The evolution of Twenty20 has given cricket and his career a “new lease of life”, said Australian spinner Brad Hogg, who played a prominent role in seeing Kolkata Knight Riders convincingly outperform Delhi Daredevils on Monday. The 45-year-old left-arm Chinaman spinner regretted his decision to retire in 2008. He said “some personal issues” which forced his decision proved futile in the end.

“The game has changed, it has evolved. It has given a new lease of life to cricket and it has given a new lease of life to me. I do regret retiring in 2008. I had a Test berth for Australia at that stage but I had some personal issues with family and yes, I retired there. I wish I did not then because the marriage did not survive,” Hogg replied to a question on what keeps him going at 45.

“Luckily it (marriage) did not (survive) because I met a new partner and she is wonderful and someone who supports me. It is good to be playing the game with someone pushing to go as far as you want. There is talk about me when I am going to stop and she just says play as long as you possibly can. We are going to try get there to fifty,” Hogg said about his partner Cheryl, who helped him comeback following the breakup of his first marriage.


Hogg said he never felt upset being seen as Sunil Narine’s replacement. “Narine is a class bowler. He is sorely missed. It is disappointing to know what happened with him personally and with his action. As individuals, we train hard and we want to be on the par,” Hogg said.

“If I am not playing and he takes my spot, I still have got to create the energy in the changing room and make sure everyone is up for the challenge. It does not matter whether you are playing or not you still can play a part. If I am quiet, upset and get stressed because I am not playing, everyone else will feel that and will bring everyone down. I cannot afford to do that. It’s a team game. There’s a group in the squad and we all play a part,” Hogg added.

Hogg said Narine’s bowling action was perfect. “I remember taking some balls from him and his action was perfect. We all know he can do it without the restriction, he can do it legitimately. He is a class act, he has got the skill. He was sorely missed through that World T20. It is great to have him back,” he said.