R Ashwin: Not in a position to say what is a good score to defend

India off-spinner R Ashwin said that the team is looking forward to bat out the first session on day four and that there is a lot of time left in the game.

R Ashwin is all pumped up after dismissing Henry Nicholls.   -  AFP

He conceded that the breeze almost blew him away but Ravichandran Ashwin continued bowling even as the icy winds swept across the Basin Reserve.

“Look I am not the lightest but it [the wind] was pushing me across so it must be of some significance,” Ashwin said.

He operated well in tough conditions, invariably bowling against the wind, striving to gain control over the breeze.

“On both days, I’ve had to bowl from ends where the breeze was coming against me. And the wind was such that a spinner couldn’t really take any benefit from it.”

The off-spinner added, “So I had to adjust and make the best of what was available. I quite enjoyed the way I bowled and the fourth innings might offer us a little more from the surface.” 

Ashwin felt there was plenty of cricket left in the game. “There is so much time left. It’s difficult to say what might happen. There are six sessions to go in the game and we are not even in a position to say what is a good score to defend.”

On only Mayank Agarwal being able to find the right balance between offence and defence, Ashwin said. “It’s an individual’s game-plan and it’s hard to say that one needs to play in this way in terms of attack and defence. It’s a fine line.”

About having a deep extra cover for Kane Williamson, Ashwin said, “If you look at Kane Williamson’s wagon wheel, I would have put it right up if it was up to me because Kane, against the off-spinner, always looks to hit through covers. He doesn’t cut or step out much either.”

The Kiwis, he said comprehended the conditions well. “They hit with the wind,” he said.

In the cold and blustery Basin Reserve, Ashwin has unfinished business.

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