Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The eternal fan favourite

As the Indian players walked out to the middle, a fan broke the security cordon and chased Mahendra Singh Dhoni amidst laughs and futile attempts from players to stop him. The fan caught up with Dhoni near the pitch, hugged him before he was taken away by the officials.

A fan breaches the security cordon and runs towards Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the Indian players make their way out in the middle post the innings break. Vijay Shankar and Kuldeep Yadav look amused as Dhoni tries his best to evade the fan. (PTI)
Dhoni joins the fun and tries his best to evade the intruder as Vijay Shankar applauds. (PTI)
As Dhoni tries to evade the fan, he doesn't lose sight and keeps up pace with his idol. Ambati Rayudu makes a vain attempt to stop the intruder. (PTI)
After catching up with Dhoni near the 22-yards, the fan asks for one hug before he knows he would be whisked away by the security guards. (PTI)
Dhoni accepts greetings from the fan after a small chase that was watched in awe by players, security and the crowd. (PTI)
The fan is finally caught by the security guys but not before he managed to hug his idol, M.S. Dhoni. (PTI)