Spells of dour, restrained batting may be the norm at the Ferozeshah Kotla for much of this season, due to the slow pitch.

According to Chris Morris, who has played for the Delhi franchise (earlier Delhi Daredevils, now Delhi Capitals) for three seasons, the slowness of the pitch here is in contrast to previous years.

“I think the biggest difference this year I’ve seen in one game… I was having a chat with the boys [about it]… It’s a little bit slower, the ball’s turning and stopping more. That’s probably been the biggest difference I have seen. In the past, the wickets have been really good. On occasion, it has been quick, which is nice,” said Morris here on Friday.

Commenting on the aid it provided for seamers, he said, “There’s some natural variation in the wicket and sometimes you don’t need to try that much on a wicket that’s stopping.”

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Yet, the threat of big-hitter Andre Russell is considerable as Capitals faces Kolkata Knight Riders on Saturday. Will he be able to disallow Russell from unleashing pyrotechnics for the first time in the season so far?

“Andre Russell’s an absolute genius, hitting the cricket ball. At the end of the day, it’s going to be a case of ‘he misses and I hit’. I don’t think I need too many tactics or anything like that. Russell’s an unbelievably good batter and he’s dangerous.

"I always say to people I look like a duck. You know a duck swimming on the water is calm, but underneath the feet are kicking like this. I might look like I’m calm and collected but inside my brain, it’s working overtime. It’s got to trust your training.

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"I’ve practiced my whole life to bowl yorkers, I’ve practiced my whole life to bowl bouncers. Slower balls, so basically I’ve got to trust my training and hopefully, at the end of the day, he makes a mistake,” Morris said.

Morris, a potent all-rounder himself, hasn’t participated in any of the contests so far, and will likely play his first game on Saturday. Commenting on his role in the line-up, he said, “Obviously, we’ve got quite a good opening bowling attack so I don’t think I have to take the new ball but in saying that I’d probably be bowling at the death. My role over the years have been to bowl quick yorkers and hit ball out of the park and take my catches.

"I’d like to think I bring a little bit of energy to the squad. Little bit of old Delhi, if one can call it that. I’m excited to be here, and get on the park quite as soon as possible because it’s going to be a good tournament I reckon," he added.