Karun's parents: 'He's proved he belongs here'

As Karun Nair approached a series of milestones, biting their nails in M. A. Chidambaram Stadium's upper-tier box were his parents Kaladharan Nair and Prema Nair. The couple couldn't restrain their joy when their son scored his maiden Test triple ton.

karun parents

Karun Nair's parents -- Kaladharan Nair (right) and Prema Nair (second from right) -- and others congratulate him after his historic triple hundred.   -  BCCI

Just as Karun Nair cruised past milestones, his parents - Kaladharan Nair and Prema Nair – went through a gamut of emotions. Seated inside an upper-tier box atop the press box at the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Kaladharan and Prema clapped their hands, paused a bit, spoke a bit in Malayalam and held their breath when Karun moved to 299.

The moment Karun went past the 300, they couldn’t restrain their joy. His mother Prema said with moist eyes: "What can I say? I am very happy."

Karun’s father Kaladharan, a businessman, said: "It is a great achievement. What he had wished for, he has achieved today. The first two matches, unfortunately did not go his way. But finally he has proved that he belongs here."

Admitting that he was anxious, Kaladharan said: "Before 100, nervous. Before 200, nervous. Now for the 300, nervous. We wanted that he should get it. He is capable. In Ranji Trophy he scored a 328, now 303 not out."

The son had sought his father over phone the previous night and Kaladharan said: "Just a couple of minutes, we don’t talk about cricket. What advice can we give? Just wish he does well. He is mature enough."

Kaladharan also mentioned Karun’s friendship with K. L. Rahul: "Karun played with him since 11 years. They batted throughout Karnataka’s matches. Now they have come back in Tests. We feel sad for Rahul missing 200. For him, Karun has compensated with a 300."

It was time for the couple to rush to the airport and catch a flight to Bengaluru. "My wife is a teacher in Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Because of her, we have to go," Kaladharan said.

Meanwhile in distant Canada, Karun’s elder sister Shruti Nair kept a tab on the match online. "She never misses any match," Kaladharan said.

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