India vs South Africa 3rd Test Day 1 highlights: SA lose Elgar early; trail IND by 206 runs

India vs South Africa 2021-22 Live Score, 3rd Test: Get the live cricket score, updates, commentary and highlights between IND vs SA from Newlands in Cape Town.


South Africa's Dean Elgar in action.   -  REUTERS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of Day 1 of the third Test between India and South Africa at Newlands in Cape Town.

What a riveting day's play we've had. India won the toss and decided to bat first. They lost both openers cheaply before Kohli and Pujara strung together a defiant stand. Just when the duo was threatening to dominate, Pujara was dismissed. Kohli had yet another stand with Pant before the latter was caught at gully. But amid the ruins, captain Kohli stood tall with a masterful exhibition of batsmanship during his 79. His battle with KG Rabada was the highlight of that innings. Rabada bowled beautifully for his four wickets. In response to India's 223, South Africa are 17/1; Bumrah removing Elgar cheaply. We will be back with all the action from day 2 tomorrow. Until then, good night and take care.


SA 17/1 in 8 overs: Shami to Maharaj and this will probably be the last over of the day. A couple of deliveries outside off before a yorker on leg that Maharaj negotiates well. This one is dug deep into the pitch outside off and Maharaj leans back to see it go past him harmlessly. FOUR! Over-pitched on off stump and Maharaj steers it with open face past gully and to the backward point boundary. Full on the legs and flicked for a single to mid wicket. Stumps!

SA 13/1 in 7 overs: Bumrah continues. Markram shoulders arms as Bumrah keeps it very wide outside off. Straighter on the stumps and Markram defends straight from the crease. Good discipline from Bumrah. Forces Markram to play by keeping it on the stump and the batter responds to the challenge with a solid defence.

SA 13/1 in 6 overs: Shami replaces Umesh. Good length outside off and shapes away from Markram first ball. This one is full on the legs and Markram pushes to mid on and sneaks in a quick single. Maharaj seems to have pulled something while taking that quick one and the physio is out on the field to have a look. Just about 10 minutes left in the day's play. Maharaj places a fuller length with open face between point and cover and limps to complete a couple of runs. Bouncer! Maharaj ducks under it. Beaten! A peach on off stump and shapes away a touch to beat Maharaj's outside edge and whizz past the off stump.

SA 10/1 in 5 overs: Almost chopped on! Elgar hops to defend on leg and gets an inside edge that threatens to roll back onto the stumps. Edged! Elgar edges the next one but short of slip again. OUT! Bumrah angled it across Elgar, got it to move away and Elgar got a thick outside edge to first slip. Dean Elgar c Cheteshwar Pujara b Jasprit Bumrah 3(16b 0x4 0x6). Maharaj walks in as night-watchman. Two dots to end the over.

SA 10/0 in 4 overs: Umesh nips one into Elgar from on off stump line and Elgar flicks it behind square for a single. Markram drives straight and slightly uppish and collects a couple. FOUR! Full on the legs and Markram nudges it to the mid wicket boundary, using the pace on the ball.

SA 3/0 in 3 overs: Bumrah continues. Outside off to Markram but little movement to threaten Markram, who leaves happily. Third ball is on the stumps and Markram defends with a straight bat. Beaten! Bumrah finally shows some bite. Pitched up on a tight line and tails into Markram, who hangs his bat to defend and misses.

SA 3/0 in 2 overs: Umesh to Markram from the other end. On the money straight up. Length on off stump and moves away. Markram has South Africa off the mark with a single at point. Elgar leans into the drive and collects a couple at deep extra cover. Elgar leaves the last one in the channel.

SA 0/0 in 1 over: Elgar and Markram open the innings for the host and Bumrah has the new ball for India. On the legs first ball and Elgar defends to mid wicket. Bumrah moves to an outside off stump line and has Elgar edging one that falls short of slip. Elgar looks to flick this one off the backfoot and gets the inside half of the bat on it and onto his upper thigh - letting out a painful squeal. Beaten! Bumrah moves it away from Elgar with the angle and beats his outside edge.


IND 223/10 in 77.3 overs: Shami cuts Ngidi straight to point and Bavuma dives forward to end India's innings. Mohammed Shami c Temba Bavuma b Lungi Ngidi 7(20b 1x4 1x6).

IND 223/9 in 77 overs: Shami and Umesh collect a single apiece off Rabada's first two deliveries. Rabada oversteps again and no-ball. Umesh chips a full-toss down the ground for a couple. Vicious bouncer and Umesh leaps up to avoid it. Two swings and misses to end the over.

IND 218/9 in 76 overs: Jansen to Shami - over the wicket. Shami does well to defend, mostly off the backfoot. Jansen changes angles and steams in a bouncer that is wide outside leg. Shami taps a short one to short leg with a hop. Maiden over.

IND 218/9 in 75 overs: Beaten! Umesh hops back and misses one that moves away from outside off. Swing and a miss, this one from Umesh. He flicks one that strays on the pads for a single at fine leg. Shami pulls one fine behind the keeper for one more. Well defended off the backfoot by Umesh.

IND 216/9 in 74 overs: FOUR! Shami guides a length ball from Jansen on fifth stump to third man, staying rooted in his crease with no footwork. Swing and a miss as Shami goes for an ambitious heave outside off. Confidently driven by Shami, straight to extra cover. Good bouncer - end of over.

IND 212/9 in 73 overs: OUT! Kohli edges behind and Rabada strikes again. It was pitched short of a drive-able length and Kohli poked at it. The pressure of dot balls was probably getting to him as he tried to keep Umesh off strike to Rabada. Virat Kohli c Kyle Verreynne b Kagiso Rabada 79(201b 12x4 1x6). Shami is the last man in. Shami collects a single at cover to get off the mark. Umesh negotiates the last one, which comes into him and on the legs.

IND 211/8 in 72 overs: Jansen with the ball and over the wicket to Kohli. Kohli hits the ball well the first three balls but turns down the single. Taps one on the leg off the backfoot and takes the single this time. Jansen comes round the wicket to Umesh. Angling into him but outside off and Umesh leaves.

IND 210/8 in 71 overs: FOUR! Width on off by Rabada and Kohli drives and gets a thick outside edge that flies wide of gully and to the third man boundary. Short and Kohli pulls it along the ground for a single at deep square leg. OUT! Kicked off a length and Bumrah gloved it to Elgar in the slips as he tried to fend off the bounce. Jasprit Bumrah c Dean Elgar b Kagiso Rabada 0(9b 0x4 0x6). Umesh walks in at No. 10 and Kohli is running out of partners just when he looks set for big innings. Umesh defends the last ball of the over.

IND 205/7 in 70 overs: Maiden from Maharaj and Bumrah does well to keep his wicket. Strides forward to negate turn and taps it back.

IND 205/7 in 69 overs: Kohli swivels and pulls a short one from Rabada with control to fine leg but doesn't take the single after playing out three dot balls. Kohli shuffles across his stumps and taps it on leg. Maiden over.

IND 205/7 in 68 overs: A single for Kohli with a wristy flick off Maharaj to mid wicket. FOUR! Thakur backs away on leg-side and slashes it through covers off the backfoot. OUT! Thakur pushed and extra bounce meant he handed it to short cover. Shardul Thakur c Keegan Petersen b Keshav Maharaj 12(9b 1x4 1x6). Bumrah comes in. Defends the last two balls of the over with a forward press.

IND 200/6 in 67 overs: Rabada back into the attack. Another no-ball for him to start with. Back of length and Kohli hops back and pushes it to mid wicket for a single. Thakur defends a straight one with a straight bat. SIX! Thakur rocks back, front leg in the air, and cuts it over point and all the way.

IND 192/6 in 66 overs: Thakur gets off the mark, driving a fuller length from Maharaj straight for a single. Two more singles follow for Kohli and Thakur. A single for Kohli to end the over. He turned it away to square leg for a single with the inside half of the bat.

IND 188/6 in 65 overs: Jansen comes over the wicket to Kohli. The first one is wide outside off. Jansen changes angles, coming around the wicket. FOUR! Full on off and a Kohli-esque cover-drive that blazes away after hitting the willow. FOUR! Pitched up again and Kohli drives with open face through covers. This one comes in with the angle on a length and Kohli leaves confidently. 

IND 180/6 in 64 overs: FOUR! Kohli edges to the third man boundary trying to drive one that turns away through mid wicket. A single to long on for Kohli. Thakur fends off the last one of the over.

IND 175/6 in 63 overs: A couple of singles to start off Jansen's over. Kohli slices to deep point for one more. Ashwin is happy to leave the ball in the channel. OUT! Ashwin edges behind and Jansen gets another one. This one shaped away from across and Ashwin poked at it. Ravichandran Ashwin c Kyle Verreynne b Marco Jansen 2(10b 0x4 0x6). Thakur survives a searing yorker first ball.

IND 172/5 in 62 overs: Keshav Maharaj to bowl the first over of spin. Maiden over. Ashwin defends well, keeping Maharaj's attacking stump line at bay.

IND 172/5 in 61 overs: Jansen into the attack. Over the wicket to Pant. OUT! Extra bounce and Pant steers it straight to gully off the backfoot. Rishabh Pant c Keegan Petersen b Marco Jansen 27(50b 4x4 0x6). Ashwin comes in at No.7. He tucks it to square leg for a single off his first ball. FOUR! Too full on off stump and Kohli drives it past mid off to the boundary.

IND 167/4 in 60 overs: Pant swivels and keeps the pull down with a horizontal bat for a couple at backward square leg. This short one doesn't rise as much and a half pull from Pant for a single at mid wicket. A no-ball for overstepping from Olivier. FOUR! Driven by Kohli and Rabada misfields at mid off to let it through to the boundary. That's a fifty for 158 balls.

IND 159/4 in 59 overs: LBW appeal and turned down! Ngidi got it to nip into Pant from a middle and leg stump line and struck him on the pads. Probably was going down leg side. FOUR! Width on off and Pant gets a thick outside edge trying to drive and fetches a boundary at deep backward point. He drives to mid off to take a single and keep the strike.

IND 154/4 in 58 overs: Olivier decks it hard into the pitch and Pant cannot resist the pull and gets a top edge to a vacant backward square leg for a couple. Pant pushes one on the leg for a single at mid wicket.

IND 151/4 in 57 overs: Ngidi keeps it tight with a probing line on and outside off. Maiden over.

IND 151/4 in 56 overs: Kohli clips one off his pads for a single at square leg. FOUR! Sublime push off the backfoot by Pant as Olivier offers some width outside off.

IND 146/4 in 55 overs: FOUR! Kohli rolls his wrists to fetch a boundary to mid wicket as Ngidi goes too straight. A single to end the over and Kohli moves to 45.

TEA - DAY 1 - INDIA 141/4 IN 54 OVERS

Olivier to Pant, no run. Just two slips in place. Pant collects a couple off the next ball, misfield from mid-off allows them that extra run. Pant unfurls a beautiful drive but straight to mid-off. Pant keeps out the remaining balls. Just a brace. That's tea. We will be back in 20. Kohli unbeaten on 40, Pant on 12.

IND 139/4 in 53 overs: Ngidi to Kohli, no run. Ngidi replaces KG. Starts with a maiden as Kohli continues to leave with control. Incredible self-restraint shown by the Indian skipper so far.

IND 139/4 in 52 overs: Olivier to Kohli, no run. Lovely punch down the ground but Olivier stops it in his follow-through. Defends the next ball. Kohli leaves the next ball comfortably. Appeal for caught behind. Not given but Elgar reviews. Kohli's heart will be in his mouth. Replays confirm the ball brushed the thigh pad. Kohli survives and SA lose a review. There was a clear gap between the bat and ball. Olivier bowls a short ball, Kohli shapes up to pull but lets it pass. Single off the last ball and Kohli retains strike.

IND 138/4 in 51 overs: Rabada, in the middle of a probing spell, gets an extra over. Three slips in place with Pant on strike. He gets a single first ball. Kohli vs Rabada again - get your popcorn out! Rabada to Kohli, no run. Left without fuss. Well left again by Kohli. You'd imagine this is KG's last over this spell - seventh successive one this. Meanwhile, Kohli continues to shoulder arms. He gets a single off the penultimate ball. Pant sways out of the way of a lifter. Front foot check. KG's good.  No-ball called. Over's up with a dot. Another front foot check! He's fine this time.

IND 135/4 in 50 overs: Olivier to Kohli, two well judged leaves first up. Olivier strays on the pads and Kohli tickles it to fine leg for four. He rides the bounce on the next ball and defends. Olivier goes leg side again, Kohli looks to pull but misses. Dot to finish.

IND 131/4 in 49 overs: Rabada to Kohli, no run. Unerring accuracy, bowling lines and pitching lengths like clockwork. Second ball, KG draws the outside edge of Kohli's bat but the ball doesn't carry! Just short of second slip. Top class bowling. Rabada in the middle of a dream spell. Kohli is beaten again by a ball that moves away just a bit. Next ball, he tucks one away to midwicket for a single. Pant gets a lifter and sways away from the line of the ball. Well left! And another dot to finish.

IND 129/4 in 48 overs: Here's Olivier in place of Jansen. Pant on strike. Three dots to start a new spell. Pant solid in defence, plays out a maiden.

IND 129/4 in 47 overs: Rabada to Pant, no run. The short leg has vanished for now. Pant collects a single next ball. Rabada vs Kohli time. Kohli happy to shoulder arms before another gem from KG misses Kohli's outside edge by a whisker. Beautiful swing bowling.

IND 128/4 in 46 overs: Jansen to Kohli from around the wicket, no run. Three slips in place. Kohli presents the full face of the bat and drives it down the ground for four. Overpitched and punished. Jansen went over the wicket for the last two balls - both dots.

IND 124/4 in 45 overs: Rabada to Pant, no run. Short leg in place, Rassie van der Dussen in Pant's ears again. KG goes short, Pant, not one to hold back, pulls it square of the wicket for four. Just a boundary from the over.

IND 120/4 in 44 overs: Jansen to Kohli, no run. Three slips in place. Relentless pressure from Jansen and KG. They've rarely bowled a loose ball. A bit of sunshine for the first time today. Six dots.

IND 120/4 in 43 overs: Here we go again. Rabada to Rahane, out first ball. But Rahane has reviewed it after discussions with Kohli. Player review for caught behind. UltraEdge confirms there is a spike as the ball passes the bat. Big, big blow. Rabada once again turning the table on India. Pant joins Kohli. He will be on strike. Three slips and a gully. Pant shoulders arms first ball. Nearly.... Pant cuts and the ball flies over Jansen at gully for four. 4 runs and a wicket from the over.


IND 116/3 in 42 overs: Jansen to Rahane, no run. Short leg in place. Rahane dabs the next ball towards deep backward point for a single. Kohli shoulders arms to a full ball outside off. Next ball, Kohli brings out the signature drive - collects four through covers. Five from the over.

IND 111/3 in 41 overs: Rabada to Kohli, no run. Starts with a peach! Kohli acknowledges it with a smile. Beat the outside edge. Next ball, Rabada bowls a bouncer and Kohli top-edges a pull for six. Things spicing up - Rabada vs Kohli. Now about that first ball, came in with the angle and held its line after pitching. Lucky to not have nicked it. Just six from that over.

IND 105/3 in 40 overs: Jansen to Rahane, no run. Next ball, Rahane drives beautifully and collects four. What timing. Short leg and leg slip in place for Ajinkya. Jansen finishes with four dot balls.

IND 101/3 in 39 overs: Double change. Rabada to Kohli, 2 runs. The 100 comes up for India. Two dots follow. Excellent captaincy from Elgar - knows another wicket here will put India under the pump. He has turned to his premier bowler. Kohli plays five dot balls. Just a couple from that KG over.

IND 99/3 in 38 overs: Bowling change. Jansen replaces Olivier. Pujara greets him with a boundary. Flicked away for four and he is into the fourties. Jansen is bowling around the wicket. GONE! Pujara's resistance comes to an end - he is caught behind. Falls for 43. Was guilty of playing on that fifth stump line and paid the price. Rahane joins Kohli. Short leg in place for Rahane. Gets off the mark with a streaky boundary as an outside edge flies past third slip for four. Do to finish.

IND 91/2 in 37 overs: Ngidi to Kohli, no run. A leg gully in place for Virat too. Kohli plays six dot balls. No undue risks from both batters.

IND 91/2 in 36 overs:Olivier to Pujara, no run. Meanwhile, the drizzle is staying away, for now. Olivier oversteps next ball, no-ball called by the TV umpire. Pujara gets a single away off the fourth ball, too straight from Olivier and Pujara tucks it down to fine leg. Kohli plays a pull shot for just a single - rolls his wrists to make sure the ball stays down. Short from Olivier, Pujara sways away without a fuss. Over up.

IND 88/2 in 35 overs: Ngidi to Pujara, who tickles it down to fine leg for four. That brings up the 50 partnership. Ngidi erring in line and paying the price. Pujara shoulders arms to the next two deliveries. Leg gully comes in place for Pujara. Fourth ball, Pujara plays a flourishing drive for a three. Kohli continues to leave well - two dots to finish. 7 from the over.

IND 81/2 in 34 overs: Olivier to Kohli, no run. Gets the ball to nip back into Kohli, who is hit on the back thigh. Next ball, hit on the back thigh again. Extra bounce for Olivier. Kohli plays six dot balls. Very good over from Olivier and equally well negotiated by Virat. Tantalising hour of cricket.

IND 81/2 in 33 overs: Ngidi to Pujara, no run. Defended to the off side without worry. He leaves the next ball. Short, outside off, Pujara has nothing to do with it. Extra bounce on the third delivery, Pujara gets a bit of glove as the ball lobs to the leg side. Three more dots to finish. Another maiden for Ngidi.

IND 81/2 in 32 overs: Olivier to Pujara, eased to the on side for a single. Two slips and a gully for Virat. Five dots and a single from that over. Pujara to take strike next over.

IND 80/2 in 31 overs: Ngidi continues. Kohli on strike. Kohli has left really well in this innings. Twice he has latched on to a wide ball and both times, the ball has raced away to the cover fence. A maiden.

IND 80/2 in 30 overs: Olivier. Kohli defends the first ball into the leg side. Kohli leaves the second ball - watches the ball all the way into the keeper's gloves. Defends the third ball back to the bowler. Kohli works the fourth ball towards the leg side for a quick single. Couple of dots to finish.

IND 79/2 in 29 overs: Ngidi has the ball. Pujara on strike. Three slips and a gully. Pujara defends solidly. After leaving a couple of balls, Pujara drives handsomely through covers for four. Overpitched from Ngidi and duly punished. Just a boundary from the over. A light drizzle on at the moment.


Welcome back. Kohli and Pujara have done well so far. Can they continue in the same vein? Overcast skies persist. The floodlights are on. Perfect conditions for fast bowling.


IND 75/2 in 28 overs: FOUR! Too straight from Jansen and Pujara drills it past mid on and to the boundary. Pujara returns strike with a leg-bye. A couple for Kohli at square leg. Kohli defends the last ball before Lunch to point. Lunch!

IND 68/2 in 27 overs: Test cricket at its best here. Rabada continues to rev it in the channel and Pujara continues to leave with tenaciy. A single for him at fine leg as he turns one away on middle and leg. An engaging contest between bat and bowl and a matter of who blinks first now.

IND 67/2 in 26 overs: Change of ends for Jansen. Goes across to Pujara, who gets off strike with a leg-bye. Jansen then comes round the wicket to Kohli. Jags one into him with the angle and Kohli leaves it to see it whizz past his off stump...that was unintentionally close. A bouncer next ball and Kohli ably ducks under it.

IND 66/2 in 25 overs: Rabada comes back into the attack. Two balls in the channel, not wide outside the off stump line, and Kohli leaves. Errs in his line and Kohli works one on the legs for a couple at fine leg. FOUR! Vintage Kohli. Inviting length and off stump and Kohli strides forward for a beautiful cover-drive. A couple more for him as Kohli flicks this past mid on. The partnership now worth 33 runs off 77 balls.

IND 57/2 in 24 overs: FOUR! Pujara doesn't miss anything fed on the pads. Ngidi tests him with one and Pujara duly whips it behind to the boundary. Pujara defends one with authority to end the over and he is on 21 runs off 37 balls.

IND 53/2 in 23 overs: Jansen keeps a benign line across the stump to Kohli but beats him comprehensively off the last ball of the over. It pitches on leg and moves across to the off from a length to square Kohli up.

IND 53/2 in 22 overs: Ngidi to Pujara, strays on his pads, and flicked away again to square leg for three runs and that brings up 50 runs for India. Full on middle, Kohli presses forward to defend, and it trickles to fine leg for a single off an inside edge.

IND 49/2 in 21 overs: Jansen continues to come across to Kohli. Good maiden over. Jansen kept it on and outside off stump on a length and Kohli continued to leave.

IND 49/2 in 20 overs: Pujara gets a thick outside edge that falls just short of third slip. It came in with the angle and straightened a bit, deceiving Pujara. FOUR! On the pads from Ngidi and Pujara serely punishes that to the mid wicket boundary.

IND 45/2 in 19 overs: FOUR! Kohli cuts loose with a delectable extra cover drive and he is off the mark after 16 balls. Jansen pitched it up too much on off stump and Kohli moved his left leg across, this time much straighter, and leaned into the drive. Kohli reverts to leaving the ball in the channel, resisting the temptation to drive after that first ball four.

IND 41/2 in 18 overs: Another maiden over and Ngidi is yet to concede a run after two overs. He kept it in the channel to Pujara who was happy to leave. A regal backfoot punch by well-stopped by Bavuma at point.

IND 41/2 in 17 overs: Jansen to Kohli. Jansen beats Kohli with some inward movement on middle stump. Kohli leaves the next five deliveries outside off and is yet to get off the mark after having played 15 deliveries.

IND 41/2 in 16 overs: Ngidi from the other end. Pujara leaves the first couple of balls outside off. Ngidi changes his line, comes straighter and Pujara defends solidly. Maiden over for Ngidi first up.


IND 41/2 in 15 overs: Jansen into the attack. Starts off with a fuller off from across Pujara. Too straight this time and Pujara works it to the mid wicket region for three runs. Jansen comes across to Kohli too but doesn't attack the stumps much and Kohli is happy to leave.

IND 38/2 in 14 overs: FOUR! Short from Olivier and Pujara pulls it imperiously to the fine leg boundary. Pujara gets a thick inside edge on one that pitched on off and collects a single past short leg. Kohli leaves a length ball on off, but that was inches away from the stump.

IND 33/2 in 13 overs: OUT! Mayank edges it to the slips and Rabada strikes. Mayank comes forward to defend a fullish one on off and gets the outside edge as the ball moves away off the seam. Kohli is greeted with a bouncer. Maiden wicket for KG! Mayank Agarwal c Aiden Markram b Kagiso Rabada 15(35b 3x4 0x6).

IND 33/1 in 12 overs: OUT! The pressure of dot ball seems to have got to the skipper as he poked at a short of length delivery from Olivier and edged it to the keeper. Pujara starts off with a couple off his first ball, whipping it away off his pads at mid wicket. Short one on off follows and Pujara leans back to get out of its trajectory. Plants his front leg firmly across the off stump to defend. Well-left outside off to end the over. KL Rahul c Kyle Verreynne b Duanne Olivier 12(35b 1x4 0x6).

IND 31/0 in 11 overs: Another maiden and that's 23 dot balls in a row now. Rabada gave nothing away, with a frugal line outside off on a good length. Mayank, however, continues to look comfortable in his defence.

IND 31/0 in 10 overs: Olivier darts one straight and gets it to move away to beat Rahul and thud on his pads. Loud LBW appeal and the umpire is not interested, nor is Elgar. Oh, he got some inside edge too. Zipped in from way outside off and Rahul leaves.

IND 31/0 in 9 overs: Rabada continues. Starts off with three short deliveries that Mayank comfortably defends. A fuller one wafts way outside off and Mayank shoulders arms. Two more dots to end the over and Mayank solid in his defence.

IND 31/0 in 8 overs: Rahul punches a length ball off the backfoot and through covers for a couple. Two runs from Olivier's over.

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IND 29/0 in 7 overs: FOUR! Rabada wayward again on the legs and Rahul flicks it behind and past the keeper. Chance again! This one spat up from a length and into Rahul and shot off from the shoulder of the edge but high over gully. Rabada could have had two today! FOUR! Mouthwatering drive through the midwicket region by Mayank as Rabada feeds him another full one on the legs.

IND 20/0 in 6 overs: Olivier goes short on the body and Rahul pulls it elegantly to fine leg for a single. FOUR! Mayank stretches forward to put the half-volley on off away to the boundary, past the mid off region. Three dots to end the over as Olivier corrects his length and keeps it tight on and outside off stump.

IND 15/0 in 5 overs: FOUR! Pitched on middle and leg by Rabada and Mayank nudges it past mid on and to the boundary. Mayank flicks a full one on the legs again at mid on and Ngidi puts in a good dive to keep it to a single. Rahul collects a single off another loose one that strays on the pads.

IND 9/0 in 4 overs: Sensational over from Olivier. Keeps a probing line on the off and mixes his lengths well. Gets Rahul to leave a couple of balls a little tentatively before beating him on the last ball of the over. Two consecutive maidens for Olivier.

IND 9/0 in 3 overs: Rahul gets a single behind square leg off his inside edge. Mayank is beaten outside off as he comes forward to defend. Dropped! Mayank went for the cover-drive on a full length and edged it to third slip, where Petersen dropped it at full-stretch on the right. The next one goes off the edge again but this one doesn't carry to the slips.

IND 6/0 in 2 overs: Olivier to Mayank from the other end. Mayank defends the first two deliveries off the middle of the bat. One fuller one nips into him but he leaves confidently. Olivier retorts with a rattling bouncer. Mayank leaves another full one on the off. Beaten! Olivier gets this to nip back from a length and beat Mayank's inside edge.

IND 6/0 in 1 over: Rabada to Rahul, over the wicket. Into the pads and defended to mid on. A couple to get India off the mark. Rahul got the inside half of the bat and the ball trickled to long on. FOUR-BYES! Strays on leg-side and the ball beats Rahul and the keeper. Rabada beats Rahul on two occasions to the end the over. One misses his inside edge while the other beats his outside edge. Both length balls on the off.

Rahul and Mayank make their way to the middle. Some grey clouds hover around the ground but for now the weather is clear for cricket. South Africans take the knee against racism and all forms of discrimination while the Indians stand to attention. Rabada has the new ball - who plays his 50th Test today. Here we go!

The drizzle has stopped and the covers have come off. We are all set for action to begin.

Bit of a drizzle at Cape Town just before the start of play.


Virat Kohli and Umesh Yadav replace Hanuma Vihari and Mohammed Siraj. South Africa is unchanged.

India (Playing XI): KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Umesh Yadav

South Africa (Playing XI): Dean Elgar(c), Aiden Markram, Keegan Petersen, Rassie van der Dussen, Temba Bavuma, Kyle Verreynne(w), Marco Jansen, Kagiso Rabada, Keshav Maharaj, Duanne Olivier, Lungi Ngidi


Skipper Virat Kohli has recovered from his upper back spasm and will lead India in the decider - it is 1-1 after two Tests - of the Freedom series, beginning here on Tuesday.

The weather forecast for the Test is good. And a draw is unlikely.

The Newlands pitch should encourage pace bowling. There will be seam movement and bounce.

Winning the toss and brazening it out in the first session, putting up a total beyond 300, and then applying pressure as the pitch deteriorates is a viable ploy for a victory.

If India loses the toss and has to field, its pacers have to bowl in the right channels and dismiss South Africa inside 225.

Kohli revealed Mohammed Siraj, still recovering from a hamstring strain, will miss the third Test.

India will have to choose between Ishant Sharma, who brings with him an off-stump line and bounce, and Umesh Yadav, a skiddy, faster bowler with two-way movement.

Once again, a good start is vital for India against a probing South African pace attack.

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Much hinges on the opening partnership between KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal. If they put up a sizable stand as in the first Test, negating the Kookaburra ball’s early threat, South Africa could be chasing the game rather than controlling it.

The confidence shown by Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane in the second innings at the Wanderers will be comforting for India ahead of the big game. Kohli will be itching to contribute. He requires to be tight around off and not play across incoming deliveries.

Kohli said the Indian team management had a conversation with Rishabh Pant regarding stroke selection during training. India wants this explosive southpaw to fire but do so judiciously.

India has a pace attack that can hurt line-ups, but Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami will have to get their radar right. Shardul Thakur is a tricky bowler with bounce and movement.

There could be a role for off-spinner R. Ashwin if the pitch deteriorates. He lends depth to the batting too.

South Africa’s inspirational skipper, the left-handed Dean Elgar, will be a stumbling block for the Indian bowlers.

And Aidem Markram, a compelling shot-maker, is finding some form. There is, finally, a shape to the Protea batting. Keegan Petersen is a compact and attractive batsman at No 3. Rassie van der Dussen is a batsman with grit and shots of either foot.

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The little Temba Bavuma is an effective striker of the ball with a reasonable defence. And wicket-keeper batter Kyle Verreynne has a decent technique.

South Africa is unlikely to make any changes so the onus will be on the top six.

And then there is the four-pronged pace attack of Kagiso Rabada, Lungi Ngidi, Marco Jansen and Duanne Olivier. They are capable of making  inroads, and the hostile Rabada has rediscovered his mojo.

In such a high-pressure face-off, the team that makes the least mistakes carries the day.

Can the Table Mountain, a fascinating backdrop to the Newlands ground, inspire the Indians to conquer the peak?

- S. Dinakar



INDIA: KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), Shardul Thakur, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma.

SOUTH AFRICA: Dean Elgar (c), Aiden Markram, Keegan Petersen, Rassie van der Dussen, Temba Bavuma, Kyle Verreynne (wk), Marco Jansen, Kagiso Rabada, Keshav Maharaj, Duanne Olivier, Lungi Ngidi.


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