Explainer: What is umpire's call in DRS, ball-tracking and why it is being criticised

Here's all you need to know about the Umpire's Call verdict in the Decision Review System and why it was criticised during the second India vs Australia Test match in Melbourne.

Umpire’s Call is when the Decision Review System (DRS) gives the benefit of the doubt to the on-field umpire's original call.   -  GETTY IMAGES

What is umpire’s call in DRS?

Umpire’s Call is when the Decision Review System (DRS) gives the benefit of the doubt to the on-field umpire's original call. If a batsman is adjudged leg-before and it is reviewed, then the third umpire has to uphold the on-field decision if replays show half the ball hitting an area that includes the outside of off and leg stumps. In other words, at least 50 per cent of the ball should be hitting any part of a stump. This law came into effect from October 1, 2016. Previously, at least 50 per cent of the ball had to be hitting at least 50 per cent of a stump in the projection provided by the ball-tracker.

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Do teams lose their review for an "umpire's call" verdict?

No, teams don't lose their review for an "umpire's call" verdict.

Were there any contentious "umpire's call" verdicts in India vs Australia Test?

Joe Burns survived an lbw appeal off Jasprit Bumrah in the third over of Australia's second innings in Melbourne. After the umpire had given Burns not out, India went for a review. The ball Tracking showed the ball would have clipped leg stump, but the decision remained not out because the umpire had signalled it as not out.

Soon after, Australia No. 3 Marnus Labuschagne also survived a close call against Mohammed Siraj. The umpire had given him not out after the batsman was caught in his crease. However, umpire's call came Labuschagne's rescue after replays showed the ball barely clipping the bails.

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Again on day four, there was a huge appeal for lbw after Mitchell Starc missed Ravi Ashwin's carrom ball. Rahane reviewed. The tracking showed umpire's call on the wickets after the ball clipped the bail between middle and leg.

The who's who on umpire's call

India great Sachin Tendulkar wants the ICC to reassess the umpire's call rule in DRS while Australian spin great Shane Warne has questioned the logic behind the protocol. 

“I just don’t understand the umpire’s call… If the ball is hitting the wickets (in case of an lbw appeal), it has to be out,” Warne said while commentating.

Later Tendulkar, in a video, explained: “I am not convinced with the DRS rule at all. Once you have gone upstairs to the third umpire then the on-field umpire’s decision should not come into the picture at all.

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“It doesn’t matter whether the ball is hitting 10 per cent or 15 per cent or 70 per cent because when you get bowled, none of this matters.

“Even if the ball is just clipping the bail and the umpire has given not out, that decision should be overturned when they have referred to the third umpire. It (umpire’s call) is too confusing and is unfair to bowlers also.”

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