IPL 2020 Highlights: Gaikwad, bowlers keep Chennai alive with eight-wicket win

CSK vs RCB, IPL 2020 Live Streaming Updates: Catch the IPL live score updates between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore at Dubai International Stadium.


Ruturaj Gaikwad celebrates after reaching his fifty.   -  BCCI/IPL

A brilliant innings from Ruturaj Gaikwad sees Chennai home with plenty to spare. He was well supported by Faf du Plessis and Ambati Rayudu. Massive props to the Chennai bowlers too, especially Sam Curran and Deepak Chahar who bowled exceptionally well at the death to restrict RCB to a manageable score.

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Now, the win obviously doesn't guarantee CSK anything but it keeps them alive in the race, mathematically. That would be all from our side. Thanks for joining us.


Morris to bowl out. FOUR! Gaikwad gets a boundary. SIX! Gaikwad finishes off in style - an unbeaten 65 helps CSK to an eight-wicket win over RCB.

FOUR! Third boundary for MS as he drives this Saini delivery past mid-off for four. Good recovery from Saini. Five dots to follow the boundary ball. CSK 140/2 after 18 Overs.

Chahal to bowl out. A couple of singles off the first two (including a leg bye). Make that three in three. Five from that Chahal over. Dhoni will keep strike. CSK  136/2 after 17 Overs.

Saini is back. Just three singles off the first four deliveries. Good over this. Four singles in the end. Chennai still need 15. Should be a walk in the park, surely? CSK 131/2 after 16 Overs.

Morris returns. Dhoni takes a single and gets Gaikwad back on strike. Three balls later, Dhoni collects two back-to-back boundaries off Morris. 11 runs from the over. CSK now need 19 off 30. CSK 127/2 after 15 Overs.

Chahal is back. GONE!  RCB's crisis man has struck - Rayudu has been clean bowled. MS Dhoni is in next. He gets off the mark with a single. Gaikwad brings up his fifty with a single. Top knock. Dhoni will keep strike. Five runs and a wicket. CSK 116/2 after 14 Overs.

Second time-out. Chennai Super Kings needs 35 runs in 42 balls

Sundar to bowl out. No signs of Chahal. Rayudu and Gaikwad happy to deal in ones and twos right now. The target is within sight. Six from the over. CSK 111/1 after 13 Overs. Sundar : 4-0-27-0.

Siraj into the attack. He is constantly shuffling his bowlers is Virat. Looking for a breakthrough. It's not coming from this end - Gaikwad hits this wide of mid-off for four. Chennai romping home at the moment. SIX! Rayudu is playing a gem of an innings. Lifts this over long-on for a maximum. What timing. 14 from the over. CSK 105/1 after 12 Overs.

Sundar is back. Rayudu says, 'doesn't mater', and plays the sweep over square-leg for four. This has been a terrific phase of play from CSK - both batters haven't let the spinners settle into any kind of rhythm.  Nine from the over. CSK 91/1 after 11 Overs. Chennai Super Kings needs 55 runs in 54 balls.

Navdeep Saini, right-arm fast, comes into the attack. Starts well, does Saini. Two back-to-back dots with Rayudu on strike. SIX! Fighting fire with fire - Saini cranking up the pace but goes short and wide - Rayudu executes the upper-cut to perfection and gets six for it. FOUR! RCB leaking runs. Rayudu collects a boundary through backward point.  11 from the over. CSK 82/1 after 10 Overs.

First strategic time-out has been taken.

SIX! Okay, Gaikwad has got his eye in. He dances down the track and clears long-off by going against the turn off Moeen Ali's bowling. Two balls later, Rayudu's outside edge races past a vacant cordon for four. 12 runs from that Chahal over. CSK 71/1 after 9 Overs.

A change of ends for Chahal. Starts by bowling two dots at Rayudu. Kohli has a slip in place. A single off the third gets Gaikwad back on strike. FOUR! He is looking in good touch, is Gaikwad as he sweeps this between long leg and deep midwicket for four. Six from the over. CSK 59/1 after 8 Overs.

Moeen Ali, right-arm off break, comes into the attack. Rayudu and Gaikwad dealing in singles in this over. Meanwhile, the 50 has come up for CSK. Positive start pegged back by Faf's disimissal. They need to keep finding ways to score. Good over that. 5 singles. CSK 53/1 after 7 Overs.

Morris returns into the attack for the final over of the Powerplay. GONE! He strikes first ball - du Plessis departs after a brisk start. Ambati Rayudu is in at 3. End of a successful over from Morris - Two runs and a wicket. CSK 48/1 after 6 Overs.

The power-hitting has prompted Kohli to turn to Chahal early in the chase. Gaikwad collects a single to third-man... a thick edge and AB can't hold on to it. Faf gets one to cover. Gaikwad collects a couple to cover-point. A single ensues...and another single to end the over. Six fro it. CSK 46/0 after 5 Overs.

Mohammed Siraj, right-arm fast medium, replaces Morris. FOUR! Gaikwad gives him the charge and goes over sweeper cover for four. A single next ball brings Faf on strike. Faf's turn now - ramp shot over fine-leg for four. SIX! Faf turning it on. He has scooped this over short fine for six. 15 from the over. CSK 40/0 after 4 Overs.

Sundar continues. Gaikwad needs to ensure he doesn't put pressure on Faf by playing too many dots.  Well, well, that should help! A six over mid-off. Beautiful shot. He collects a couple next ball. Another good over for CSK. 11 from it. CSK 25/0 after 3 Overs.

Pace from the other end - Chris Morris with the new ball. Gaikwad and Faf collect a single each off the first two balls. Make that three singles in as many deliveries conceded by Morris. Faf gets one away at last ...glances it past short fine leg for four. Whoa. Talk about intent - Faf finishes the over on a high - six over deep mid-wicket. 13 from it. CSK 14/0 after 2 Overs.

Ruturaj Gaikwad is on strike. Washington Sundar will open the attack. He is right on the money, is the TN spinner. Starts with four dots before Gaikwad punches one down to long-on for a single. No run off the last ball. CSK 1/0 after 1 Over.

Welcome back to the chase. It's a slow wicket. The CSK spinners bowled well for the large part. Sundar and Chahal will fancy their chances against a misfiring CSK batting line-up. Can CSK keep their slim hopes alive or will RCB guarantee a spot in the playoffs? The next one hour should give us an idea.


A very good finish by CSK, you'd say. The spinners created pressure through the middle overs and the seamers reaped the benefits at the death. Curran and Chahar picking five wickets between. Curran got two in one over including the wicket of Kohli, who hit his third IPL fifty. CSK need 146 to win on a slow surface. We will be back soon.

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Chahar to bowl the final over. Starts well.  Single. Dot. Wicket. Morris departs. CSK pulling things back nicely. Last 5 Overs, RCB have lost four for 41! Sundar wastes no time in getting off the mark - opens his account with a boundary to deep extra-cover. Seven from the over. Bangalore finish on 145/6.

Sam Curran is back into the attack. So, Jaddu to bowl the 20th? GONE! Sam Curran strikes with the first ball of his new spell - Moeen Ali departs without troubling the scorers. Chris Morris comes out to bat. Kohli, in the meantime, moves to 49 with a single. Now, Morris takes a single and gets off strike. Kohli brings up his 50 with a single. His third half-century of the season. And it's a no ball too! Free hit coming up for Morris, who can't do much with this well executed short ball. GONE!!! Curran, you beauty. He gets Kohli out now. What an over. Six runs and two wickets. RCB 138/5 after 19 Overs.

Chahar is back into the attack. Kohli starts off with a brace. A single next ball brings AB on strike. GONE! Huge wicket. AB departs. He is caught at long-on. Moeen Ali has been promoted up the order. Seven runs and a wicket. Excellent. RCB 132/3 after 18.

Here comes Jadeja. SIX! Kohli dances down the track and hits it straight over the bowler's head for his 200th IPL maximum. What a strike. Good recovery from Jaddu, who concedes just three singles off the next three - 11 off the over. RCB 125/2 after 17 Overs.

Second time-out has been taken!

Monu Kumar is back into the attack. Will he be the one AB and VK target? Starts with a slower ball - pulled to deep mid-wicket by Kohli. Just a single. Now a single for AB, to extra cover. Another single for VK, who for the second time in this over, has given Monu the charge. Wide ball. Very good over so far. He needs to finish well. Now a no-ball. High full toss and he will have to bowl that again. Just costs CSK one run. Finally a boundary - de Villiers whips a length ball past on leg-stump fine leg for four. 13 from it. RCB 114/2 after 16 Overs.

Jadeja into his second over now. Two dots and a single for AB. Four singles from that over. The 50-run partnership is up between VK and AB. RCB 101/2 after 15 Overs.

Tahir, too, will bowl out. He bowls a half volley which is duly punished by AB- who despatches it wide of long-off for four. He collects a brace next ball, square of cover. A single later, Kohli finishes the over with a boundary. 4-0-30-0 for Tahir. RCB 97/2 after 14 Overs.

AB de Villiers in action for RCB.   -  BCCI/IPL


The Chennai spinners have done a commendable job thus far. Here comes Ravindra Jadeja for the first time in this match. DROPPED! Kohli gets a life as Jadeja grasses this. He is living a charmed life at the moment, is Virat. Four from the over. RCB 86/2 after 13 Overs.

Tahir into his third. Six runs from the over including a tough chance. Can't be called a drop. Was hit back at force by Kohli and Tahir got a hand to it but it doesn't stick. RCB 81/2 after 12 Overs.

Santner is bowling out. He has bowled well so far, would want to finish on a high. AB and VK are happy to see him out. Just three singles off the over. 4-0-23-1 for Santner. RCB 75/2 after 11 Overs.

Tahir continues after the break. Just a one boundary in the last three overs but these two wouldn't be too bothered - both are exceptionally quick between the wickets. Meanwhile, Tahir has gone for four off his first three deliveries. 1, 1, 2. It was turning out to be a good over but AB hits a boundary to deep extra cover to make it nine from six balls. RCB 72/2 after 10 Overs.

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The first Time-Out has been taken.

Santner has been given a third. AB drives and he will collect four for it, thanks to a misjudgement in the field by Tahir. Kohli and AB then collect two singles off the next two deliveries. Good over except that boundary. 8 from it. RCB 63/2 after 9 Overs.

Imran Tahir, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack inside the first 10. Kohli drives to long-on for a single. Both batsmen dealing in singles at the moment. Excellent start from Tahir. Just four from it in the end. RCB 55/2 after 8 Overs.

GONE! Santner, playing his first match of the season, has struck! Padikkal holes out at long-on. He falls for a 21-ball 22. Good start this for the Chennai Super Kings. AB de Villiers, right handed bat, comes to the crease. Kohli will be on strike though. He takes a single down to long-on. Now, AB gets off the mark with a one. Another single to sweeper cover for Kohli. Good over - five singles and a wicket. RCB 51/2 after 7 Overs.

Sam Curran got rid of Aaron Finch in Powerplay.   -  BCCI/IPL


Sam Curran to bowl the final over of the Powerplay. Both batters collect a single each off the first two deliveries. FOUR! Curran goes full and on leg-stump: Padikkal has hit that behind square for four. Eight from the over. RCB 46/1 after 6 Overs.

Mitchell Santner, Left arm orthodox, comes into the attack. Kohli steals a single to cover point. FOUR! Swept away and clears short square leg, does Padikkal. A quick single for Kohli to end the over. RCB 38/1 after 5 Overs.

Sam Curran has been introduced into the attack. Just a one over for Monu Kumar. Finch works the first ball to mid-on for a single. He is standing outside the crease in his stance, is Finch - to counter the early movement. Curran errs in line - wide given. Padikkal collects a single to deep mid-wicket. Now Finch, gives charge and collects a single to fine-leg. GONE! Finch departs. He is out caught. Kohli joins Padikkal. Five runs and a wicket from it. RCB 31/1 after 4 Overs.

Here's Chahar for his second over. Slip in place. Padikkal tries to give himself some room and play over covers - misses. SIX! What a shot - the elegance and power of a left-hander - room on offer and he has slashed that over backward point for six. Good comeback. Two dots and a couple of singles. Eight from it. RCB 26/0 after 3 Overs.

First look at Monu Kumar. He is making his debut. He will share the new ball with Chahar. Starts with a full delivery outside off - no run. Some bounce on the second ball as it shapes back into the left-hander. Two dots. Good start thus far. Width on offer and Padikkal cuts it away for a single. Concedes an extra now - wide. Whoa... was there an edge there? Finch went for the pull and missed. Nope, all good. Flat line on the snicko. Another wide ... A boundary for Finchy to end the over. Seven from it. RCB 18/0 after 2 Overs.

Padikkal will be on strike. Deepak Chahar to start proceedings with the new ball. Off we go. Fine-leg, third-man in place. A slip too. Orthodox field for the southpaw who shoulders arms to the first ball. Padikkal is off the mark with a single. 2 legbyes for Finch. Follows it up with a dot. Dhoni standing up to the stumps - Chahar pitches it up and Finch has put this one away for four. Follows it up with a boundary over mid-wicket. RCB 11/0 after 1 Over.

The umpires are on their way out to the middle. We are all set for action to begin. It is 34 degrees out there.  Out come Finch and Padikkal. MS Dhoni is having a word with his troops.


Right, so CSK going spin heavy as expected. Santner and Tahir to team up with Jadeja. RCB have stuck with the opening combination of Padikkal and Finch. Why fix something that isn't broken? Anyway, we are less than 15 minutes away from the start.

What they said

Dhoni: 'We would have loved to bat first as well, same reason, it's a used wicket. Mathematically we still have a chance, but you have to think how we have done in this season. 4-5 games prior we just took one game at a time and not worry about the points table. If we win it will take care of itself. We are looking at faces who haven't got chances.

Kohli: We will bat first. It's pretty dry, rough. It's interesting when the weather was hot the pitches weren't playing well. The temperatures have dropped now but it's slowing down. Moeen Ali replaces Isuru Udana as a spinner all-rounder, just one change. This green gesture is special for RCB, have quite a few good memories in this jersey.

Playing XIs

CSK: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, N Jagadeesan, MS Dhoni (w/c), Sam Curran, Ravindra Jadeja, Mitchell Santner, Deepak Chahar, Imran Tahir, Monu Kumar

RCB: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (w), Moeen Ali, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Chris Morris, Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

Monu Singh to make his IPL debut, he will replace Shardul. Mitchell Santner to come in place of Josh Hazlewood.

RCB will sport its 'go green' kits today. Moeen Ali will replace Isuru Udana.

TOSS: RCB skipper wins toss, Bangalore will bat first.

Will we see more new faces for CSK today? Toss and team news coming up next...

PITCH REPORT: "It is a used surface. The spinners might have a bigger role to play. If you reach 160-165, then you have a chance to defend. The batters might not find it as easy." Interesting... Chahal and Washington will be itching to get out there.

Shane Watson has been spotted around the 22 yards. He didn't play the last match. Will he make a return against RCB? Just 10 minutes to go for the toss - Buckle up, fellas!

Right, so who will the coin flip favour today? The pitches across the three venues have slowed down as the tournament has progressed, making it difficult for teams batting second. So, expect the captain to win toss and bat first.

We are less than an hour from the toss in Dubai. The qualifying race has heated up. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have more or less cemented their place in the playoffs. However, at the moment, it's a four-way race between RR, SRH, KKR and KXIP for the fourth spot. Can CSK upset the equation with a win today? We will find out soon...

- It'll also be interesting to see the battle between spinners - RCB has Chahal and Sundar, both of whom have been in form while CSK, despite having stacked their ranks with the likes of Karn Sharma, Piyush Chawla, R Sai Kishore and Imran Tahir are yet to reap the benefits. Will the young Sai Kishore get a game today?

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- As for CSK, one of the many misses for them this season has been the manner in which, arguably their lone bright spot Sam Curran, has been handled. Given his talent with the bat, he should've come up the order from the get go. Even during the 10-wicket defeat to Mumbai, Curran showed maturity with the bat and but for his gritty fifty, CSK would've folded for much less. The management will do well to define his role and use him better when the next season rolls in.

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IPL 2020 Points Table

Mumbai Indians107314+1.448
Delhi Capitals117414+0.434
Royal Challengers Bangalore107314+0.182
Kolkata Knight Riders116512-0.476
Kings XI Punjab115610-0.103
Sunrisers Hyderabad11478+0.029
Rajasthan Royals11478-0.620
Chennai Super Kings11386-0.733


Hello and welcome to Match 44 of IPL 2020 in UAE. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will take on Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in a 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL) fixture in Dubai on Sunday.