AUS 124/4 in 45 overs

    Umesh Yadav will begin the day for India. Green defends the first ball to covers. He pushes the next one through midwicket for a quick single. Ouch! Labuschagne is woken up with one that nips in and hits him high on the thigh. Just a single from the first over of the day.

  • June 10, 2023 15:00
    A big day ahead for India
  • June 10, 2023 14:47

    It’s another bright and sunny day at the Oval and it is the warmest day of the Test so far. Just a seven percent chance of rain. With the sun beating down on the pitch, Australia should be happy batting on this wicket.

  • June 10, 2023 14:38
    Momentous day awaits
  • June 10, 2023 14:22
    Starc lauds Rahane

    Australia pacer Mitchell Starc on Friday said Ajinkya Rahane showed how to bat on a seaming pitch as his 89 kept India in the hunt.

    WTC Final: We knew Rahane could play innings like that, says Starc

  • June 10, 2023 14:12
    Lord’s optimistic about India’s chances

    WTC Final 2023, IND vs AUS: Shardul optimistic about India’s chances; Starc lauds Rahane knock

  • June 10, 2023 14:02
    Bright morning at Oval

    While there are a few thunderstorms on the forecast, live visuals suggest we have a bright morning for the start of play.

  • June 10, 2023 13:35
    India needs record-breaking chase to win WTC title

    While India is the only visiting team to score two 300-plus totals in the fourth-innings at the Oval, it will need to record the highest successful chase at the venue to win the World Test Championship.

    WTC Final: What is the highest Test score successfully chased at the Oval?

  • June 10, 2023 13:33
    Bradman, Border and... Lord Thakur

    Shardul Thakur scripted some unique records with his stoic half-century on Day 3 at the Oval.

    WTC Final: Shardul Thakur slams third consecutive Test fifty at Oval, equals Bradman and Border

  • June 10, 2023 13:13
    WATCH: GR Viswanath checks out mural dedicated to him at Chepauk

    On Friday, former India captain GR Viswanath was in the city and decided to relive some fond memories as he took in the sights of the recently refurbished stadium.

  • June 10, 2023 12:53
    Hanuma Vihari Exclusive: Wednesdays with WV

    In the latest Wednesdays with WV episode, Hanuma Vihari speaks about feeling a bit let down when it comes to national team reckoning, his Oval debut, braving injuries and a lot more.



  • June 10, 2023 12:48
    WTC Final: Day 3 Review

    The Indians were expected to capitulate without a fight, but Ajinkya Rahane and Shardul Thakur had other ideas. With every minute of resistance, the decibel level from the crowd increased.

    At the stroke of Lunch, the loudest roar came when Pat Cummins kicked the ball. Cummins was understandably angry, having been called for a no-ball when he had Thakur trapped plumb in front.

    The Indian flag filled the stands, as the 25,170-strong crowd took delight in Australia’s agony. The atmosphere at The Oval was electric, in stark contrast to the sullen faces at the start of play.

    Rahane (89, 129b, 11x4, 1x6) and Thakur (51, 109b, 6x4) put on 109 runs for the seventh wicket, raising India’s hopes of salvaging an honourable draw. The duo’s heroics helped India avoid the follow-on and finished with 296.

    Australia moved to 123 for four at the close, with an overall lead of 296 runs. Cummins’ men continue to sit in the driver’s seat, but the Indians have shown the stomach for a fight.

    It was a memorable comeback for Rahane, who last played a Test around 18 months ago. Rahane was all class, hitting shots all around the ground. He reached his fifty with a powerful hook shot off Cummins which sailed into the fine-leg stands.

    When offspinner Nathan Lyon was brought into the attack, Rahane came into his own. Rahane cut the short balls, and strode well forward to punish anything full. The Mumbai batter made a strong case for cementing his spot in the eleven.

    Thakur was not as flamboyant with his stroke play, but more than made up with grit. Thakur copped back-to-back blows to the arm, which only strengthened his resolve. The 31-year-old recorded his third consecutive Test fifty at this venue.

    Both Rahane and Thakur were lucky to benefit from a dropped catch each.

    Cameron Green, who had put one down earlier, pulled off a stunning one-handed grab at gully to end Rahane’s stay. The carnival ended for the spectators, who rose for one final applause as Rahane walked back.

    Green then scalped Thakur with a length delivery outside off which took the edge.

    image (7).jpeg

    Australia’s second essay started shakily, with David Warner snapped up by wicketkeeper K.S. Bharat off Mohammed Siraj in the fourth over. Usman Khawaja, out for a duck in the first innings, disappointed again. The southpaw flung his bat at a wide ball from Umesh and offered Bharat another catch.

    Steve Smith (34, 47b, 3x4) had a ‘brain fade’ moment when he charged at Ravindra Jadeja and attempted a wild slog. The shot, completely out of character for this batter of high pedigree, ballooned to Thakur at point.

    Travis Head took one chance too many. A heavy-handed drive gave Jadeja a simple return catch.

    Marnus Labuschagne (41 n.o., 118b, 4x4) held firm. He received a couple of snorters from Siraj, but with the use of soft hands, managed to drop the ball gently to the ground. There was a lesson here for Virat Kohli, who went hard at a rising delivery and spooned a catch to slip on Thursday.

    The fate of the match now depends on how the Indian batters fare. Rahane and Thakur have shown the way for the rest to follow.

    - Ashwin Achal

  • June 10, 2023 12:42
    WTC Final: Live Streaming info, Where to Watch IND vs AUS Day 4?

    Day 4 of the India vs Australia World Test Championship final will be shown live on Star Sports and streamed live on Disney+Hotstar from 3 PM IST.

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