Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE coverage of the third day of the fifth Test between India and England from Edgbaston in Birmingham.



We have reached the end of the day and India has extended its reach into the game to a point where they must be confident of getting this through. The lead stands at 257 runs and they must be planning to pushing it beyond 400, which must be needed, considering the reputation this new England side. Looking forward to sharing with you all the happenings of this engrossing game of cricket tomorrow.

INDIA 125/3 IN 45 OVERS AT TEA (Pujara 50*, Pant 30*; Anderson 1-26)

IND 125/3 IN 45 overs: Root with what has to be the final over of the day. Drifts into Pujara's pads and he accepts the invitation to complete a typically patient half-century . Did Billings just make a game-defining drop ? Pant under-edges a Root loosener, but it is too much for Billings. He lets it out of his grips and Stokes's distraught look defines the importance of that catch and the magnitude of Pant's wicket in this game. End of the day, anyway.

IND 123/3 in 44 overs: Pant punishes Root who messes up the length. Pant pulls and its clear of the sweeper for a four . Meanwhile Anderson comes around the wicket and is delivering it extremely wide off the crease into Pujara's body. He copes one in the body after he was warned by the umpire for running through the center of the pitch. Pujara, who is just one run off his 50, gets a little bit of attention from the physio.

IND 118/3 in 42 overs: Pant gave Broad the charge and slammed one down the ground for four. The ball's now seaming and bouncing off a length. With less than 30 mins left for stumps, Anderson replaces Stokes and Root comes in for Broad. Root's tossing it up wide and slow for Pant to have a go He resists as Root bowls a maiden. 'He's not gonna leave them all day Rooty', says Billings.

IND 112/3 in 38 overs: Pujara moves closer to his fifty with a dab through backward point for four off Stokes. Pant has played some beautiful flicks for ones and twos. There was one off Stokes that went for four. Meanwhile, there is another ball change at the start of the 39th over!

IND 90/3 in 34 overs: There was a huge lbw appeal against Pujara as he offered no stroke to a Stokes inswinger. Given not 0ut. Stokes reviewed and it was umpire's call on off stump! Broad bowled one too full on the angle into the stumps, and Pant whipped it through midwicket for four.

IND 76/3 in 30 overs: OUT! And Kohli goes. Stokes gets the ball to bounce a little unexpectedly and it goes off Kohli's gloves to the 'keeper, who bounces it to the first slip fielder Root. Virat Kohli c Joe Root b Ben Stokes 20(40b 4x4).

There has been another ball change. Anderson and Stokes continue the short ball ploy vs Pujara. Meanwhile, Anderson nearly bowled a third maiden to Kohli before the latter drove an inswinging half-volley down the ground for four.

IND 69/2 in 26 overs: Stokes has replaced Potts. In the meantime, Anderson has bowled two back-to-back maidens to Kohli. Pujara has played well for his 32, leaving well outside off-stump and rotating the strike. Anderson has tested Pujara with the short ball. But India's No. 3 has either swayed out of the line or ridden the bounce to defend.

IND 63/2 in 22 overs: Meanwhile the ball has to be changed again! There is a huge lbw appeal against Pujara off Potts' bowling. Not given and England review. The ball would've sailed over the stumps. Pujara survives and England lose one review. Next ball, Pujara's outside edge goes through the gap between Billings and fist slip for four. Billings got a hand to it but couldn't hold on. Anderson's on now. So, Anderson v Kohli one last time this series. Earlier, Broad went full outside off but there was no movement as Kohli drove between midoff and cover for four.

IND 53/2 in 18 overs: Kohli's off the mark with a trademark cover drive off Broad. Kohli for one last time this series. Can he make an impact with the bat? Meanwhile, Pujara continues to leave even though Potts and Broad, in particular, are moving it back into Pujara sharply. There's a huge caught behind appeal against Kohli off Potts' bowling. Not given and England don't review. Billings is convinced it has not been edged and he is right. Next ball, Kohli edges one past third slip for four more.

WICKET! Vihari has edged to third slip. Broad lures him into the drive with a full ball.

IND 37/1 in 14 overs: Pujara and Vihari are back at the crease. Pujara on strike with three slips in place. Potts with the ball. Pujara's been rock solid in his defence so far - leaving balls outside off with aplomb. Broad tested him with a series of indippers which Pujara had no trouble leaving. Potts starts with a dot.

INDIA 37/1 IN 13 OVERS AT TEA (Pujara 17*, Vihari 10*; Anderson 1-15)

IND 37/1 in 13 overs: This should be the last over before tea. Leach into the attack. Huge turn first ball as this turns away wide outside off. A couple of singles and then Vihari presses forward to flick a full one through midwicket for three. And that will be Tea.

IND 32/1 in 12 overs: A couple of singles from the Anderson over. Potts replaces Broad for the 10th over. Start off with a maiden. Cuts one in into Pujara last ball of the over and roughs him up a bit. Anderson continue. Cut away with authority! Imperious! A bit of width outside off and Vihari places the cut with precision for four runs. Moves to 6 off 23 balls with that boundary. Potts bowls a probing over, hitting the deck hard and keeping it in the channel - just a single from it.

IND 25/1 in 8 overs: Maiden over for Anderson. Keeps it tight in the channel and the away movement that he has generated inhibits Vihari from prodding outside off. Broad cuts one back into Pujara, who hops and fends it. Three consecutive balls seam in and Pujara shoulders arms after taking his front leg far across outside the line of off-stump. Length on the pads and tucked away for a single. Anderson pitches it fuller this over, even drawing a drive outside off from Vihari. Strays outside leg side last ball and it runs away for four byes. Broad's maiden over. Pujara is happy to leave in the channel.

IND 19/1 in 4 overs: Broad from the other end. Pujara tucks this off his pads for a couple to get off the mark. Pujara collects a four at third man off an edge which looks intentional as Anderson curls it away outside off. Vihari still to get off the mark. He outside edges one that falls just short of slip. Broad continues from the other end. Vihari off the mark with a single off the inside edge. Pujara hangs back and cuts this length ball to the deep point boundary. Exquisite shot. Leaves one that jags back in sharply and perilously close to the off stump.

IND 4/1 in 1 over: Pujara and Gill are out to open the innings. Gill is off the blocks with a four. Pitched up by Anderson just outside off and Gill gets on the front foot to gently push this through mid-off for four runs. OUT! Gill goes after that glorious boundary. Nips in a bit from a good length and kisses the outside edge before flying into the hands of the slip fielder. Vihari is in next. Beaten! Absolute peach. Short of a length, dangerously close to off stump, straightens a tad and whizzes past Vihari's straight bat.

ENGLAND 284 ALL OUT IN 61.3 OVERS (Bairstow 106, Billings 36; Siraj 4-66, Bumrah 3-68).

OUT! Potts gets an outside edge as he backs away on leg-side to make room on the off. Shreyas Iyer takes in the slip but the umpires want to check if this was taken clearly. Aleem Dar goes up but the soft signal is out. At the outset, it looks like it might have just bounced in front of Shreyas, but there is nothing conclusive to overturn the soft signal. Matthew Potts c Shreyas Iyer b Mohammed Siraj 19(18b 3x4 1x6). Poots has to go after clobbering the last couple of balls for a four and then six. Siraj went short first ball and Potts got an edge off a hook and then he smashed a length ball over the midwicket fence for six runs.

OUT! Billings chops on and Siraj gets another one. Shortish, jagging in and it takes Billings' inside edge before crashing into the stumps. Billings was looking to run this down to third man but probably didn't anticipate the ball would cut back in this much. Sam Billings b Mohammed Siraj 36(57b 4x4). Anderson, number 11, walks in. Siraj angles one down leg side and Anderson clips it away with ease for FOUR runs behind the 'keeper.

ENG 260/8 in 58 overs: Siraj from the other end. Billings shuffles across the stumps and ramps it behind for four. Potts gets a first ball four as Shami goes short and the batter gloves it behind to the boundary trying to fend it off.

OUT! And the short stuff does the damage. Broad backs out a bit on leg side to this short one from Siraj and takes a wild swipe, top edging it to Pant. Siraj strikes after replacing Jadeja. Stuart Broad c Rishabh Pant b Mohammed Siraj 1(5b). Potts the new man in.

OUT! Shami replaces Bumrah and strikes first ball. Fuller and wide outside off. Bairstow slashes hard, gets the outside edge and Kohli takes it at first slip. Jonny Bairstow c Virat Kohli b Mohammed Shami 106(140b 14x6 2x6). Shami goes around the wicket to new batter Broad and straightaway resorts to the short stuff.

ENG 241/6 in 54 overs: Jadeja keeps it short. Just two runs from the over. Bumrah cuts Bairstow in half with a length ball that seams in sharply to beat the inside edge and sends Pant diving to his left to save it. Loud shout for LBW as Bairstow misses the flick on the yorker. Bumrah reviews but going down leg by a distance. Jadeja into the attack. First over of spin. LBW appeal second ball as Bairstow gets down to sweep this but is outside the line. He then steps out to counter the spin but gets a thick outside edge for a single. Two length balls by Bumrah and then a yorker to surprise Bairstow, who digs it out for a leg-bye. Another searing yorker in the over, this one to Billings, who has trouble negotiating it and his almost cleaned up.

ENG 233/6 in 50 overs: Maiden over by Bumrah followed by another eventuful Thakur over as Billings gets a leading edge over mid-on and Bumrah backpeddles and just misses it. Bumrah beat Billings' outside edge on a couple of occasions with a good length. Thakur takes some time to complete his over as he oversteps thrice in the over - his fourth no-ball in the match so far.

ENG 227/6 in 48 overs: A couple for Billings off the pads at fine-leg and England has avoided the follow-on with four wickets in hand. Thakur bowls one short and down leg-side. Pant leaps but cannot get to it and it runs away to the boundary. Also a no-ball so five runs it is. FOUR! Bairstow punches this off the backfoot between point and cover and a misfield in the deep allows the boundary and Bairstow gets to his 100 off 119 balls. Third in three matches.

ENG 215/6 in 47 overs: Loose first ball of the over by Bumrah. Sprayed on the pads and full and Billings clips it to the boundary behind for FOUR! Bairstow moves to 96 with a single. Billings drive away from his body and it flies off the bottom of the bat and through the slip cordon for another FOUR!

18:00 IST: Shardul will complete his over. Players back on the field. Full and straight and Bairstow flicks this to the midwicket boundary first ball after the break for FOUR runs. ENG 204/6 in 46 overs.

17:42 IST: Play will resume at 6:00 PM IST at Edgbaston.

17:29 IST: There will be another delay in resumption of play as there is still a drizzle around.

Play will resume at 5:25 PM IST after another spell of showers curtailed play in the first session, leading to an early lunch break. Hopefully the overhead conditions are conducive for play to resume on time. England has once again kept its head above water because of Bairstow, who is unbeaten on 91 and has exemplified the aggressive brand of cricket endorsed by the new guard of Ben Stokes the captain and Brendon McCullum the coach.


Just before rain stopped play, Bairstow was given out lbw off Thakur but he reviewed immediately, sure enough, there was an outside edge.


ENG 196/6 in 44 overs: Bairstow targets Thakur with a ramp shot and square drive for two back-to-bakc fours. In between there is a change of ball for India. Bairstow is unbothered as he swats a Siraj short ball for six before smashing Thakur for a four and six. He is batting like a man possessed.

ENG 160/6 in 40 overs: WICKET! Shardul Thakur dropped a simple chance of Ben Stokes earlier. But he has made amends by having him caught in his very first over. He was dropped by Bumrah at mid-off off the fourth ball. Next ball, Stokes tries to emulate the same shot - looks to clear mid-off and Bumrah dives to his left to take the catch. Sam Billings joins Bairstow. Billings is off the mark with a boundary. Bairstow continues to play positive cricket.


ENG 141/5 in 36 overs: Bairstow drives a Bumrah full length ball over mid-off for four more. Shami bowls round the wicket to Stokes with three slips and a gully. Stokes cuts a Shami short ball in front of square for four more before Bairstow goes aerial, chipping a length ball to the long-off for four in the same over. Meanwhile, Siraj replaces Bumrah and concedes two back-to-back fours to Bairstow, who is motoring along now. Next over, Shardul drops a simple chance of Stokes off Shami's bowling. Stokes was batting on 18. The batters run a single and Bairstow hits the next two balls for fours. The 50 stand comes up.

ENG 100/5 in 32 overs: Bumrah from the other end. Round the wicket to Stokes with three slips and a gully. Stokes gives Bumrah the charge and is beaten by movement away from him. The English skipper skipped down the track a couple of times on Day 2 as well. Meanwhile, Bumrah bowls a front foot no ball again and Stokes flicks the next ball through mid-on for four. Shami continues round the wicket to Stokes, who charges down once again and hits it down the ground for four. Bumrah gets one to shape into Stokes, who gets an inside edge onto his box. Shami, meanwhile, in the middle of a dream spell. He is all over Bairstow, who is seen having an animated chat with Virat Kohli. Between overs, Bairstow and Kohli made up with the latter's friendly jab on Bairstow's shoulder

ENG 84/5 in 28 overs: Shami with the ball. Bairstow on strike. Starts with a wide ball down leg side. Getting it to swing in. Three slips and a gully for Jonny. Shami getting the ball to seam away as well with appreciable bounce. Starts with a maiden.

We are all set for play to resume. Indian team in a huddle. Bumrah addressing his teammates. Out come Bairstow and Stokes.

14.41:  It will be Shami and Bumrah, vs Bairstow and Stokes. Former English captain Nasser Hussain feels this batch of Dukes balls seems to go soft pretty quickly, and then when they go soft, they go out of shape. So, if Bairstow and Stokes can get a partnership going, England could consider mounting a fightback. Only 38.5 overs were bowled yesterday. We should have a lot more cricket weather weather permitting, of course.

14.30: Welcome back. The sun's out in Birmingham. Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes are at the crease. They have conjured magic in the recent past. Can they do it again? Indian pacers are hunting in a pack. Siraj is yet to get a longish crack at the English batters. But Bumrah and Shami, and the latter in particular, have been impeccable and relentless in their line and length.  England trail by 332 runs.


Ravindra Jadeja resumed Day 2 on 83 and reached his third Test hundred from 183 balls. Stuart Broad bowled the most expensive over in Tests, conceding 35 runs in an incredible morning session. England closed on 84-5 in reply to India's 416- REPORT



India has never won a Test at Edgbaston, losing six and drawing one on the 1986 tour.

Bumrah is the first fast bowler to captain India's Test team since Kapil Dev in 1987.