'One-dimensional' Australia batsmen need work before World Cup - Finch

Australia's batsmen are not ready for the Cricket World Cup, says captain Aaron Finch, with either the personnel or tactics set to change.

Aaron Finch had a difficult series himself against South Africa.   -  Getty Images

Aaron Finch fears Australia still has a lot of work to do on its "one-dimensional" batting line-up ahead of next year's Cricket World Cup.

Australia ended a seven-match losing run in ODIs against South Africa last week, but it was then beaten in the decider to hand the Proteas a 2-1 series win.

With little time left before the World Cup begins in May, Finch believes he and head coach Justin Langer must make vast changes to the side.

The Australia captain claims its attacking team is not suited to the current tactics and so either the personnel or the setup must be altered in the coming months.

"If you look at our line-up on paper at the moment, you'd say it's an attacking side," Finch said. "A fairly one-dimensional side in terms of attack, versus workers of the ball and your traditional batsmen.

"Not to disrespect any of the players by any stretch, but it's probably that way and we haven't got it right for a while.

"And that does expose you in the middle order at times when you come upon some different wickets or a really good attack who get on top of you early.

"We've got a bit over two months until the next one-day games against India, so that'll be a really good opportunity to sit down and reassess and start mapping out that process of how I and JL and the leaders think we can be the most successful in this format.

"The side we've got at the moment is that way inclined, [but] it's not necessarily the way we've been trying to play.

"So it's going to be a combination of both: we have to either adapt our game plan a little bit around the way the side is structured best, or we slightly change our personnel to fit a style we think can win.

"That's something that will come out over the next couple of months when we sit down and dig into it and find a way to get back on top of the world."

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