A battle between two left-handers.

Chris Gayle (Kings XI Punjab) and Gautam Gambhir (Delhi Daredevils) both open the innings and revel in razing the opposition, but in slightly different ways. While Gayle specialises in the stand-and-deliver approach to usher in monstrous whirlwinds to thoroughly deflate bowlers, Gambhir employs a more studious approach, dissecting gaps in the field, collecting singles and twos, besides, of course, striking regular boundaries.

The difference is depicted by the contrast in the fours-to-sixes ratio. While Gayle has 835 fours and 819 sixes in 323 Twenty20 matches, Gambhir has only 89 sixes while having struck 739 fours in the 245 matches he has played in his Twenty20 career.

In contrast to Gayle, Gambhir also garners solid leadership to his team. Under him, Kolkata Knight Riders has won two Indian Premier League (IPL) titles.

Gayle, bought for his base price of ₹2 crore, has depicted he still retains the pizzazz of old at 38, recently demolishing UAE in the ICC World Cup Qualifier with a knock of 123. Like Gambhir, Gayle has immense Twenty20 experience, and is arguably the world’s foremost Twenty20 superstar.

Gambhir, bought for ₹2.80 crore by Daredevils, will be keen to help his team erase its unsuccessful IPL past this time.

Who will trump the other on Sunday?