Flintoff buys £100,000 car, struggles to fit inside

Andrew Flintoff has splashed the cash on a new car but is too tall to fit inside.

Former cricketer Andrew Flintoff.   -  Getty Images

Former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff has been left red-faced after splashing a reported £100,000 on a new car, only to discover he does not fit inside.

The 6ft 4in Ashes winner invested in a Lamborghini but soon realised his considerable frame did not lend itself to sports car ownership.

"If I try and use the indicator, it gets stuck on my knee," he told The Sun.

"I have had to cut my hair because the roof was squashing my fringe.

"I love driving it but when I get out I don't half feel like a k***head.

"The seats don't move back, so I'm sat bolt upright. My a*** is wedged in it. I need a tin opener to get out."

And it's not only Flintoff himself facing a struggle to squeeze into the new vehicle.

"If I do my supermarket shop, I can possibly fit some bread and a pint of milk in the boot," he added.

"It's at the front and took me three weeks to realise how to open it."

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