Australian fast bowling great Glenn McGrath recalled Sachin Tendulkar's controversial 'shoulder-before-wicket' dismissal at the Adelaide Oval in December 1999.

"Trying to remember that one (chuckles)," McGrath said in jest during a panel discussion at Sportstar's South Sports Conclave in Chennai on Tuesday. The session was moderated by The Hindu’s Sports Editor K.C. Vijaya Kumar.

Mcgrath landed the ball on the middle of the pitch, and Tendulkar, thinking it was a bouncer, ducked side-on, getting really low in front of the stumps. But the ball did not rise enough and thudded into Tendulkar's left arm below the armpit. McGrath appealed, and umpire Daryl Harper gave Tendulkar out.

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"I have had a few chats with Sachin about this one. It was an attempted bouncer that didn't bounce, and he went to duck under it. Sachin is not very tall. So, when he ducked down, it hit him on the shoulder. But from where I was looking, I could see the stumps. I could see the bails over the top, and I just thought that's out. If he was standing normally, it would have hit him on the pad. So, I still think that was out. Sachin still thinks it was going over the stumps by a good foot."

Australia won the Test by 285 runs.