India vs Sri Lanka 1st ODI Highlights: Dhawan 86*, Kishan fifty power IND to seven-wicket win over SL

India vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score: Catch the 1st ODI live cricket score streaming between IND vs SL from R. Premadasa Stadium.

Updated : Jul 23, 2021 13:36 IST

Shikhar Dhawan hit a fifty on captaincy debut to lead India towards the win in the 1st ODI against Sri Lanka.
Shikhar Dhawan hit a fifty on captaincy debut to lead India towards the win in the 1st ODI against Sri Lanka.

Shikhar Dhawan hit a fifty on captaincy debut to lead India towards the win in the 1st ODI against Sri Lanka.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the 1st ODI between Sri Lanka and India in Colombo. This is  Lalith Kalidas  bringing you all the updates with my colleague Dhruva P as action unfurls in Colombo.

Brilliant start for the young Indian brigade in Colombo. If Sri Lanka had some solace after squeezing to 262/9, the Indian openers, well, Prithvi Shaw, largely scribbled off their hopes in a flash. India romped to fifty in just five overs as Shaw walloped the Lankan pacers through the off-side for a flurry of boundaries. Kishan, the birthday boy debutant, ensured that India did not drop the momentum after Shaw's dismissal as he continued to smash the spinners all around the park.

The left-hander's 31-ball fifty, the second fastest on ODI debut eased the burden on skipper Dhawan who took a good hour or so to settle himself in the chase. Dhawan later took on the mantle and the Lankans were soon out of contention by then. Shanaka's men will realise this young Indian side will definitely pack a punch if it is to commit similar mistakes in the matches up ahead. Goodnight folks, we'll join back for the second ODI on Tuesday!

IND 262/3 in 36.4 overs: And India romps to a massive seven-wicket win! The Indian captain, Shikhar Dhawan fittingly hits the winning runs. A well crafted, restrained innings from the southpaw on his captaincy debut as the batters pummeled the Sri Lankan bowlers out of the game.

IND 260/3 in 36 overs: SKY attempts a couple of cuts behind the inner-circle but fails to pass the point fielder. India, three away from marking a huge win.

IND 256/3 in 35 overs: India, nearly there! Dhawan whips a quicker one from de Silva to the midwicket fence off the backfoot with ease. Suryakumar then takes the bowler down the ground by stepping down and converting the delivery into a juicy half-volley.

IND 245/3 in 34 overs: Suryakumar special! Hasaranga goes full twice and SKY unleashes his favoured sweep to guide the ball the boundary. Hasaranga darts one short and Suryakumar quickly stands up and hoicks it to the midwicket boundary - three in a row!

IND 231/3 in 33 overs: Suryakumar brings out his trademark inside-out stroke to smash Dhananjaya for a boundary over long-off and a short haul without a boundary for India is broken.

IND 223/3 in 32 overs:
Dhawan and Surya nudge around for a couple of singles. Chameera's first spell has visibly taken a toll on him as he continues to put up a wobbly length for the Indian batters in his second stint.

IND 217/3 in 31 overs: de Silva to Pandey. OUT! Pandey holes out to midwicket. A nothing short from Pandey as he wastes another start. de Silva cramps Pandey for room even as he sets out to smash it over the leg-side fence. He ends up lobbing it sharply to Shanaka.   Manish Pandey c Shanaka b DM de Silva 26 (40b 1x4 1x6)

IND 210/2 in 30 overs: Chameera has four dots on the trot against Pandey. Pandey somehow finds himself in such a spot from time to time despite settling in. Just the two runs from Chameera on return.

Chameera is back in

IND 208/2 in 29 overs: Dhawan with a glorious flick! Hasaranga drills in a quicker one, over 110ks and Dhawan simply lifts it in disdain over deep fine leg for six! Stamping his authority over the bowler and that's perhaps the first loose delivery from Hasaranga tonight.

IND 200/2 in 28 overs: 200 up for the Indians! Pandey and Dhawan have slyly blended aggression with defense perfectly to retain India's solidity in this chase.

IND 195/2 in 27 overs:
Hasaranga continues to deftly keep Pandey back in the crease. Pandey attempts to push forward and nudge to the gaps but Hasaranga continues to keep him under control.

IND 193/2 in 26 overs: Pandey breaks the shackles! Sandakan is pummeled over the long-off boundary for a breezy six and Pandey follows up with a piercing drive for four through mid-off. Dhawan joins the act as he shimmies down and drives Sandakan for another boundary.

IND 177/2 in 25 overs: Hasaranga continues to keep the batsmen rooted to the crease. Fine effort from one end even as things slip-up from the other.

IND 174/2 in 24 overs: Dhawan takes charge! Karunaratne offers width and Dhawan flakes it between point and backward square. He follows it up with a delicate flick and the boundaries are back in a heap for India.

IND 163/2 in 23 overs: Maiden for Hasaranga. Pandey has a tough time handling the ball off the length for some reason. Hasaranga narrows down Pandey's arc and forces him into a hole.

IND 163/2 in 22 overs: Fine start for Karunaratne as he offers minimum width to the batsmen. Pandey and Dhawan continue to tread with singles.

Karunaratne into the attack

IND 158/2 in 21 overs:
Pandey and Dhawan play out Hasaranga cautiously, but that doesn't restrict them from rotating strike with five singles.

IND 153/2 in 20 overs: 150 up for India as Dhawan continues to anchor the chase from one end. Pandey is slowly paving his way in and this would well be a decisive series for him to make a case for the middle-order spot.

IND 146/2 in 19 overs: Loud shot for a lbw off Dhawan and Dharmasena raises the finger. Dhawan has a long pause before deciding to go up for the review. The replays suggest the ball has spun too much and goes on to miss the leg-stump. Dhawan escapes.

IND 143/2 in 18 overs: Sandakan to Kishan. OUT! Edged and a fine catch by the keeper!  The debutant half-centurion has to depart for 59 on his birthday. Sandakan's concerted effort gifts him his prize. No room for the cut but Kishan attempts one. He ends up edging a sharp one and Bhanuka rises up to glove the ball sharply. Ishan Kishan c †Bhanuka b Sandakan 59 (42b 8x4 2x6)

IND 140/1 in 17 overs: Hasaranga into the attack and offers a couple of looseners that Kishan fails to put to the boundary. No sweat whatsoever for the batters as India perches itself well atop in this chase.

IND 134/1 in 16 overs: Dhawan reaches 6000 in ODIs - he becomes the fastest Indian opener to reach the milestone!


IND 127/1 in 15 overs: Fifty for Kishan on debut! Asalanka is taken to the cleaners again with a couple of boundaries and the young southpaw hits the second-fastest fifty on ODI debut behind his teammate Krunal Pandya who reached the feat earlier this year.

IND 115/1 in 14 overs: Sandakan goes full and Kishan wallops it through cover for another crunch boundary. He moves onto 44 and continues to keep Dhawan away from the spotlight.

IND 109/1 in 13 overs: India cruises past 100! Kishan sets up once again as he smashes Asalanka down the ground for a boundary. He follows it up with a fine slog over long-on and gets another six. Nothing's working for Shanaka and Sri Lanka at the moment.


IND 96/1 in 12 overs: Kishan nearly gifts his wicket away as he aims a slog over mid-on off Sandakan. The lack of pace on offer saves him as the ball falls short of the fielder.

IND 92/1 in 11 overs: Dhawan continues with his cautious approach and just a single emerges from the over. Asalanka offers length to Kishan who fails to capitalize this time.

Charith Asalanka replaces Chameera

IND 91/1 in 10 overs: Sandakan halts the flurry of boundaries with a fine over. The left-armer attacks Dhawan's stumps and attempts to lure Kishan into a loose drive outside off and keeps the southpaws stranded in the crease.

Lakshan Sandakan into the attack

IND 89/1 in 9 overs: The run-rate falls below 10 for the first time since the first over. Dhawan seems a bit iffy at the moment, a couple of inside-edges here and there as Chameera completes his fifth over on the trot.

IND 84/1 in 8 overs: Kishan living dangerously here. The debutant mistimes the slog down the ground and the ball just about brushes a fully stretched Fernando at long-off and hits the boundary. Kishan is unfazed. He follows it up with two more boundaries down the ground and continues the momentum Shaw has set up for India in the chase.

IND 72/1 in 7 overs: Chameera nearly snaps Kishan.  A quick bumper has Kishan squared up and the top-edge tantalisingly falls over the keeper Bhanuka's reach.

IND 68/1 in 6 overs: de Silva to Shaw. OUT! Shaw throws it away!  A loopy delivery and Shaw mistimes the slog over long-on. The ball travels just about to Avishka Fernando at long-on and he holds on comfortably. Perhaps the thud on the helmet affected his rhythm. Birthday boy Ishan Kishan is up and smashes his first ball for six down the ground and follows up with a delicate cut to the point boundary!  Prithvi Shaw c Fernando b DM de Silva 43 (24b 9x4)

Dhananjaya de Silva into the attack

A brief halt in play as the physio conducts a concussion test with Shaw. He's fine and will continue.

50 up in five overs and Dhawan's had a visual treat at the non-striker's end!

IND 53/0 in 5 overs: FIFTY UP IN FIVE OVERS!  Chameera offers a slower one and it hardly affects Shaw who drills it through mid-off. This is elite level batting from the 21-year-old as he pierces the gap on the off up next as Chameera continues offer freebies outside channel. Chameera finishes with a quick  bumper that hits Shaw's helmet. A small piece of the grille is seen flying off.

IND 45/0 in 4 overs: Shaw blitzkrieg is ON! The youngster displays a masterclass through the off-side as he creams Udana for three successive boundaries through the off-side.

IND 31/0 in 3 overs: Chameera begins with a full toss and Dhawan gets his first boundary with a breezy four through the covers. Shaw, at the other end, has only the boundary fence in mind and misses out on a boundary as Sri Lanka employs an extra fielder in the covers.

IND 22/0 in 2 overs: Shaw in overdrive! Udana has a poor start as he sets up a poor channel down the leg-side. Shaw glides one early in the  over to the fence and gets another beautiful on-drive to the boundary off the final ball. What a sight this chap is when he's on song.

Isuru Udana up from the other end

IND 9/0 in 1 over: Shaw off to a rollicking start! Chameera offers a subtle hint of room and Shaw pushes the ball through covers in a flash. Minimal feet movement, but the ball cuts through the grass with some speed.  Chameera is unsettled and ends up giving another length delivery and Shaw gracefully smashes it through mid-off for another crunching boundary.

Shaw on strike. Chameera up with the new ball.

Back for the chase! Enter Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw as the Sri Lankan fielders take their positions.


India would have been slightly startled with the finish the Lankans have managed. Despite all of its top six batsmen crossing double figures, Sri Lanka failed to keep momentum as the Indian spinners pulled them back with consistent roadblocks. Chahal and Kuldeep have flourished on return and Krunal has proven effective in rushing through the overs, providing no room for attack for the batsmen. Chahar and Hardik chipped in with some late wickets as well, but India failed to put the chain at the death.

Nevertheless, SL has showed some stern fight in keeping itself alive and through the full 50 overs to put a reasonable total on board. Over to the bowlers to disrupt the visitor with some early wickets.

Colombo in readiness for an exciting second innings.

SL 262/9 in 50 overs: Karunaratne finishes it in style! Bhuvneshwar errs in line and Karunaratne stomps the bowler down the ground for a biggie. Bhuvneshwar misses the yorker next up and Karunaratne pummels another six over the midwicket stands off the full-toss. The Lankans have managed to hold on and finish with a respectable total.  Bhuvneshwar goes wicketless and finishes with an expensive 9-0-63-0.

SL 243/8 in 49 overs: 250 in sight as Chameera lights up Premadasa! Hardik attempts the slower-short stuff and Chameera rocks back and stifles it way over the midwicket stands. What a shot from the no.9 as it eases the burden off Karunaratne. One over to go, sure to cross 250, aren't they?

SL 230/8 in 48 overs: Bhuvneshwar hits the deck hard but Karunaratne manages to sneak in quick runs with some fine running between the wickets. Right, can they get past 250 from here?

SL 223/8 in 47 overs: Hardik to Udana. OUT!
Hit high into the night sky and Deepak Chahar keeps his cool to complete a good catch. Hardik would be mighty pleased with this one as his plan of mixing up the length works. Isuru Udana c Chahar b HH Pandya 8 (9b)

SL 218/7 in 46 overs: Karunaratne and Udana are quick between the wickets and manage to keep the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos. 250 from here would make the home side content and a few lusty blows here and there could do the trick.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack

SL 210/7 in 45 overs: Hardik mixes up and prowls all around the pitch. A couple of slower ones and the short stuff is attempted first-up and he follows it up with the fuller delivery. Sri Lanka is not in a position to cash in and deftly shifts towards the fag end.

Hardik back in.

SL 205/7 in 44 overs: Chahal to Shanaka. OUT! Straight to Pandya at long-on! He goes for the biggie off a tossed-up delivery and fails to generate enough power. Pandya completes an easy catch at the fence and SL's hopes for a late flourish seems to have hit the dust.  Dasun Shanaka c HH Pandya b Chahal 39 (50b 2x4 1x6)

SL 201/6 in 43 overs: A few relieved faces in the dressing room as SL crosses 200. A certain psychological barrier is breached but the Indians wouldn't mind this at all. Shanaka is eyeing to see out the 50 overs and with minimal support from the other end, 250 would be a realistic target that SL could set.

Krunal in for his final over

SL 197/6 in 42 overs: New man Karunaratne and Shanaka rotate strike with a couple of singles and the Lankan captain finishes the over with a lofted shot to the fence over point.

SL 188/6 in 41 overs: A late test of patience for the Lankan captain as Chahal bowls slower through the air. Chahal gets the ball to turn from the middle stump and Shanaka does well to wait on it before presenting a soft blade.

SL 186/6 in 40 overs: Chahar to Hasaranga. OUT! Gabbar with a stunner at mid-wicket.  Chahar gets the ball to sit up from the length and Hasaranga attempts a sheepish pull, only to have Dhawan leap forward and complete a fine catch. Wanindu Hasaranga c Dhawan b Chahar 8 (7b 1x4)

SL 182/5 in 39 overs: Right, the Lankans have stepped up. Chahal's short ball is walloped through mid-wicket with a thud by Hasaranga and Shanaka follows it up with a thumping blow down the ground for six. 13 off the over and holds in good stead for the home side's intent to shift gears.

Chahal replaces Krunal

SL 169/5 in 38 overs: Chahar to Asalanka. OUT! Edged and easy for Kishan! A slow-forged partnership of 49 is broken and the Lankans are back on square one.  A gentle off-cutter from Chahar and Asalanka ends up edging it to give away another wicket in tame fashion, right when his side was set to step on the pedal.  Asalanka c Ishan Kishan b Chahar 38(65, 4*1)

Deepak Chahar into the attack

SL 165/4 in 37 overs: Asalanka takes on Kuldeep. A fuller delivery from Yadav onto the stumps and Asalanka sits down and slog sweeps over mid-wicket. He does not get enough distance and the ball bounces a couple of times before hitting the fence. Shanaka, meanwhile, continues to fend off the nagging delivery that is sliding into him consistently from the left-armer.

SL 156/4 in 36 overs: Krunal nearly packs Shanaka! Shanaka advances outside the crease and Krunal quickly sends it down the leg-side for Kishan to do the rest. Shanaka barely manages to hold himself in the middle and a rough edge trickles down to short fine-leg.

SL 151/4 in 35 overs: 150 for SL. It has taken quite some time - nearly 25 overs since crossing 50 and that outlines the host's woes today. Kuldeep continues to test the batsmen's technique and a quick flipper squares up Asalanka altogether.

SL 149/4 in 34 overs: Krunal gets the ball to jump up from the good length. Three runs from the over as Shanaka and Asalanka continue to see off the spinners with a watchful eye.

SL 145/4 in 33 overs: Kuldeep's loopy deliveries outside off have been almost untouchable today. Asalanka is cautious and leaves the deliveries on its way with some vicious drift behind it.

Kuldeep to continue after the break

SL 140/4 in 32 overs: Krunal is back into the attack and continues to attack the stumps. The batsman exchange a couple of singles as the players head to drinks.

SL 137/4 in 31 overs: First boundary in 59 deliveries! Shanaka glides Bhuvneshwar's loosener outside off to the backward-point fence and gets an important boundary to ease the pressure.

SL 132/4 in 30 overs: The runs have dried up and the Indian bowlers are running through their overs in manic fashion. Shanaka and Asalanka have strode themselves into a rut.

SL 129/4 in 29 overs: Bhuvi cramps the batsmen, hitting precisely in the channel around the stump.  Shanaka is frustrated and takes off on a quick single with Pandey at covers. Pandey has a shy at the non-striker's end and would have snapped Shanaka had it hit the timber.

Bhuvneshwar returns

SL 126/4 in 28 overs: Prodigious turn for Chahal in this spell. He beats Shanaka's outside edge twice and the Lankan skipper nods in appreciation.

44 balls since the last boundary.

SL 124/4 in 27 overs: Krunal varies his pace and nearly has Asalanka chop back onto the stumps. He fails to read the quicker one as Krunal continues to dash through his spell.

SL 120/4 in 26 overs: Chahal wafts the ball in the air and Asalanka responds with a soft dead-bat approach. Interesting style of defense from the young left-hander.

SL 117/4 in 25 overs: Krunal to de Silva. OUT! In the air and taken at long-off! Right when things seemed to regain shape for Sri Lanka, another wry shot has pulled the team down. A gentle tossed-up delivery and de Silva checks his lofted stroke at the last minute. Bhuvneshwar Kumar runs in to his left and completes a fine sliding catch. Dhananjaya de Silva c Kumar b KH Pandya 14 (27b 1x4)

SL 115/3 in 24 overs: Excellent running between the wickets from de Silva and Asalanka. They have deftly built themselves into a partnership here and would be crucial for the Lankans to set up this innings towards the fag end.

Chahal replaces Krunal

SL 108/3 in 23 overs: Kuldeep pins Asalanka down with a slew off fuller ones outside the off-stump. Asalanka restricts himself from attempting a flashy drive and Kuldeep completes a maiden.

SL 108/3 in 22 overs: Krunal tails one in to de Silva and beats the edge by a whisker. A brief shout from the keeper and bowler before de Silva offers another chances by nearly lobbing the ball back to Krunal on the full.

SL 106/3 in 21 overs: Hundred up for Sri Lanka.  Kuldeep dishes another fuller delivery that has de Silva go low and sweep elegantly behind square-leg for a boundary to take SL past 100.

SL 96/3 in 20 overs: Krunal's drifting through his overs in a flash. Well, this can catch up well with Sir Jadeja.

SL 94/3 in 19 overs: Asalanka nearly finds a boundary through backward-point but is cut off by the fielder in the deep. Kuldeep is growing in confidence and continues to hold a firm drift away from the left-hander in this spell.

SL 91/3 in 18 overs: The pressure builds quickly on the new pair. Krunal bowls a swift maiden as vice-captain Dhananjaya deals with the left-armer primarily on the back-foot.

Grab 'em, skip.

SL 91/3 in 17 overs: Kuldeep to Rajapaksa. GONE! A nothing short from the left-hander hands India a crucial breakthrough. A loose short ball outside off and Rajapaksa dishes everything at it away from his body. He loses his shape and ends up tossing it straight over the bowler and has Shikhar Dhawan complete an excellent tumbling catch. Well, Kuldeep snaps another as he induces a loose drive from the well-set Minod. Massive turn away from the left-hander and he falls for the trap. The ball takes a gentle outside-edge and Shaw completes a fine catch at first slip. Bhanuka Rajapaksa c Dhawan b Kuldeep Yadav 24 (22b 2x4 2x6), Minod Bhanuka c Shaw b Kuldeep Yadav 27 (44b 3x4)

SL 85/1 in 16 overs:
Customary Krunal to stary proceedings. He runs through his deliveries quickly and maintains an aggressive line attacking the stumps.

Krunal Pandya replaces Chahal

SL 82/1 in 15 overs: Eventful over as Rajapaksa falls twice, nearly! Rajapaksa wallops Kuldeep over long-off and a misfield at the fence takes it to the boundary. Kuldeep bounces back with a quick yorker-length delivery that crashes onto Bhanuka's feet. Dhawan goes up for the review after the on-field umpire judges it not out. The visuals suggest a close call as umpire's call on impact barely keeps Rajapaksa back in the middle. Rajapaksa then follows up with a mistimed slog that nearly carries on to the mid-on fielder.

SL 76/1 in 14 overs: Rajapaksa is in the mood! Chahal loops it up and Bhanuka advances handsomely and tonks the ball over the boundary down the ground. This is by all means a top start for the Lankans.

SL 68/1 in 13 overs: Kuldeep gets some pronounced turn rightaway.  A couple of tempting fuller-ones outside off but Rajapaksa resists until the final ball before bring in a fine sweep to the boundary.

Kuldeep Yadav replaces Hardik -Kul-Cha is officially back

SL 61/1 in 12 overs: Chahal attempts a couple of sliders and leg-breaks against Rajapaksa, testing his defense and resolve early on in his debut.

SL 58/1 in 11 overs:  Pandya continues to keep the ball short but follows a tighter line this time. Minod continues to shield himself and restrains from any shot across the line.

SL 55/1 in 10 overs: Chahal to Fernando. OUT! In the air and gone! Chahal strikes off his first ball! Poor approach first-up against the spinner and Fernando plots his own downfall. Chahal sends his first ball slower through air and Fernando plants his feet away from the ball while trying to clear the inner-circle on the off. He mistimes it altogether and presents a dolly for Manish Pandey at covers.  Debutant Bhanuka Rajapaksa is at no.3. He takes Chahal all the way into the stands for six, his first scoring shot in ODIs as Sri Lanka crosses 50 in the first powerplay. Avishka Fernando c Manish Pandey b Chahal 32(35) [4s-2 6s-1]

Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack.

SL 49/0 in 9 overs: Poor start for Pandya. Lack of pace and a drab short bull has helped Bhanuka latch on two thumping shots. Pandya drags one onto the stumps and Bhanuka slashes it through midwicket. He follows it up with a shot of authority through the covers.

Well, here's a moment we've been waiting for. Hardik Pandya replaces Bhuvneshwar


SL 38/0 in 8 overs: First six of the match! Chahar is walloped over square leg with a sensational wristy flick from Fernando. Well, that had some meat on it as it zipped far into the stands.

SL 32/0 in 7 overs:
Fernando flakes a shot through backward-point, barely managing to retain shape while doing so. The outfield seems relatively slower as well as the third-man fielder easily stops the boundary. Interesting phase of play building-up as run-scoring will take a lot of muscle from the batsmen today.

SL 24/0 in 6 overs: Maiden over. Chahar peppers and teases Bhanuka with a couple of deliveries in the channel just outside the off-stump. Chahar manages to induce a false shot with Bhanuka stepping up for a loose drive.

SL 24/0 in 5 overs: Top over from Bhuvneshwar!
Bhuvi keeps Fernando quiet with subtle changes in length. The batsmen aren't going to have it easy on a deck that has continuously kept low from the start.

SL 23/0 in 4 overs: Chahar with a much better length this time. He tightens his line as well and attacks the stumps of the left-handed Minod. No offer of width whatsoever and the batsman is content to stay put on his backfoot.

SL 20/0 in 3 overs: Bhuvi is extracting more swing than Chahar from the other end. Kumar takes the ball either way against the left-handed Bhanuka who is pushed to the backfoot. Bhanuka and Fernando exchange strike with a couple of singles.

SL 14/0 in 2 overs: Fernando welcomes Chahar with a flurry of boundaries.
Chahar begins with a stuttering run-up and offers a loose delivery outside the off-stump. Fernando flexes his arms and smashes it through covers. Chahar is looking for some movement from the middle-stump line and ends up extracting negligible swing. Fernando nonchalantly flicks a poor delivery from the length and collects another boundary in the over.

Deepak Chahar up from the other end

SL 4/0 in 1 over: Bhuvneshwar gets some movement in the air to begin proceedings. Seems like a softened pitch is on offer as the ball keeps low after pitching on the full.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar up with the new ball.

Game On, folks! Sri Lankan openers Minod Bhanuka and Avishka Fernando walk out to the middle. They are followed by the Indian huddle.


02:51pm IST: A couple of days ago SL captain Shanaka was unsure about who will don the gloves for his side. They have zeroed in Minod Bhanuka who is also set to open the innings according to what we see on the roster. For India, Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzi Chahal for the first time since the game against England in the 2019 World Cup.

Update: Sanju Samson sprained a ligament in his knee and was hence not available for selection for this game.
The medical team is tracking his progress at the moment. Unfortunate for Samson. A wait for an ODI cap has nearly crossed six years.

Playing XIs

TOSS: Sri Lanka wins the Toss, elects to bat first

Shanaka:   We are going to bat first. History suggests batting first is ideal here. We have a debutant, it's Bhanuka Rajapaksa .

Dhawan: We were also looking to bat first as dew factor will come into play. Shaw will open along with me.  Kishan  and  Suryakumar  will make their debuts. Kuldeep and Chahal will be our spinners.

Few of Dhawan's boys that will hit the field today.

2:30pm IST: It's TOSS time!

UPDATE: Suryakumar Yadav and birthday boy Ishan Kishan receive their maiden ODI caps.

2:15pm IST: India's team combination for the ODI opener would be interesting across multiple roles. Shaw should be poised to open with Dhawan while Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal headline the spin department. India also has an incisive leg-spinner Rahul Chahar and mystery spinner Varun Chakaravarthy besides spin-bowling all-rounders Krunal Pandya and K Gowtham in the fray. Also, another interesting selection to note will be between birthday boy Ishan Kishan and Sanju Samson for wicket-keeping duties.

2:10pm IST: Live visuals show the Indian squad going through a round of football. Pretty hot and humid conditions lingering over Colombo as well.

2:05pm IST: Warming up for an exciting session on the sidelines



1:50pm IST: Right, as we build up to the all-important toss. Here's a look at the key numbers and stats.


The T20 World Cup is around the corner with both India and Sri Lanka hitting prep mode in contrasting styles.

While an overload of prodigious young talents sprawl across the Indian camp which has all of its heavyweights far away in England, a wounded Sri Lanka will be aiming to set up a new base and rekindle fresh hopes under Dasun Shanaka - its 10th ODI captain in the last four years.



A long-standing tussle with player contracts has seen senior players like Thisara Perera heading into retirement while Angelo Mathews is pondering over a similar route. Dinesh Chandimal is left out to wonder over his exclusion from all three formats and the recent trip to England further dented the Sri Lankan camp.

Three players were sent back home for flouting the COVID-19 protocols and skipper Kusal Perera has been replaced by Shanaka for the series back home against a pristine Indian squad.

While all the uncertainties and turmoil looms over Sri Lanka, India will be aiming to make the most of its six limited-overs games - its final set of games ahead of the T20 World Cup. Well, of course the IPL will be staged in September, but this series will well play out as a make-or-break series for the fringe players who could have a look-in for the T20WC squad in case India opts to travel with an extended squad.

All to play for and the road to the T20 World Cup begins here!



When will the match start and where to watch?

The first ODI between India and Sri Lanka will begin at 3pm IST in the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. The Toss will occur at 2:30pm.

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