Different Modi, same pitch!

Ruchir, son of Lalit Modi, is now contesting the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) election, scheduled to be held on May 29, as the president.

Ruchir Modi’s focus is to develop the game.

A quick search on the Internet would give one the impression that the 22-year-old is just another celebrity son, waiting for his moment of glory. He is all over social media with photographs and posts linked to his father, the former chairman of the Indian Premier League — Lalit Modi.

But as Ruchir Modi starts talking, impressions change quickly. The youngster is now contesting the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) election, scheduled to be held on May 29, as the president.

While his aim is to carry on his father’s legacy, Ruchir claims that he is not a proxy candidate. “One should judge an individual by his actions and not by anything else,” he tells Sportstar.

However, the Modi camp has ensured that the youngster is well protected in the elections. On Friday — the last day of filing nominations — the camp filed two more nominations for the president’s post. One of them is RCA’s deputy president Mahmood Abdi, while the other is Harshavardhan Singh. The insiders, however, confirmed that they are just ‘dummy’ candidates and are nominated just to safeguard the Lalit scion.

But Ruchir's focus is to develop the game. “What I will be doing for the betterment of RCA will be seen in the results. It’s better to wait and watch,” he says.

The RCA, has been suspended by the BCCI since 2014 for electing Lalit Modi as the president. Keeping that in mind, Ruchir says, “If I am elected, the major thing would be about improving and strengthening the relationship between the RCA and the BCCI.”

“If you have an effective strategy backed with apt planning and a dedicated team, solving tangles wouldn’t be a daunting task,” he adds.

Over the last one month, Ruchir has spent most of his time interacting with the members of the district associations in Rajasthan, and that has boosted his confidence. “We all know that Lalit has done a fabulous job. But, the challenges we are facing today are completely different,” he says.

“Now, we need a different approach coupled with a different strategy. I can’t say whether I would be taking the game of cricket to a level my father had set, but I will put all my efforts towards the betterment of the RCA,” he adds, indicating that thoughts of entering BCCI politics haven’t crossed his mind yet.

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