India vs West Indies Highlights, 3rd ODI: India routs West Indies by 96 runs to sweep series

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Prasidh Krishna celebrates with teammates the wicket of Jason Holder during the third ODI between India and West Indies at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Friday.   -  PTI

Welcome to Sportstar's Highlights of the third ODI between India and West Indies from the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.


WI 169/10 in 37.1 overs: Prasidh into the attack. Joseph pulls and Kohli takes the catch at deep square leg. India wins and sweeps the series. Alazarri Joseph c Virat Kohli b Prasidh Krishna 29(56b 1x4 2x6).

WI 169/9 in 37 overs: Siraj to Walsh. Leg slip and short leg in place. Short one first up. OUT! Short stuff finally doing the job. Top edge on the pull to Rohit Sharma at leg slip. He hammers the ball down on the ground in frustration for having allowed the tail to wag. Going down leg to Roach. A subdued appeal for caught behind but the umpire is unmoved. Four dots to end the over. Roach moved away across off stump and flicked it to leg slip on the bounce. Roach fends off a yorker to end the over.

WI 169/8 in 36 overs: Sundar starts off with a wide down leg. SIX! Tossed up outside off and Joseph hammers it over long off and clears the ropes. Turning away again down leg and this shoots up off Joseph's pads to allow a couple of leg-byes.

Quite a frustrating partnership this is turning out to be for the Indians. The duo has now batted for more than 10 overs, putting on 38 runs in the process.

WI 160/8 in 35 overs: Siraj comes round the wicket to Joseph. Length on leg and cannot pull it away. Defended back to the bowler next ball. Joseph fends off another one. Dropped! Pulled away hard by Joseph and Prasidh drops a sitter at fine leg, leaving a fuming Siraj. Walsh offers a straight bat to defend a length ball on middle.

WI 159/8 in 34 overs: Sundar replaces Chahar. Pitched up outside off and Joseph stretches forward to defend. Two more dots follow. Sharply turning away down leg and batters take a single off the extra. Pant chirping behind the stumps, saying it was a tactic to bring the left-hander on. Three dots to finish.

WI 157/8 in 33 overs: Siraj here. Two dots to begin with. Joseph shuffles across and flicks one to fine leg for a single. Angling across to Walsh on a length and left alone. This one is closer to off stump but the angle takes it away; shouldering arms again. Defends a straight one off the backfoot to end the over.

WI 156/8 in 32 overs: FOUR! Joseph looks to pull a back of length delivery from Chahar but ends up gloving it over Pant. Good effort by Kuldeep in the deep but not enough to save four. Another mistimed pull but lands safe in vacant area behind square for a one more.

WI 150/8 in 31 overs: Sundar continues. Three dots to Joseph to start. Single with a flick over deep mid wicket. Beaten! Walsh presses forward to defend a full length on off stump and the ball leaves him a tad bit to beat his outside edge. Cut away for a single by Walsh. 150 up for Windies.

WI 148/8 in 30 overs: Chahar back with the ball. Slower one, short and takes a thick bottom edge off Joseph's miscued pull; a single behind the keeper. Wayward and wide down leg side. Hit the deck hard and a well-directed bouncer to Walsh; he ducks under it. Slower one, on leg stump, and Walsh scurries for a leg-bye after missing the flick on the on side. Joseph takes one at third man to retain strike.

WI 144/8 in 29 overs: Sundar finally with the ball for the first time today. FOUR! Too short and Walsh swats it away with a pull, over mid wicket and to the rope. Tucked off the hips for a single behind the keeper. Better line and length to the right-hander Joseph. Spins it in from an off-stump line. This one turns in too much and flicked on the on side for a single. Dot to finish.

WI 138/8 in 28 overs: A single for Joseph to third man as he slices outside off, edging the ball behind. Prasidh comes round the wicket to Walsh, keeping it back of length outside off. He shoulders arms to a couple of balls. Fuller this time on the stumps and fended off. Back of a length again, nipping in and left alone again. Guided to third man for a single to end the over.

WI 136/8 in 27 overs: Kuldeep continues with a full length that the tail-enders are comfortable negotiating. A brace and a couple of singles from the over.

WI 132/8 in 26 overs: Prasidh into the attack. A good over ends on a sour note for the bowler. Just one run off the first five balls. SIX! Hit the deck hard and Joseph hooks it for a maximum over fine leg.

WI 125/8 in 25 overs: Just two runs from that Kuldeep over. He keeps it on a fullish length on middle. Some sharp inward turn for him there too.

WI 123/8 in 24 overs: Siraj to Smith, FOUR! Siraj to Smith, dot ball. Siraj to Smith, OUT! Holes out. Smith goes for an 18-ball 36. Siraj to Walsh, no run. Siraj to Walsh, wide. Dot to finish.

WI 118/7 in 23 overs: Kuldeep to Smith, SIX! Smith is toying with Kuldeep. Kuldeep to Smith, dot ball. Kuldeep to Smith, 1 run. Kuldeep to Joseph, no runs off the last two balls.

WI 110/7 in 22 overs: Siraj to Smith, couple off the first ball. Surya drops a sitter of Smith! Should've been taken. Six from the over.

WI 104/7 in 21 overs: Kuldeep to Smith, dot ball. SIX! Smith clobbers it over long on. SIX! Smith goes downtown, over long-off. Wide ball. Smith lighting up Ahmedabad on the eve of IPL mega auction. Kuldeep to Smith, one run. Kuldeep to Joseph, two dots.

WI 90/7 in 20 overs: Prasidh to Joseph, maiden over. Clinical performance from the Indian bowlers.

WI 90/7 in 19 overs: Kuldeep to Joseph, dot ball. Joseph takes a single next ball. OUT! Kuldeep bags his second of the night, Pooran is caught at slip. Kuldeep to Smith, FOUR! Smith hits it straight back over the bowler's head for four. Kuldeep to Smith, no run. FOUR more to finish.

WI 81/6 in 18 overs: Prasidh to Pooran, couple off the first ball. Prasidh to Pooran, five dot balls. Just two from the over. Excellent from Prasidh.

WI 79/6 in 17 overs: Kuldeep to Pooran, one run. Fabian Allen is the new man in. Golden duck! Given out caught behind, Allen reviewed. There is a clear spike as the ball passes the bat.  Kuldeep to Joseph, 1 run. Two slips and leg slip in place. Kuldeep to Pooran, no run. Kuldeep to Pooran, 1 run. Kuldeep to Joseph, no run.

WI 76/5 in 16 overs: Prasidh to Holder, FOUR! Short ball and pulled away by Holder. OUT! Prasidh has the last laugh, caught at slip by Rohit.

WI 71/4 in 15 overs: Kuldeep to Holder, no run. Kuldeep to Holder, 1 run. Kuldeep to Pooran, 1 run. Kuldeep to Holder, no run off the last two balls.

WI 69/4 in 14 overs: Prasidh to Bravo, wide ball. There was some noise as the ball passed the bat. Rohit mulls a review, decided against it. GONE! Bravo falls next ball, caught by Kohli at slip. DRINKS. Holder comes to the crease. Two slips in place. Prasidh to Holder, no run. Prasidh to Holder, 1 run. Prasidh to Pooran, three dots.

WI 67/3 in 13 overs: Here comes Kuldeep Yadav. Slip in place. Kuldeep to Bravo, two dot balls followed by a single. Kuldeep to Pooran, 2 runs. SIX! Pooran rocks back and slams it over deep midwicket for six. Dot to finish.

WI 58/3 in 12 overs: Prasidh to Bravo, 1 run (leg-bye). Prasidh to Pooran, a couple. Prasidh to Pooran, no run. Peach. Gets it to shape away from the left-hander with a scrambled seam ball. Prasidh to Pooran, three dot balls.

WI 55/3 in 11 overs: Chahar into his sixth, to Pooran, 1 run off the first ball. One slip in place. Chahar to Bravo, no run - nearly chopped on. Chahar to Bravo, single off the third ball. FOUR! Pooran times a cracking pull for four. The 50 comes up for WI. Chahar to Pooran, 1 run. Single to Bravo to finish.

WI 47/3 in 10 overs: Prasidh Krishna into the attack. Two slips in place. Pooran plays a sublime drive through mid-on for four. Prasidh to Pooran, 2 runs. Prasidh to Pooran, dot ball. Prasidh to Pooran, one run. Prasidh to Bravo, dot ball. No run off the last ball.

WI 40/3 in 9 overs: Chahar to Bravo, maiden over. Excellent bowling from the Indian new-ball bowlers.

WI 40/3 in 8 overs: Siraj to Pooran, three dot balls. Pooran pulls the fourth ball to deep midwicket for two. Siraj to Pooran, two dots to finish.

WI 38/3 in 7 overs: Chahar to Bravo, 1 run. Chahar to Pooran, dot ball. Pooran pulls it over the infield and collects three. Chahar to Bravo, FOUR! Bravo pummels it through the off-side for four. Chahar to Bravo, two dots to finish.

WI 30/3 in 6 overs: Siraj to Bravo, FOUR! Another edge but this time the ball flies past an empty third slip for four. Siraj to Bravo, three dot balls followed by a single off the penultimate ball. Pooran is the new man in. Dot ball to finish.

JUST IN: KL Rahul (bad hamstring) and Axar Patel (still in rehab) are out of the T20I series. Deepak Hooda and Ruturaj Gaikwad added.

WI 25/3 in 5 overs: Chahar to Bravo, dot ball. There are two slips in place. Chahar to Bravo, 1 run. OUT! Chahar strikes with his outswinger. King is caught at slip. Suryakumar Yadav took a nice, low catch at second slip. Chahar to Brooks, no run. OUT! Brooks holes out - tame dismissal.  Lovely outswinger and Brooks slices it to Shreyas Iyer.

WI 24/1 in 4 overs: GONE! Siraj strikes, traps Hope in front with a in-dipper. Bravo is the new man in. Siraj loses his line, strays on the pads and Bravo glances it for four. Siraj to Bravo, no run. Oh dear, replays suggest the ball would've sailed over the stumps. King didn't review. Siraj to Bravo, 1 run. Siraj to King, dot ball.

WI 19/0 in 3 overs:Chahar to King, dot ball. Appeal for caught behind. Not given, Rohit reviews. Flat line when ball passes bat. India lose a review. Chahar to King, no run. King collects a couple off the fourth ball. FOUR! King punches one wide of mid-on for four. FOUR! King throws his bat at one that's full and outside off, the ball flies over the cordon for four.

WI 9/0 in 2 overs: Siraj from the other end. Siraj to Hope, no run. He has two slips as well. Siraj to Hope, no run. FOUR! Slightly on the fuller side and Hope crashes it through covers for four. Siraj to Hope, three dots to finish.

WI 5/0 in 1 over: Brandon King and Shai Hope to start the chase. Deepak Chahar with the new ball. Two slips in place. Chahar to Hope, single off the first ball. Chahar getting some movement right away. Chahar to King, dot ball. Chahar to King, a brace. Chahar to King, 2 runs. Chahar to King, no runs off the last two balls.


IND 265/10 in 50 overs: Holder to bowl the last over. Yorker to start with and Sundar can't get it away. FOUR! Decked in short outside off and Sundar pulls it over square leg for a boundary. OUT! Full-toss on middle and Sundar mistimes this slog to hand an easy catch straight to mid off. He would be kicking himself to have missed out on that one. Washington Sundar c Odean Smith b Jason Holder 33(34b 2x4 1x6). FOUR! Ramped by Siraj and over the fielder at short fine leg for a four. OUT! Slower one and Siraj misses the ramp shot this time and is cleaned up.

IND 257/8 in 49 overs: Sundar heaves the first one from Joseph to deep mid wicket but turns down the single. Swing and a miss next ball. SIX! Length on middle and leg and Sundar slashes this over deep mid wicket and that's a huge one. Takes a single at long on next ball. Length on middle stump and Siraj cuts and misses. This one is again on a length, outside off this time and Siraj is beaten again trying to slash.

IND 250/8 in 48 overs: Holder continues. Round the wicket to Sundar. Pinpoint yorker first up and Sundar guides to behind point for one. Kuldeep returns strike with one more with a flowing drive on the off. Third single of the over off the third ball. OUT! Kuldeep top edges a pull and a sharp take by Hope behind the stumps. Dives to his right to pick it. Kuldeep Yadav c Shai Hope b Jason Holder 5(8b 0x4 0x6). Siraj plays out two dots to keep at bay further damage in the over.

IND 247/7 in 47 overs: Wide outside off from Odean first ball. A couple for Kuldeep at third man. Two singles and another wide from Odean. 18 wides bowled so far by the Windies.

IND 241/7 in 46 overs: Holder starts off with a wide. Two singles to follow. Chahar gets a couple with a flick on the leg. OUT! Short ball, slower one and Chahar gloves the pull to the keeper. Deepak Chahar c Shai Hope b Jason Holder 38(38b 4x4 2x6). Single for him to end the over.

IND 235/6 in 45 overs: FOUR! Lucky runs for Chahar. Comes in slightly off a length and gets a thick outside edge before running away to the third man fence.

IND 227/6 in 44 overs: Walsh bowls out. FOUR! Pitched up on off and Chahar pummels it over the infield for a boundary straight down the ground. FOUR! Width on offer and Chahar slashes behind point for one more boundary. SIX! Chahar on fire! Slogs a fuller one over long on and that is 14 runs in three balls for him. Deepak Chahar making a serious case for himself as a genuine all-rounder a day before the IPL 2022 Auctions! Timely!

IND 213/6 in 43 overs: FOUR! Sundar ramps beautifully behind the keeper for four. Tucks away behind square for a single. Carved out between point and cover by Chahar and he keeps strike with a single .

IND 207/6 in 42 overs: Sundar takes one off the first ball off Walsh with a gentle dab to third man. Chahar digs out one more at deep extra cover. Short one and Sundar pulls it behind square for a another single. FOUR! Chahar swipes outside off and it flies over cover for a boundary.

IND 200/6 in 41 overs: Sundar tucks it to square leg for a single. Chahar defends a straight one from Allen back to the bowler. SIX! Chahar unleashes and does so in style. Steps out to the pitch off the ball and tonks it over the bowler off the middle of the bat for a maximum. Three dots to end the over.

IND 193/6 in 40 overs: Tidy stuff from Walsh. Just a single to Sundar from the over. Chahar has trouble picking the leg spinner and his variations.

IND 192/6 in 39 overs: Allen keeps it on a fuller length and just three runs from the over.

IND 189/6 in 38 overs: OUT! Iyer holes out at long off. Backed out outside leg and looked to go inside out over cover but ended up handing an easy catch. Chahar the new man in. Three dots and two singles to end the over. Shreyas Iyer c Darren Bravo b Hayden Walsh 80(111b 0x4 0x6).

IND 187/5 in 37 overs: FOUR! Iyer thumps it on the off in front of square for a boundary. Four singles coming from it. Eight off the over.

IND 179/5 in 36 overs: Iyer seems to be struggling here. Almost limps to complete the second off Walsh. Two singles to end the over.

IND 175/5 in 35 overs: Short and wide outside off from Allen and Iyer backs away on leg and cuts through covers for a couple. Full around off and driven by Iyer on the up for one more. The physio and Thakur are on the field to check on Iyer. He seems to be suffering with cramps. A couple off the last ball for Sundar and he is finally off the mark.

IND 170/5 in 34 overs: Bouncer from Odean and almost gets Iyer. Got it to his throat and Iyer fended at it awkwardly to get it to loop up in front of him. FOUR! Yorker length and Iyer shuffles back and forth and digs it out to long on for a boundary. A single to Iyer at third man and two dots from Sundar again.

IND 164/5 in 33 overs: Allen returns with the ball. A quick single for Iyer first up. FOUR! Not a very convincing sweep but Surya gets four nevertheless. It went off the top edge to the fine leg fence. OUT! Surya stepped out to get to the pitch of the ball and sliced it to the fielder at point. Good catch diving forward. Suryakumar Yadav c Shamarh Brooks b Fabian Allen 6(7b 1x4 0x6). Three dots to Sundar to end the over.

IND 159/4 in 32 overs: Odean to bowl his fifth. Wide ball first up! Uppish drive b Suryakumar and falls short of cover fielder. Follows it up with a single at deep backward square leg. Iyer slashes hard outside off but misses out before guiding one to third man. Two dots to end the over. A searing yorker to Surya before a slower one outside off that evades his ramp shot.

IND 156/4 in 31 overs: Joseph to Iyer. Smothered along the ground for a single at short third man. Suryakumar is off the mark with a single. Bounce from Joseph and Iyer leans back to leave. Two wides in a row as Joseph's bouncers are too high up. Sliding down leg on the pads and Iyer misses out on it. Stung! Came on a length and nipped in quite sharply to sting Iyer on the gloves.

IND 152/4 in 30 overs: Spin from both ends as Walsh comes over the wicket to Pant. Two singles off the first four balls. FOUR! Full on the pads and Pant shovels it over mid on for a boundary. OUT! Walsh strikes last ball. Pant goes for a late cut and gets a bottom edge to the keeper. Rishabh Pant c Shai Hope b Hayden Walsh 56(54b 6x4 1x6). Drinks!

IND 146/3 in 29 overs: Allen to bowl. Short on middle and Iyer pulls it to deep mid wicket for a single. An easy two there though. Pant on 49. Shimmies down the track and flicks on the on side for a single and fifty up for Pant in 47 balls. Two more singles to end the over.

IND 142/3 in 28 overs: Joseph digs it on a length on off and Iyer defends it back. Big bouncer and too big - wide ball. A wild slog against the run of play and it just goes over the man at mid on and they collect a couple. Beaten! Iyer misses trying to cut a length ball outside off. FOUR! Short stuff from Joseph and Iyer gets a boundary at fine leg with an awkward pull. Definitely not in control of the shot as it went off the top edge. Back of length, punched off the backfoot for a single behind point.

IND 134/3 in 27 overs: Walsh continues. Three singles to start with as the leg spinner floats it up on the stumps. Iyer pushes another full delivery to long off and fifty for him off 74 balls. Wide down leg to Pant. FOUR! Pant cover drives through the inner circle to fetch a boundary.

IND 125/3 in 26 overs: Joseph back into the attack. A couple of dots to start with. FOUR! Iyer flicks  full one on middle to the mid wicket boundary and a fumble by King in the deep hands a boundary. A couple more for him with a pull to fine leg. Six runs from the over.

IND 119/3 in 25 overs: Walsh to Pant, dot ball. Walsh to Pant, single off the second ball. Walsh to Iyer, single off the third. Single to Pant off the fourth ball. Iyer takes a single off the penultimate ball. FOUR! Pushed through by Walsh and Pant cut its to the left of the man in the circle for four.

IND 104/3 in 24 overs: Roach to Iyer, FOUR! Lofted over mid-off for four. The 100 comes up for India. Roach to Iyer, no run. Roach to Iyer, single. Roach to Pant, a brace. FOUR! Skips down the track and hits it past mid-off for four. Single to end the over.

IND 99/3 in 23 overs: Walsh to Pant, two dot balls followed by a single. Walsh to Iyer, two dots and a single to finish. Tidy over, two from it.

IND 97/3 in 22 overs: Roach back into the attack. Roach to Pant, one run. Roach to Iyer, dot ball. Roach to Iyer, single. Roach to Pant, single. Two dots to finish.

IND 94/3 in 21 overs: Leg spinner Hayden Walsh jnr into the attack. Walsh to Iyer, dot ball. Walsh to Iyer, 2 runs. Walsh to Iyer, 2 runs and with it the 50 partnership. Single off the fourth ball. A single to Pant off the penultimate ball. Dot to finish.

IND 88/3 in 20 overs: Holder to Pant, single off the first ball. Holder to Iyer, dot ball. Holder to Iyer, single. FOUR! Holder strays in line and Pant glances it fine for four. Couple of dots to finish.

IND 82/3 in 19 overs: SIX! Was just a matter of time before Pant took on the left-arm spinner. Massive six over wide long-on. Allen to Pant, one run. Allen to Iyer, 1 run. Two dot balls and a single to end the over. Pant retains strike.

IND 73/3 in 18 overs: Change of ends for Holder. Holder to Pant, two dot balls followed by a single off the third. Holder to Iyer, no run. Single off the penultimate ball. Pant retains strike with a single off the last ball.

IND 70/3 in 17 overs: Fabian Allen replaces Holder. First sight of spin today. Allen to Pant, dot ball. Allen to Pant, single. Allen to Iyer, four dots to finish.

IND 69/3 in 16 overs: Smith to Iyer, two dots followed by a boundary to third-man. An attempted ramp shot from Iyer goes fine of the man near the ropes... didn't look in control. Smith to Iyer, dot ball. FOUR! Beautiful on-drive down the ground for four. Dot to finish.

IND 61/3 in 15 overs: Holder to Pant, dot ball. Holder to Pant, a couple of dot balls followed by a controlled pull for a single. Holder to Iyer, two dots and a single.

IND 59/3 in 14 overs: FOUR! Smith to Pant, cut away over infield for four. DRINKS taken mid-over. Smith to Pant, wide ball. Smith to Pant, no ball. FREE HIT! Too many extras. Pant collects a couple off the free hit ball. Smith to Pant, two dot balls followed by a single off the penultimate ball. Dot to end.

IND 50/3 in 13 overs: Holder to Iyer, 1 run off the first ball. Holder to Pant, single. Holder to Iyer, two dot balls followed by a boundary. Half-volley on the pads and clipped through mid-wicket for four. That also brings up India's 50. Dot to end.

IND 44/3 in 12 overs: Smith to Pant, no run. Smith to Pant, single. Smith to Iyer, three dots before Iyer picks a single off the last ball and retains strike.

IND 42/3 in 11 overs: Jason Holder replaces Roach. Holder to Iyer, no run. Three dot balls. And nearly a run out at the striker's end! Direct hit and Iyer was a goner. India can ill afford a run out at this stage. Maiden over to start from Holder. Smith and Holder putting up a show a day before the IPL 2022 mega auction.

IND 42/3 in 10 overs: Odean Smith comes into the attack, replaces Joseph. Smith to Dhawan, wide ball. Smith to Dhawan, dot ball.  Smith to Dhawan, dot ball.  Smith to Dhawan, wide ball. West Indies bowlers leaking extras. OUT! Dhawan caught at slip! Rishabh Pant walks out to the middle inside the first 10 overs. Smith to Pant, no run. Smith to Pant, no run. Smith to Pant, no run.

IND 40/2 in 9 overs: Roach to Dhawan, dot ball. Roach to Dhawan, dot ball. Roach to Dhawan, one run. Roach to Iyer, a brace. FOUR! Iyer flicks one over the square leg for four. Dot to finish. 7 off the over.

IND 33/2 in 8 overs: Joseph to Dhawan, 1 run. Joseph to Iyer, 1 run.  Joseph to Dhawan, 1 run. Joseph to Iyer, no run. Joseph to Iyer, wide ball. Joseph to Iyer, wide ball. Joseph to Iyer, no run. Another dot to finish.

IND 28/2 in 7 overs: Roach to Iyer, single off the first ball. SIX! Dhawan's off the mark with a maximum... steps down the pitch and thumps it over deep extra cover for six. Wide and a single to end the over.

IND 19/2 in 6 overs:Joseph to Iyer. Dot ball and a single off the second ball. Joseph to Dhawan. Four dots. Just one off the over.

IND 18/2 in 5 overs: Roach to S Dhawan, 1 leg bye. Roach to Iyer, two consecutive dot balls. A single to Iyer off the fourth ball. Couple of dots to finish.

IND 16/2 in 4 overs: Joseph to Rohit, no run off the first ball. GONE! Rohit has played on off the third ball. Here's Kohli. GONE! Kohli strangled down leg side. Joseph to Shreyas Iyer, no run. Double-wicket maiden.

IND 16/0 in 3 overs: Roach goes around the wicket to Dhawan, no run. Three dot balls first up, wide ball. Make that two wides in two balls. Four dots to end the over.

IND 14/0 in 2 overs: FOUR! Alzzari Joseph into the attack. Short ball and Rohit pulls it away for four more, a mere push more than anything else. FOUR! Flicked away, too full and straight and put away for four by Rohit. Three dots to finish. The over also included a wide.

IND 5/0 in 1 over: Rohit and Dhawan to open the batting. Roach has the new ball. Rohit to take strike. FOUR! Starts with a boundary. Flayed in front of point for four. Short and wide, duly punished. Roach to Rohit, no run. Lbw appeal against Rohit. Not given, West Indies review. Wickets missing! WI lose a review. Rohit retains strike with a single off the last ball.

TOSS UPDATE: Rohit Sharma has won the toss and India will bat first. KL misses out, got some niggle. Deepak Hooda also misses out, and Chahal. Kuldeep, Shreyas, Shikhar are in. Looks like Deepak Chahar is also in for Shardul Thakur.

Forced change for West Indies: Akeal Hosein OUT, Hayden Walsh in.

West Indies (Playing 11): Shai Hope(w), Brandon King, Darren Bravo, Shamarh Brooks, Nicholas Pooran(c), Jason Holder, Fabian Allen, Odean Smith, Alzarri Joseph, Hayden Walsh, Kemar Roach

India (Playing 11): Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant(w), Washington Sundar, Deepak Chahar, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Prasidh Krishna

Minutes after winning the second ODI against the West Indies, India captain Rohit Sharma hinted that there will again be a change in the opening slot. “Shikhar should be back…” he said, indicating that Shikhar Dhawan will be back in action for the final game on Friday after missing out on the first two fixtures due to COVID-19.

Having already clinched the three-match series 2-0, it is a dead rubber for the Indian team, but then, keeping in mind the fact that the next few months are going to be extremely busy and challenging, the team management may want to check its bench strength. FULL PREVIEW

-Shayan Acharya


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India: Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Deepak Hooda, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Siraj, Prasidh Krishna, Yuzvendra Chahal.

West Indies: Shai Hope (wk), Brandon King, Darren Bravo, Shamarh Brooks, Nicholas Pooran, Kieron Pollard (c), Jason Holder, Hayden Walsh, Fabian Allen, Alzarri Joseph, Kemar Roach.


The third ODI between India and West Indies will be aired LIVE on the Star Sports Network at 1:30 PM IST. The online live streaming will be available on Disney+Hotstar.