India vs England HIGHLIGHTS 4th Test, Day 4: ENG 77/0, needs 291 runs on final day; Burns, Hameed build solid start

IND vs ENG 4th Test Highlights: Get live score updates, ball by ball commentary updates from India vs England 4th Test, Day 4 at the Oval.

Updated : Sep 06, 2021 16:27 IST

90 overs. 291 runs. 10 wickets. It all comes down to this as England's openers have put their side back on top after a fruitful session. Not only did they manage to hold off the Indians who were desperate for quick breakthrough, but they've essentially knocked off 77 runs at a decent click from a 368-run target. Let's admit that the pitch has been an absolute highway, but the runs haven't rolled out as much as one would have expected.

Kohli's lack of imagination and a poor spell from Jadeja could cop a few arguments towards the end of the day. The fatigue could pull you down besides the lack of opportunities that were on offer for wickets. There's no firm leader in this one as England will still need to pull off an epoch-making run chase but India will be wary of what might ensue. Kohli's men have a few good hours to brew up a solid plan to stay proactive on a flat track and inspire themselves to induce early mistakes on Day Five. Yes! We're heading into day five of the penultimate Test and surely you wouldn't the Monday blues to take over. Good night, folks. Join us for a riveting fifth day finish.

ENG 77/0 in 32 overs: Stumps! All set for a gripping final day finish.  A couple of chances in the last over but Burns holds his nerve and sees it through. This series continues to sway to and forth and at the end of the day where India staged yet another comeback, we have England put itself slightly back on top as the favourite.

ENG 75/0 in 31 overs: Boundaries incoming! Siraj has a stroll around Hameed's pads and he simply rolls his wrists twice to find the boundaries through fine leg. Siraj brings the ball in sharply and hits Hameed's pads after sneaking through his defence. Kohli goes for a review. That looks close. Close indeed but not enough! The ball does a bit too much in the end as it zips over the leg-stump.

ENG 67/0 in 30 overs: Jadeja scurries through his over. Much more control this time around as he lands the ball on the rough consistently. Burns does well to lean forward to reduce the turn into the pads and survives through another over.

ENG 67/0 in 29 overs: Siraj squares up Hameed but the batter finds a boundary at the end of it! The ball pitches in line to middle and shapes away to clip Hameed's outside edge. That was real close as the ball trickles through the space between Pant and Kohli in first slip for four.

ENG 61/0 in 28 overs: Jadeja finally in his element. He pins the ball on the rough but Burns does well to get his foot across to cover the off-stump. India lacking creativity and England wouldn't mind this at all. The openers would focus on seeing off the day. The runs can be chopped off tomorrow.

ENG 60/0 in 27 overs: Siraj fiddles with the length but Burns remains solid on defense. They've nearly knocked of one-sixth from the chase under two hours. 368 seems a real possibility, given how the surface has looked over the last couple of hours.

ENG 59/0 in 26 overs: Beats the outside edge! Jadeja lands one in the rough and Burns plays for the turn but the ball goes on straight from the pitch. It nearly brushes the bat as he hangs the bat out just that wee bit. So close for India late in the day.

ENG 59/0 in 25 overs: Glorious drive from Hameed! Siraj touches a hint too full and Hameed leans into the drive with his own good sweet time and pushes it to the boundary.

ENG 54/0 in 24 overs: Jadeja lands on the rough twice but Burns protrudes his thigh to deviate the ball away from the off-stump. England inching towards a wicket-less end to the day.

ENG 53/0 in 23 overs: Siraj continues to give it his all as he hits the pitch but Hameed is unmoved. He plays as straight as possible to negate the line and does the job quite well.

ENG 51/0 in 22 overs: Jadeja continues to go off line to Hameed who leans forward with ease to defend. He tucks one to the leg side and finds another single.

ENG 50/0 in 21 overs: Fifty up for England! This is a fine start for Burns and Hameed. Aided heavily by the pitch, but it's a rigorous effort to get so far. England has launched its chase without much fuss and India now realises 368 could look below par if these two see the day off.

Siraj replaces Bumrah

ENG 49/0 in 20 overs: Jaddu gets his trajectory right this time and forces Burns to play late off the backfoot. He hits the rough twice and a puff of dust emerges from the spot.

ENG 49/0 in 19 overs: Solid stuff from Hameed. Bumrah continues to tirelessly angle the ball in but the lack of nip keeps Hameed well in control. Just the single from the over but England's openers are firmly in control.

ENG 48/0 in 18 overs: Another boundary for Hameed. Jadeja slides one quickly onto the pads and Hameed use his pace and slides it down leg for four.

ENG 43/0 in 17 overs: Bumrah continues to fire in the wicket to wicket line. Hameed's not giving away an inch and continues to push forward with a neat defence. England slowly taking off the overs from the charts.

ENG 42/0 in 16 overs: Jadeja nearly gets Hameed! After another poor-start to the over, Jadeja goes flat and into Hameed. Hameed leans forward to push back but the ball seems to have clipped his boot and goes straight to silly point. The Indians are excited and the umpire refers it upstairs. The replays suggest that the ball touches the ground before bouncing to the fielder and Hameed survives.

ENG 37/0 in 15 overs: Tea. Bumrah has Burns hanging with a fine away-seamer off the length. All correct about that one from Bumrah. He hits the deck and seams it away and lures Burns into it away from his body for a moment before he recedes it back. Good hard grind from the openers to see through an hour.

ENG 37/0 in 14 overs: Jadeja has got the highest probability of inducing mistakes from the batters with the rough but he continues to bowl a meek spell. A couple of full-tosses and Burns is seamlessly off trouble from the rough.

ENG 34/0 in 13 overs: Smash! Bumrah fends a tad short off length and Hameed slams it through point for a fine boundary. There's nothing in it for Bumrah, this wicket. The minimal movement off the seam enables Hameed to take that extra amount of risk on churning the boundaries.

Bumrah replaces Umesh

ENG 30/0 in 12 overs: Short from Jadeja and Burns pulls it handsomely to the square leg boundary. Jadeja's focused on landing on the rough and ends up tossing it loose over and over.

ENG 24/0 in 11 overs: First boundary for England! Umesh bumps one in outside the off-stump and Burns rocks back and smashes it through midwicket for a fine boundary.

ENG 20/0 in 10 overs: Jadeja goes a touch too full and Hameed drills out another drive to the cover fielder. With all the close-in fielders, Jadeja fails to keep them in interested as he errs in length throughout the over.

ENG 18/0 in 9 overs: Umesh continues his spell with decent steam. He keeps moving the ball into Burns who employs a fine blade to push them back. Pretty watchful stuff from the openers so far.

ENG 15/0 in 8 overs: Jadeja aims to land the ball into the rough outside the off-stump to Burns and immediately induces turn and bounce. Burns finds a single. A silly point in place for Hameed. Jadeja loops it in and Hameed slams it through covers but Rahul dives to his right to prevent a certain boundary.

Jadeja into the attack!

ENG 11/0 in 7 overs: Umesh hits the length and finds some extra bounce that hits the bottom edge of Haseeb's bat. Excellent line from Umesh to follow as he keeps it as narrow as possible in the channel. Hameed resists the temptation to push at a really close angling towards the off-stump and scrapes through.

ENG 11/0 in 6 overs: So close to the off-stump! Bumrah angles the seam towards slips and drills it in. The ball nips off the seam sharply into Hameed and nearly brushes the off-stump on its way to Pant. Kohli's in disbelief that it's missed the stumps. Burns then finds three runs with a fine flick as Bumrah strays onto the pads.

ENG 6/0 in 5 overs: Hameed and Burns have got off to a decent blockathon to settle themselves in. Nothing pronounced off the seam for both Umesh and Bumrah so far and that's made it easier for the pair.

ENG 4/0 in 4 overs: Bumrah continues to probe and drill the line outside the off-stump. Hameed continues to lay low and leave the ball on its merit.

ENG 4/0 in 3 overs: Umesh tucks to the pads and Burns finds a single down leg. Haseeb gets off a pair as well as he flicks to the on-side. A misfield from Thakur hands him three runs.

ENG 0/0 in 2 overs: Bumrah angles the ball into Hameed's pads to start. He then shapes the ball away from the fifth stump line and Hameed carefully seems them through. Another maiden.

Bumrah into the attack

ENG 0/0 in 1 over: Umesh keeps a tight from over the wicket to Burns. Burns fiddles about but keeps his blade away from the bat as it seams off the length away to the keeper. Umesh maintains his line and earns a maiden.

Umesh Yadav with the new ball

The chase begins. Burns and Hameed are at the middle.


About 120 realistic overs are ahead of us. England will hope that's enough for their daunting job on a fine surface. But can Root's men push themselves to make it happen. India would have to toil for the wickets, no doubt, but 10 wickets seem more probable at the moment.  This has been a terrific fightback from India, especially its lower-order who came out all guns blazing when the team needed them the most.

England fell prey to the fatigue of just being out there for long hours. India's last four wickets cost them a 154 runs, and folks, that could well be the difference between the sides. We are moments away from the chase. Buckle up!

IND 466/10 in 148.2 overs: Overton to Umesh. OUT! Holes out to covers. And there you go! England needs 368 runs to win! Umesh Yadav c Ali b Overton 25 (23b 1x4 2x6)

IND 465/9 in 148 overs: High and handsome from Umesh. Woakes wafts in a loose length delivery and Umesh sets well and slams it over long-on for another huge six.

IND 457/9 in 147 overs: Umesh bludgeons Overton as he fends one short. The ball rises on to him but Umesh hops on the front foot and crashes it to the midwicket fence for a boundary.

Kohli is up and ready in the dressing-room. Bumrah helps him in picking the right Dukes for the job at hand.

IND 450/9 in 146 overs: 450 up for India - the lead crosses 350! Woakes goes straight in but Bumrah stylishly clears his front leg and whips the ball between midwicket and mid-on for a fine boundary. Woakes tucks it shorter and GONE! Bumrah lobs its straight to Moeen Ali at mid-on. Bumrah walks back having played his role to perfection. Jasprit Bumrah c Ali b Woakes 24 (38b 4x4)

IND 446/8 in 145 overs: Some solid defensive technique from Bumrah. Overton attacks the stumps but Bumrah gets well beside the line of the ball and pushes it back. He works a single with another push towards covers.

Overton into the attack

All set for the third session. Bumrah and Umesh walk back to the middle.


An action-packed session, this one. Boundaries, sixes, wickets, and near run-outs. The pitch is flat now and there's not much movement in the air, so there weren't as many deliveries beating the bat outside the off-stump.

How long will India bat? Considering the pitch and the conditions, India may want to bat a bit longer.

The good news for the Indian team is that Rishabh Pant finally has a few runs in this series, after suffering a blip in form. He was helped by the favourable conditions, though, and would have wanted to kick on for a bigger innings.

Join us, for the post-tea session, in about 20 minutes.

IND 445/8 in 144 overs: Bumrah adds another one to the highlights reel: he plays a nice slog sweep to pick up four more through deep midwicket.

Bumrah defends one from the crease and the ball travels to point. The batsmen run a single.

It's tea. An excellent session for India, despite the wickets lost.

IND 440/8 in 143 overs: Chris Woakes is into the attack now.

Bumrah drives a low full-toss but there's no run, as the ball is fielded by the fielder at mid-off. Shardul drives a full delivery nicely through extra cover for a glorious boundary! It's an excellent stroke - copybook style.

Bumrah picks up a single, guiding a short of a length delivery to point.

IND 435/8 in 142 overs: Bumrah shows he can play deft strokes! He waits for the ball from Moeen to come to him, and at the last moment, just opens the face of the bat to guide the ball past the fielder and pick up two runs.

Bumrah plays an extravagant drive and picks up a single.

Umesh defends the next two deliveries from Moeen.

IND 431/8 in 141 overs: Bumrah plays a nice sweep shot to pick up four more runs! It's on a good length, pitched on a middle-stump line, and sweeps hard. Doesn't bother to keep it on the ground as there's no fielder.

Bumrah drives to extra cover for a run, and then Umesh tucks the ball behind square on the leg side for one more run.

IND 424/8 in 140 overs: And Umesh goes downtown!

He gets a full delivery from Moeen and tonks the ball, depositing it in the stands beyond deep midwicket. Six runs.

Umesh plays a good length delivery with soft hands, steering it wide of the slip fielder to pick up a single. Bumrah defends on the off-side and picks up one run.

IND 415/8 in 139 overs: A tidy over from Root. One run coming from it. Umesh drives the ball to mid-off and takes a single off the second delivery of the over.

Bumrah defends the rest of the deliveries.

IND 414/8 in 138 overs: Now, Pant gets to his half-century. It's the first fifty of the series for him. He drives Moeen Ali to deep cover for a single. Umesh plays a full delivery to long-on and picks up one run.

And now Pant is out! Against the run of play. He steps down the track for a belligerent stroke, and smashes it straight back to the bowler. India eight down now.

Rishabh Pant c & b Moeen 50 (106b)

IND 412/7 in 137 overs: Joe Root comes on to bowl.

Cries of 'catch' from the wicketkeeper as Pant comes forward to drive but the ball takes the edge of the bat and travels to backward point. No run.

Pant gets a short delivery and he plays it off the back-foot for a single on the off-side.

And out! England has the breakthrough as Shardul edges to slip. It's a similar delivery to the one that dismissed Kohli. Root tempts Shardul to play the drive, which he does; the ball doesn't turn and goes straight. It takes the edge of the bat and the slip fielder makes no mistake.

Umesh Yadav is the new batsman. He defends the first ball he faces.

Shardul Thakur c Overton b Root 60 (72b)

IND 411/6 in 136 overs: Shardul gets a good length delivery outside off-stump from Robinson and pick up a single through point. The field is spread out, so when Pant gets a short and wide delivery and plays a cut, he can only get a single.

Oh and a glorious drive back past the bowler from Shardul for a boundary! It's a full delivery, not overpitched; Shardul doesn't get close to the pitch of the ball. He stands where he is and nicely drives.

IND 405/6 in 135 overs: Both batsmen are opening up now.

Anderson bowls a full delivery to Shardul - it's not a half-volley - and it's driven nicely for four through extra cover. He takes a single next delivery, and then Pant steps down the track to Anderson and cuts the ball hard to pick up four more runs through extra cover! That's audacious stroke.

Nine from the over.

IND 396/6 in 134 overs: Robinson's slower delivery is picked by Shardul; and the ball is lofted straight for six runs!

More runs, as Pant gets an inside edge to a good length delivery and the ball evades the stumps and runs away past the wicketkeeper. A quick single is taken as Pant defends one, and then Shardul gets a short delivery. He pulls it to deep square leg to reach his 50.

It's an excellent innings again from the fast bowler. He smiles as he completes the run to reach the landmark.

IND 383/6 in 133 overs: Shardul gets a short delivery from Anderson and plays an excellent short-arm-pull to pick up four runs through long leg.

Another short delivery, this time outside off-stump, it's cut away to point for a single.

And an interesting choice of shot from Pant! Out of the blue, he pulls out the reverse-sweep to Anderson! Can't manage to put bat to ball, and there's a huge shout for lbw. Not given.

England doesn't have reviews left. It was a close call.

IND 378/6 in 132 overs: Sound of drums. The Indian section of the crowd is having some fun.

Meanwhile, Robinson continues. He continues to test Shardul with short deliveries. Shardul cuts a short ball to deep point to pick up a single.

And a huge mix up! Pant tucks the ball to the leg side and takes off, there's some hesitation between the batsmen. Pant come down the track and turned around. Moeen came around from midwicket and quickly threw the ball at the stumps but missed it! And by the time the back-up fielder - Haseeb Hameed - collected the ball and threw it to the wicketkeeper, who had only then appeared near the stumps, Pant was back home.

Root cannot believe it.

Pant defends and takes a single next ball. Shardul pulls to pick up one more.

IND 375/6 in 131 overs:Edged! But doesn't carry to slip. It takes the shoulder of Pant's bat but goes on the bounce to the slip fielder.

Anderson is getting the deliveries to angle across the left hander from over the wicket. Pant nicely defends and or shoulders arms. He gets an overpitched delivery on off-stump and drives the ball to mid-off. Says no soon after hitting the stroke to signal to his partner that there wasn't any run on offer. Shardul duly turns back and reaches his crease.

Another maiden over.

IND 375/6 in 130 overs: Robinson bowls an accurate over. He tests Shardul out with a couple of short delivery. One of them is a slower ball as well. Shardul plays the pull both times, for no run.

It's a maiden over from Robinson.

IND 375/6 in 129 overs: Anderson makes Shardul drive off a full delivery, but it produces no run. The next ball is slightly shorter; Shardul punches it off the back-foot and runs three runs as the ball bisects cover and extra-cover.

Pant leaves the rest of the deliveries alone or defends.

IND 372/6 in 128 overs: Ollie Robinson is back in the attack to bowl his 28th over.

Pant gets width again and cuts the ball. But finds the fielder. No run.

It's a maiden over. Most of the deliveries are either defended or left alone.

IND 372/6 in 127 overs: A full delivery to Shardul from Anderson; it's a half-volley, and Shardul flicks the ball to mid-on for a single.

Anderson is making Pant play at his deliveries landing around middle stump from over the wicket. Pant is up to the task, driving safely or defending from the crease.

Off the final delivery of the over, he defends from the crease and quickly realises there's an opportunity for a single as the ball travels slowly past the non-striker. He keeps strike for the next over.

IND 370/6 in 126 overs: Shardul gets a short of a length delivery and plays a short arm jab, placing the ball wide of mid-on for three runs. An excellent stroke.

A loud shout for lbw. Not given. It seemed to have pitched outside the leg stump as it hit Pant on the knee-roll. England has no review left.

Woakes bows short of a length again but gives the batsman a bit of width. Pant capitalises on the opportunity, cutting stylishly to beat point and pick up four runs. He moves to 36.

Rishabh Pant goes downtown. - GETTY IMAGES

IND 363/6 in 125 overs: James Anderson in the attack now.

Pant flicks a full delivery on middle stump to fine leg to pick up a single. It brings up the 50 partnership. Shardul gets one on the legs and flicks it to leg for another single.

A nice looking drive from Pant as he gets a full delivery from Anderson; he reaches out to the ball and drives it to cover. No run. Pant defends the next couple of deliveries from the crease.

IND 361/6 in 124 overs: Pant punches off the backfoot to a short of a length delivery from Woakes and picks up a single.

Shardul treats the next three deliveries with respect, defending from the crease. He gets a slightly fuller delivery and he drives, but he's not quite in control of that one as he slices it up in the air. The field is spread out, so the batsmen will pick up a couple of runs.

IND 358/6 in 123 overs: Shardul goes back in his crease and punches to extra cover for a single. Pant tees off! He steps down the track to Moeen and lofts the ball behind the bowler's head, straight down the middle. One bounce and into the boundary.

He takes a single next ball. Shardul, then, punches off the back-foot to pick up four more runs.

IND 348/6 in 122 overs: Pant drives to mid-on and pinches a quick single. Direct hit from the fielder at mid-on, but Pant was home.

Short cover continues to be in place for Shardul. Shardul defends twice and then gets one on his pads; he flicks to deep backward square leg to pick up a single.

Short of a length to Pant. Defended. A full delivery to follow up; driven back to the bowler.

IND 346/6 in 121 overs: Shardul drives to long-on to pick up a single, off the first delivery of Moeen's 21st over.

Pant defends twice and then gets a short delivery and cuts the ball hard to deep cover for a single. Edged! But falls short of Haseeb Hameed at short leg. It pitched on a good length outside off-stump, and hit the inside edge of Shardul's bat as he took a stride forward to defend.

IND 345/6 in 120 overs: Woakes bowls short of a length to Pant, Pant punches it off the backfoot to pick up two runs.

Some sharp bounce, for Woakes. He bowls short of a length to Shardul, outside the off-stump, and it beats Shardul. A fuller delivery next up, it's square-driven for four. Shardul didn't bother to keep the ball on the ground.

Shardul drives again, this time to mid-off, to pick up a single.

Pant leaves the last delivery alone.

IND 339/6 in 119 overs: Runs straightaway. Short delivery to start off, it's steered wide of mid-on and a couple of runs are picked up. Moeen drops it short, and Pant cuts the ball to sweeper cover for a single.

Shardul defends solidly, then defends with soft hands to steer the ball past the slip fielder for two more runs. It's a good length delivery, and the ball hits the outside half of the bat to run away to third man.

A slight mix up, but no harm done. Shardul blocks the ball towards the off-side and takes off for a single. Turns around mid-pitch to return to the crease. Makes it home, just. The batsmen run one overthrow after the ball hits the stumps.

Pant drives down the ground to pick up a single and keep strike.

Moeen Ali to bowl the first over after lunch to Rishabh Pant.


What are some of the highest fourth innings totals at the Oval?


Three wickets falling to England tilts the session in its favour, but is the contest evenly poised? Perhaps not. If the tail is wiped out quickly, England could fancy chasing down the target without much trouble.

if the tail wags, though, the momentum could shift.

It's been that kind of a Test match, full of twists and turns, surprises in store at every turn, and neither team dominating for long periods.


IND 329/6 in 118 overs: India heads to Lunch after a cracking stroke from Shardul! Overton his the deck but Shardul with the least bit of care, aces a top notch straight drive. Wow, this man's in some fine touch. England, however, would be happy with how this session has panned out. Despite a benign wicket on offer, India has lost its middle-order in a feeble start.

IND 324/6 in 117 overs:  Creamed by Thakur! Moeen floats it to the length and Thakur drills it through extra cover for a beautiful boundary. Right, is the Shardulkar show on?

IND 318/6 in 116 overs: Thakur exhibits a fine defence against Overton. He's at home while nudging the nip-backer off the stumps towards mid-on. India will be hoping that he channelises his special hits for the right time.

IND 315/6 in 115 overs: England loses a review. Ali finds some massive turn from outside the off-stump to crash into Thakur's pads. A stifled appeal from the fielders and the umpire isn't interested either. Moeen convinces Root and goes up for a review. Turns out to be a poor one as it misses leg-stump by a mile.

IND 314/6 in 114 overs: Overton varies his pace as he takes the ball across Pant. Pant's caught in two minds and still ends up having a poke at it. The outside edge skims low to the third slip. No harm done. Overton gets a maiden.

IND 314/6 in 113 overs: Ali tosses it wide but Pant pushes it down the ground for a single. Thakur's at ease as well as he nudges one down the ground for another run.

IND 311/6 in 112 overs: Woakes bowls in the channel but Pant does well to move into the line and defend. This is a critical partnership for India. Thakur will have to play his part big time once again.

IND 311/6 in 111 overs: Ali to Kohli. OUT! Caught in the slips off a straighter one! What a moment in the game.  Kohli pushes forward in the line expecting the ball to turn from outside off-stump. Instead, the ball holds its line and takes the thick outside edge. Kohli's in disbelief and he's got no one to blame. The skipper's on his way and the game has once again witnessed a shift in fortunes. Virat Kohli c Overton b Ali 44 (96b 7x4)

Moeen Ali into the attack

IND 305/5 in 110 overs: Pant keeps a watchful eye as Woakes slides the ball across the line. No visible rush from him and perhaps Kohli's helped to keep on a tight leash here.

IND 304/5 in 109 overs: Crunch from Kohli! Overton loses his shape goes a touch too full. Kohli leans into it with a big stride and slams it once again through covers for four.

IND 299/5 in 108 overs: 200-run lead for India. Kohli treads cautiously against Woakes and leans forward to defend. India would be aiming for another 75 runs at the bare minimum.

IND 298/5 in 107 overs: Overton finds Kohli's outside edge but the ball falls short of Root! Tantalisingly close as Kohli's soft hands bail him out of trouble. Overton follows up with a sharp nip-backer that nearly jags back to hit the off-stump.

IND 298/5 in 106 overs: Pant keeps his guard down and leaves the balls outside off-stump on its line. With Kohli at the other end, one may expect Pant to play a much more sensible innings.

IND 298/5 in 105 overs: Overton hits the fourth stump line and Kohli's forced to lean forward and leave. Overton changes his angle and brings one in to Kohli who jumps on his feet to defend it back.

Overton into the attack

IND 298/5 in 104 overs: Woakes to Rahane. OUT! Trapped right in front this time! This is poor from the Indian vice-captain. He misses a straight one from Woakes as he tries to flick to the on-side. No reviews this time. It was dead the moment it hit his pads.  Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Woakes 0 (8b)

IND 296/4 in 103 overs: Robinson fires one in and finds the inside edge from Kohli's blade to the short leg region. Luckily for him, there's no close-in fielders. Another maiden for Robinson.

IND 296/4 in 102 overs: Woakes to Jadeja. OUT! Flush on the pads and Woakesy strikes once again! He continues to trouble the Indians with that impeccable line. Some serious movement off the pitch as it hits the deck and straightens to hit Jadeja on the pads. Needless review there from Kohli and Jadeja and the replays suggest three reds.  Rahane, the new man. Woakes hits the pads and the umpire raises his finger! No shot offered from Rahane as he leaves the ball on length. He opts for a review and the replays suggest the ball is missing the off-stump. Rahane survives after a dismal error in judgement.  Ravindra Jadeja lbw b Woakes 17 (59b 3x4)

Woakes into the attack.

IND 295/3 in 101 overs: Kohli on the move. Robinson finds a genuine outside edge off Kohli and it doesn't carry on the fully to Burns. Lucky break for VK. He follows it up with a sumptuous drive down the ground for four, rubbing salt to the wounds.

IND 291/3 in 100 overs: Vintage Virat! Anderson goes full outside off and Kohli clobbers it through the covers for a fiery boundary. He trusts the bounce and takes a good yard out from the crease to slam that one. Is no. 71 finally on its way?

IND 287/3 in 99 overs: Robinson finds Kohli's
outside edge as he plays down the wrong line, expecting some seam movement. Kohli plays it well and controls the shot towards third man albeit an edge. He fetches three runs. Robinson then tucks one to Jadeja's pads and he flicks it with ease to the fine leg boundary.

IND 280/3 in 98 overs: The ball's seemingly dead coming off the pitch. No movement off the seam and Anderson continues to hit the straight line. He surprises Jaddu with one that springs up to hit his elbow. Jadeja does well to employ a pretty straight blade to keep Jimmy away from the off-stump.

IND 280/3 in 97 overs: Robinson continues to keep Kohli on his toes. No respite whatsoever as he exploits the fourth stump line to good effect. Kohli leaves on merit but gets two fuller deliveries to cash in. He drills them towards square but the ball ends up in the fielder's hands. He misses out on two boundaries.

IND 278/3 in 96 overs: Anderson has some issue with the footholes on his run-up to the crease and we have a delay. We're back. Jadeja employs a neat defence and does well to employ efficient leaves outside the off-stump.

IND 277/3 in 95 overs: Thick edge from Jadeja but the ball skims past third slip and the batters find two runs. Robinson gets some fine movement off the pitch to pin Jadeja back on the crease. He does well to dead-bat the straight deliveries and deny Robinson's line of attack.

IND 275/3 in 94 overs: Anderson begins with a short ball and Kohli blocks it with ease. He pushes the ball forward and Kohli gets across and flicks it through midwicket for three runs. Anderson nearly accounts for Jadeja with a nippy delivery off the length. Jadeja has a feel for it away from his body and is lucky to not have a clear poke at it.

Anderson from the other end

IND 271/3 in 93 overs: Robinson begins with his customary length. He keeps it on a probing line on the off-stump and Kohli does well to defend. He pushes one to the covers and gets a quick single to close the over.

Robinson into the attack. Sunshine, bright and beaming!

Day 4 begins. Kohli and Jadeja are back at the middle.


3:28PM IST: Day four is set to go ahead as per schedule. All players have been tested twice and have come out with a negative test.

It continues to remain cold but the pitch's an absolute belter. If the batters have their eye in, it could be tough for England to sneak through India's middle-order.

2:50PM IST: Session timings for Day 4 -
Morning session: 1100 - 1300 (3.30 - 5.30 PM) Afternoon session 1340 - 1540 (6.10 - 8.10 PM) Evening session 1600 - 18:18 (8.30 - 10.48 PM) - ( IST)

Extra half hour available. 95 overs to be bowled


It truly took a masterpiece from up top for India to regain its grip on the game. Rohit Sharma, the tried and test opener, finally bloomed and came of age in his final frontier in the red-ball game. The new monk-like version of the 'Hitman' bid his time and carefully pushed India into a comfortable zone and, well, struck of a big monkey on his back that's been on and about for eight years.

Rohit pushed and defended like a man of supreme control and if a lull on the pitch was of help, no one else deserved it more than him on this tour. Rohit has played the most deliveries on this tour and well the finesse for the job at the top has been incredible. And in quite the emphatic grandeur, Rohit launched a massive six over long-on to register his first overseas Test hundred.


While Rohit hogged the spotlight, Pujara made merry at the other end with an uncharacteristic, stroke-filled innings that receded the burden on his partner's shoulders.

The duo looked all set to blunt the Englishmen all day, however, the new ball came to England's rescue. Robinson, as he's been all series, snapped Rohit and Pujara in one over a bit of luck and a snorter to follow.


Kohli and Jadeja were up soon and did well to see off the new ball threat as bad light forced an early stumps. India, with its 171-run lead, seems to be on the driver's seat. However, given the way this series has swayed from one side to another, you cannot count England out, not just yet. A couple of quick wickets in the first hour and India would be pushed back flat on the ground. Day Four is a cracker on its way, no two ways about that!


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