MCA appeals to State government to allow in-person AGM at Wankhede Stadium

In case the permission to organise the Annual General Meeting at the Wankhede Stadium is not granted, it will be held via video conferencing.

The AGM is planned to be held on December 18. - GETTY IMAGES (REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE)

The Mumbai Cricket Association has sought permission from the Maharashtra government to hold its 84th Annual General Meeting in person at the Wankhede Stadium on December 18.

Mumbai is one of the Indian cities most affected by COVID-19 and as of Thursday had around 9,325 active cases.

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“The Apex Council had decided to hold the 84th AGM on 18th December, 2020 at Wankhede Stadium ground.

“The Association has requested to the State government to allow holding of the AGM at the Wankhede Stadium with physical presence of the members. The permission from the State government is awaited,” MCA secretary Sanjay Naik and joint secretary Shahalam Shaikh informed the members.

However, the MCA said that “in case permission for physical meeting is not granted, then the AGM will be held through video conferencing.”