India vs England 4th Test HIGHLIGHTS, Day 3: Rohit century headlines IND's comeback, leads by 171 runs at stumps

Ind vs Eng 4th Test HIGHLIGHTS: Get live score updates, ball by ball commentary updates from India vs England 4th Test, Day 3 at the Oval.

Updated : Sep 05, 2021 13:54 IST



What a remarkable day's play for India. Led by an ultimate warrior in Rohit Sharma who aced the waiting game, India have posted a hefty 171-run lead at the end of Day Three. He finally gets the monkey off his back - the overseas Test hundred has been notched up finally after eight long years. What a reincarnation has this been for Rohit in whites. After Rahul's dismissal, Rohit continued to play as the sheet anchor while Pujara shed off his inhibitions to attack the bowlers throughout his innings. England was absolutely out of it for a good share of the day as Rohit and Pujara broke free through the second session.

Root's men anxiously waited for the new ball and boy didn't it work well. Robinson snapped a well-set Rohit and Pujara within the space of few deliveries and India seemed to be on the back foot once again. Kohli and India's new no.5, Jadeja did well to blunt the bowling with a dead-bat parade as they cut down on runs towards the last hour. England could still be in it with another fine morning on Day Four. As for now, India has returned a fine jab to grapple the leash. Goodnight, lads. Join us tomorrow for more action!

10:30PM IST: And it's Stumps. Play has been called off 30 minutes before scheduled close.

10:25PM IST: Looks like we're done for the night, folks. Official confirmation awaited.

10:20PM IST: We have about 10 minutes for things to clear out and resume. Looks a bit dim from here though.

Just how good was the Hitman today?


Play has been stopped due to bad light. Scheduled close of play is still 45 minutes away.

IND 270/3 in 92 overs: Short from Moeen and Jadeja swivels and pushes the ball to midwicket for four.

Moeen into the attack

IND 263/3 in 91 overs: Root almost bowls a yorker length with his loopy deliveries and Jadeja carves them out to the close-in fielders. A hint of turn on offer for Joe but India wouldn't mind this phase at all.

Umpires have a look at the light meter and decide it's time to call the play off. Root speaks to the officials and brings himself on to the attack to take the pacers off the attack.

IND 263/3 in 90 overs: Kohli hammers Anderson with two cracking drives. Anderson offer width and Kohli pushes handsomely through point for four. Anderson brings a couple of deliveries tailing in before offering another over-pitched ball. Kohli slams it with authority and none of the fielders on the off-side move an inch.

IND 255/3 in 89 overs: Robinson hits the length and pushes at the off-stump but Kohli takes it off his radar with a neat defence. Just a single in the over.

IND 254/3 in 88 overs: Beauty from Anderson! Jadeja's off his feat as Anderson's snorter hits the length and nearly rushes into kiss the toe edge off the bat. Jadeja quick on his feat, wafts the bat out of trouble pretty late and survives.

IND 254/3 in 87 overs: Kohli continues to leave the deliveries on length as Robinson peppers the fourth stump line. He finally finds room to bring the bat down to glide the ball once again to third man. Burns puts a valiant dive but the ball beats him to the boundary. Class from Kohli as he smashes Robinson's fuller delivery past the cover fielder for four to end the over. Kohli exchanges a few words with smiles to Robinson.


IND 246/3 in 86 overs: Loud appeal as Anderson whips one into hit Jadeja's pads. Some prodigious movement off the seam as the ball zips in to beat Jadeja's defence. The umpire isn't interested and Anderson tries to impress his skipper. Root deliberates for long and decides against the review.

IND 245/3 in 85 overs: Robinson hits the length and cramps Jadeja for room. Nothing fancy from either of Jadeja or Robinson. He maintains the line in the channel and Jadeja defends on merit.

IND 245/3 in 84 overs: Anderson pushes the ball a lot straighter to Kohli this time. He's up on pace as well as he enables a wicket to wicket line. Kohli places himself well behind the line of the ball and defends with ease. Maiden for Jimmy.

IND 245/3 in 83 overs: Kohli gets off the blocks Robinson goes full and wide and Kohli leans into it and glides it towards the third man boundary and finds three runs. Jadeja gets another length delivery that clips the outside edge and then races through gully for four.

IND 237/3 in 82 overs: Fiery comeback from England! Anderson drills one in the channel and Kohli attempts a poke at it. Absolutely lured into that shot. Anderson follows up with another wobbled seam delivery that hits flush on Kohli's pads outside the off-stump. Kohli needs to cop some serious heat to see through here.

Jimmy Anderson into the attack

IND 237/3 in 81 overs: Robinson to Rohit. OUT! Oh no, Rohit! What have you done. A nothing delivery from Robinson, well a knuckle ball, perhaps. It stops onto Rohit who sticks his bat up in the air. The ball clips the toe edge and flies to Woakes at deep square leg. Another tame dismissal for Ro after a supreme knock. The Oval stands to applaud a high-quality innings. Kohli tucks one fine and gets Pujara on strike. Robinson fires one in and it lobs off the pads. Robinson begins to celebrate. The umpire is unmoved and Root instantly goes up for the review. Replays suggest a clear spike of the bat, this wasn't for a lbw after all now. Robinson does the damage again and Puji has to walk back. What an over. Rohit Sharma c Woakes b Robinson 127 (256b 14x4 1x6); Cheteshwar Pujara c Ali b Robinson 61 (127b 9x4)

Robinson with the new ball

IND 236/1 in 80 overs: Rohit pushes and finds a single and Ali continues to toss the ball up to the batters. Pujara finds another two with a flick to square. The new ball is due now.

IND 233/1 in 79 overs: Masterful from Rohit! Root tosses it to the pads. Rohit clears his front leg and needles it through extra cover for four! Geez, this man's in some elite touch right now.

IND 228/1 in 78 overs: Crunch by Pujara! Ali loops one in and Pujara steps down and punches the ball straight through mid-off for four. All too easy at the moment.

IND 223/1 in 77 overs: Root continues to stray to the pads and Rohit's aware of the close in fielders on the leg. He does well to keep a straight bat and push it down the pitch.

IND 222/1 in 76 overs: Delectable touch from Rohit. Ali keeps it wide and short. Rohit rocks back and slices it behind point and finds another three runs. England anxiously wait for the new ball.

Ali replaces Overton

IND 217/1 in 75 overs: Rohit tucks one to the on-side and finds a single. Root keeps it short and Pujara attempts a couple of swivel pulls but fails to get past midwicket.

Joe Root into the attack

IND 216/1 in 74 overs: Rohit has switched modes! Overton follows him with a quick bouncer, but Rohit ducks! No pulls this time. Rohit waits for Overton to touch a bit full and he quickly moves to the on-side and slams it through covers to find three runs.

IND 212/1 in 73 overs: Class from Rohit! Woakes keeps it on the length and outside the off-stump. Rohit loosens his arms and gently puts it across the slips for four. He's reached that 'zone', that menacing zone that begins to dent the opposition bowlers.

IND 206/1 in 72 overs: Fifty for Pujara! Overton continues to bowl short but gives away a hint of room. Pujara glides it to third man and raises a fine fifty. India in absolute command now. Root's hopes are pinned on the new ball which is still eight overs away.

IND 202/1 in 71 overs: Woakes keeps it wicket to wicket. The ball simply refuses to do anything special for him to make Rohit wobble. He gets a maiden nevertheless.

Woakes into the attack

IND 202/1 in 70 overs: And on cue Overton begins with a short ball from around the stumps to Rohit. Rohit does well to control the pull and hits to the deep for a single. Overton bowls the bumper to Pujara as well. Pujara's put in a spot with a tight one towards his shoulder. He works a single and Rohit gets another short ball. He lobs it in the air to the deep but it's well short of midwicket.

Craig Overton to resume. Three men deep on the leg and a fly slip for Rohit. Bouncer barrage, loading?

Third session begins. Rohit and Pujara walk out to the middle.



It's perhaps India's best session in the contest so far.

The hard work done by the openers has paid off as India is now piling on the runs quickly. Rohit's innings was the highlight, even though Pujara played well as well. There were some nice strokes in between the many defensive prods, nudges and leaves.

India's lead: 100. Nine wickets in hand. Join us, for the post-tea session, in about 20 minutes.

IND 199/1 in 69 overs: Short of a length delivery, first up, from Chris Woakes as he comes on to bowl his 17th over.

It's tucked away to long leg by Rohit for a single.

Meanwhile, Pujara is unable to find the gaps to get his next two runs. He might have to wait for the post-tea session to get to his fifty.

It's tea.

IND 198/1 in 68 overs: Pujara gets a short of a length delivery, uses his wrists to steer the ball to midwicket to pick up a single. He moves to 48.

Rohit gets an overpitched delivery and he plays the on-drive to long-on pick up another single.

IND 196/1 in 67 overs: Chris Woakes back into the attack, to bowl his 16th over.

No run taken from that over. Woakes wants Rohit to drive, and there's a short cover in place. But Rohit's isn't falling into the trap. He defends.

IND 196/1 in 66 overs: A loud shout for lbw from the wicketkeeper, after Rohit thrusts his pad out to a delivery from Moeen. Not out.

He plays a ball to the leg side to pick up a single.

Just that one run from the over.

IND 195/1 in 65 overs: A tidy over from James Anderson, again. Pujara is happy to defend from the crease. A slip and a gully in place for him.

Floodlights are still on.

Elation from the Indian dressing room. He applied himself without sacrificing his natural strokeplay. Left deliveries, defended. He drove, and he played the pull, too. And now he has his reward: a century in England.

IND 195/1 in 64 overs: Pujara needs four more runs to get to his half-century.

And a review taken by England , after Pujara comes forward to smother a good length delivery from Moeen. The ball balloons up after thudding into his pad and is caught by silly point.

Not out! No bat involved.

He takes a single to give Rohit the strike, and Rohit gets to his century with a six! It's a magnificent strike; he came down the track to Moeen and lofted the ball over long-on. Cheer and applause from the crowd. It's been an excellent innings.

IND 188/1 in 63 overs: Pujara gets a good length delivery outside the off-stump from Anderson, and he guides it late - like Joe Root does - to pick up three runs through third man.

Rohit pulls a short of a length delivery to deep square leg for two more runs, and he moves into the 90s.

And then a similar stroke to a similar delivery. It's on the fourth-stump line rather than on middle stump. Four more.

IND 179/1 in 62 overs: Pujara comes down the track to Moeen again and turns the ball to leg for a single. Moves to 43.

Cries of catch after Rohit plays a sweep shot to Moeen. It's in the air for a long time, but there's no fielder in the deep. And it's another boundary for Rohit.

Another boundary. He plays a paddle sweep and the ball runs away to fine leg. Nine runs from the over.

IND 170/1 in 61 overs: Rohit gets a full length delivery from Anderson; he drives, but the ball takes the inside edge of the bat and runs away to square leg. Two runs are taken.

Rohit completes 3,000 Test runs with those two runs.

He defends the rest of the deliveries of the over.

IND 168/1 in 60 overs: Moeen continues.

Rohit comes down the track to Moeen, and lofts the ball over extra cover for a boundary. Confident stroke. Moves to 78.

He picks up a single through cover after driving a short of a length delivery off the back-foot.

IND 163/1 in 59 overs: James Anderson is back into the attack. He will bowl his 15th over.

There's a short midwicket in place for Rohit. He starts off with a short of a length delivery on middle stump and is met by a solid defence. He goes slightly fuller, and Rohit comes forward to defend the ball off the front foot.

He gets one on his pads and flicks it to midwicket. No run.

On a good length, outside the off-stump next up. Defended. Oh and the ball narrowly evades the edge of Rohit's bat! Rohit hangs his bat in front of him, gets beaten.

Then, short of a length, on off-stump, flicked to leg for no run.

IND 162/1 in 58 overs: Another tidy over from Robinson. Pujara is content to defend his deliveries. He turns the ball to the leg side a couple of times, but can't get a run.

It's a maiden.

IND 162/1 in 57 overs: Moeen bowls a short delivery first up to Rohit, who plays the ball to long-on to pick up a single. Pujara plays one to midwicket for a single, and then Rohit drives and picks up another single.

Pujara gets a short delivery and cuts. A single again.

A late cut, this time from Rohit! It's a short delivery again, outside off-stump. Rohit waited for the ball to come to him, and played the late cut nicely to pick up two runs through third man.

Six from the over.

IND 156/1 in 56 overs: Rohit drives a full delivery from Robinson; it's squirted away to deep extra cover for a single. Pujara gets a good length delivery on off-stump, and he defends from the crease. He defends the next delivery from the crease as well.

He gets a fuller delivery, and he is content to block it. It's followed up by a short of a length delivery outside the off-stump; it's defended by Pujara. Then, a good length delivery: defended again.

IND 155/1 in 55 overs: Moeen continues. Pujara comes down the track and turns the ball to square leg and picks up a single. Rohit punches off the back-foot to pick up another single.

Pujara comes down the track, converts a half volley into a yorker, and digs it out to mid-off. And then a similar delivery, which is driven to mid-off for no run.

Pujara defends, and then turn a delivery to midwicket, but can't beat the fielder.

Floodlights are still on at the Oval. The sky is overcast.

IND 153/1 in 54 overs: Rohit grimaces after being hit on the thigh by a good length delivery from Robinson. Rohit tried to defend the ball but it hit the inside edge and thudded into his thigh.

He gets a fuller delivery next up and drives to mid-on for no run. A slight field change: there's now a short mid-on and a short mid-wicket in place for Rohit.

Robinson bowls a full delivery on off-stump and is greeted by a good defensive stroke, and then again. And then he gets a full delivery and he drives it elegantly, but the ball hits the stumps.

Slightly shorter next up, from Robinson. It takes the inside edge of Rohit's bat and runs down to fine leg for a boundary. Brings up the 150 for India and Rohit gets to 66.

It's time for drinks.

IND 149/1 in 53 overs: Pujara comes down the pitch to get to the pitch of the ball, and turns the ball to the leg side. No run.

Pujara rocks on the backfoot and picks up a single through cover, off the next delivery. He is back on strike again after Rohit drives to long-on for another single.

Pujara plays the cut again, and this time gets the placement to pick up two runs. India's lead has now climbed to 50 runs.

Pujara steps down the track to meet a good length delivery, and the ball balloons up after hitting his front pad. No run.

IND 145/1 in 52 overs: Ollie Robinson is back into the attack to bowl his 13th over. Two slips in place for him. He starts off with a loosener; it's a short of a length delivery on leg stump, and was helped on its way by Rohit to fine leg for four runs. The ball touched his thigh, but just took a bit of the bat as well.

Robinson corrects his line, and bowls the same length. Rohit defends from the crease for two balls in a row.

And a surprise in store for Rohit! It's a good length delivery on off-stump, and sharply comes back in! Hits Rohit on the knee-roll, and there's a loud shout for lbw. But not given. Would be missing the stumps.

Rohit defends again, before on-driving to mid-on for no run. An interesting over.

IND 141/1 in 51 overs: Time for some spin. Moeen Ali into the attack. He will bowl his third over of the innings.

Rohit plays the sweep first up, the ball travels to square leg. No run. Rohit, then, steps out to get to the pitch of the ball, and the ball is awkwardly squirted to point for no run. A full ball, next up, from Moeen, it's driven to deep extra cover for a single.

A slip and a silly point in place for Pujara. He gets a short of a length delivery, wide outside the off-stump, and he thrusts his pad to it. He gets a full delivery and turns it to leg for no run.

Then he seizes on a short delivery, playing the cut to pick up two runs through extra cover.

IND 138/1 in 50 overs: Woakes continues. The first couple of deliveries are full; the second is sprayed down the leg side. Then he bowls short, and Rohit goes for the pull: he picks up a single through long leg.

Then another short delivery, and Pujara nicely plays the upper cut! Waited for it, and then guided it fine over the keeper's head. One bounce and into the boundary.

And he tries to play the cut again to a delivery that didn't have much room for him. But he nearly edged it behind. Excitement from the England team. But Pujara survives.

IND 133/1 in 49 overs: Short and wide from Overton; it's cut away nicely to backward point for four. Pujara's racing away! He's already scored 26.

He gets a full delivery on middle stump and he flicks it to midwicket for no run.

Deft touch! Ala Joe Root! It's on a good length outside the off-stump. Pujara opened the face of his bat to that one, and guided it through gully for another boundary.

A full delivery on off-stump is defended back to the bowler. Overton mock-throws the ball back to the batsman, glaring at him. He delivers another full delivery, which is defended again, and then sprays one down the leg side.

IND 125/1 in 48 overs: Short of a length from Woakes and Pujara rocks on the back-foot to cut the ball to point. No run.

An overpitched delivery to Pujara is driven to extra cover, and a quick single is picked up. Rohit gives another full delivery the same treatment, only this time he places it well and collects a boundary.

Another full delivery outside off-stump: defended to extra cover.

IND 120/1 in 47 overs: It continues to be overcast at the Oval.

Rohit continues to be watchful. He gets a short of a length delivery outside off-stump, from Overton, and leaves it alone. Then he gets a shorter one outside off, and he stands tall and drives, but for no run.

Then a repeat. This time, he takes off for a quick single as he gets the placement. There is an overthrow and another run is taken. It brings up the half-century for Rohit . Applause from the crowd and cheers from the Indian section of the crowd.

IND 118/1 in 46 overs: Rohit on 48. He gets a full delivery from Woakes on off-stump, and plays a drive to mid-on to pick up a single.

Pujara gets a short of a length delivery, defends it, and then quickly takes off for a single. Then is sent back. The next couple of deliveries are full, and they are defended, with Pujara saying 'no' loudly to his partner to rule out a run.

On a good length, outside off, left alone. On a good length again, on middle-stump, it's defended to the leg side by Pujara, again with a loud 'no'.

IND 117/1 in 45 overs: Pujara guides one to third man to pick up a single.

Rohit gets a couple of full deliveries on off-stump from Overton, and defends them. He, then, gets one on his pads and flicks the ball away to square leg for a single.

Pujara gets a short a delivery with some width, and he rocks on to the back foot to pick up a boundary through deep extra cover.

Pujara has twisted his ankle. As he ran to complete his run at the non-strikers end, upon playing that stroke, he tried to turn around and twisted his ankle. He immediately started limping, and now he is getting attention from India's medical team.

Last ball: full, on off-stump, defended off the front foot.

IND 111/1 in 44 overs: A sharp delivery from Chris Woakes nearly dismissed Rohit. It was a similar delivery to the one by James Anderson that got rid of K. L. Rahul. This time, Rohit's bat hits his front pad as the ball passes the bat en route to the wicketkeeper.

Not much trouble for Rohit in the rest of the over. There's a no-ball as well, adding to India's total.

IND 110/1 in 43 overs: Rohit practises running between the wickets to try to warm himself up ahead of the post-lunch session. Three slips and a gully for Craig Overton.

Full and straight to Pujara: defended solidly off the front foot. Pujara defends again when the ball is slightly shorter, just outside the line of the off-stump.

On the pads, flicked away for two runs. First runs of the session. On a good length, on middle-stump, flicked away again, but for no run. Full, outside the off-stump, left alone by Pujara.

Meanwhile, Rohit is three runs away from his 15th half-century in Test cricket. It's been a fruitful tour for him: 288 runs in eight innings.


K. L. Rahul was dismissed once again after getting a start in this game. He wasn't unlucky to be given out caught behind - even though he may have felt he hadn't edged it - but it could certainly be claimed that he didn't bat in the most favourable conditions. The pitch had flattened out for England's batsmen on Day Two and they batted under bright sunshine; on the other hand, Rohit and Rahul had to contend with a cloudy sky and bat under floodlights.

Nevertheless, it is a good start from India. If the clouds disappear and the sun does start to shine brightly, Kohli & Co. could make merry.


IND 108/1 in 42 overs: Lunch. India moves in with a 9-run lead. Exemplary batting from Rohit and Rahul to a large extent before falling to a snorter from Anderson.  Rohit bid time with utmost calmness and wasn't flustered by the lack of runs on a relatively flat surface. India takes the session in style and will aim to pile on the runs during the remaining overs in the day.

IND 107/1 in 41 overs: Rohit pulls and pulls in style. Overton dishes it short and Rohit nonchalantly swivels and smashes it to the square leg boundary. Overton fends a couple of more into him but Rohit flicks it towards midwicket.

IND 103/1 in 40 overs: 100 up for India as it takes the lead! Massive turn for Ali first ball and Rohit's stunned by it but does well to bring his bat down. Ali loops one in from outside off and Rohit decides to push forward with his pads. The ball hits the pads and England goes for a review and misses! Poor call from the vice-captain Moeen to ask his skipper to take one as it ends up missing the stumps by a fair margin. Pujara gets on strike and rocks back and pulls handsomely to midwicket for four and nearly tumbles onto the stumps in the process.

Moeen Ali comes in

IND 98/1 in 39 overs: Cracking stroke from Pujara! A bit off length from Overton but Pujara's on it in a flash and gracefully cuts past the point for a boundary. India closing in on the lead now.

Overton into the attack

IND 94/1 in 38 overs: Rohit living dangerously. Anderson tucks in one and Rohit's flick nearly lobs on straight to Woakes at mid-off. Woakes treads a bit too forward and makes a mess of it completely. Anderson zips one in sharply and Rohit's inside-edge jumps up again towards square. Anderson pushes it even further and this time Rohit drives handsomely through the covers for four.

Rohit Sharma completes 1000 runs for India in 2021.


IND 88/1 in 37 overs: Pujara off the blocks. Robinson floats another ball forward and this time Puji gets on the front foot and drive though extra cover.

IND 84/1 in 36 overs: Anderson's getting some genuine nip in this spell. Pujara prods forward towards a ball that seams in and it nearly crashes into the stumps off the inside-edge.

IND 83/1 in 35 overs: Robinson slides the ball in and Rohit creams it down the ground only for the ball to crash into the stumps at the other end. Robinson continues to exploit the channel but Rohit keeps his anchor down.

IND 83/1 in 34 overs: Anderson to Rahul. OUT! And from out of nowhere Jimmy finds the edge! Impeccable line from Anderson as it hits the deck and slightly nips away. Rahul has a faint push at it before receding. Huge appeal as the umpire objects. Root goes for the review and the replay suggests that the ball is close to the outside edge as the ball comes down after hitting the back pad. A clear spike and the third-umpire rules him out. Rahul is disappointed. He suggests to the umpire it should have been hitting the pad and not the ball. KL Rahul c †Bairstow b Anderson 46 (101b 6x4 1x6)

IND 83/0 in 33 overs: Robinson continues to tail the ball in but Rohit is up for it with a firm defence. He's crossed over a hundred balls in this innings but fails to get a move on. He flicks one easily off his pads but the midwicket fielder denies him a boundary.

Rohit Sharma has played 100-plus deliveries in the series five times out of 8 innings.

IND 82/0 in 32 overs: Anderson bowls full to Rohit who pushes it back. He follows up with an outswinger that hits the edge and falls to point. Anderson slackens the pace and floats in on the channel and beats Rohit's outside edge. Rohit was on the lookout for a drive but the change of pace troubles him.

IND 82/0 in 31 overs: Robinson wafts one in and Rahul stays firm and pushes for a single through cover. Rohit blocks a few deliveries outside the off-stump with a straight face and finds another single through cover.

IND 80/0 in 30 overs: Anderson drills the ball onto the stumps but Rahul does well to stand beside the line of the ball and tuck it fine for a single. Rohit gets the wobbled seam treatment and he does well to fend it off with a late push to the on-side.

Anderson returns

IND 79/0 in 29 overs: Rohit leans into a flowing drive. A slow outfield restricts him to just two runs. Robinson deftly slides one into hit Rohit flush on the pads, but it's a bit too high again . The openers fight through the first hour.

IND 77/0 in 28 overs: Again a back of length trajectory from Woakes. Rahul rocks back to defend as the ball maintains its line devoid of movement. Woakes completes another maiden.


IND 77/0 in 27 overs: Edged and dropped at second slip! Massive reprieve for Rohit as he plays away from the body to Robinson and the ball clips the edge. A tough chance for Burns as he slides down to his right. How big is this going to cost England..


Rohit receives medical attention from the physio. The reason remains unclear.

IND 74/0 in 26 overs: Woakes zips the ball in sharply and Rahul survives as he tucks the ball first somehow with his blade. Woakes continues to probe around his defences. He shapes the ball away and finds the outside edge but Rahul's out of danger as the ball skims low towards the slips.

IND 73/0 in 25 overs: Robinson finds a thickish outside edge off Rohit and the ball parries behind gully. Luck for Rohit there. He finds two runs. Nothing on the pitch for the seamers at the moment.

IND 71/0 in 24 overs: Woakes to Rahul. Traps him in front and the umpire raises his finger. Rahul reluctantly opts for a review. And guess what, it's missing! Rahul survives. Woakes ends up a sliding the ball a bit too much as it hits his pads and slides down leg.

IND 64/0 in 23 overs: Robinson tucks one in sharply and Rahul flicks it late off his pads for a single. Rohit leans forward to push and rotate strike. Robinson goes full and Rahul hammers him through covers with exquisite timing for a boundary.

Ollie Robinson into the attack

IND 58/0 in 22 overs: Woakes bowls short and wide and Rahul has a swat it. He misses it completely but that would keep Woakes interested. He pushes the ball in further and Rahul slices it towards third man for three runs.

IND 55/0 in 21 overs: Anderson surprises Rohit with a quick shorter one. Rohit whips it down late and keeps the ball away from the stumps. Anderson continues to bowl wicket to wicket in this spell.

IND 55/0 in 20 overs: Rahul on the straight drive this time! Woakes errs by going a touch too full and Rahul drills it past the umpire for another boundary. The lack of movement is troubling the seamers' length early in the first hour.

IND 50/0 in 19 overs: Fifty up for India. Rohit gets a corker from Anderson off the length. Hits the seam and tails in to nearly kiss the outside-edge but misses. Rohit tucks one fine and gets a single to raise the 50-run partnership for the openers.

IND 49/0 in 18 overs: Woakes continues to keep a stump-to-stump line and Rahul fends them off with ease. Woakes continues to bowl short as there's no evident movement for the bowlers so far. Maiden for Woakes.

Chris Woakes from the other end

IND 49/0 in 17 overs: Glorious from Rohit!  Anderson begins with a straight line attacking the stumps and hits high on Rohit's pads. It's missing the stumps. Rohit gets back on strike after Rahul's single and Anderson attempts another ball on the straight line. Rohit elegantly pushes it down the ground with a masterful straight drive to the boundary. And that's 11,000 int'l runs as an opener for Rohit!


James Anderson into the attack

Day 3 begins. Rohit and Rahul are back at the crease.


3:15PM IST: Indian fans will be plucking their hair off after today's forecast. After a bright day two, the clouds are back. Overcast conditions and the batters are going to have their task cut out this morning.

Pitch Report: The surface continues to stay similar to yesterday, but will get better for batting. The ball may begin to grip for the slower bowlers, however, the batters are primed to make merry on this track.

3:00PM IST: Ravi Shastri continues to hold a big pep talk in the team huddle. Huge day for the series and the Indian batters.

2:40PM IST: Numbers game


2:28PM IST: Who will come out on top on Day 3?


DAY 2 Review

India's return to the match after another dismal first innings was slow but steady. As England began Day Two with its skipper Root back in the den cheaply, the host was put in a spot of further as comeback man Umesh Yadav snapped Dawid Malan and night-watchman Overton in the first hour.

But a gritty knock from Ollie Pope on his home ground bailed England out of trouble and a smashing half-century from Chris Woakes strode their side to a crucial 99-run lead over India. With the surface flattened out to make life difficult for the seamers, there wasn't much that Kohli's bowlers could do.


Rohit and KL Rahul were back at the middle once again and they did well to tend through the last hour of the day. India is still 56 runs behind and the game that has largely been undecided so far, will be discerned by how the first hour goes today.

If the Indian openers traverse through England's initial burst, the visitor will be up with a massive chance to snatch the leash on Root's men once again.


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