The secret of MSD at 36

Former Team India physio John Gloster believes that the change in diet has helped the former India captain to defy age and sweltering conditions as he continues to remain valuable to the limited overs side.

MS Dhoni of India running between the wickets against Australia in the one day match at M A Chidambaram Stadium in Chnenai.

In the middle of the 118-run stand between Hardik Pandya and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the younger partner was hesitant to go for a single. After taking the strike, the all-rounder looked at his non-striking partner, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and indicated that there was not a run there.

But, Dhoni had other plans. He shouted at Pandya to go for the run, and within a matter of seconds, one saw Dhoni at the other end. With a quick dash, the 36-year-old had rotated the strike.

That really quick running between the wickets gave the fans all the reasons to cheer, and even, the social media started discussing about what made Dhoni so fit and energetic even after so many years.

Well, there hasn’t been any answers from the erstwhile captain on this, but people close to him indicate that losing weight and changing diet plans have done the trick for MSD. Keeping pace with the fast and furious formats of the game, Dhoni is believed to have gone for a ‘high-fat, low carbohydrate’ diet, which has helped him shed a bit of weight and also remain fit.

Dhoni’s old friend and former Team India physio John Gloster believes that the change in diet has been a good thing for the Ranchi man. “I am told that MS has changed his diet and has also brought about a few changes here and there. That has worked well for him,” Gloster told Sportstar.

“The main thing has been diet. It leads to weight control, and helps in recovery. He has been able to maintain the balance,” the Australian said, adding that the ‘high-fat, low carbohydrate’ diet eliminated the sugar content from the diet, making it easy for a player. “Here you focus on going back to more real food. It cuts down the sugar level, and maintains the fat properly. It helps you keep a check on weight and helps in recovery,” he said, making it clear that this process has helped the ‘Captain Cool’.

While most of his contemporaries have had issues in keeping themselves fit, the stumper-batsman has only raised the bar, when it comes to improving on the fitness level. “Most of the players have gone for changed diets these days. I heard even MS has become quite strict with his diet, and he looks good on the field,” Gloster said, quickly adding: “He has been always quick but he looks really fit. In such a hot and humid condition in Chennai, it is not easy to be that quick. But this proves, he is really in good shape.”

Having seen Dhoni from close quarters, Gloster believes that being a wicket-keeper, Dhoni has always made it a point to be extremely fit. “Since he’s a keeper, he has got a natural advantage, but his long-term endurance hasn’t been as good as his short-term endurance. But he’s adapted beautifully to his role,” added Gloster, who served the Men in Blue between 2005 and 2008.

To ensure that there’s no question mark over his fitness level, Dhoni has worked harder. “As one grows older, he has to train harder, and I think, MS is a classic example of that. He has become much leaner in the last few years, and that has been a big advantage. The heavier you are, more you are prone to injury,” Gloster, considered one of the best in business, remarked.

This newly employed life-style change has helped the former Chennai Super King to tackle the humid conditions at the Chepauk to play a workman like innings of 79 from 88 balls to resurrect the Indian innings.

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