IND W vs ENG W 2nd T20I Live Score: ENG: 140/8 - Yadav, Sharma choke England to secure eight-run win

England Women vs India Women, 2nd T20I Live Streaming: Get the live cricket score, ball by ball commentary updates between ENG W vs IND W from Hove, England.

Updated : Jul 14, 2021 22:27 IST

A clinical bowling performance helped India pip England in the second T20I by eight runs to keep hopes of tying the series alive on Sunday.
A clinical bowling performance helped India pip England in the second T20I by eight runs to keep hopes of tying the series alive on Sunday.

A clinical bowling performance helped India pip England in the second T20I by eight runs to keep hopes of tying the series alive on Sunday.

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the 2nd T20I between England and India in Hove, England. This is Lavanya Lakshminarayanan here to take you through this fixture.

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That's it from the live match coverage from today. Thank you for joining me. Novak Djokovic has won the Wimbledon final and along with that win comes a host of records too. Do check out our coverage of the match and the tournament here:



India's chances to tie this series on points are alive. Here's a look at that points table.

Chelmsford will decide if both sides share points or if England manages to clench its fist and get the job done.


Until the next game, it's goodbye from us at Sportstar. Take care, stay safe and mask up. We are back later tonight with LIVE coverage of the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy. Do join us.

What a turnaround here from England. If you turned off the match while Beaumont and Knight were at the crease, I wouldn't blame you if your jaw is on the floor right now. This bowling lineup has outdone itself in triggering a sensational collapse and securing a close eight-run win here in Hove.

Deepti Sharma is the player of the match today and rightly so. 4-0-18-1. These run outs that she manages really make her overs look tame. What a player.
---------------------------- INDIA BEATS ENGLAND BY EIGHT RUNS ----------------------

140/8 (20 overs): If anyone can do it here, it's Ecclestone. But the pressure is immense here. Villiers takes a single and gets Ecclestone on strike.  She needs to find the boundary but there's a runout chance instead. And Sophie Ecclestone looks like she has picked up a niggle here.  But coming back to the runout, Villiers is short of her crease and her bat just about manages to touch the line. Benefit of doubt to keeper. India gets another wicket! The over must still go on. In a bid to stop a boundary, Rana - the bowler, looks like she has hurt itself. Pause in play as she gets some attention and we see a very frustrated Heather Knight. The good news is that she is on her feet, she is getting the sweat off her hands. She has two balls to bowl and she will. Ecclestone cannot muscle it enough. The equation becomes 10 off the final ball. What a comeback this from India. ENGLAND FALLS SHORT BY 8 RUNS.  WICKET Mady Villiers run out (Deol/Ghosh) 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66


135/7 (19 overs):
Poonam starts slow with three runs off three balls and a wide to add. But, she nails one here with Brunt edging a delivery to Ghosh behind the stumps. Another wicket. More pressure for England, which is choking here after such a fluid start. The crowd is ecstatic. "India! India!" the stands say. England well and truly in trouble. Just four runs coming off this over now. WICKET Katherine Brunt c Ghosh b Poonam Yadav 5 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.5

131/6 (18 overs): Nervy start here for Brunt as there's a loud appeal
after a leg bye makes its way to short fine leg. India won't review. The replay shows bat was involved. Lot of panic in the field here. India desperate for more wickets. England desperate for more runs. Deepti Sharma has not been hit for a boundary yet in her spell. Brilliant. Deepti ends her spell by dropping Ecclestone off her own bowling. What a finish that would have been!

125/6 (17 overs): Just three singles to begin here from Poonam.
She is testing these batters to make an error and she succeeds. Amy Jones hits one awkwardly to square and Sneh Rana is waiting there to take a simple catch. WICKET Amy Jones c Rana b Poonam Yadav 11 (12b 0x4 1x6) SR: 91.66

Poonam Yadav comes in for the 17th.

122/5 (16 overs): Starts off quiet this over, but Deepti Sharma has much to cheer as a mix up in the middle finds Dunkley well short of her crease. That brings Katherine Brunt to the middle. Five runs come off this over. WICKET Sophia Dunkley run out (Mandhana/Sharma) 4 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

116/4 (15 overs): Sophia Dunkley and Amy Jones are at the crease now. England needs 43 needed from 36. Amy Jones is up to the task. Harleen Deol comes in to bowl and is sent packing over the leg-side boundary for a SIX ! What a way to get off the mark! 10 runs come off the over in the total and we have ourselves a match. 33 runs from 30 balls.

Wow. What an over. Catch your breath, guys.

106/3 (14 overs): Deepti returns and there's an appeal straightaway for lbw. Beaumont has missed the sweep completely here. Umpire says not out. India reviews and the third umpire finds the ball pitched outside off. Beaumont survives, but what do you know! Another appeal comes Beaumont's way as she misses the sweep again. She isn't as lucky this time. The umpire raises his finger. Beaumont reviews. We see the ball pitching between off and middle and the ball is coursing through to clip the top of leg stump. We settle on umpire's call and we know what that is. Beaumont walks. India gets its wicket, one way or another. We're not done! RUN OUT CHANCE HERE AND IT'S HEATHER KNIGHT IN DANGER. Jones strikes the ball down the ground and the ball deflects off Deepti Sharma and hits the bails. Third umpire checks for player obstruction, but Knight was way off. What an unfortunate way to lose a wicket. The ball richocheted off her shoe to hit the stumps. Higher powers giving India a chance here in Hove. WICKETS TAMMY BEAUMONT lbw b Sharma 59 (50b 7x4 0x6) SR: 118; HEATHER KNIGHT run out (Sharma) 30 (28b 4x4 0x6) SR: 107.14

105/2 (13 overs): 13 runs coming off this over
and here is where England stands miles ahead of India. In acceleration. Reddy tries to vary her pace here but it's a little patchy. She sends one in too short to Knight who gets on the backfoot and goes past backward point for four . Beaumont also gets four runs to her name after a lucky top edge goes over the keeper to the boundary . Good running between the wickets from these two.

Smriti Mandhana is getting some medical attention after that dive. Arundhati Reddy returns.

92/2 (12 overs): Just the two runs from this Sneh Rana over
. She has been so impressive on this tour. Very underrated, her contributions after that Test match.

90/2 (11 overs): Radha Yadav returns
and it is safe to assume that England is going to turn her into a punching bag here. Knight begins, sweeping Yadav square for a boundary. She gets another, this time thanks to a slip here by Smriti Mandhana in the deep. Knight got some power to that and diving Mandhana got her hands to the ball at deep cover, but merely guided it further. More importantly though, Tammy Beaumont interjected those two boundaries with a single to bring up her ninth T20I fifty.

80/2 (10 overs): Six runs off this over from Deepti.
Knight and Beaumont need some time to negotiate her pace. In fact, Beaumont nearly drops her bat onto the stumps in one of those deliveries. That would have been messy.

Deepti Sharma into the attack.

74/2 (9 overs): Poonam is back
and England and Beaumont are unfazed. She is cautious to begin with but sends one down deep backward square like it was no work at all. FOUR RUNS! 10 runs come off the over.

64/2 (8 overs): Rana comes back
and is welcomed with a boundary by Heather Knight, getting past third man this time. Rana keeps it simple yet a little tight but Knight and Beaumont rotate strike to ensure 10 runs come off the over.

54/2 (7 overs): Poonam Yadav comes in to the attack.
And it's an interesting over here from the spinner as just two runs come off it. Sciver had spoken about Poonam Yadav and the England side's preparations to handle her.

Sciver on Poonam Yadav's bowling after the 1st T20I: Poonam's bowling is something we've been mindful of over the last couple of years, back in the [2018] T20 World Cup as well. She, obviously, bowls very slowly, but I guess my strength in general, off spin, is back-foot (shots) and to be able to read it whether or not it's short enough for me to get onto the back foot - it's important as well as meeting the ball when you can on the front foot. We've faced her a lot and done quite a bit of homework on her. Think we played her pretty well today.

52/2 (6 overs):
BIG APPEAL here from Rana and the Indian players around the batters. As Beaumont tries to sweep, the ball misses the bat, the pads and clips her pockets, while she stands beaten by the drama of it all. No harm done though. The England 50 comes up as well. Just five runs off the over though.

Sneh Rana comes in to round off the powerplay.

47/2 (5 overs):
Arundhati Reddy returns.  England maintaining a good run rate and this boundary here from Beaumont will help that. She goes to the off side here and Reddy sends in a wider delivery. She has sliced this one through backward point. FOUR . Delightful to watch, is Tammy.  Nine runs come off that over in total , including a catch on a free hit from Harmanpreet. But no damage done, smiling players all around.

38/2 (4 overs): Pressure well and truly on England here and Beaumont responds with a boundary to begin. Pushed down cover this for four runs . Seven runs come off the over. Slightly all over the place with her bowling here, Radha. But not much damage done.

India resorts to spin. Radha Yadav comes on.

31/2 (3 overs):
Beaumont has lost her partner but the swagger is intact. Three boundaries (one registered as extras). She begins with a muscled shot down point for four, follows that with squandered timing and completely misses but the ball runs past the keeper for another boundary. Beaumont takes control soon after, cutting this one past Shafali Verma for four. She's getting a taste of this pitch and is liking what she's seeing here. Pandey has been expensive. 17 coming from it. Hold on though. Pandey sends in a fuller deliver and England tries to get another single here but Ghosh won't allow it as she gets Sciver! Clean. Sciver is in scintillating form, but that will make no difference to England as she walks back to the pavilion, having made just one solitary run. WICKET NAT SCIVER run out (Ghosh) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

13/1 (2 overs): O h this is sharp and down the ground here from Beaumont. She moves a bit and gets this one over mid-on for four. First boundary of the innings . Reddy follows this soon after with full toss to Wyatt who gets it off to mid-off. Scramble ensues and Harmanpreet manages a direct hit there, straight to middle stump. But Wyatt is safe. Wyatt's troubles are not over though. Reddy has Wyatt stretching a bit here and she has mistimed that shot Harman is waiting at mid-off to send her packing. She is disappointed there. Nat Sciver is in early and boy, is there a job to do! WICKET Danni Wyatt c Kaur b Reddy 3 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60

Arundhati Reddy comes in from the other end. Keeper up at both ends.

5/0 (1 over): Five runs come off this first over. Sedate start here for England, but this duo will rotate strike till they get going  strengths.

Pandey opens the bowling. Wyatt and Beaumont take strike.

Time for the English chase. I know the 'It's coming home' brigade activates later tonight but this English side has a chance to seal this series today too. Can they finish the job?

Before we start, here's a quick recap of that steely catch by Katherine Brunt to dismiss Harman.


Shafali Verma fell two runs short of her half century. India falls two runs short of 150. India is actually well short by 20-ish runs, given the start the openers gave the side. The bowlers have been disciplined and will want to go a step ahead to try and win India this game. 


Shafali Verma:
I was not thinking much. I was playing my own game. I just wanted to do well for my team. I was just focusing on playing good shots. I am sure of my bowlers, they're doing a good job and will do good today. On whether she'll bowl  - not yet, maybe soon.

148/4 (20 overs): Ecclestone bowls the final over.
Gives off just singles here but concedes a boundary off that final delivery. India falls two runs short of 150. FIVE SINGLES and the ONE BOUNDARY. ENGLAND NEEDS 149 TO WIN. Good job by England here, given the game was slipping out of their hands early on.

139/4 (19 overs):
India is able to deal only in singles at the moment, but a desperate Deepti Sharma manages to get two boundaries on the trot, one just going wide down the leg side for four, keeper unable to do much about it. The second is a fluent sweep between  deep backward and deep midwicke. Fielder gets to it, but can't stop it from breaching the boundary fence. Good over here for India. 14 runs off it. India is well above the par score on this ground.

TWO OVERS REMAIN. Rana and Sharma at the crease. Davies to bowl.

125/4 (18 overs):
After looking comfortably poised to set England a 160+ target, India lost the plot a little here, looking a little shaky to get past the 140 mark. Sciver will want to make sure that stays that way, but Deepti Sharma has other plans. A short ball from Sciver is perfect for Sharma to hit over the fielders on leg for a SIX . Dunkley spills a hard catch at cover, but Sciver won't complain as she catches Ghosh off her own bowling on the final delivery. What a spell here from Nat Sciver. WICKET Richa Ghosh c & b Sciver 8 (9b 0x4 1x6) SR: 88.88
116/3 (17 overs):
Another tidy over from Sophie Ecclestone, giving away just two runs in this over. Richa Ghosh and Deepti Sharma need to get going.

Ecclestone comes in.

114/3 (16 overs):
Harman, down on one knee for a FOUR behind deep square leg. Follows that up with a confident SIX over the fielder at the deep but holes out at long off right after . Brunt dives and removes Harman. Glenn kept at it, giving the ball a little bit of height to tempt Harman to make a mistake and she bit the bait here. Fighting 31 from Harman. She should be happy with this, even if it means a long way to go to really break out the poor form shackles. WICKET HARMANPREET KAUR c Brunt b Glenn 31 (25b 2x4 2x6) SR: 124

Glenn comes in.

102/2 (15 overs): Sciver's short balls have been hard for India to deal with here and she is happy to deploy it sparingly. So much control from Sciver here. Delightful. Deepti Sharma tries to knock one down midwicket but a dive saves that from going through the rope. Harman needs to dive awkwardly to her end to avoid trouble. 100 up for India .

Sciver returns.

. Knight comes running in to get her hands on this but it was a tall ask. Deepti survives. Davies finishes with a slower ball which is saved at the boundary line. We talk about the Indian fielding in the first T20I but this England side has been clean and great to watch on the field all through.

Driven just over cover and an excellent effort in the deep saves a boundary !

Davies returns.

91/2 (13 overs): Glenn comes in.
Oh here's a beautifully calm shot from Harmanpreet Kaur. She takes her time and gently gets this square between cover and point for FOUR . Eight runs off this over. Decent here from India. More important, good to see glimpses of old Harman.

83/2 (12 overs): The partnership between these two stands at 3 runs from 13 balls.
What a changeover. One of these two needs to step out and be a little brave here. But the tension had to burst sometime and it does. She whacks one over long-on for a SIX ! Eight runs off this over.

75/2 (11 overs):
The keeper is up for this one but doesn't have much to do as just two runs come off it.

Brunt comes in now, after that mauling. Look at her figures.

73/2 (10 overs): AND SHE GETS SHAFALI VERMA FIRST BALL. Shafali falls for 48, with Nat Sciver getting her running in from long on. Two new batters at the crease. Harmanpreet has work to do here with Deepti Sharma. Just the one run from this over. Pressure on India. WICKET SHAFALI VERMA c Sciver b Villiers 48 (38b 8x4 1x6) SR: 126.31

Maddy Villiers comes into the attack now.

72/1 (9 overs):
Davies is back. England needs a wicket ASAP. And as I type this, Mady Villiers pouches a dangerously aerial knick here from Mandhana's bat at cover. What's this? Harmanpreet comes in at one down. This is positive. She has time to settle in, with Shafali batting the way she is. Is this Harman's day to strike form? We need to wait and find out.  WICKET SMRITI MANDHANA c Villiers b Davies 20 (16b 1x4 1x6) SR: 125

66/0 (8 overs): Boundary after 20 deliveries! Relief for Shafali as she uses her wrists to guide this one down to the fine leg boundary. Smriti backs up her partner. She takes her time, gets into position and gets this down to long-on for a SIX ! Footwork has been great from both these batters today. They are applying themselves and should be content with this powerplay, although given that 21-run over, they won't be wrong to feel a little short.

Sarah Glenn into the attack. England clearly embracing the slower game. If not wickets, they'll take this now.

54/0 (7 overs):
Smriti Mandhana seems very happy to rotate the strike and watch the Shafali show. We feel you, Smriti. Another tidy over from England.

Freya Davies comes on now. Fourth bowling change.

This feels like a million years ago now for Katherine Brunt. She got Shafali Verma out for a duck in the first T20I but was taken to the cleaners in the second T20I, with Shafali hitting her for five successive boundaries in one over.

49/0 (6 overs): Maiden from Ecclestone. Wonderfully pulled back. There is so much to learn here from the English bowling attack and its discipline.

Ecclestone comes in now. Can she take advantage of the pause Sciver has given this game?

49/0 (5 overs):
And she does just that. Just the two singles coming off this over. Sciver has done the job. FOR NOW.

Nat Sciver comes in. She needs to calm things down here and stem the run flow. Shafali Verma's strike rate is 190. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY. Yes, take a minute to digest that.
Average 1st innings score at the Hove is 127. Shafali Verma is here to school the record keepers.

47/0 (4 overs): Oh beautiful. FIVE boundaries in this over. ON THE TROT
One whacked to midwicket, the second down the bowler's shoulder, the third down backward point and the last two thumped over mid-on. 21 runs in this over. You better believe it. Brunt needs some time to lick her wounds here. She is not going to be happy and god help the fielder who annoys her today.

Brunt returns. I wonder if we will get an addition to the 'Brunt making faces at Shafali' gallery.

26/0 (3 overs): Shafali is in a mood today!
She welcomes Ecclestone's slightly tossed up opening delivery down cow corner for a boundary. She is standing her ground here today. She does one better two deliveries later but this one has breached the fence into the hospitality tents - SIX. There's the Shafali we know! Negotiating lengths really well, the teenager.

Heather Knight has brought Sophie Ecclestone into the attack early. Not the worst decision given there's something assured about Shafali Verma today.

15/0 (2 overs):
It's not a Brunt over if you don't get glared for shoddy fielding. She is shocked as the third delivery there runs down a little wide of the keeper down third man for four. Mandhana the batter. Two deliveries down, Shafali gets in too, tickling her nemesis by getting this short-ish delivery again down third man. Expensive early on, Brunt.

Katherine Brunt into the attack.

4/0 (1 over):
Smriti and Shafali begin in singles here at Hove. Setting a target is not the Indin side's strongest area and this series has given them plenty to be anxious about. Much depends on these two at the crease right now.

Nat Sciver opens the bowling yet again. Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma have taken guard. Can they manage to use the powerplay to their advantage?

----- We begin! -------

I can't help but think about the last time a Wimbledon final clashing with a cricket match in England at the same time. Novak Djokovic was there. The English cricket team (albeit the men) was there. A champion was dethroned, a new one was crowned. Hearts were broken all around the world. What a year 2019 was!

Playing XIs:

ENG: Beaumont, Wyatt, Sciver, Knight (capt), Jones (wk), Dunkley, Brunt, Ecclestone, Glenn, Villiers, Davies

IND: Mandhana, Verma, Deol, Kaur (capt), Sharma, Ghosh (wk), Rana, Reddy, Pandey, R. Yadav, P. Yadav

England and India remain unchanged. Meaning - Still no Jemimah Rodrigues.

It's a packaged sports itinerary today. Wimbledon men's final, Euro 2020 final, a whole lot of cricket and of course this game. In case you're worried about missing anything from this game while watching Djokovic vs Berrettini, we've got you covered. Follow the 2nd Women's T20 with us here on the blog.

Weather update:  Hove is expecting some cloudy weather and rain later in the evening. Hopefully a full game of cricket awaits the women.

6.10pm: Harmanpreet Kaur has her work cut out for her in the second T20I. India's fielding performance has been sensational and we have quite a few examples from the first T20I to attest to that but the bowling needs to get a little tighter. Natalie Sciver has spoken about England working on playing Poonam Yadav's slower deliveries and prepping for the Indian bowling arsenal. India is going to need to push itself to subdue a very trigger-happy English lineup. England seems to have caught on to Shafali Verma's short ball blues early on, with Katherine Brunt making a meal of her wicket in the last few games. It isn't fair to be critical of India's batting given they barely got going in the chase, but losing Verma for a duck is definitely the side should look to avoid. Smriti Mandhana has looked fluent all season, has gotten starts but fumbled before she can build anything with it. It will interesting to see if India can iron these chinks heading into this fixture.

For England, even thought Danni Wyatt looked a little out of sorts and England struggled to find boundaries during one stage, the 78-run stand between Sciver and Amy Jones is a shot in the arm for the side that prides itself in a deep batting lineup. England will look to seal the series tonight but can be rest assured of a fight from an invigorated Indian side.


Recap of the 1st T20: England won by 18 runs (D/L Method)

England beat India by 18 runs (D/L method) to win the first of three T20Is between the two sides in Northampton on Friday.

Before rain halted play, England cruised to 177/7 in its 20 overs, largely thanks to a feisty 78-run stand for the fourth wicket between Nat Sciver and Amy Jones. Sciver went on to make the fastest fifty ever for England with the host looking poised to cross 180.

However, three wickets fell in the 19th over, with skipper Harmanpreet Kaur and Harleen Deol taking impressive catches to dismiss the duo and turn the momentum of the game in India's favour.

Nat Sciver: It's always important for us to start the series well, so the change of format is included in that and we hit the ground running today. With the change of format, it was important for us to not ease into it and put things to right that maybe we didn't do so well in the last ODI match. It's a format we're quite comfortable with. In terms of plans, they are very strong in people's minds, so when it comes together like that, it's good.

Chasing 178, India had just gotten to the ninth over when rain halted play. However, Katherine Brunt gave England an early boost, removing Shafali Verma for a duck. Smriti Mandhana fell for a brisk 17-ball 29 while Harmanpreet Kaur's poor run continued after she was dismissed for a solitary run. With Harleen Deol and Deepti Sharma at the crease, India was at 54/3 in 8.4 overs when the covers were brought in.

The win gives England an 8-lead in the multi-format series with just four points up for grabs in the remainder of the tour.

India can still tie the points tally, but will need to win the next two games, at Hove and Chelmsford, in order to do so.


How the points table stands -

6 points
up for grabs in the remainder of the series.


Where are the teams playing?

The 2ns T20I will be played at The 1st Central County Ground, Hove.

Where to watch - telecast and live streaming details?

The 1st T20I between India and England women will be telecast on Sony TEN 1 and available for live streaming on Sony Liv. Jio TV and Airtel XStream will also provide live streaming. Alternatively, you can catch over-by-over updates here on Sportstar.


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