IND W vs ENG W: Dunkley 73, Cross five-for power England to series win

England Women vs India Women 2021 2nd ODI: Get the live cricket score, ball by ball commentary updates between ENG W vs IND W from County Ground, Taunton.

Dunkley's unbeaten 73 powered England to a five-wicket win over India.   -  GETTY IMAGES

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the second ODI between England and India in Taunton. This is Lavanya Lakshmi Narayanan and I'll be taking you through proceedings for the day with some help from my colleague Ayan Acharya.

LIVE: INDIA 221/10 (50 overs) England needs 222 to win

ENGLAND: 213/5 (46 Overs)


Brunt gets England over the line with a boundary. A convincing five-wicket win for the host. They win the ODI series. Sophia Dunkley's unbeaten 73 and Kate Cross' 5 for 34 once again deny India victory in this limited-overs series. India were good with the ball today. Kept chipping away but were denied in the end by a spirited youngster, who notched up her maiden ODI fifty with a four.

213/5 (46 Overs) FOUR! Goswami goes short and Dunkley pulls it away for four. Seven from that over.

206/5 (45 Overs) Rana is back into the attack. England doing it in singles at the moment. Three ones from that Rana over.

203/5 (44 Overs) Jhulan Goswami is back into the attack. England's 200 comes up with a single. Five singles off that Jhulan over. England need 19 to win.

198/5 (43 Overs) FOUR! Brunt this time -  gets a four square of the wicket off Deepti. Single to end the over. Seven from it.

191/5 (42 Overs) Shikha Pandey is back into the attack. Dunkley, you beauty! Gets to her debut ODI fifty with a boundary through backward point. What an innings. The field still doesn't come up. One look at the scorecard and you'd say the moment to stifle this chase has come and gone. Seven from the over.

184/5 (41 Overs) Deepti Sharma is back into the attack. Easy singles on offer. Only three from it. England in the box seat at the moment.

181/5 (40 Overs) Last roll of the dice from Harman. Goswami back into the attack. India review a lbw decision against Dunkley. Huge spike on UltraEdge as the ball passes the bat. Dunkley survives. Just 3 from the over.

178/5 (39 Overs) FOUR! Dunkley hammers this one away for four more. Rana at the receiving end. Fabulous knock from the youngster. England within touching distance of a series win now. Dunkley retains strike with a single off the last ball.

171/5 (38 Overs) Poonam continues. India conceding easy ones at the moment. This partnership has blunted all the advantage India earned after Jones' dismissal. Just three off the over.

168/5 (37 Overs) Sneh Rana is back into the attack. Three runs from this over. This will be a walk in the park unless India get a breakthrough.

165/5 (36 Overs) Brunt welcomes Poonam back into the attack with a boundary.  Brunt took the slower one on the full and flicked it between deep mid-wicket and long-on. Sneh Rana put in the dive but couldn't prevent the boundary. A single to end the over. England need 57 runs in 84 balls

157/5 (35 Overs) Deepti Sharma continues. The running between the wickets from England has been very impressive. Three runs from that over.

154/5 (34 Overs) Shikha Pandey is back into the attack. India need wickets. If England bat 50 overs, they will reach the target.  The odd mishit aside, Dunkley has shown great temperament thus far. SIX! There it is - the release shot, Dunkley launches one over long on for six.

148/5 (33 Overs) Sharma returns into the attack. Another economical over - just two off it.

146/5 (32 Overs) Goswami continues. She continues to hold one end up. The game's still evenly poised. Another wicket here will really put India in the driver's seat. Nearly a wicket there! It's Dunkley again, just gets it over a leaping Radha Yadav at point.

141/5 (31 overs): Poonam into her eighth. She nearly had a third, did Poonam. Once again, a very slow delivery and Dunkley just about manages to clear cover, over the fielders, to collect a four. Six from it.

135/5 (30 overs): Jhulan Goswami to have a crack at the England batters now. She starts with three successive dots. Concedes a wide now. A word of appreciation for Bhatia. She has been sharp as a tack behind the stumps. Dunkley guides one to third-man for a single. Just 2 from that over.

133/5 (29 overs): GONE! Spin does the trick again for India. Poonam strikes. Jones departs. England need 89 runs to win. They have five wickets in hand. Excellent over. 2 runs and a wicket. Katherine Brunt joins Dunkley.

131/4 (28 overs): Deepti Sharma back into the attack. So, it's currently a trial by spin for both England batters. Jones and Dunkley keep the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos. Deepti errs in line ... goes short and wide, Dunkley slaps it away for four more. Runs starting to flow for the hosts now. Nine from the over.

122/4 (27 overs): Poonam to continue. No reason for England to fret really. The required run rate is still under control. Meanwhile, breakdown in communication between Jones and Dunkley... the latter survives a run out at the non-striker's end.. the throw was wayward ... Next ball, Jones pulls one to deep mid-wicket for four. This has been a lovely innings from Jones so far. Eight from the over.

Jhulan Goswami is back on the field.

114/4 (26 overs): Rana continues. Dunkley plays the paddle sweep and collects three. Great running between the wickets from Jones and Dunkley. Game evenly poised. Another wicket here and India will be into England's bowling all-rounders. A single to end the over.

109/4 (25 overs): Poonam Yadav is back into the attack. Jones goes straight over the bowler's head - Yadav tosses it up and Jones lifts it down the ground for four. 100 up. She follows it up with yet another boundary. Aggressive intent from Jones. 10 coming from it.

99/4 (24 overs): Four runs off that Sneh Rana over. 123 more needed off 26 overs. Amy Jones and Dunkley the key partnership here.

93/4 (23 overs): Debut ODI innings for Sophia Dunkley. Can she do here what she did in her maiden Test innings?  No early fireworks favouring India or England. Three runs for England.

Sophia Dunkley and Amy Jones at the crease. This English sides bats deep, so don't write them just yet.

I asked my Twitter feed is we should consider switching keepers, given Taniya Bhatia's lacklustre contributions with the bat. But former India player Ananya Upendran manages to put things in perspective.


92/4 (22 overs): How can you keep Rana out of the action? She's bowled a tight over giving away only two runs and tops that by getting Nat Sciver out. Kaur has been avenged as Rana deloys the offbreak and completely gets the line wrong. Bhatia is happy to collect and send Sciver packing. WICKET Nat Sciver c Bhatia b Rana 19 (29b)

90/3 (21 overs):
Shikha Pandey has had a good few overs. She's able to put the English batters under pressure and keeps that up by giving away only three runs. Although the run flow has been limited, they're still going, the English and are comfortably placed in the chase so far.

87/3 (20 overs): Rana concedes four runs again. She's managing to reign in the runs. It helps to have two new batters at the crease.

83/3 (19 overs): PANDEY has caught the big fish! LAUREN WINFIELD-HILL. She finds some movement here and LWH knicks it to the keeper. Taniya Bhatia is so good behind the stumps, she's standing up to the stumps here. LOVELY! WICKET Lauren Winfield-Hill c Bhatia b Pandey 42 (57b 4x4 1x6) Oh wait. We are not done. Pandey has another wicket! BUT NO. SCRATCH THAT. Sciver in trouble here as Harmanpreet dives for a brilliant catch here at mid-off. aur is certain that's out, it looks out. Soft signal was not out and no conclusive evidence of a clean catch is there, it's very hard to see this ball clearly and we stick to the umpire's decision here. Does not take away from Harman's effort though. Sciver survives.

81/2 (18 overs): Four runs given here by Rana. England is being forced to lay low. Are we sensing some restlessness  Even if the boundaries don't come in, the singles are. These two are managing to rotate the strike - one of the plus points and aspects England does better than India.

77/2 (17 overs): Poonam takes charge at the other end now.  Five runs from the over - switching between good length and fuller balls here Poonam.

72/2 (16 overs): Rana into the attack now. England negotiates in singles. Six runs in this over for England.

66/2 (15 overs): Six runs for England off this Poonam Yadav over. England rotating th strike here and doing it well.

60/2 (14 overs): Lauren Winfield-Hill does not care who the bowler is, she is doing what Tammy Beaumont began doing in the last game after LWF's dismissal - a boundary an over is her mandate to begin with and she does that here -  she hits Sharma over the covers for FOUR. Six runs come for England from this over.

Poonam Yadav's last wicket was in 2019 when India toured West Indies - Windies skipper Stafanie Taylor. Her next is in 2021 - Heather Knight. Skipper slayer!

54/2 (13 overs): Poonam Yadav comes in and immediately removes Heather Knight. She went wicketless against South Africa and has now broken that bad run with a wicket and that of the English skipper. Spirited here.  This ball stayed in the air for a while and Knight reaches out for it but has connected that all wrong. Big edge, straight into the safe hands of Jhulan Goswami. WICKET Heather Knight c Goswami b Poonam Yadav 10 (24b 1x4)

48/1 (12 overs): Deepti Sharma is managing to stem the run flow. Just two more runs added to the England score.

Let's compare quickly. India was 55/0 at this stage.

46/1 (11 overs): Poonam starts off conservatively. But a flighted delivery is a gift to Winfield-Hill as she comes down the track to hit it over the bowler straight into the sight-screen. SIX! Nine runs off that over. Nothing outlandish here from England, but the opportunism from the batters is making for some attractive cricket here

Poonam Yadav is back. How good is it to see her in this line-up.Audiences last saw her in the final of the T20 World Cup vs Australia.

37/1 (10 overs): Deepti Sharma into the attack.
Spin comes in, almost mimicking the English strategy here. And Deepti is neat here giving off just two runs.

35/1 (9 overs): Just the one run given by Goswami. Tight and tidy

34/1 (8 overs): Why celebrate frugality when what follows is the exact opposite? Pandey keeps things tight for a while but Winfield-Hill can't resist lopping Pandey from off her toes to the boundary. FOUR through wide-on.  Seven runs in total from this over for England.

27/1 (7 overs):
Goswami comes in. Oh was there an inside edge here for Lauren Winfield-Hill? Umpire Llong is not impressed and that's where this stays. Just 2 runs from this over. Goswami happy to be frugal.

25/1 (6 overs): Pandey comes in and is not as economically as that maiden over before. She begins with a ball with a sinister inswing quality but goes for a boundary in the very next ball - a cover drive no less. Knight gets off the mark here with that boundary. That final ball has everyone's hearts in their mouths. Missing the bat, missing the bails, missing the keeper and runs away for four byes.

16/1 (5 overs): Goswami is back.  India has its first breakthrough and who else to bring luck than the woman with the golden arm! How satisfying is this wicket? Jhulan breaches Beaumont's defense and the ball clips her off stump. Lovely line and length. India will be relieved to see the dangerous Beaumont go. Just three runs of this over as well. WICKET Tammy Beaumont b Goswami 10 (15b 1x4)

13/0 (4 overs): Maiden for Shikha Pandey. Nicely done. She's played with her length and deployed the occasional inswinger to keep the score static. 

13/0 (3 overs): This duo is also able to run clinically between wickets, but the boundary is back. Beaumont sends one going down cover. Beaumont sends one more down the same area but a diving Jemimah comes in the way.  Eight runs come off that over.

5/0 (2 overs): Shikha Pandey comes in. Just the one run conceded.

4/0 (1 over): Jhulan Goswami comes in to start proceedings for India.  Lauren Winfield-Hill is on the job immediately, think Bristol, and sends Jhulan down the covers for four. Pierces through the field for this one. Nice way to make your intent evident.

UPDATE: Captain Mithali Raj has pain in her neck and will not take the field immediately. Vice-captain Harmanpreet Kaur will lead the team in Mithali’s absence. Radha Yadav is the substitute fielder.


So a laboured innings come to an end. Put in to bat, despite a good start from Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma, India fell to familiar patterns after the top order was sent back to the pavilion. Mithali Raj played anchor for much of the innings thereafter, scoring her 57th ODI fifty. India could not accelerate as well as it would have liked, with Jemimah Rodrigues and Harmanpreet Kaur still struggling with poor form. Deepti Sharma looked fluent but fell early and it took a combination of raw intent and luck from Jhulan Goswami and Poonam Yadav to take side over a modest 220 score. England has a lot to be happy about. Kate Cross ended with a fifer, Sophie Ecclestone got three and Nat Sciver got one to her name. England was tidy in the field and seemed in control after punctuating the innings with regular wickets. Heather Knight did not feel the need to bring herself on - another mark of how comfortable this was for the host.

221/10 (50): 
Good mindset here from the tailenders, but they can't take Ecclestone for a ride here. She gives off just four runs in the over before cleaning up Poonam Yadav here. INDIA ALL OUT FOR 221. WICKET Poonam Yadav b Ecclestone 10 (15b 1x4)


217/9 (49 overs): Jhulan is really putting up a fight here with luck and effort. Two boundaries in this over - one set gone as byes. A lucky inside edge goes past Jones to the boundary. The next one is pure skill, pulled to deep backward square leg for a boundary.  In the final ball of that over, Jhulan scoops that slightly and ends up edging this one to the boundary. 18 run from this over. Jhulan has done the unthinkable here.

199/9 (48 overs): Ecclestone sends in a good length delivery and Yadav has punched this to point for FOUR. That's followed by an appeal for LBW. England wants a review, replay shows Yadav is safe. Can she and Jhulan see India through the balls that remain? Just four runs from this over for India.

Mithali falls 13 runs short of her highest runscorer in women's international cricket milestone. She is going to be more annoyed by how the team stands now than this record.

192/9 (47 overs): Possible run out! Ball races down to the boundary and Dunkley has done so well to save a run for England here and has thrown the ball back to Jones who has run out Mithali Raj. India in trouble here. Mithali Raj run out (Dunkley/†Jones) 59 (92b 7x4)

190/8 (46 overs): Goswami brings India some relief with a boundary early on. She's slammed this past point for four! Sciver pegs back to give off just three more runs in the over.

183/8 (45 overs): Two runs from this Brunt over. Two. The intent discussion is well and truly on its way towards this Indian side.

Mithali needs 15 to get to her milestone

181/8 (44 overs): Stingy Sciver continues much to England's delight, this time with a wicket to her name too. She's had success with the cutter in this game, in keeping her opponents quiet and for this, she's gone for something a little more subtle. This rolls over to Pandey who tries to go big but generates an edge which Jones duly collects. Jhulan comes out. Old warhorses unite in crisis for India. This is Sciver's 50th ODI scalp. Bravo! WICKET Shikha Pandey c Jones b Sciver 2 (7b)

Seven overs to go. Pandey and Mithali had batted India to a win at Wormsley in 2014 against this very opponent. Can Shikha aid her skipper once more?

179/7 (43 overs): Ecclestone wants a slice of the wicket pie and she'll get it! She amps up the pace here and it goes outside off. Bhatia has edged that and Jones does the needful. Bhatia's short stint at the crease ends. That brings Shikha Pandey. WICKET Taniya Bhatia c Jones b Ecclestone 2 (10b 0x4)

177/6 (42 overs): Just two runs come off this Nat Sciver over. Surely, Raj is twitching a bit? She needs to resist the milestone dopamine given the job that there is to do here, but to be fair to her, she needs support. How does one go ballistic if the ship is sinking at the other end?

175/6 (41 overs):  Just four runs off this from Ecclestone. Bhatia the new batter. Feet off the break, move to the accelerator, India. Nine over remain. What can this side manage?

Consecutive fifties now for Mithali. She has been consistent for this Indian side, despite all the clamours about her strike rate. Twenty long years at this level. She talks about her longevity and her wish to get that World Cup for India here. Check it out.

171/6 (40 overs): Cross comes in for the 40th over of the Indian innings and smokes out Rana first ball! Big top edge there and Knight calmly does the needful at mid-off. India reeling here. Raj running out of partners.  Cross has been ridiculously good today. Can't wait to hear about this on her podcast. Follow her if you don't already! Mithali Raj though has a milestone of her own, fifty for her - her 57th ODI half century.

168/5 (39 overs): Sneh Rana takes Shrubsole over mid-off for FOUR. Happy to see her make this team, refreshing addition. Crucial for her to contribute in the last ten overs. We saw resistance, can we see acceleration from Rana?

One area of concern for Mithali is that she tends to get a little rushed around milestones. All through the SA series and even in this series, we've seen her lose her composure a bit after getting to her fifty. She needs to power through today.

STAT: Mithali Raj needs 21 more runs to become the highest runscorer in women's international cricket. What a player she's been for India.

161/5 (38 overs): I spoke too soon. Cross sends a fuller delivery here angling towards off. Deepti is tempted and goes aerial. Is it going all the way Nope! Dunkley is there, at deep midwicket. GONE. Just two runs of the over too. Kate Cross is on fire today! Can she manage a fifer? WICKET Deepti Sharma c Dunkley b Cross 5 (12b 1x4)

160/4 (37 overs):
Deepti Sharma the batter is so underrated. Look at the composure as she hammers Shrubsole down to midwicket for a boundary! Move aside, Indian top order, let me show you how it's done, she's saying (I would imagine). Looks like she will be key to India's need for acceleration and we know she's up to the task!

153/4 (36 overs): A Cross bouncer sees Mithali Raj take a hit to the helmet, looks like a blow to the grille. Team India staff is out to assess her. She seems allright to go on. No harm done.  Just three runs from the over too. No harm done for England either.

Cross is back again. Can she remove another Indian batter? Mithali even?

150/4 (35 overs): Shrubsole comes in and Mithali greets her with a strong flick behind square leg for four. She needs to keep the boundaries coming now. India needs to try and touch 280 to have some sort of a chance in this game. India's snail pace coming back to bite the side in the bottom. Just the one run besides that.

Deepti Sharma is the new batter in.

145/4 (34 overs):
Cross comes on and Dunkley inadvertently gifts India a boundary here, the ball going off her knee to the rope. How fast is this outfield?  Nevermind, we don't need to worry about this as Cross gets a leading top edge from Harman that's got no distance on it. Cross calls the catch - 'MINE'! And it comes straight down to her. Harman has to go. The partnership is broken, 68 runs in 103 balls. WICKET Harmanpreet Kaur c & b Cross 19 (39b 1x4)

140/3 (33 overs): Lovely variations from Brunt here. Mithali couldn't read that third delivery which angled in dangerously enough to nab an edge. Just one run off that over. India's pace now becoming a worry. 17 overs remain What can the side manage?

We see Harman walking back. Looks like she's made her way for some freshening up. We resume.  Someone from the crowd shouts 'HURRY UP!' Brunt comes on.

STAT: Close to 20 overs gone in dot balls here for India (119 balls)

139/3 (32 overs): OH DROPPED, very first ball of the over. Mithali smacks one right back in Glenn's direction and it strikes her on the wrist as she tried to collect it in her followthrough. How painful must that be given she's hit in hard enough to run for four. Glenn pulls back, conceding just a run more in the over. Five off it. Drinks break, it seems like.

134/3 (31 overs): Brunt goes just for three runs in this over. It's the 31st over. When does India decide to accelerate?

131/3 (30 overs): Seven runs come off this over from Glenn, starting with a crisp boundary from Mithali's bat. If you try going outside leg, Mithali isn't going to leave those. We're back to the nudging singles. This pair is keeping the score going in ones and twos for the time being. Waiting for Harman to open the face of the bat and her arms in this series so far.

I experienced a computer glitch and my colleague Ayan was there to ensure smooth sailing here for you all. Hopefully the Indian innings follows our example? Too much? Never! It's an assured rebuilding process here from the duo. England's hunt for a wicket continues.

124/2 (29 overs): Katherine Brunt is back into the attack. Mithali happy to defend at the moment. The England bowlers have been quite disciplined so far. Harman plays a delightful straight drive, just for a single.

121/3 (28 overs): Glenn continues. Another quiet over from the English bowlers. Just a single off it in the end. Either Harman or Mithali needs to break free sooner than later.

120/3 (27 overs): Sciver continues. A tidy over from Sciver. Just three singles. The partnership between Mithali and Harman now nearing fifty.

117/3 (26 overs): Sarah Glenn continues. Harman plays the paddle sweep and collects four. A dot later, Glenn concedes 5wides. Runs starting to flow for India now. 11 off the over.

106/3 (25 overs): Mithali Raj is starting to up the ante. Sciver overpitches and Mithali unfurls a trademark cover drive, gets four. Seven from that over.



99/3 (24 overs): Sarah Glenn, right-arm leg break, is brought into the attack. Five singles from that over. While these two need to rebuild, they also need to keep an eye on the scoreboard. The openers, especially, Shafali, got India off to a flying start. They will hope to end with a flourish.

94/3 (23 overs): Sciver goes short and signs of aggression from Mithali, who pulls it away for four. Six off that over.

88/3 (22 overs): Kate Cross slips in another quiet over. Just two from it. England putting on the squeeze.

86/3 (21 overs): Tidy over from Nat Sciver here. We know she can be stingy, we saw her bowl in the Test match, very frugal with how much she allows. Harman and Mithali happy to play the patience game, seems like.

Sciver comes in now.

85/3 (20 overs): Cross comes in. Kaur is dealing in singles and doubles - good strategy here from here to rotate the strike at best. Mithali capitalises on the kinetic energy here by striking one through the covers. Quite a bit of power in this shot. Seven runs come off the over and decent over for India.

78/3 (19 overs): Maiden over from Ecclestone.

78/3 (18 overs): Clear change in momentum here as England has pegged back. One run coming off the over here. Mithali and Harmanpreet have time to sort this out and Harmanpreet has the best possible anchor at one end to sort herself out and find some form.

Captain and deputy take charge for India. They have their jobs cut out for them.

77/3 (17 overs): Mithali Raj comes in now, with a fair bit of work to do. Ecclestone resumes. Third delivery, OH THIS COULD BE OUT! Very slow this from Ecclestone, and Shafali is beaten by the change in pace. Brilliant work by Amy Jones behind the stumps as she collects and hits the stumps. Is Shafali short of her crease? The third umpire is called on to help and a split screen replay shows her off by inches. Excellent here from England and they've removed the dangerous Shafali Verma!  WICKET Shafali Verma st Jones b Ecclestone 44 (55b 7x4)

77/2 (16 overs): Cross comes back. What can she manage here? England has brought in a slip too, once bitten twice shy we see! And it seems like everything's coming up Cross today as she gets her second wicket of the day, sending Jemimah Rodrigues back to the pavilion. She sends a fuller one angling straight down the middle stump. Jemimah wants to go big and gets some height but that's not timed all to well. Brunt's there in mid-on, safe hands. Jemi walks, the low scores continue. WICKET Jemimah Rodrigues c Brunt b Cross 8 (15b 2x4)

75/1 (15 overs): If you thought Jemimah was going to stay quiet today, looks like you might just be mistaken. Two fours and the burned bowler is Sophie Ecclestone this time. One full delivery and another slightly overpitched delivery which are both sent off down cover. Nine runs off the over for India.

66/1 (14 overs): Cross is back and is immediately hit for back-to-back boundaries. Shafali is manufacturing these shots from very little given to her. She leaves her stumps completely exposed but managed to paddle this good length delivery to the fine leg boundary. She gets a bit lucky with the second one, given this edge fell past Jones behind the stumps. No slip so not much England can d here, as the ball runs down third man. Jemimah gets time at the striker's end, but remains on zero. Nine runs off the over.

57/1 (13 overs): Ecclestone returns and concedes just the one run. Jemimah begins defensively. And she can afford to go on to drop anchor if she'd like, if that allows Shafali to go on in the fashion she has so far.

From that 2017 WC, India's average first innings score is 207. Abysmally low compared to Australia which leads the pack with an average in the 280's.

Jemimah Rodrigues is in now, for the very first time in this series. How will she utilise this opportunity?

56/1 (12 overs): OH CHANCE HERE. Shafali drives down cover but that's stopped and thrown back to the non-striker. Shafali dives and survives, but that would have been something if it had hit the stumps directly.  If not Shafali, the English will settle for Smriti Mandhana as Cross finds an inside edge off Mandhana going straight onto the off stump. Mandhana was looking to get this to third man and tried to cut it, but it's always trouble to have something comes in so close to the body. Cross is delighted.  WICKET Smriti Mandhana b Cross 22 (30b 3x4)

Kate Cross comes into the attack.

55/0 (11 overs): Ecclestone continues. Smriti and Shafali bring up the team fifty, following thay with a wristy swat through midwicket for four. What a classy shot that from the teenager. Seven runs come off the over.

The last five times India has batted first in an ODI, the side has lost. Not a great stat, but this duo has the ability to help the side overturn that dubious stat.
48/0 (10 overs):
Smriti Mandhana dispatches Shrubsole past deep midwicket for FOUR runs. She pulls this one from around her chest. Oh right after, we see what looks like a inside/under egde going dangerously close to the stumps, but Shafali has managed to nudge that down leg. Safe.

42/0 (9 overs): Cautious here from India. Both these openers know how lethal Ecclestone can be. The duo are happy to negotiate in singles and end with just three runs coming off it.

39/0 (8 overs): Shrubsole gets in a quiet over. Just the one run from it. We will see spin in the power play as Ecclestone warms up.

There are many things one doesn't want to encounter in life - an angry Katherine Brunt should be one of them without doubt.

38/0 (7 overs): Brunt is welcomed back with a boundary, from Mandhana this time. She has comfortably pierced the gap between fine leg and deep midwicket. Fielders will not get to it in time - FOUR RUNS. OH OH, Brunt manages to get a fair amount of height from Shafali in the final ball of the over and it carries to Lauren Winfield-Hill at mid-off who makes a mess of it after getting her hands to it. SPILT AND A COSTLY ONE AT THAT! Seems to have gone through her hands there. Katherine Brunt is livid.

32/0 (6 overs): Quieter over this. Just two runs off it. Shrubsole back to status quo. While I do find time to type, we should note that the running between the wickets is better today. Good signs for India. Good use of the powerplay so far too. Confident and measured when needed.

30/0 (5 overs): Brunt begins, going a little tight with the line, trying to stem the run flow here. And it works, until Shafali decides to tease her a bit. Brunt sends a fuller delivery and drives through the off side. Her feet were all over the place here but she dispatches it away and for for runs to boot.

23/0 (4 overs): Shrubsole has the better economy here in this match so far and Indians are approaching with caution. Oh but what is this? Shafali just CANNOT left Shrubsole walk away happy with the over. She whacks a good length ball straight over the bowler's head for FOUR. Oh, beautiful shot that. Shafali is making room where there is none. Seven runs off the over.

16/0 (3 overs): Brunt's got some nice movement here early on. She's getting some height as well from this pitch. There's an LBW appeal in the third delivery. Seemingly going up, but the umpire seems to think that impact may be outside leg. Fuss ends, no review, despite a dead series Brunt appeal. That tight line is broken with two back-to-back boundaries from Shafali Verma. The first one is cut over short third. Brunt has allowed Shafali some space here and there are peole on this side of the field, but Shafali goes right over. Brunt then gifts her a short ball. That does nothing to Shafali who awkwardly but decisively lobs that over deep midwicket for another boundary.

6/0 (2 overs): Smriti almost always manages to get India going early, but it will be crucial for her to save her wicket today and build a partnership with Shafali to save India the blushes incase a batting collapse decides to manifest itself. Shrubsole comes in seeking to foil those very plans. The openers have decided to say safe and Shrubsole ends with a maiden.

6/0 (1 over): A steady start by the Indians. Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma know what this game means and what the side needs to do. The duo need to give the side a start and Mandhana gets to it, ending the first over with a clinical pull shot to deep midwicket for four runs!  Six runs come off the over in total. Both batters are off the mark.

All right then. Time for live action. Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma begin for India. Katherine Brunt takes guard for the host.


Jemimah Rodrigues replaces Punam Raut, Sneh Rana comes in for Ekta Bisht and Poonam Yadav replaces Pooja Vastrakar. Bigger challenge for India - setting a competitive target.


India Women (Playing XI): THREE CHANGES Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Mithali Raj(c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Sneh Rana, Taniya Bhatia(w), Shikha Pandey, Jhulan Goswami, Poonam Yadav

England Women (Playing XI): UNCHANGED FROM 1ST ODI Lauren Winfield Hill, Tammy Beaumont, Heather Knight(c), Natalie Sciver, Amy Ellen Jones(w), Sophia Dunkley, Katherine Brunt, Sarah Glenn, Sophie Ecclestone, Anya Shrubsole, Kate Cross

Talking points from 1st ODI:

1. Deciding between Mithali and Punam - Having two players with similar approaches and pace in the number 3 and 4 slot cost India vital momentum in the middle overs of its innings. With two players dropping anchor at the same time, India found it difficult to find runs before wickets began tumbling again. A batting order rejig may be inevitable for Raj & Co given the side saw 181 dot balls in its innings - 30.1 overs of no runs scored.

2. Who if not Jhulan: Mithali Raj herself listed this as a problem area - a tame pace attack. Besides Jhulan, none of the others were able to strike consistent lines and lengths and Jhulan was the only one who managed a wicket. The veteran pacer was kinder in her assessment, calling for patience with the seam bowling lineup in the side. Watch here:


3. England in World Cup mode: With a lineup that's more or less settled, England is almost on autopilot mode through certain passages of play. Domestic games, time for players out in the middle and a focused framework helps the side. The host will seek to seal the series in the second ODI so the third can be used to test a few more members from its bench.

One of the stars of England's win in the first ODI was Tammy Beaumont, who has built an imperiously consistent reputation of being a bankable top order batter for her side. Here's how she assessed her performance:  Tammy Beaumont: Don't believe in form, focus on being ruthless and relentless

Indian skipper Mithali Raj was stinging in her assessment of India's performance saying the team lacked intent all through. Read more here: Mithali Raj: Team lacked intent, needs top order batter who can get runs

Before we get to coverage from the second ODI, here's a recap of the first game of the series in Bristol on Sunday.

England's top order made short work of the 202 target as unbeaten fifties from Tammy Beaumont and Nat Sciver gave the host an eight-wicket win against India in Bristol on Sunday.

England reached home with 91 balls to spare as Beaumont and Sciver's unbeaten 119-run stand smothered a listless Indian attack. England went 1-0 up in the ODI series, and took a 4-2 lead in the multi-format points standings.

Earlier, Skipper Mithali Raj led from the front with a patient 72. She shared two crucial partnerships — 56 runs with Punam Raut (32) and 65 with Deepti Sharma (30) — to take India to a modest total.

India lost both openers cheaply. Shafali Verma made 15 on her ODI debut. She miscued a Katherine Brunt (2/35) delivery to Anya Shrubsole at mid-on in the fifth over.

HIGHLIGHTS| India W vs England W, 1st ODI Highlights: Beaumont 87, Sciver 74 lead IND rout in Bristol

Smriti Mandhana (10) fell soon after, with Shrubsole (2/33) going through her defence. Punam and Mithali then resurrected the innings. Just when the partnership was starting to flourish, Punam handed a simple catch to Sophie Ecclestone off Kate Cross.

India vice-captain Harmanpreet Kaur's (1) didn't trouble the scorers.

Mithali notched up her fifty in 95 balls with a four off Shrubsole. She found runs hard to come by at the start of her innings. But after Deepti's dismissal, she changed gears and hit three boundaries in an over, slicing and lofting Shrubsole to amass 15 off the 44th.

Ecclestone eventually got rid of Mithali  in the 46th over as India slumped to 180 for 6.

Shikha Pandey (3) and Jhulan Goswami (1) remained unbeaten to help India get past the 200-run mark.


Reminder of the points -



16 points up for grabs in total in this tournament


India: Mithali Raj (C), Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Punam Raut, HarmanpreeKaur (vc), Deepti Sharma, Taniya Bhatia (wk), Sneh Rana, Jhulan Goswami, Shikha Pandey, Jemimah Rodrigues, Arundhati Reddy, Puja Vastrakar, Ekta Bisht, Radha Yadav, Poonam Yadav, Priya Punia, Indrani Roy (wk).

England: Heather Knight (C), Tammy Beaumont, Kate Cross, Nat Sciver, Sophia Dunkley, Lauren Winfield-Hill, Anya Shrubsole, Katherine Brunt, Sophie Ecclestone, Amy Jones (wk), Freya Davis, Tash Farrant, Sarah Glenn, Mady Villiers, Fran Wilson, Sarah Glenn, Emily Arlott, Tash Farrant.


Where are the teams playing?

The second ODI will be played at the County Ground in Taunton.

Where to watch - telecast and live streaming details

The 2nd ODI between India and England women in India will be telecast on Sony TEN 1 and available for live streaming on Sony Liv. Jio TV and Airtel XStream will also provide live streaming. Alternatively, you can catch over-by-over updates here on Sportstar.


Wednesday June 16-Saturday June 19: LV= Insurance Test Match. England v India (Bristol County Ground) - DRAW (2 POINTS AWARDED TO EACH TEAM)

Sunday June 27: 1st match of the Royal London Series. England v India (Bristol County Ground) - ENG WON BY 8 WICKETS (2 POINTS AWARDED TO ENGLAND)

Wednesday June 30: 2nd match of the Royal London Series. England v India (The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton)

Saturday July 3: 3rd match of the Royal London Series. England v India (New Road, Worcester)

Friday July 9: 1st Vitality IT20. England v India (The County Ground, Northampton)

Sunday July 11: 2nd Vitality IT20: England v India (The 1st Central County Ground, Hove)

Thursday July 15: 3rd Vitality IT20: England v India (The Cloudfm County Ground, Chelmsford