For a moment Sanjay Manjrekar — the television commentator — got confused about who had actually won the toss in the final of the Indian Premier League (IPL)! Was it Chennai Super Kings or was it Sunrisers Hyderabad?

As CSK captain Dhoni tossed the coin, Sunrisers’ Kane Williamson called tails. But then, Dhoni wanted to keep the suspense going and confused Manjrekar as to who had just called it right?

“You called heads?” Manjrekar asked Dhoni.

“No, he called tails,” replied the CSK skipper.

Manjrekar again countered: “Yes, you called heads.”

Dhoni hit back, saying: “No, he called tails!”

With this reply, both the captains burst into laughter and Manjrekar realised that it was actually Dhoni who had won the toss.

Interestingly, this incident reminded one of the 2011 World Cup final at this very venue — the Wankhede Stadium — where there was confusion on who had won the toss — India or Sri Lanka.