Bishan Singh Bedi, who has been against the autocratic functioning of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, said that the Supreme Court order was a victory for the game.

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“Actually there is no win or loss here. It was waiting to happen and has come at a time when cricket needed this fillip,” Bedi told Sportstar on Tuesday.

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Bedi was the one who stuck his neck out and expressed his opinion on the poor way the game was being conducted in the country, even as most stalwarts of the game chose to either remain silent or fell in line with the Board’s ways.

“I have always believed in the phrase that, cricket is a reflection of the society we live in. Whatever good happens in Indian cricket/sport is by sheer providence; whatever evil or sinful happens in Indian cricket/sport is by comprehensive design. The game had been infiltrated by evils and its image had to be restored. The Supreme Court has done it, and how! The Court gave the BCCI sufficient time to present their case, but was not convinced. The BCCI must have spent crores of rupees in trying to prove a point without the legs to stand on,” Bedi said.

Not wanting to get into a debate on the state of affairs of the Board, the former India captain said, “Only good will come out of the Supreme Court order. The Lodha Commission had done a wonderful job, and I must say it showed the Board in poor light. Transparency was the need of the hour because the officials were only interested in self-promotion at the cost of the players.”

Bedi welcomed the order because it meant there was hope for the cricketers. “It is the only way forward for Indian sport. The order actually paves the way for other sports federations to take the lead and set an example. I had strong faith in the judiciary to help the cause of the cricketers because there was no other forum left for us.”

He was all praise for the Lodha Committee. “Indian cricket should be grateful to the Lodha Committee for restoring its dignity. The Lodha Committee Recommendations are not an event. They are a movement that will carry Indian cricket forward and inspire the young sportsmen. They know now that their career can’t be decided by the whims and fancies of the officials.”

The order begins with, “Change, it is famously said, is all that is constant in the world.” Bedi was firmly of the view that a bright phase lies ahead for Indian cricket.

“A bright phase of clean administration and dignity for the players. When something untoward happens in the game, it is often described as ‘It is not cricket’. What was happening for a long time was not quite cricket. Let us now enjoy the game in its true spirit.”