Ranji Trophy Highlights, MP vs MUM Final Day 4: Mumbai trails by 49 runs with eight wickets in hand at Stumps

Ranji Trophy Final Highlights, MUM vs MP Day 4: Get the commentary and highlights from the fourth day of the Ranji Trophy final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

Updated : Jun 25, 2022 18:10 IST , BENGALURU

FILE PHOTO: Armaan Jaffer was unbeaten on 30 on the fourth day of the Ranji Trophy final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.
FILE PHOTO: Armaan Jaffer was unbeaten on 30 on the fourth day of the Ranji Trophy final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.

FILE PHOTO: Armaan Jaffer was unbeaten on 30 on the fourth day of the Ranji Trophy final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.

Hello and welcome to  Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of Day 4 of the  Ranji Trophy  2021-22 Final between  Mumbai  and  Madhya Pradesh  at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.


Mumbai has shown the intent to somehow force a result after it conceded a 162-run first innings lead. Prithvi Shaw and Hardik Tamore were off to a fiery start with a run-a-ball 63-run partnership, before both fell to attacking shots. Still trailing by 49 runs, Mumbai will look to erase the deficit as quickly as it can and then challenge MP with a target. Given how the pitch has played out, it is highly unlikely that Mumbai will be successful in taking 10 MP wickets in two sessions. Meanwhile, Chandrakant Pandit looks all set to add another Ranji Trophy crown to his cabinet as coach! Join us tomorrow for the final day at 9:15 AM IST. It will be a historic day either way - a maiden title for MP or a comeback win for the ages for Mumbai. The former seems most likely!

MUM 113/2 in 22 overs: Parth Sahani into the attack, replaces Kartikeya. He had just bowled two overs in the first innings. Gets Parkar to chip one over the covers but lands in vacant area wide of long-off. Agarwal continues with the wide outside the off stump ploy, keeping it on a good length. Jaffer misses one trying to steer it to third man. Umpires checking for light and they call Stumps as they deem it is not enough to continue playing.

MUM 105/2 in 20 overs: Jaffer collects a couple of fours outside off as Yadav and Kartikeya continue bowling wide outside off. Mumbai brings up 100 in 19 overs. Agarwal replaces Yadav and the field is set similarly - packed on the off side.

OUT! And Shaw finally falls to the trap. Yadav persisted with the wide outside the off stump line, giving away a couple of wides too this over. This one was also very wide but Shaw chased this and ended up slicing it to the cover fielder. Prithvi Shaw c Yash Dubey b Gaurav Yadav 44(52b 3x4 2x6).

MUM 79/1 in 15 overs: Seven fielders on the off side for Shaw as Yadav bowls persistently an outside the off stump line, hoping to lure the drive or the cut. Instead, Jaffer plops a catch straight back to Yadav, who spills it - his second dropped chance this innings. Kartikeya, meanwhile, keeps the batters on a leash as he continues to find purchase off the surface. The wide outside the off-stump line with a packed off side field almost pays dividends. Shaw goes for an expansive drive off a full one wide outside off stump and is beaten, the ball missing the outside edge by a whisker. Nine runs from Kartikeya's over - Jaffer sweeps  a wide one outside off to the midwicket boundary.

MUM 65/1 in 11 overs: Yadav into the attack. Shaw greets him with a cracking six off the fourth ball of the over. Pitched short and pulled away for midwicket with a resounding sound of bat on ball. OUT! Tamore runs out of luck this time. Goes for a sweep off this wide outside off delivery from Kartikeya and gets a bottom edge and the ball trickles onto the stumps. Hardik Tamore b Kumar Kartikeya 25(32b 2x4 1x6). Armaan Jaffer comes in at three. Starts off with a single at point.

MUM 52/0 in 9 overs: Tamore looking to up the ante here. Full and straight from Agarwal and Tamore lofts it over long-on for a maximum. With the field spread out, the batters are picking up the ones and twos with ease. Kartikeya is extracting good turn from the wicket as another one sharply turns away from Tamore. Shaw and Tamore taking a toll on Agarwal. Shaw hangs back and dabs late to the third man boundary for four before Tamore shimmies out of his crease to hammer a length ball past mid-on to the boundary. Shaw then takes the attack to Kartikeya, getting down on one knee to slog sweep a tossed up one over the mid-wicket fence for six! Follows it up with a four next ball - striding forward and cutting behind point. 50 up for Mumbai in 8.3 overs.

MUM 18/0 in 5 overs: Mumbai living dangerously and understandably so. It has to push for the outright win now and thus has to score quickly. Two dropped catches already, Tamore getting lucky on both occassions. He first pulled a short one to fine-leg, where Yadav dropped a straightforward catch, making it look hard, and landed hard on the ground. Next over, Tamore received another reprieve as he cut a short one from Kartikeya outside off to the slip fielder, where Patidar spilled it. Two fours so far - one each for Shaw and Tamore. Both on nine off 15 balls after five overs.

MUM 0/0 in 1 over: Shaw and Tamore open the innings. Kartikeya with the ball. Good length delivery angling into Shaw, who goes back to defend. That turned a mile! Pitched on off stump and turned away sharply with extra bounce from Shaw, who missed despite reaching out to slash it. Shaw keeps staring at the spot from where the ball took off. Maiden over.

Another setback for Mumbai has Yashasvi Jaiswal cannot come out to bat right away. He was off the field with an ankle injury and since it is an ankle injury, he cannot come out to bat for 120 minutes.


MP 536/10 in 177.2 overs: Dropped! Horrendous dropped catch. Yadav swings across the line, gets a top edge to balloon to deep extra cover, where the fielder drops it. OUT! Saransh is gone next ball, taken at long-on going for the big hit. Mulani picks five. MP takes a first innings lead of 162 runs. 

MP 535/9 in 177 overs: Saransh and Yadav are out to continue proceedings for MP. Deshpande with the ball, angling into Saransh from around the stumps. Pitched outside off, coming into the batter with the angle, and he shoulders arms. Cuts a wide one outside off for a couple before shouldering arms again. Saransh continues to impress as he drives a half-volley through covers for four - opening the bat face slightly. Short, Saransh makes room outside off and misses the attempted uppercut. Desperate appeal for caught behind but turned down.

15:40 IST: Play will resume at 15:45 IST and will be extended till 17:45 IST. 33 overs to be bowled today and if that is not achieved by the scheduled closing time, play can be extended by another 30 minutes.


15:19 IST: The rain has stopped and the groundstaff is inspecting the ground.


14:40 IST:It is pelting down Chinnaswamy and play will continue to be on hold after rain led to Tea being called early. It is seems to be quite gloomy at the venue and it remains to be seen if any play will be possible today. Madhya Pradesh would not complain but this dampens any hope Mumbai might have entertained of pulling off a miraculous upset by going for an outright win after conceding the first innings lead.

MP 529/9 in 176 overs: Kartikeya sweeps this full and straight one from Mulani to the square leg boundary. OUT! And the spinner has his revenge as Kartikeya drives a full one straight to the cover fielder. Kumar Kartikeya c Sarfaraz Khan b Shams Mulani 9(13b 1x4). MP 515/9 in 174 overs. Leads by 141 runs. Gaurav Yadav is the last man in. Deshpande is going short to Saransh. But the batter has the shots to counter the barrage. Short of a length outside off and Saransh pulls this with authority to the mid-wicket boundary. 150-run lead up for MP. Tossed up by Mulani and Saransh reverse-sweeps this to the third man boundary. He moves to 48. A couple more and 50 up for Saransh Jain off 88 balls, his first in first-class cricket. The groundstaff is ready with the covers on the boundary as another spell of rain is expected. It is drizzling and play has been interrupted again. The umpires have called for early tea. See you after the break.

MP 511/8 in 173 overs: The Bangalore weather continues to show its colours as the players are back to resume play after the rain break. Kartikeya on strike and starts with a single through covers as Mulani over-pitches. Kotian concedes five runs and Kartikeya took is looking solid.

MP 505/8 in 171.2 overs: Spin returns with Mulani coming back with the ball. He bowls a maiden as Anubhav continues to look assured in his defence. Just  a single from Avasthi over. OUT! Mulani bowls a middle and leg line and gets the ball to turn away from Agarwal a bit, who is rapped on the back pad on the knee roll. Anubhav Agarwal lbw b Shams Mulani 8(29b 1x4).Given out and the players walk off the field as rain comes down!

MP 503/7 in 169 overs: Yorker just outside off stump from Deshpande. He tries to dig it out in the cover region but misses and there is a stifled appeal for caught behind but the sound was of the bat hitting the ground. Free runs for MP. This is straying down leg, misses the flick of Saransh and beats the keeper to run away for four byes. Searing yorker this one to Agarwal, angling into the batter, and then shapes away to beat him. Deshpande has made his new ball talk. Avasthi replaces Kulkarni. He errs on the fuller side, allowing a couple of easy singles on the off and then drifting on the pads for Saransh to flick a four to the midwicket fence. This prompts Shaw to move the slip fielder to midwicket. Deshpande goes short next over and Saransh misses the pull. A full one outside off and Agarwal guides this with open face to the third man boundary. Agarwal keeps Avasthi at bay with five dots and then takes a single off the last ball to keep strike. Solid defence from the No. 9 batter and Saransh seems to have noticed it too as he isn't turning down the singles anymore.

MP 484/7 in 165 overs: Deshpande will share the new ball with Kulkarni. He keeps the ball back of a length but doesn't attack the stumps enough and Patidar is happy to shoulder arms and play out a maiden over. Another maiden - this time Kulkarni - who angles the ball into Saransh from around the wicket. OUT! And Patidar is gone! Clean bowled! Fullish on middle and off and it jagged in a tad to sneak between bat and pad to crash into the stumps. Rajat Patidar b Tushar Deshpande 122(219b 20x4). He walks back to the pavilion to chants of RCB, RCB! from the crowd. Anubhav Agarwal comes in. Mumbai will hope to wrap this up quickly and give its flamboyant opening pair some time to take first erase the deficit and then take a lead and challenge MP. Saransh is refusing the single to Agarwal here, backing himself to go for the big shots. He steps out to Kulkarni and slashes one over point for just one.

MP 483/6 in 161 overs: Back for the second session. Mulani starts off with a maiden over after Lunch. Saransh collects a couple and then glances a four down fine leg as Kotian strays down leg side. Mulani bowls another tight over, tossing it up to Patidar for just the single. MP 482/6 in 160 overs. The third new ball has been taken. Kulkarni will do the honours. Angles it in to Patidar who drives a fuller one aerially behind point for a single.


(Rajat Patidar 120*, Saransh Jain 20*; Tushar Deshpande 2-96, Mohit Avasthi 2-83)

LUNCH BREAK: Rajat Patidar has continued to dominate the Mumbai attack. Mumbai chipped away at the lower middle-order but Patidar has found an able second fiddle in left-hander Saransh Jain, who stepped out to Mulani first ball to hit a boundary. But his job will be to stay put at the other end. Mulani has been economical in the first session while Tushar Deshpande bowled well as well, getting good seam movement. For MP, it's not just about extending the lead but also about eating up the overs. Thirty-four overs were bowled in the morning with MP scoring 107 at 3.15/over while losing three wickets.  MP's lead is now 101. Back at 12:40.

MADHYA PRADESH 473/6 in 156 overs: Avasthi replaces Kotian. Jain has batted well for his xx. He is holding one end up. That will be the job of the MP lower-order, keep Patidar company. With less than 10 minutes to lunch, Patidar has stayed away from playing any aggressive shots against Mulani.

Deepak Chahar is taking a walk around the boundary lines. He is recovering from an injury at the NCA in Bangalore. The crowd chants "CSK, CSK" as he waves at them.

MADHYA PRADESH 471/6 in 152 overs: Off-spinner Tanush Kotian replaces Deshpande. A slip and silly point in place for left-hander Saransh. Just a solitary slip for Patidar, who plays a late cut wide of slip to collect four more. In Kotian's second over, Jain's outside edge ran away to the third man fence. Patidar meanwhile continues to pile misery on Mumbai, cuts a short ball from Mulani for four. One ball later, Jain drives through covers for three. Runs coming thick and fast again.

MADHYA PRADESH 449/6 in 148 overs: Deshpande and Mulani keep at it. Patidar's picked pace slightly after crossing the three-figure mark.  He cut Deshpande for four to take MP's lead into the 70s.


MADHYA PRADESH 434/6 in 144 overs: Patidar gets another reprieve, off Deshpande. Short of length ball that seams in. Patidar drops his hands to leave but the ball brushes his glove and lobs up to fall short of the fielder at point. Deshpande is in the middle of a probing spell, getting some good movement in the air and off the pitch. The uneven bounce has helped. Sahani, save that boundary off outside edge, has looked in control. WICKET! Mumbai chipping away as Mulani traps Sahani in front with one that straightens after pitching. Saransh Jain joins Patidar. He uses his feet first ball and slaps it over mid-on for four.

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MADHYA PRADESH 418/5 in 140 overs: WICKET! Raghuwanshi has been clean bowled by one that seams in after pitching and keeps a tad low; Deshpande with the breakthrough. Parth Sahani joins Patidar. The umpires checked for a no ball, but Deshpande had some part of his foot behind the crease. Mulani induces an outside edge but Shaw, at slip, fails to latch on and the ball races away to the fence; Sahani gets a reprieve.

MADHYA PRADESH 409/4 in 136 overs: WICKET! Shrivastava is caught at slip for 25 and Vasthi gives Mumbai its first breakthrough of the morning. The awkward bounce from just short of good length proved to be the MP skipper's undoing.  Akshat Raghuwanshi is in next. His first ball keeps low outside off. Variable bounce. Raghuwanshi's stroke-filled, aggressive half-century had changed the momentum against Bengal in the semifinal. Avasthi angles one into Raghuwanshi, who whips it wide of mid-on for his first four of the final. Meanwhile, Mumbai need to shore up their fielding - they are conceding easy ones and twos.

MADHYA PRADESH 396/3 in 132 overs: Runs continue to flow for MP as Shrivastava's outside edge off Avasthi's bowling flies through the gap between slip and gully for four more. Patidar moved into the 80s with a pull shot off Avasthi for four. Avasthi started proceedings presumably because he got good seam movement on Day 3. However, he has been pretty ordinary thus far.

MADHYA PRADESH 385/3 in 128 overs: Avasthi, from the other end, bowled one on middle and leg and Patidar flicked it to the mid-on fence. There was a loud lbw appeal against Shrivastava in Avasthi's first over, with the ball swinging in and hitting the MP skipper on the pads. But the impact was clearly outside off. Mumbai skipper Prithvi Shaw had an animated discussion with the umpires, presumably regarding the lbw appeal. Patidar's brace off Avasthi's second over of the morning gave MP the first-innings lead. Shrivastava meanwhile stepped out to Mulani and launched him over long-off for six.

MADHYA PRADESH 368/3 in 124 overs: Aditya Shrivastava and Rajat Patidar, the two overnight batters, begin the day. Shams Mulani, the left-arm spinner, started from around the wicket and began with a maiden. He was bowling slower through the air.

9:25 IST: Five minutes away from live action. Patidar will be key here for MP, while Mumbai will hope for a miraculous comeback and push for an outright win. The pacers had their tails up after the new ball was taken yesterday. Interesting to see how they exploit the morning conditions today.

9:15 IST: Madhya Pradesh is just seven runs away from taking the first innings lead. Once that is achieved, it will be interesting to see whether it pushes for an outright win or makes Mumbai grind further on the field.


The sun finally shed its monsoon-induced diffidence and was out in all its glory at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Friday. And the brightness-quotient multiplied as Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma lent their share of luminescence. The centurions and their 222-run second-wicket partnership helped Madhya Pradesh strike a dominant note against Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy final.

At the third day’s close, Madhya Pradesh posted 368 for three in its first innings and needs a mere seven to surpass Mumbai’s 374. A busy Rajat Patidar and skipper Aditya Shrivastava remain at the crease.

Earlier, resuming at the overnight 123 for one, Madhya Pradesh relished the assurance that radiated from Dubey (133, 336b, 14x4) and Sharma (116, 215b, 15x4, 1x6). Mohit Avasthi attempted a yorker, Dubey dug it out and in the same first over steered a four. And through the day, this pattern was replicated, if any Mumbai bowler beat the bat or let out a ear-splitting lbw appeal, the riposte would be a four!

Mumbai skipper Prithvi Shaw’s plans of stifling Dubey and Sharma came to nought. Sharma essayed two drives for four off Tushar Deshpande, and soon it became a tale of fluid runs. Mumbai fielders perhaps crossed a line while sledging, and umpire K.N. Ananthapadmanabhan had a word with Shaw.

The shared pursuit of team glory and individual milestones powered Dubey and Sharma as they reached their respective fifties. Mumbai had a chance when Sharma, on 55, chipped one towards short-cover, and Armaan Jaffer failed to latch on. There was a minor scare when Dhawal Kulkarni’s short-pitched delivery struck Dubey on his helmet. The batter remained unruffled, the bowler gestured an apology, and a few overs later, Dubey straight drove Kulkarni for four.

When spinners Shams Mulani and Tanush Kotian raised the odd query, the former was hoisted for six, and the latter struck for four as Sharma shifted gears. Dubey added his bit after surviving an lbw appeal from Kotian, slamming the spinner past the ropes. The 100 was etched once Dubey swept Kotian, and Madhya Pradesh was sitting pretty at lunch with 228 for one.

On resumption, it was Sharma’s turn. The second new-ball made no impact, and with a cover-drive, Sharma reached his ton. He then hit some fours, survived a needless appeal for caught behind, but Avasthi, the aggrieved bowler, soon found the edge. Madhya Pradesh was 269 for two ,and the spectators applauded Sharma and vociferously cheered the next man Patidar due to the Royal Challengers Bangalore connect.

The batter exuded a T20 vibe, striking fours at will without sacrificing his aesthetics. And with Dubey continuing to hold firm, Madhya Pradesh was on 301 for two at tea. In the last session, Patidar was caught on 52 but off a Mulani no-ball and Mumbai’s cup of woes brimmed. Eventually Dubey snicked Mulani, and Mumbai fielders graciously patted the batter. Madhya Pradesh is ahead in the summit clash and should stay that way unless Saturday throws up some surprises.


Mumbai:  Prithvi Shaw (c), Yashasvi Jaiswal, Armaan Jaffer,  Suved Parkar, Sarfaraz Khan, Hardik Tamore (wk), Shams Mulani, Dhawal Kulkarni, Tanush Kotian, Mohit Avasthi, Tushar Deshpande.

Madhya Pradesh:  Yash Dubey, Himanshu Mantri (wk), Shubham Sharma, Rajat Patidar, Aditya Shrivastava (c), Akshat Raghuwanshi, Saransh Jain, Anubhav Agarwal, Gaurav Yadav, Kumar Kartikeya, Parth Sahani.


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