What journalists do in a rain-affected cricket match

Erratic internet, short LAN cables without an active port and numerous discussions on the number of overs lost — live from the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium press box.

Spectators and tournament officials run for cover in the rain-lashed M. Chinnaswamy Stadium on Tuesday.   -  IPL

It's 19:57. The laptops are set up, notebooks are out and internet connectivity issues are all sorted after the initial hiccups of erratic WiFi or short LAN cables without an active port. The water bottles are restocked and all the scribes take their designated seats at the press box.

RCB has lost yet another toss and the match is about to begin.

The God of Thunder has other plans. A couple of rumbles follow, followed by a louder roar from the crowd. There are no signs of rain yet, the thunderous warning is enough to get the groundsmen to proactively bring out the covers.

The rains arrive, two minutes after the groundsmen complete securing the main pitch and the outfield.

The television cameramen take refuge inside the press box.

In the meantime, the scribes, seated under air conditioned glass-walled safe-house with the best viewing position, turn weathermen and soothsayers. It will stop soon, they say. It is going to be a washout and we are going to head home soon, others optimistically wish. The more pragmatic ones analyse the time it may take to clear the water from the ground and get the game up and running.

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But all that comes for a halt. There is leakage inside the press box, the very same safe space that shielded the mediapersons from the showers. There is, surprisingly, no panic inside, considering the presence of dozens of electronic equipment connected.

Even as the officials scamper to fix that issue, there is another headache coming their way.

Smoke and sparks are spotted in the speaker in the adjacent corporate box, which is quickly snuffed out by able men with fire extinguishes. No damage done.

The reporters, excited by the series of unfortunate incidents happening around them to keep themselves engaged during the rain stoppage, begin a countdown for the overs lost and the minimum overs possible for resumption of match.

They also decide to take the time out for that rare leisurely dinner which is often always just a mad gobbling competition to keep one sane for the remainder of the matches that invariably stretch till midnight.

It's 21:00 and an hour is already lost. The rain relents. The soppers come out and clear the water in no time; Chinnaswamy Stadium's drainage condition is clearly world-class. The covers are off, the officials are in the middle and a game time announcement is expected.

Just then, lightning strikes again and there is thunder. The covers come back again. And the wait continues.

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