Dhoni's equanimity keeps situation under control again

An M. S. Dhoni fan rushed onto the field of play after Dwayne Bravo had hit the winning run for CSK.

M. S. Dhoni wasn't overawed by a fan approaching him and touching his feet.   -  R. Ragu

M. S. Dhoni’s composure is his strength. This precious quality in the CSK skipper came to the fore again here on Saturday.

There was a security lapse and a mild commotion soon after the winning run was scored when a fan ran into the ground and fell at Dhoni’s feet.

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Dhoni had just removed the bails and was shaking hands with the RCB cricketers when the incident happened.

Even as everyone around seemed rattled, Dhoni calmly patted the man on his shoulder and brought the situation under control.

In Chennai too, during a practice session before IPL-11, a fan had run into the arena to embrace Dhoni, sending the security staff into a tizzy. On that occasion too, the former India captain’s equanimity calmed things down.

As CSK batting Michael Hussey said, “There are so many Dhoni fans out there.”

And a smiling Dhoni, for sure, knows how to handle them.