Kaneria returns to Pakistan from India

Danish Kaneria, who was banned for life in 2012 for spot-fixing, was in India with his family for performing religious rituals. He returned to Pakistan ending speculations that he is planning to settle down in India.

Danish Kaneria was banned for life for spot-fixing in 2012 by England and Wales Cricket Board.   -  AP

Banned Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria has made a quiet return to Karachi with his family after performing religious rituals in India, ending a speculation about him trying to settle down in the neighbouring country.

“I think with me now back in Karachi everyone who was talking about me going to India to settle down there or even accused me of making anti-Pakistan cricket statements have got their answer,” Kaneria said.

The leg-spinner, who is only the second Hindu to play Test cricket for Pakistan, said he had insisted all along that he went to India only to perform his religious duties.

“I am back now because Pakistan is my country and my place of birth,” he added.

Kaneria, who was banned for life for spot-fixing in 2012 by England and Wales Cricket Board, also claimed innocence of the crime.

Why should I admit or confess to something I never did. As it is, the Pakistan Board did not support me or listen to my story and I have suffered a lot of humiliation and financial losses so what more can happen now,” he said.

Kaneria, who took 261 Test wickets for Pakistan, had upset the Pakistan Board when in an interview in India he said he was discriminated for being a Hindu.

“If he was discriminated against at any time because of his religion he would not have played even one match for Pakistan,” the PCB said in a statement.

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