Highlights: Buttler stars as Rajasthan pulls off nervy win

IPL 2019, MI vs RR Live Cricket Score: Catch all the updates of the Indian Premier League encounter between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium.

Buttler took the mantle of power hitting after Rahane's dismissal.   -  IPL

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of today's Indian Premier League encounter between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium.


What a match. What a tense win. Royals have themselves to blame in the end. The middle-order managed to make a meal out of the chase but Shreyas Gopal and K Gowtham held their nerves to take Rajasthan over the line. Royals dominated the chase for most of part of the innings, thanks to Buttler's blitzkrieg but his dismissal allowed Mumbai a foot in the door. It fought back through Krunal Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah but Rajasthan edged past in the end.



◘ Hardik Pandya to bowl the final over. Gopal hits the winning runs, a boundary to wrap up a tense win.


◘ Bumrah, you beauty. Dismisses Smith for 12. What a comeback from MI. Rajasthan is imploding. Gowtham is at the crease and gets a yorker straightaway. Is struck on the pads. MI fielders go up in unison. Umpire says NO, Rohit reviews but replays show the ball sliding down leg side.  A leading edge for Shreyas Gopal runs away to the third-man bounary. Oh Dear, Ishan Kishan has dropped a tough chance off the last ball.  RR 182/6 after 19 overs

◘ Krunal Pandya strikes with his first ball, Tripathi holes out and Royals have lost a fourth.  Liam Livingstone comes to the crease. Liam Livingstone departs, cleaned up by Krunal. Forgetful debut for the Englishman and MI has fought back and how! RR needs 14 off 12 balls.

◘ Bumrah returns. One last roll of the dice. Bumrah traps Smith in front but the batsman has reviewed. Replays show the ball just lipping leg stump. Umpire's call and Smith has to depart. Bumrah with the breakthrough.  Rahul Tripathi is the new man in, opens his account with a single. RR 171/3 after 17 overs.

◘ Krunal is back into the attack. Smith tries to go for the sweep, gets an edge that runs away for four.  And now Samson gets one to fine-leg. Royals in the driver's seat. RR 168/2 after 16 overs.

◘ Hardik Pandya has been introduced into the attack.  Five singles off that over. RR 158/2 after 15 overs. Rajasthan needs 30 runs in 30 balls.

GONE! Chahar gets his man. Butter departs for a quickfire 89 off 43 balls.  Steve Smith joins Sanju Samson. Seven off it and the wicket of Buttler. Rajasthan needs 35 runs in 36 balls RR 153/2 after 14 overs.

◘ Joseph returns into the attack and runs into an in-form Buttler. A six straight down the ground is followed up by two back-to-back boundaries. 14 off his first three.  Royals running away with the game in a rush. Joseph is feeling the heat. Another one runs away to the fence. Wheels are coming off Josephs bowling here. Now a yorker has been dispatched for four. 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6. A SIX to end the over. 28 off that over. Buttler has raced to 89. RR 146/1 after 13 overs.

◘ Buttler welcomes back Chahar with a mighty six between mid-wicket and long-on. Five sixes and four fours for Buttler so far.  Samson joins the party, absolutely belts this over long-off; he stepped out and converted that into a full toss. 15 off the over. Samson and Buttler have added 58 for the second wicket already. RR 118/1 after 12 overs.

◘  Bumrah returns for his second over. Three off his first four. Three dots, more like him. Ends with a dot. Only three of it in the end. Rajasthan needs 85 runs in 54 balls. RR 103/1 after 11 overs.

◘ Benhrendorff returns into the attack. And he concedes a four right away, Samson goes inside out over extra cover for four. Runs coming thick and fast for the Royals. The Aussie seamer errs in line, drifts on the pads and is worked away for four. 100 up for the Royals and fifty for Buttler! What a season he is having. Leg Byes given. RR 100/1 after 10 overs


◘ Krunal to continue. Buttler is shifting gears, greets Krunal with a maximum. Follows it up with another six. 16 off it and Pandya has been taken to the cleaners. RR 89/1 after 9 overs

◘ Rahul Chahar back into the attack. Buttler is unfazed by Rahane's dismissal, smacks one in the slot over long-on for six. Nine off it in the end. RR 73/1 after 9 overs.

◘ Krunal Pandya comes into the attack. He gets the breakthrough, Rahane holes out going for the big shot. Sanju Samson is the new man in. Five off it in the end. RR 64/1 after 7 overs.

◘ Bumrah into the attack. And he is welcomed by Rahane with a glorious cover-drive. What a shot.  Rahane has struck six boundaries already in his knock of 37. And Buttler joins the fun, pulls Bumrah away for four more. Expensive first over so far. 10 off it. RR 59/0 after 6 overs.

◘ Alazarri to continue. Gets a boundary through extra cover. Sublime shot from Rahane. Gets a brace and then clobbers a six over long-on. Rahane is in his elements. Backs it up with a boundary over third-man.  Wraps it up with a single. RR 49/0 after 5 overs.

◘ Leg-spinner Rahul Chahar gets a look in.  MI has reviewed for a lbw. Buttler the man in question. An attempred reverse sweep from Buttler; he misses and is struck on the pads. Replays show it's umpire call. Buttler survives. Just four off it.  RR 32/0 after 4 overs.

◘ Behrendorff is greeted by Rahane with a boundary, much needed one for the Rajasthan skipper. Buttler, at the other end, timed that one out of the park, as beautiful as they come. Lofts it over long-off for six. Takes a single and gets Rahane on strike. Rahane joins the fun, this time in trademark fashion, glanced it wide of fine leg for four. RR 28/0 after 3 overs.

◘ Alzarri Joseph to share the new ball.  Nearly finds the edge with the second ball. Buttler lifts one over the infield the next ball, gets a four. Good comeback from Joseph. Fast and full from the Caribbean seamer. Two dots followed by yet another boundary by Buttler. RR 12/0 after 2 overs.

◘ Behrendorff starts off with an in-dipper to Rahane, dot ball. Two dots followed by a near miss at mid-off. Rahane takes on Behrendorff, goes for the lofted shot but doesn't get too much power behind the shot and Rohit gets his hands to it but ends up conceding a boundary. Jinx has been given out lbw. He reviews and survives, replays show the ball going over the stumps. Just four off it. RR 4/0 after 1 over.

Ajinkya Rahane and Jos Buttler to begin the chase, Jason Behrendorff with the new ball.


Quinton De Kock's 81 and Hardik Pandya's 11-ball 28 has powered Mumbai Indians to 187/5. Mumbai was buoyed by skipper Rohit Sharma's return to the playing XI. Rohit scored a 32-ball 47, adding 96 for the first wicket with de Kock. For Rajasthan, Jofra Archer picked up three wickets. Royals need 188 to win.


◘ Ishan Kishan welcomes Kulkarni Unadkat with a four. And is caught at long-off, next ball!  Hardik, in the meantime, continues to find the gaps; he gets another boundary as Mumbai gets to 180. Hardik is in the zone. Unadkat, well, isn't. A length ball has been deposited into the stands.


◘ Archer to bowl out. And he has been dispatched for a boundary by De Kock. Archer has his revenge though, next ball, as Buttler completes a sharp catch near the ropes. Ishan Kishan the new man in. About the catch, Buttler timed the dive to perfection after running in from long-off. Hardik has dismissed that for six. A helicopter shot that. Brilliant. Archer finishes with three for 39. MI 171/4 after 19 overs

◘ Kulkarni to bowl out. And Hardik has got a hold of this one; slower ball and Hardik has belted that over deep mid-wicket for six, waited for the slower ball to come to him. De Kock takes a couple of braces to end the over.  Archer has misjudged a chance of De Kock at fine-leg, should have been taken. MI 158/3 after 18 overs.

◘ Jofra Archer to bowl the 17th over. GONE!  Archer gets rid of the danger man, Kieron Pollard. Massive strike. That should make a difference of at least 25-30 runs to the total. Hardik Pandya is the new man in. De Kock gets a boundary. Valuable runs these. Archer wraps it up with a slower ball. 10 off it. MI 145/3 after 17 overs

◘ Jaydev Unadkat to bowl the 16th over. De Kock goes for a mighty heave, gets an outside edge that sails over third-man for four.  Slower ball that from Unadkat, De Kock tried to swipe that across the line. Good comeback though, only five off the next five deliveries. MI 135/2 after 16 overs.

◘ Terrific over from Shreyas Gopal that. Just two off it. And there's a set De Kock and a marauding Pollard in the middle. All the more reason to praise the Karnataka leggie. MI 126/2 after 15 overs.

◘ WICKET! Dhawal Kulkarni returns into the attack and strikes straightaway, castles Suryakumar Yadav. Mumbai has lost its second wicket. Pollard is at the crease.  Meanwhile, de Kock continues to pummel the Rajasthan bowlers; scythes a Kulkarni delivery through extra cover for four. Ends the over with two singles. MI 124/2 after 14 overs.

◘ Shreyas Gopal to bowl the 13th. SuryakumarYadav gets a maximum, 13 off that over. Royals bleeding runs at the moment. MI 117/1 after 13 overs.

◘ Unadkat is back into the attack.  De Kock gets to his eighth IPL fifty with a single, his second of the season. Top knock from Unadkat.  One run to end the over. MI 104/1 after 12 overs.

◘ Jofra Archer is back into the attack.  He strikes! Finally a wicket for the Royals as Archer gets rid of Rohit Sharma, breaking an imposing 97-run opening stand.  Rohit tries to smash across the line, mistimes it and ends up offering a simple catch to Buttler at long-on. Suryakumar Yadav is the new man in.  Gets off the mark with a single. MI 97/1 after 11 overs

◘ K Gowtham returns for his third. He has been expensive thus far. Ho, ho, ho ! Hello there. Rohit Sharma has launched it over long-on for six. HITMAN in the house. He follows it up with a boundary straight over the bowler's head. 11 off the first three balls. Make that 15 off four. Oh Dear, Gowtham is being taken to the cleaners. Ends the over with a single. MI 92/0 after 10 overs.


◘ Shreyas Gopal to continue. Six fours and four sixes in the MI innings so far. Four runs from the over. MI 76/0 after 9 overs.

◘ Liam Livingstone, leg-break, comes into the attack. Just one off the first three. HUGE! Livingstone errs by bowling a full toss and de Kock takes full toll, hammers it over long-on for six and follows it up with an equally impressive maximum over the same region. 13 off that over. MI 72/0 after 8 overs.

◘ Leg-spinner Shreyas Gopal to roll his arm for the first time in the match. Starts off with a wrong'un. Lovely delivery. Two off the first four balls so far. Wraps up the over with two dots. MI 59/0 after 7 overs.

◘ Jaydev Unadkat to bowl his first over. Tight start from the Saurashtra skipper, just four off it in the end. Good end to the Powerplay for the Mumbai Indians. MI 57/0 after 6 overs.

◘ Jofra Archer into the attack and on the very first ball he gets de Kock to edge it towards. But where is the slip? Archer and his captain look at each other as the ball runs to the boundary. That's just how it's been for the Royals this season. The next ball goes for a big six! MI 53/0 after 5 overs.

◘ Rohit Sharma starts off Kulkarni's second over with a beautiful stroke through the offside and it's four. Man, does this guy make it look effortless and elegant! He finishes it off with two more boundaries. 14 runs off the over. MI 37/0 after 4 overs. The scoring has suddenly picked up.

◘ De Kock welcomes Gowtham back with a big six over long off! And Rohit gets into the action with a sweep for four, splitting fine-leg and square leg. 18 runs from that over as de Kock finishes it off with a four. MI 23/0 after 3 overs.

◘  Dhawal Kulkarni comes in to bowl. And that was close! Rohit Sharma just makes it at the non-striker's end, diving as Buttler's throw misses the stumps by an inch. Just four runs of that over. Good, disciplined start from Kulkarni. MI 9/0 after 2 overs.

◘ Begins by conceding a single. Rohit gets off the mark. De Kock too opens his account with a single to long-off. Five off the first over MI 5/0 after 1 over.


Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock to open for Mumbai Indians, K. Gowtham will bowl the first ball of Saturday's double-header.


TOSS UPDATE: Rahane has won the toss and Rajasthan will bowl first.


Liam Livingstone is all set to make his IPL debut. He hammered 82 off 43 balls on his PSL debut. Fancy that in Mumbai?


Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Quinton de Kock(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Alzarri Joseph, Rahul Chahar, Jason Behrendorff, Jasprit Bumrah

Rajasthan Royals (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane(c), Jos Buttler, Sanju Samson(w), Steven Smith, Rahul Tripathi, Liam Livingstone, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Jaydev Unadkat, Dhawal Kulkarni


Crowd has started building up outside the Wankhede.



PITCH REPORT| "The grass coverage is nice and hard, adding pace and bounce to the pitch. If you get the yorker right at the Wankhede, the strike-rate is as low as 91.1.Nine afternoon matches have been played in Mumbai out of which six have been won by teams batting first. So win toss, and bat first," reckons Simon Doull.


A day after Rohit Sharma picked up a 'right leg muscle spasm', the Mumbai Indians captain sat out of his side’s Indian Premier League (IPL) home game against Kings XI Punjab on Wednesday, missing his first IPL match in 11 years| Rohit Sharma suffers leg spasm, misses first match in 11 years


As we warm up today's double-header, here's what Sourav Ganguly had to say about that 'M. S. Dhoni' incident from Rajasthan Royals' last home game against the Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni had stormed onto the field after an on-field umpire signalled no-ball before retracting his decision in the final over of Chennai Super Kings' win over Rajasthan Royals| Everyone is human, says Ganguly on Dhoni’s on-field argument with umpires


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Mumbai Indians is coming off three wins in its last three matches while Rajasthan Royals will hope to forget its disappointing home game against Chennai Super Kings

Here's Shayan Acharya's preview of today's contest:

IPL 2019: Will Rajasthan halt Mumbai's winning march?

For the first time in this edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Mumbai Indians will play Rajasthan Royals at Wankhede stadium on Saturday.

With their previous matches riddled with nail-biting suspense and last-ball game changers,  both teams will look to wrap up proceedings quickly in the upcoming fixture.  

Mumbai Indians is arguably the stronger side coming into the match, having clinched a fascinating victory at home over Kings XI Punjab , while Rajasthan Royals will want to win after losing to Chennai Super Kings in Jaipur.

While the Royals have had a dismal season so far -- winning only one out of its six matches -- Mumbai has registered three consecutive victories after a disappointing start, to put its campaign back on track.

And at the Wankhede, Rajasthan will have a mountain to climb against the confident home side. 

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The home team will once again rely on its West Indian recruits, Kieron Pollard and Alzarri Joseph.

In the team's previous outing against Kings XI Punjab, Pollard played a breezy knock of 83, while Joseph kept his cool to pick up two runs off the final delivery to seal a win for Mumbai.

After a dream debut -- bagging six wickets for 12 runs against Sunrisers Hyderabad -- Joseph has showed his temperament, batting lower down the order. The 22-year-old will hope to keep getting better as the tournament progresses.

In the previous fixture, a leg spasm pulled Rohit Sharma out of action for a few games. However, Zaheer Khan, Mumbai's director of cricket operations, has confirmed Sharma's availability for selection against the Royals.

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Sharma's return to action will not only put to rest any doubts about his fitness but also boost the Mumbai’s batting line-up, which also comprises Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya and local lad, Surya Kumar Yadav.

Royals, which is reeling at the seventh spot, would be hoping to regroup after a devastating defeat against Chennai Super Kings.

While it would want its top-order batsmen to fire, the Rajasthan franchise will also find itself banking on its own West Indian, Jofra Archer.

The all-rounder had given Rajasthan Royals a chance to defend the total of 151 against Chennai with his neat spell. Both Archer and Royals would like to keep that going.

Despite having big names like Steven Smith, Ajinkya Rahane and Jos Buttler, Rajasthan's batting has struggled with consistency.

To make things worse for them, Mumbai Indians has death-overs specialist Jasprit Bumrah, who can swing things the host’s way.

With him, Jason Behrendorff and Joseph in the ranks, Royals will find their batting tested.

This hasn’t been a season to remember for Rajasthan. While its batting has been patchy, the bowlers too haven't been able to defend competitive totals. Pacers Jaydev Unadkat and Dhawal Kulkarni have been quite disappointing, while the spinners have been largely inconsistent.

With the tournament getting tougher, the team desperately needs to show some character.

The match will be streamed live on Hotstar

Teams (from)

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (C), Quinton de Kock (WK), Suryakumar Yadav, Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jason Behrendorff, Mayank Markande, Rahul Chahar, Jasprit Bumrah, Alzarri Joseph, Anmolpreet Singh, Siddhesh Lad, Ankul Roy, Evin Lewis, Pankaj Jaiswal, Ben Cutting, Ishan Kishan (wk), Aditya Tare, Rasikh Salam, Barinder Sran, Jayant Yadav.

Rajasthan Royals: Steve Smith, Ben Stokes, Jofra Archer, Jos Buttler, Ashton Turner, Ish Sodhi, Oshane Thomas, Liam Livingstone, Ajinkya Rahane (C), Sanju Samson (WK), Shubham Ranjane, Stuart Binny, Shreyas Gopal, Sudhesan Midhun, Jaydev Unadkat, Prashant Chopra, Mahipal Lomror, Aryaman Birla, Riyan Parag, Dhawal Kulkarni, Krishnappa Gowtham, Varun Aaron, Shashank Singh, Manan Vohra, Rahul Tripathi.