Kohli, Rahul dazzle in 2-1 series win for India- As it happened

Virat Kohli (85) and K.L. Rahul (77) helped the host chase down 316 as India bagged the match by four wickets and clinched the series 2-1 vs West Indies.

Updated : Dec 23, 2019 14:14 IST , CHENNAI

Virat Kohli scored a gritty 81-ball 85 to keep India in the hunt despite losing partners at the other end.
Virat Kohli scored a gritty 81-ball 85 to keep India in the hunt despite losing partners at the other end.

Virat Kohli scored a gritty 81-ball 85 to keep India in the hunt despite losing partners at the other end.

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the third and final ODI between India and West Indies at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack.


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That's that! This culminates another great year of cricket. We will be back in January 2020 for the T20I series between India and Sri Lanka and that will be followed by Australia's tour of India.

Well, what a cameo from Shardul Thakur. 17 off 6 balls, including two fours and a six. Jadeja's 31-ball 39 also proved to be extremely crucial.

Coming to the delivery, Jadeja taps the ball to mid-wicket and the pair takes a quick single. The direct throw hits the stumps but Thakur had made it home on time. Umpires, anyway, went to the third umpire to be sure but the verdict was that it was a no-ball.

9:38 pm: NO-BALL AND INDIA WINS! What a fitting conclusion to a great series, a great year and a great decade of cricket.

SCORES LEVEL! Jadeja punches the ball to extra-cover for two runs.

9:35 pm: FOUR AND INDIA IS JUST THREE RUNS AWAY FROM VICTORY! Slower bouncer and Jadeja's top edge is enough for the ball to run down to the fine leg fence for four.

9:32 pm: THAKUR YOU BEAUTY! SIX OFF THE TOP EDGE OVER FINE LEG FOLLOWED BY A CRACKING FOUR THROUGH THE COW CORNER! Thakur has brought India right back into the game and India requires just seven runs from 12 balls.


9:25 pm: FOUR! Thakur gets off the mark in style! He thumps the ball through extra-cover for four. He had received a word from Kohli on his way in.  Wonder what he said!

Shardul Thakur is the new man in.

9:23 pm: BOWLED HIM AND THE STADIUM IS STUNNED! Pin-drop silence! Kohli chops one on and Paul is ecstatic! Kohli depart for 85 off 81 balls.

9:18 pm: FOUR! The crowd is brought to its feet after Jadeja hits Cottrell over covers for four. Excellent shot from the no. 7 batsman. Well-fielded in the deep. Jadeja absolutely hammers another short ball from Cottrell to long leg and Pooran does well to stop two runs at the boundary.

9:14 pm: FOUR! A nothing half-tracker from Holder and Jadeja latches on to it and thumps it to the mid-wicket fence. 50-RUN PARTNERSHIP UP BETWEEN THE TWO after Jadeja dabs the ball to long-on for a single.

9:10 pm: Kohli (81*) and Jadeja (17*) hold key as India needs 53 runs in 42 balls.

9:03 pm: FOUR! FOUR! Kohli is upping the ante now. Two boundaries of consecutive balls as India claims 10 runs off the Pierre over.

9:00 pm: 63 runs needed off the last 48 balls. Good over from Holder, as he concedes just five runs.

8:54 pm: Last nine overs to go! India requires 68 runs. Jadeja has hit a boundary so far and running between the wickets has been good.

8:47 pm: FOUR! Streaky but he'll take it. The bouncer was mounting on Jadeja, who tries to fend it but the ball clips his gloves and runs down for four.

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in.

8: 45 pm: BOWLED HIM! Sheldon Cottrell swings one in sharply as the ball sneaks between the bat-pad gap and crashes into the middle stump.  Kedar Jadhav pays the price for trying to play across the line.

8:35 pm: FIFTY FOR CAPTAIN KOHLI! Slower bouncer from Paul and Kohli waits for it before guiding the ball down to fine leg. Four off the over.

8:32 pm: Jadhav gets off the mark by nudging the short of length delivery down to third man for a single. Later, Kohli dabs the ball behind stumps and Jadhav runs a quick single. Hope's throw hits the stumps but Jadhav had made it home on time.

Kedar Jadhav is the new man in.

8:28 pm: BOWLED HIM! Rishabh Pant chops one onto his own stumps as he tries to cut a delivery which was the not there to be cut . Kohli slowly losing support on the other end.

8:26 pm: 200 up for India. After Pant glances a loosener from Paul to the fine leg fence for four, he takes a quick single by tapping the ball to point. With that single, India brings up its 200.

8:23 pm: Pant gets off the mark. Driven through the covers and Pollard does well to stop a certain boundary. He falls awkwardly on his right elbow and clinches it instantly in pain. POLLARD AT IT ONCE AGAIN! This time, the big fella gets down on time at mid-off to save another boundary. FOUR! But Kohli makes sure that the ball reaches the fence. Pitched up by Holder, Kohli showcases spectacular balance to play it past the mid-off fielder for four.

8:17 pm: Paul concedes just four runs off the over.

Rishabh Pant is the new man in.

8:14 pm: OUTTT!! Keemo Paul gets rid of Shreyas Iyer with a short ball. Iyer didn't play that pull comprehensively and hit it in the air behind point. Alzarri Joseph does well to run in from the boundary and take good, low catch. Iyer hangs around for a bit, hoping that on-field umpires will have another look, but he is sent back instantly. The replay shows that the catch was taken cleanly.

8:09 pm: FOUR! FOUR! Two cracking boundaries by the India skipper off Joseph. Both were short and outside off stump, Kohli was strong on the back foot and pierced mid-wicket region with supreme ease for boundaries.

8:04 pm: Iyer chops Chase through point to get off the mark. Five runs from the over.

Shreyas Iyer is the new man in.

8:01 pm: OUT! No century for the opener, KL Rahul, today either. Joseph digs it short and directs towards the body of the batsman. Rahul, on one leg, tries to flick it behind square on the on-side but the ball clips the gloves and falls to keep Hope for an easy catch.

7:52 pm: EXQUISITE! Pick-up shot from KL Rahul travels the distance. Joseph strays it straight on to the pads and Rahul's flick has enough power in it for the ball to travel over the fence. EFFORTLESS! Nine from the over.

Alzarri Joseph is reintroduced into the attack.

7:47 pm: FOUR! Good-looking boundary from captain Kohli. Paul feeds it short and wide and Kohli has enough time to slap it through the off-side for four.

7:43 pm: Holder follows it up with another tight over, as he gives away just four runs.

7:39 pm: Good, tight over from Keemo Paul as he concedes just two single. India has managed to keep up the run-rate despite Rohit Sharma's dismissal.

7:34 pm: CLASS! But that's usual business from Kohli. Length delivery outside off, Kohli leans into the drive, presents the full face of the bat and plays a delightful drive for four. Seven runs from the Holder over.

7:31 pm: Kharry Pierre concedes a boundary off the first ball. Tosses it up and Rahul drives it through the cover region for four. Eight runs off the over eventually.

7:28 pm: A good over from Holder comes to an end. Kohli nudges the ball to sweeper cover to get off the mark.

Virat Kohli is the new man in.

7:24 pm: OUTTT!! CAUGHT BEHIND! Rohit Sharma falls for a well-made 63. Jason Holder gets the breakthrough for the visitor. Length delivery outside off, Rohit tries to drive the ball on the up. But the length wasn't quite there as he knicks the ball to keeper Shai Hope.

7:19 pm: LUCKY ESCAPE FOR ROHIT! Rohit sweeps Pierre towards the deep mid-wicket. The ball comes off the toe-end of the bat and falls short of Evin Lewis. He could have done better there. FOUR! Rohit, on the last ball of the over, doesn't miss out this time as he sweeps the ball behind square to cap off the over with four.

7:18 pm: 20 overs gone, India is 113/0. Rohit and Rahul are looking in sublime touch in the middle as India is scoring at a run-rate of 5.65.

7:10 pm: FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA AND THE DUO HAVE PUT UP YET ANOTHER CENTURY STAND!  Flicks it to mid-on for a quick single.

7:03 pm: FIFTY UP FOR KL RAHUL! Taps the ball to the on-side to get to his fifty. He has struck some serious good form in this series.

6:52 pm: Too straight from Pierre and Rohit Sharma brings out the sweep. Gets enough bat to put it past Alzarri Joseph and short fine leg for four. 

6:49 pm: Five runs off his over.

Khary Pierre is introduced into the attack.

6:46 pm:  He concedes eight runs off his first over, including a boundary from Rahul. Short and wide and Rahul rock backs and cuts it past the point fielder for four.

Roston Chase replaces Sheldon Cottrell.

6:37 pm: SHOTT!! Too easy for a player who times the ball as well as Rohit Sharma does. Short and wide from Cottrell, Rohit waits for it and cuts it late behind square on the off-side for four.  10 overs gone, India cruising at 57/0.

MILESTONE ALERT: Most runs scored by an opener in a calendar year across formats.


6:28 pm: FIFTY PARTNERSHIP UP BETWEEN THE PAIR! Paul strays it down the leg slide and Rahul glances it down the fine leg boundary for four.

6:24 pm: Poor fielding results in a boundary for Rahul and India. Paul slides one onto Rahul's pads, who flicks it between mid-wicket and mid-on for four. Roston Chase at mid-on should have done better, but he is lazy and slow to get down and costs his teams at least three runs.

Keemo Paul replaces Cottrell.

6:20 pm: Rohit and Rahul continue to rack up runs with ease. First, it was Rohit with a flick off his pads behind square for four. Two balls later, Holder digs it wide of off stump and Rahul is very strong on the square cut as he sends another one to the fence. India is 36/0 after six overs.

6:11 pm: SIX! FOUR! Sharma launches one over mid-wicket by pulling the short ball from Holder. Then, he cuts a short and wide delivery for four. Ten runs off the over.

6:02 pm: FOUR! HITMAN OFF THE MARK! Full-toss on the off stump line and Rohit Sharma guides it past the mid-wicket fielder for four with ease.  FOUR MORE! Full and wide, Sharma charges down the track, reaches out to pitch of the delivery and slashed it past the cover-point fielder for four.  Rahul and Rohit run a brace as India clinches 11 runs off the over.

6: 02 pm: FOUR! KL Rahul is off the mark with a boundary. Jason Holder, who is sharing the new ball with Sheldon, offers the Karntaka-batsman a freebie down the leg side. Rahul flicks it behind square with ease for four.  Jason concedes four runs off the over.

5:58 pm: Right on the money! Cottrell starts off with a maiden ove r. India 0/0 after 1 over.

Cottrell to Sharma and here we go!!! Last 50 overs of the ODIs this decade!

Sheldon Cottrell with the new ball in hand.

We are back with the chase. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul have come out to open the innings.

Be back shortly with the chase.


5:25 pm: Windies finish at 315/5 in 50 overs. 16 runs off the last over. 135-run partnership between Pollard and Pooran.  This is the highest fifth-wicket partnership by a West Indies pair against India in ODIs. West Indies scored 105 runs in the last eight overs. Carnage!

5:20 pm: Shami to bowl the last over.  Holder takes a single to cover as Windies cross the 300-run mark. Next up, Shami pitches it up and that's just a gift really. Pollard swings his bat and dispatches the ball over long off for six. SIX MORE! Yorker gone wrong from Shami and Pollard hits this one even further. Spectacular hitting.

5:18 pm: THAT'S GONE SAILING INTO THE NIGHT SKY! Simply stunning hitting from Pollard. Saini under pressure, gets the yorker wrong and gifts a juicy full-toss to Pollard. The big man slams it over deep mid-wicket for six.


10 ODI fifty for Pollard. First one after 2.5 years. Back-to-back boundaries off Saini to bring up the milestone.

Jason Holder is the new man in.

5:12 pm: OUTTT!!! Shardul Thakur gets rid of Nicholas Pooran as the Windies batsman misses out on his century by just 11 runs. Brilliant innings nonetheless.

5:12 pm: DROPPED BUT THAT WAS A VERY DIFFICULT CHANCE! Lewis tries to slog Thakur over cow corner but the ball finds the edge, flies over Pant for four. Pant did manage to get his fingertips to it. FOUR! After Thakur drags one wide, Pooran cuts the ball behind backward point for four. SIX! Gives himself room but Thakur follows him, but Pooran whips it off his pads for a six behind long leg.

5:01 pm: SMOKED AND SAINI DOES WELL TO TAKE EVASIVE ACTION! First ball of the over, Saini pitches it up to Pooran, who smacks it past the long-on fielder. Next ball, Pooran pulls Saini ahead of square to bring up the 100-run stand between him and Pollard. WHAT A SHOT! Shot ball from Saini and he executes a terrific pull to deep mid-wicket for four. JUST SHORT! A full-toss on the waist level and Pooran rolls his wrist to deep mid-wicket. Rahul from the boundary was late on the charge and was a second late on the catch despite putting a forward dive. 

4:55 pm: Just four from the Thakur over. Last five overs coming up.

4:51 pm: FOUR down to third man! The fielder was inside the circle, ball was full and outside off. All Pooran had to do was get some piece of bat on it and angle it. He did just that. Lovely shot.

4:47 pm: DROPPED YET AGAIN BY PANT! Another difficult chance, as the ball flies low and left of Pant after grazing Pooran's edge, but you expect them to take such half chances at this level.

4:44 pm: FIFTY UP WITH A SIX! Well-played Nicholas Pooran! Fuller and outside of off, Pooran run his hand and muscles it over wide long-off for six.

4:42 pm: BOOOOMMM! Pollard continues to go after Kuldeep, who continues to pitch it up into his arc. Pollard whips the ball right over the bowler's head for a monstrous six.

There is a small halt in play here. Batsmen are facing some issues with the sight-screen.

200 up for West Indies! How many more can they get in the next 54 balls?

Right then, last 10 overs to go. Powerplay three has been enforced.

4:29 pm: DISPATCHED! Pooran is striking the ball beautifully (metaphorically and literally) here. First ball of the Thakur over, lengthy ball, and Pooran swings it the ball over long-off for a massive six. Nine of the over as Windies is 197/4 after 40 overs. With that six, the two have notched up a fifty-run partnership.

4:24 pm: DRIVEN FOR FOUR! There is something about left-handers leaning forward for a cover drive. Just so pleasing to the eyes!! Half volley offered by Shami and Nicholas Pooran happily obliged. Four more added to his kitty.

Mohammad Shami has been brought back on.

4:19 pm: Good over from the bowler, who concedes just two runs.

Thakur is back into the attack.

4:15 pm: Kuldeep Yadav is reintroduced into the attack.  GOING, GOING AND GONE! Kuldeep Yadav tosses it up to Pollard, right in his arc, who lofts it over long-on for a tall six. SIX MORE! Second off the over and this time over extra-cover. Kuldeep flights one and the ball meets the same fate as Pollard sends it sailing into the stand.

4:03 pm: Thankfully enough for Windies, its captain is back on his feet as play resumes. Pooran plays a Lara-esque pull to deep square leg for a single. Three came of the over eventually.

However, it didn't save him from getting hurt. Pollard is down and is receiving some treatment on his left toe.

3:58: INDIA WASTES ITS REVIEW! Saini's stinging in-swinging yorker clips Pollard on the toe before the batting pair run a single. India think hard and eventually reviews it. The replay shows that the impact was outside off when Pollard brought his front foot out. That step forward saved him, really.

Kieron Pollard is the new man in.


3:50 pm: BOWLED HIM! What a ripper to send Roston Chase packing! Cracking delivery from Saini, as his 139 kph yorker lands right in the blockhole. Chase was late to get his bat down on time and the ball crashed into the stumps.

Nicholas Pooran is the new man in.

3:42 pm: GONE THIS TIME!!! Maiden ODI wicket for Navdeep Saini as he breaks the 62-run partnership. Huge moment for the youngster. Saini, from over the wicket to the left-hander, digs it short and directs the ball the ribs of Hetmyer. The batsman goes for the pull but spoons is upwards. Kuldeep Yadav at deep backward square leg holds on to an easy catch.  A wicket and six runs from this over as Windies is 137/3 after 30 overs.

3:38 pm: CHANCE OF A RUN OUT BUT SAFE! Chase drops his bat to the backward point and calls Hetmyer for a quick single. Jadeja is quicker to the ball and has a crack at stumps. But the ball misses the stumps by a whisker and Hetmyer was gone for all money had the ball hit.

Navdeep Saini is brought back into the attack.

Last three overs, 35 runs for the Windies.

3:30 pm: SIX BUT WHAT AN EFFORT FROM K.L. RAHUL! A skiddy short ball from Thakur hurries Hetmyer into the pull shot, who hits in front of square. Boundary-rider Rahul times his jump to perfection to pluck the ball out of the thin air with his left hand. He falls over and gets rid of the ball only after landing back on turf. FOUR! Hetmyer showing intent. Another short ball from Thakur, another pull from the batsman but this time, the ball flies off the top edge, over the keeper for four.

Shardul Thakur is brought back into the attack.

3:24 pm: WHACKED FOR SIX! FIRST OF THE MATCH COMES OFF HETMYER'S BLADE! Google from Jadeja and the batsman plays with the spin. Gets down on one knee and thwarts it over deep mid-wicket for a six.

3:20 pm: DROPPED! Jadeja bowls it quicker through it air and drags it down the leg side. Hetmyer tries to guide it to fine leg but the ball brushes the inside edge and Pant fails to hang on. Batsman take two. Next ball, Jadeja digs it quick and short and Hetmyer looks to slog. Once again, the ball finds the inside the edge and Pant fails to hang on to a second catch in consecutive deliveries.  Five off the over.

Kuldeep Yadav continues to operate from the other end.

3:12 pm: Welcome boundary for West Indies! Jadeja digs it short on middle-leg stump, Chase rocks on to the the back foot and punches it through the gap between deep mid-wicket and long on for four.  First boundary after 41 balls for the visitor.

3:00 pm: 20 overs gone, Windies is 70/2.  The bowling change by Kohli, to bring Shami in, worked just fine for the host.

New batsman in is Shimron Hetmyer.

2:55 pm: BOWLED HIM! SHAMI REMOVES THE IN-FORM Shai Hope for 42.  Pitched on the good lenght, the ball swings in sharply into the right-hander from the off stump line and rams into the middle stump. Hope tries to play across the line but leaves a big gap between bat and pad, which was enough for Shami to do the damage.

2: 45 pm: DROPPED CHANCE AND COULD HAVE BEEN A STUMPING! Kuldeep Yadav floats it outside off and Chase looks for the drive. The ball seems to have lightly grazed the outside edge on its way to Pant, who drops it. The ball then rolls to the stumps and dislodges the bails. Umpires check for a stumping, but Chase had dragged his foot back on time. FOUR! Chase with a cracking boundary through the sweeper cover area.  Punished for it pitching it full an outside off.

Roston Chase is the new man in.

Ravindra Jadeja provided the host with the breakthrough after dismissing Evin Lewis.

2:38 pm: OUT!!  The breakthrough has finally arrived for India and Lewis is the first man to depart. Just as the commentators were talking about not pitching it full to Lewis as he can hit it a long way, Jadeja does exactly the same. Only this time, Evin's big heave over the long-on region flies high and Navdeep Saini does extremely well to hang on to the catch, as he reversed cups it and rolls backwards after catching it.


Milestone Alert: Average over 53, and in just 67 innings Shai Hope crosses 3000 career runs mark in ODIs and becomes the fastest West Indies batsman to get the milestone.  Coming to the ball, it was a fraction short from Jadeja and Hope takes a single wide of mid-wicket.

Ravindra Jadeja is introduced into the attack.

2:31 pm: FIFTY PARTNERSHIP!  Saini pitches it short of good length and directs it Lewis' hips. The bastman tucks it to square leg for a single and Windies cross the 50-run mark.

2:27 pm: He concedes just four runs from his first over.

Kuldeep Yadav has been introduced into the attack. The hat-trick hero from the last match replaces Shami.

2:18 pm: GLORIOUS! Once again, Lewis makes the bowlers pay for pitching it up as he drives Shami past the mid-off fielder for his third boundary. 10 overs gone, Windies is 44/0.

2:13 pm: CLOSE!! Hope taps the ball towards point, but the ball dies down instantly after bouncing. Batsmen run for a quick single and Saini burst forward to grab the ball quickly. He has a shy at stumps, but mises it by a whisker. DROPPED, BUT WHAT AND EFFORT FROM JADEJA! Pitched at good length and wide, Lewis slashes it hard. The ball's in the air and Jadeja, at backward point, dives to his left. The ball slips through his hand but no run is taken.

2:07 pm: FOUR! Shai Hope is looking in fine touch. The ball is angling away from the right-hander, who hits the fullish ball through the line for four.

Thakur changes ends, replaces Shami.

2:03 pm: FOUR! First ball by Navdeep Saini in his debut is hit right past him for four. First boundary for Lewis. Juicy half-volley and Lewis stands tall as he drives it down the ground for a boundary. Next two balls, Saini pitches it on good length and swings it away from the left-hander. FOUR! Once again, over-pitched by Saini, this time outside off, and Lewis leans into the ball and drives it through cover for four.  Finishes the over with a bouncer, does Saini.


Debutant Navdeep Saini replaces Shardul Thakur.

1:58 pm: Shami's fullish delivery on the pads is flicked to deep mid-wicket for two by Hope as the sixth over comes to an end.

It's been a steady start from both teams. The opening pair for India has bowled well, pitched it on good lengths and are getting decent purchase off the wicket. Hope is clearly looking the more settled batsman of the two.

1: 48 pm: In the air, but safe. Lewis' cut over point falls just short of Shardul Thakur at third man. Single taken. Hope then flicks the ball through mid-wicket region for a brace. FOUR! What a glorious straight drive from Hope to bring up the first boundary of the Windies innings. Pitched up, Hope opens the face off the bat drives it past mid-off for four. Pulled for four. Hope caps off the over with a lovely hit to the fence. 

1:44 pm: Hope off the mark with a lovely punch through cover-point region. Not a bad ball, but Hope presents the full face of the bat for two. Three from that over.

1:38 pm: He starts with a maiden.

Mohammad Shami is sharing the new ball.

1:35 pm: Good start from the bowler. Pitched on good length and the bowler gets some inward movement. Well defended by Lewis, solid on the front foot defence. First runs on the board next ball. More inward movement this time, Lewis gets an inside edge onto the pad and the ball trickles down to fine leg for a single.  Good show of seam from Thakur. Swings it away from right-hander Shai Hope, who shoulder arms his first two balls.  One from the first over.

Thakur to Lewis and here we go!!!

Shardul Thakur with the new ball in hand!

Evin Lewis and Shai Hope are out in the centre.

India and West Indies openers have made their way out.

Right then, the players are all set for the  last ODI of the year and the decade.


Playing XIs for the day:

India:  Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Navdeep Saini

West Indies:  Evin Lewis, Shai Hope(w), Shimron Hetmyer, Roston Chase, Nicholas Pooran, Kieron Pollard(c), Jason Holder, Keemo Paul, Alzarri Joseph, Khary Pierre, Sheldon Cottrell


Team news:-

India makes one change. Navdeep Saini (making his debut) replacesDeepak Chahar .

West Indies remains unchanged .


This is what both the captains said at the toss:

Virat Kohli: We will bowl first. Dew will be a factor, we played a match against England and defending 380 proved to be tough. It's a good opportunity to bowl first on this pitch. The mindset needs to be right, we have won many Tests after losing the toss, the focus should be on the larger picture. Winning toss does give a advantage, but you can't play reckless cricket. One change for us, Deepak Chahar is out with a back injury,  Navdeep Saini  makes his debut.

Kieron Pollard: I'm not exactly sure about how the pitch would behave. It's a matter of assessing the pitch and playing good cricket. The batting has been fantastic, we have faltered at the back end of the innings when we bowl, we have stressed on the things we need to improve. Happy faces and everybody want to improve. Hopefully, the openers will set-up a good platform for the others to take it forward. We are playing the same XI.


Pitch Report: The spinners will like this pitch, there are some cracks and it might open up. It's a little soft underneath, will help the ball to grip and turn. Dew is always a factor here, it will be a consideration for the team winning the toss. As presented on air by Sunil Gavaskar and Murali Kartik.

Fast bowler Navdeep Saini is all set to make his ODI debut and he receives the cap from skipper Virat Kohli.  He comes on the back of a five-wicket haul against Andhra in the Ranji Trophy.

The Barabati Stadium in Cuttack last hosted an ODI on January 19, 2017. India emerged victorious on the day by 15 runs against England.


India, in fact, hasn't lost a match on this ground in the past 16 years. Last team to beat India in Cuttack was New Zealand, when it clinched the contest by four wickets on November 6, 2003.


India since then:

  • Beat West Indies by 20 runs
  • Beat England by 6 wickets
  • Beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets
  • Beat West Indies by 1 wicket
  • Beat Sri Lanka by 169 runs
  • Beat England by 15 runs


The match between India and Australia on October 26, 2013 was abandoned.



Having levelled the series in Visakhapatnam, Team India will look to seal the series and register its 10th straight bilateral series win. Christmas is round the corner and Virat Kohli would like to sign off the year with a win.

It's bright and sunny at the Barabati Stadium and the players are warming up ahead of the decider.

But first, here's the preview from our correspondent, Y.B. Sarangi .

India vs West Indies: Who will blink first in the series decider?

India’s recent shows of resilience, evident from its confident fightbacks in T20 series against Bangladesh and the West Indies, will hold it in good stead in the third and final one-day international against the Caribbeans at the Barabati Stadium here on Sunday.

With the series evenly poised at 1-1, the decider may turn Barabati Stadium into a pressure cooker.

India vs West Indies: Know my game really well right now, says Shreyas Iyer

With experience, Shreyas Iyer is ripening into a responsible middle order batsman and his knocks of 70 and 53 against West Indies in the ongoing one-day international series have helped India immensely.

Having been there, done that, the Indians know their job well.

India's Navdeep Saini bowls during a nets session at the Barabati Stadium.

“Even the last match was a do-or-die (affair) for us with the series on the line. We will play with the similar mindset. When the stakes are high, I feel all the players pull their socks up, put up their hands… We will try to create that magical moment so that it can affect the team in a positive way,” Shreyas Iyer said.

India vs West Indies ODI: Barabati all set to host series-decider

The Barabati Stadium is at its prettiest shape in recent times as it gets ready to host the third and series-deciding one-day international between India and West here on Sunday.

The clock tower at the Barabati Stadium, which was affected during Cyclone Fani, went through some significant restoration work ahead of the third ODI.

The 61-year-old venue, which bore the brunt of cyclone Fani in May last, demanded a lot of attention after the ODI was allotted to the Odisha Cricket Association (OCA).

It was a tough task for the newly-elected OCA office-bearers, who got about two months to put everything in place.

Spectators excited


The excitement of spectators knew no bounds even though the two teams’ practice sessions, scheduled on Friday, was cancelled.

The OCA has been struggling to meet the huge demand for tickets. “We are selling about 38,000 tickets, but are losing 5,200 on Gallery No. 7 as it has been declared unsafe. Looking at the demand, it’s a significant number,” said Mohanty.

Squads (from):

India:   Virat Kohli  (captain), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant (wk), Kedar Jadhav, Manish Pandey, Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwal, Ravindra Jadeja, Shivam Dube, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav,  Mohammed Shami, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini.

West Indies:  Kieron Pollard (captain), Sunil Ambris, Shai Hope, Khary Pierre, Roston Chase, Alzarri Joseph, Sheldon Cottrell, Brandon King, Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran, Evin Lewis, Romario Shepherd, Jason Holder, Keemo Paul, Hayden Walsh Jr.

Match officials:  David Boon (match referee), Shaun George and Nitin Menon (on-field umpires), Rod Tucker (TV umpire), Anil Choudhary (fourth umpire)

Match starts at 1:30pm.


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