IPL 2020 Quiz — Set 1

IPL: Are you a big fan of the Indian Premier League? How many can you answer right in the following? At the end of the quiz, share your result on social media, too!

Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural IPL in 2008 under the leadership of Shane Warne.   -  FILE PHOTO/ PTI

1.Who was the captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2012?
2.Who won the man of the match award in the IPL 2008 final?
3.Which is the only IPL game in which the Super Over too ended in a tie?
4.In the 2014 edition of the IPL, where a part of the tournament was held in the UAE, which batsmen top scored in the Middle East country?
5.In which season did Virat Kohli score all his IPL centuries?