India vs Bangladesh 1st Test: All-round India takes honours on day one

India vs Bangladesh 2019 first Test highlights, commentary, statistics from the Holkar Stadium in Indore.

Updated : Nov 14, 2019 17:16 IST

Cheteshwar Pujara (left) and Mayank Agarwal run between the wickets during the first day of first Test between India and Bangladesh in Indore.
Cheteshwar Pujara (left) and Mayank Agarwal run between the wickets during the first day of first Test between India and Bangladesh in Indore.

Cheteshwar Pujara (left) and Mayank Agarwal run between the wickets during the first day of first Test between India and Bangladesh in Indore.


Stumps and India ends the day at 86/1. The host finishes the day 64 runs behind, with Rohit Sharma out for 6. Mayank Agarwal and Cheteshwar Pujara dominated the proceedings and will look to give India the lead when they walk out tomorrow morning.

The day, though, has belonged to the bowlers. India's trio of pacers — along with Ashwin — were absolutely sensational as they blew away the Bangladesh bastmen one by one.  Mominul made the right call for the toss, won it but made a horrible decision (in hindsight) to bat first.

79/1, 23.3 overs It is Bangladesh's turn to drop catches and Mayank is the lucky party now.  He defends a length ball but takes an edge. It carries to first slip where Kayes fluffs the catch. Abu Jayed is the bowler and he isn't pealse at all!

71/1, 20 overs Pujara and Mayank have almost guided India to the halway mark of Bangladesh's first innings total. There are 9 more overs left in th day's play and they should take India very close, if not beyond, the 150 mark.

56/1, 16 overs Pujara adds two more boundaries to his innings, Ebadat Hossain at the receiving end this time. Uses the pace and plays very late to mid-on for the first one and then finds the gap between mid-on and mid-wicket for the other.

47/1, 15 overs As I type that, Pujara gets three more boundaries - this time off Taijul Islam! He loves palying the spinners, doesn't he?

Smacks the ball against the turn to the midwicket boudnary for the first one. Comes down the track and hits it past the man at mid-on on the half-volley for his second boundary of the over. He then uses the pace of the delivery to find the rope beyond short third. 12 runs off that over.

35/1, 14 overs India trails Bangladesh by 115 runs. It has been a slow start but Pujara is batting with a better strike rate (45.16) than Mayank (37.5). The former has hit three boudnaries, one more than Mayank. 

28/1, 11 overs Pujara and Mayank have settled in slowly. Very few risks being taken between the pair. They are happy to defend balls rather than rotate strike, understandably. Virat Kohli will want these two to stay in the middle till the end of the day. India trails by 122 runs right now.


14/1, 7.2 overs Beautiful ball from Abu Jayed and Rohit Sharma walks back . The Hitman was going for a drive but he edges it. Easy catch for Liton Das.

As expected, Cheteshwar Pujara walks in at No. 3.

Abu Jayed celebrates the wicket of Indian opener Rohit Sharma.

12/0, 5.2 overs Full length and wide of off. Rohit Sharma went for a drive, gets an edge but the ball safely flies over the slip cordon for his first boundary of the innings.

8/0, 3.1 overs The first ball Rohit Sharma faces, he gets a couple of runs. Hits a length ball to deep backward square leg to open his innings.

6/0, 3 overs We are 18 balls into India's inninga and we haven't seen Rohit Sharma on strike yet. After the first ball boundary, Mayank took a single on the last ball of the first and second overs to retain strike. He can't take a single at the end of the third over and we will finally see the Hitman on strike.

4/0, 0.1 overs Ebadat Hossain starts the attack for Bangladesh and Mayank Agarwal sends the ball through the covers four four runs. Overpitched and he just had to open the face of the bat to get the runs.

Rohit Sharma and Mayank Agarwal have come out for India's innings. Both of them will look to buld a partnership and end the day unbeaten.

Ebadat Hossain falls and with that, Bangladesh's first innings comes to an end . It has struggled to deal with pace and spin throughout the day and has managed to put just 150 runs on the board. The recent past isn't too kind for the visiting side. It has lost four of the previous five Tests by an innings margin.

Bangaldesh won the toss and chose to bat. That turned out to be a horrible call in hindsight. Virat Kohli said he would've chosen to bowl if he won the toss and he has been vindicated. The visiting side can only hope that its bowlers are as effective as India's when they come out.

148/9, 56.4 overs Brillaint from Jadeja past the square leg, near the boundary line. Pin point throw to Saha who runs out Taijul Islam. Well short of the crease and the ninth wicket falls for Bangladesh.

142/8, 55.1 overs Taijul Islam defends a short of length delivery and Shami misses out on his hat-trick.


140/7, 54.1 overs First ball after the tea break and Liton Das falls . He edges Ishant and Kohli makes no mistake with the catch at slip. A team hat-trick for India.

Ravichandran Ashwin celebrates the dismissal of Bangladesh's Mominul Haque.

Wriddhaayan from Indore updates: Mohammed Shami is all over Bangladesh now. Twin strikes to dismiss Mushfiqur Rahim (43) and Mehidy Hasan (0) leaves the visitor reeling at 140/7. Shami, who took a hat-trick in the World Cup, has a chance to take a Test hat-trick now. The delivery to Rahim was top class, confusing the batsman whether to leave or play. Rahim fell for the uncertainty as the ball came back in to kiss the stumps.

The delivery to Mehidy was a similar one, but a tad fuller. He was beaten by pace and movement.

Besides Shami, Ashwin had a great session with the ball. The off-spinner did not get much turn but he used his flight to perfection. The straighter delivery to dismiss Mominul was sheer class.


140/6, 54 overs Two in two for Shami. Mehedy Hasan goes for a golden duck. Wide of the crase again and swinging in. This time the ball crashes into the pads and the umpire didn't need time to raise his finger. Liton Das turned his back before Mehedy could even ask about a possible review, that's how easy that decision was for the umpire. And with that, we go into tea break .

140/6, 53.5 overs Shami ends Mushfiqur's innings. Sixth wicket falls . Wide of the crease but swinging in. The ball goes into the stumps before he could get his bat down. Peach of a delivery and he walks back.

133/5, 31 overs Since walking in after the fall of the fifth wicket, Liton Das has played positively. He has hit three boundaries, scoring 15 off 20 balls with a strike rate of 75. Mushfiqur, on 43, at the other end will be looking to build on this partnership as they aim to steady the ship for Bangladesh. The ball has also gotten old now and the batsmen look more comfortable attacking it now.

115/5, 45.1 overs Another wicket for Ashwin and Mahmudullah's uncomfortable innings comes to an end . He goes for a sweep but the ball stays straight and crashes into the wickets. Missed catches don't matter when Ashwin can keep disturbing the stumps like that.

109/4, 43.3 overs Rahane drops another catch! Mahmudullah plays for the turn but this delivery from Ashwin is a little straight. This time the ball is to his left and he got both hands to it but, like Kohli earlier this innings, drops the ball. Third drop from the man and Ashwin doesn't look happy.

106/4, 41 overs Mahmudullah gets fours runs with a pull over square leg off Umesh Yadav. There's a man at fine leg but he can't stop that. And with that, we have the drinks break .

100/4, 38 overs Mahmudullah gets a single off Ashwin and brings up 100 for Bangladesh.


99/4, 37.1 overs Mominul misjudges Ashwin's delivery, lets the ball go but it spins into the stumps and the bails fall. Bangladesh loses its fourth wicket and the important partnership has been broken. That's Ashwin's 250th wicket at home!

He is the fastest to 250 wickets at home, along with Muralitharan, reaching the milestone in his 42nd Test. Anil Kumble (350) and Harbhajan Singh (265) are the only other Indians to do so.

88/3, 33.3 overs A six and a four for Mushfiqur after almost giving away a catch to leg slip. He comes down the pitch and lift the ball over the bolwer's head and the sightscreen for maximum. Ashwin changes his delivery, and on a length ball Mushfiqur makes room and sends it to the bounday at backward point. Confident from Mushfiqur, the first time he shown some aggression today.

Bangladesh captain Mominul Haque bends to avoid Mohammed Shami's rising delivery.

78/3, 33.1 overs Mushfiqur flicks Ashwin's full on leg stump ball and it takes a bounce before going to leg slip.

69/3, 30 overs The Bangladesh batsmen are still second guessing every delivery for the flight, spin/swing and pace. Mushfiqur ends Ashwin's over defending uncomfortably. With every passing over, it looks like a wrong decision from Mominul to chose to bat.

64/3, 27.1 overs Ashwin gets the second over of the second session. Mushfiqur plays for the turn, gets an outside edge but Rahane puts him down at slip. Second time he has been dropped this innings! It wasn't at a very comfortable height for Rahane and the ball came in a little fast but one would expect the vice-captain to take that. Mushfiqur has been a lucky man today!

* We are back for the post-lunch session and Shami will bowl the first over. His sixth over and third spell. Mushfiqur on strike.

At lunch, Bangladesh is 63/3 after 26 overs. The three Indian pacers have taken the wickets this morning as the pitch has behaved as well as Virat Kohli expected it to. Bangladesh was 31/3 and since then Mominul and Mushfiqur have played a patient game to get the team past 50 and build a promising stand. A couple of missed catches will be discussed by the home team but India has well and truly been on top this morning.

We'll be back in 30 minutes for the second session.


52/3, 24 overs Mominul gets a boundary off Umesh and that brings up the fifty for Bangladesh. Another edge which flies over the slip cordon and over the rope.

48/3, 23.1 overs Virat Kohli at third slip drops Mushfiqur! Very good height for a catch but the skipper drops it. Good length from Umesh and there's edge. Kohli went for it with both hands but the balls bounces out of his hands. Wry smile on the bowler's face following the miss.

38/3, 21 overs A combination of pace and spin from India via Shami and Ashwin. Mominul and Mushfiqur are on the defensive, happy to not take risks and go into lunch without losing another wicket.


31/3, 18 overs Bangladesh loses its third wicket! Full on middle stump from Shami. Mithun comes forward to defend it but there's swing on the delivery and it moves late into his pads. THere's an appeal and the umpire quickly raises his finger.

Mushfiqur Rahim is the new batsman in.

27/2, 17.1 overs Good length from Shami and Mithun defends it to backward point. Jadeja spots the non-striker backing up at the crease, senses the possibility of a run out and gets a direct hit. The ricochet isn't towards a fielder and the batsmen pick up two free runs.

20/2, 14.1 overs Spin is introduced into the attack in the form of Ravichandran Ashwin. Mithun defends on the backfoot to offside.


20/2, 14 overs Full on and angling into the pads. Hits Mithun and goes to square leg. Loud shout for LBW from Umesh Yadav. He nods to Virat Kohli and the Indian skipper has asks for a review. Nitin Menon is the third umpire and decides that the ball clipped the pad first. Ball-tracking comes in and it is umpire's call on impact. Rod Tucker's decision stays and India loses its review.


18/2, 12 overs Runs are a premium for Bangladesh as the Indian seamers have kept their line and length tight this morning. The ball has also swung well so the batsmen aren't taking many risks with their shots.

13/2, 9.1 overs Mohammed Shami comes into the attack now. He starts with a back of length delivery and sends it to mid-on to pick up a single.


12/2, 9 overs An excellent start for India as Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav are getting maximum swing from the pitch. The openers have departed before they could figure out the surface. Mohammad Mithun and Mominul Haque are the crease now and they are understandably dealing with each delivery cautiously.


12/2, 7 overs And Bangladesh loses another wicket! Good length ball from Ishant. Driving length and Shadman's outside edge sails into Saha's hands. The openers have departed and this is a good start for India.

Umesh Yadav, second right, celebrates with the dismissal of Imrul Kayes.

WICKET! Umesh Yadav looked threatening with the ball and he makes the breakthrough. Imrul meddles with a legth ball, gets an edge and Rahane takes an easy catch at gully. Bangladesh 12/1 after 6 overs.

6/0, 4.2 overs First boundary for Bangladesh, comes off Shadman's bat. A full and swinging delivery. He gets it into gully and beyond the boudndary rope.

Bangladesh's Imrul Kayes in action on the first day of first Test match against India at the Holkar Stadium in Indore.

1/0, 3.2 overs Fifteen minutes into the morning and Bangladesh is finally off the mark! Imrul plays it outside the line, gets an inside edge and opens his account. Umesh's delivery comes back into the batsman, the ball is swinging well in the morning. Was it a bad call to chose to bat? We'll know soon.


STAT Virat Kohli is only one win away from overcoming Border. As captain, the Aussie won 32 of 91 Tests and Kohli is currently on 31 wins in 51 Tests.

0/0, 2 overs Excellent fist over for Umesh, looked more threatening than Ishant and Bangladesh yet to put some runs on the board.

0/0, 1.5 overs Umesh surprises Imrul with a little bounce. Off his bottom hand and just wide of short leg. Just beyond Mayank Agarwal's reach.

0/0, 1.1 overs Umesh Yadav attacks from the other end. Beautiful delivery. Full length and it just misses the inside edge. Goes just over the stumps and into Saha's gloves.

0/0, 1 over Ishant ends with a maiden over. Shadman deals with him cautiously as there's good swing on each delivery.

0/0, 0.1 overs Very full and was wide of off from Ishant. Good swing on it. Marais Erasmus is the umpire and he warns the lanky seamer of his follow through immediately. Replays show how close he got to the 'danger' area.

* Anthems done and the players are in position. Shadman Islam and Imrul Kayes open the innings for Bangladesh, with the former on strike. Ishant Sharma will open the attack for India.

STAT Since 2018, India has won only one Test (vs West Indies in Hyderabad) of the seven where it bowled first.

* Workload management is a talking point in international cricket post the T20 thunder. A month after England wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor — who was battling anxiety issues — announced retirement, Glenn Maxwell took a sabbatical to sort out mental health problems.

The Australia all-rounder has found support in Virat Kohli who feels “it is acceptable”.


Stats you need to know

Let’s start with a quiz. Which Indian batsman has scored the highest run in Tests against Bangladesh?

Well, it’s not Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma.

Former India captain, Sachin Tendulkar, who quit the game in 2013, still holds the record of scoring the maximum runs against the neighbouring team. In the seven matches that he has played against Bangladesh, Tendulkar amassed 820 runs. He is followed by Rahul Dravid -- who scored 560 runs in seven outings — and Gautam Gambhir — 381 in four Tests.

Former India captain and the current president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly, remains fourth in the list, with 371 runs in five Test outings.

In the bowling department, Zaheer Khan remains the most successful Indian bowler in Tests with 31 scalps in seven outings, followed by Irfan Pathan, who picked up eight wickets in two Tests. The third in the list is Anil Kumble — 15 wickets in four Tests.

For Bangladesh, however, Tamim Iqbal remains the highest scorer in Tests, with 4327 runs in 58 Tests. In the bowling department,  Shakib Al Hasan  has the maximum scalps (210) in 56 Tests. Shakib is facing an one-year suspension for failing to report bookie approach in 2018.


STAT: Rohit Sharma will be making his 350th international appearance today.

INDIA XI: Rohit Sharma, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (C), Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha (WK), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami

BANGLADESH XI: Imrul Kayes, Shadman Islam, Mohammad Mithun, Mominul Haque(c), Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Liton Das(w), Mehedy Hasan, Taijul Islam, Abu Jayed, Ebadat Hossain

TOSS: Bangladesh has won the toss and will bat first. Mominul Haque wins the toss on his Test captaincy debut — something Faf du plessis and Kane Williamson could not do in their 3 Tests as captain in the subcontinent.


Mominul Haque: It's a bit hard and it (the pitch) might break in fourth innings. It's a great honour to captain Bangladesh, only few guys get this opportunity. We have seven batters and four bowlers.

Virat Kohli: A bit of grass on it and historically Indore on day 1 has been bit spicy. Plus we are playing three seamers. Wanted to bowl first, it's ideal for our seamers who are in top form. I think, from day 2 onwards it will be a beautiful track to bat on. We are playing two spinners. Just one change in the playing XI, Ishant Sharma come into the team in place of Shahbaz Nadeem.


UPDATE: Mustafizur Rahman not likely to start in the playing XI in the first Test. Bangla may prefer the two young pacers  Abu and Ebadot to save the injury-prone Mustafizur for the pink ball Test.


PREVIEW: Virat Kohli and Co. set to resume Test dominance

Playing cricket against neighbouring countries often leads to friendly chat in the middle. There are similarities in food, culture, music and literature among other disciplines. India had a critical role in the birth of Bangladesh in 1971 and today, as the two nations gear up for a Test series in this part of the world, the cricketing camaraderie is bound to get stronger.

It is a learning phase for Bangladesh, ranked No. 9 in the Test rankings, to strategise and survive the No. 1 side. The two nations will also share the pink ball under floodlights at Eden Gardens in Kolkata next week.

The first Test starts here on Thursday, and the only topic that is doing the rounds at the  Holkar Stadium  premises is how Bangladesh will tackle the lethal Indian pace bowlers without star batsmen Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan. On top of that, Bangladesh lost the last Test it played, against Afghanistan, to raise eyebrows.

Among the top five Test run-scorers from Bangladesh, only Mushfiqur Rahim is part of the contingent touring India. The short and sweet wicketkeeper-batsman is expected to guide new skipper Mominul Haque to pass this Test.

Haque, a first of a kind Test specialist in Bangladesh cricketing circles, is aware of the challenges ahead but he possesses the mindset to hold his ground to fight tooth-and-nail.

Taijul Islam (center) and Nayeem Hasan receive tips from Bangladesh’s bowling coach Daniel Vettori during a net practice session on the eve of the first Test match against India.

There is a silver lining. Spinners Taijul Islam and  Mehidy Hasan  Miraz, who have come up through the ranks, to rub shoulders with legends such as Shakib and yesteryear spinner Mohammad Rafique.

Mehidy had taken 19 wickets against England at home in 2016-17; the most by any Bangladesh bowler in a series.  Mustafizur Rahman  seems to be the only potent strike bowler among the pacers. Al-Amin Hossain is making a Test comeback after five years while Abu Jayed and Ebadot Hossain are rookies.

Too many stars

Compared to Bangladesh, India is filled with stars from top to bottom. The visitors’ biggest threat will be  Rohit Sharma,  who is in red-hot form after amassing 529 runs against South Africa.

Rohit has been Bangladesh’s nemesis in limited-overs cricket and with the lack of firepower in its bowling, trust the opener to punish the familiar opponents.  Mayank Agarwal  is technically solid and at home, ruthless. Cheteshwar Pujara,  Ajinkya Rahane  and  Hanuma Vihari  are the anchors in the middle along with skipper  Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli jokes with his teammates during a practice session on the eve of first Test match against Bangladesh.

Three of the top five batsmen scored double hundreds in the last series against the Proteas — Rohit (212), Mayank (215) and Kohli (254 not out).

The spotlight, however, will be on pacers Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami who have been claiming 20 wickets in every series.


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