Mumbai vs MP Highlights: Madhya Pradesh beats Mumbai by six wickets to win Ranji Trophy

Ranji Trophy final live score Mumbai vs MP: Get the commentary and updates from the fifth day of the Ranji Trophy final between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

Updated : Jun 26, 2022 15:43 IST , BENGALURU

Himanshu Mantri plays a shot during the chase.
Himanshu Mantri plays a shot during the chase.

Himanshu Mantri plays a shot during the chase.

Hello and welcome to  Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of Day 5 of the  Ranji Trophy  2021-22 Final between  Mumbai  and  Madhya Pradesh  at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

Shrivastava collects the Ranji Trophy with a smile on his face. The players now pose for a picture. That would be all from our side for this season. Thanks for joining us.

PODCAST | The Hindu's sports editor, KC Vijaya Kumar joins Sportstar's Ayan Acharya in analysing the Ranji Trophy final, Chandrakant Pandit's legacy and more


Aditya Shrivastava, MP captain: "We are completely ecstatic. It's been a generation. We are extremely emotional. This was my first year as captain. I have learned all my leadership skills from Chandrakant sir. I would like to continue this."

Prithvi Shaw, Mumbai's captain : "The way boys have played was unbelievable. Lots of new guys in the team, and they showed character. MP played well. I could have batter for longer. Sarfaraz Khan, Shams Mulani, Suved Parkar, Armaan Jaffer are the future. Amol Muzumdar, the coach, has been friendly at times. We have enjoyed playing under him."

Sarfaraz Khan, Player of the Series: "Credit to my father who is standing there. I am just trying my best to stay at the wicket, and score runs. I try to play as many matches as possible."

Shubham Sharma, Player of the Match : "The entire team is emotional and happy. [Chandrakant Pandit] sir is crying the most. He asked me to not take things lightly after I got out in the first innings. I took painkillers [after the shoulder injury today while fielding], and it was fine. Fortunately, my best came in the final."

Chandrakant Pandit speaks to WV Raman: "It was a great memory. I left it 23 years back on the same ground. With God's blessings, we came back here. I missed out when I was captain. I was always looking for a challenging job. There are lots of youngsters in the team. I want to develop a cricketing culture in the state. I used to play for MP, so I knew the culture. When the offer to coach came, I couldn't give it up. Sometimes you feel there is talent, but they must develop the cricketing culture. Aditya [Shrivastava] has been an outstanding captain. He has never failed to implement whatever has been discussed on the ground. For the time being, this title win is on the top of the pile [out of the six titles as coach]. I owed a trophy to MP, which I missed out [in 1998-99]."


Pandit is in tears. It's a touching moment for him. He was lifted on the shoulders by the players. The MP players are taking a lap of honour, thanking the fans for their support.

MP HAVE BEATEN MUMBAI TO LIFT THEIR MAIDEN RANJI TROPHY TITLE ! Patidar gets the winning run with a single. Chandrakant Pandit coached Vidarbha to back-to-back Ranji Trophy titles in 2017-18 and 2018-19. MP was last in the Ranji final in 1998-99, when it lost to Karnataka. Pandit was their captain then. Life's come a full circle for him and MP now. MP win the final by six wickets.

Patidar dabs Sarfaraz Khan to the third man fence. Scores are level!

MP nearly there. What a moment this will be for MP and its coach Chandrakant Pandit. Shubham Sharma has perished off Mulani, trying to finish the game quickly. Aditya Shrivastava, the MP captain, is at the crease.

Mohit Avasthi replaces Kotian. Patidar welcomes him into the attack with a classy cover drive before executing a gorgeous on drive. That's followed by a majestic pull shot by Shubham for four. 13 from Avasthi's over.

MP 79/3 in 25 overs: The singles are still coming but the boundaries have dried up, not that that will bother Shubham and Patidar. They will want to see off this chase.

MP 71/3 in 21 overs: Patidar is the new man in, and is nearly run out without facing a ball! Shubham played the ball towards cover and took for a single. Kotian gets to the ball quickly but the throw hits Patidar running towards the keeper's end.

WICKET! GONE! Parth Sahani has holed out trying to go for the big hit! Mulani has a second.

MP 61/2 in 17 overs: Change of ends for Kotian, who is drilled down the ground for four by Mantri. But Kotian's spin partner gets the better of Mantri, who is clean bowled trying to play the sweep. Parth Sahani promoted ahead of Patidar. Meanwhile, Shubham launches Mulani's last ball over long-off for six.


MP 41/1 in 13 overs: Mantri survives a close run out chance at the bowler's end. He played the ball straight towards the midwicket fielder and took off for a single. A direct hit and Mantri was gone. Mulani , meanwhile, is back into the attack. He replaces Kotian.

MP 32/1 in 9 overs: Deshpande into the attack. He replaces Kulkarni. Off-spinner Kotian comes in place of Mulani. Mumbai on the attack. Kotian around the wicket, with a slip, short leg and silly point for Mantri. But Mantri gets to the pitch of the ball and hammers it down the ground for four. Immediately forces a field change. Mid-on sent back. Mantri paddle sweeps the last ball to fine leg for four more. 10 off Kotian's first over.

MP 13/1 in 5 overs: Shubham Sharma and Himanshu Mantri at the crease. Kulkarni and Mulani have bowled well with the new ball. There is uneven bounce on offer as well. So both batters will be wary. Mumbai's fielding has been sharp, that was one department that came up short during MP's first innings. MP batters pinching the easy singles for now. The target's now below 100.


OUT! Kulkarni comes to Mumbai's rescue. Do they smell something? Clean bowls Yash Dubey off the second delivery. Full on middle and off and jags in just a bit to beat Dubey's straight drive. Shubham Sharma, the centurion from the first innings, walks out.

MP 2/0 in 1 over: Back after Lunch. Himanshu Mantri and Yash Dubey will open the innings for Madhya Pradesh. 108 runs to win. Shams Mulani with the ball. He comes over the wicket to Mantri and strays down leg as the ball turns away further on the leg. Mantri presses forward and flicks this in the air a bit, giving short leg a chance to catch it. Both openers off the mark with a single each.


LUNCH: Sahani traps Avasthi in front and Mumbai are all out for 269! MP needs 108 to win its first Ranji title! Kartikeya took 4 for 98 while Gaurav and Sahani bagged two each. MP one session away from creating history. We will be back after lunch.

WICKET! Kotian is caught behind off Kartikeya. The writing is on the wall for Mumbai. Mohit Avasthi joins Deshpande. Deshpande is run out at the non-striker's end after yet another breakdown in communication between two Mumbai batters. Mumbai nine down. Dhawal Kulkarni is the last man in. It will be an extended first session because Mumbai are nine down. 30 minutes added to first session.

MUMBAI 245/7 in 47 OVERS: WICKET! Sarfaraz Khan perishes! Is that the game? Sarfaraz plays the sweep again, a shot that has been so productive for him. But this time, he hits it to the deep backward square leg fielder. Sahani with the breakthrough. Sarfaraz goes for 45.  Mumbai lead by 74 runs. Deshpande in at No. 9. Meanwhile, Jain has replaced Sahani.

MUMBAI 236/6 in 43 OVERS: WICKET! Mulani is run out at the non-striker's end! Sarfaraz played the ball on the on side with soft hands and took off for a single before changing his mind. But Mulani is halfway down the wicket and with Saransh acing the direct hit, the left-hander is left frustrated. Kotian is the new batter in. Spinners from both ends. Kartikeya and Jain in tandem.

MUMBAI 218/5 in 39 OVERS: Agarwal and Kartikeya continue in tandem. The MP bowlers have switched to a more wicket-to-wicket line. Sarfaraz holds the key here and has only Mulani among the more accomplished partners. Kotian and Kulkarni can bat but the latter has an injured right knee.

MUMBAI 198/5 in 35 OVERS: Gaurav Yadav has gone off the field. Sahani continues to bowl a leg stump line with six fielders on the leg side. Sarfaraz Khan found the gap with a sweep in front of square for four. He followed it up with another sweep shot for six. 14 runs came off Sahani's fourth over. Anubhav Agarwal has replaced Yadav. Agarwal bowls outside off and Parkar, preempts it, walks towards the off side and carves it for four. Gaurav is still off the field. Meanwhile, Parkar brings up his 50 off 56 balls with a four! There was a misfield by the fielder at cover point. Kumar Kartikeya replaces Sahani. Bowling from around the wicket to Parkar. GONE! Parkar is clean bowled first ball - looks to cut a full ball and misses it completely. Yashasvi Jaiswal joins Sarfaraz. Jaiswal off the mark with a single first ball. Sarfaraz plays the sweep shot again and gets four again. GONE! Jaiswal has perished trying to play the big shot. Tried to smash it on the on side but the thick outside edge flies to short third. Mulani joins Sarfaraz. Two wickets in the first over of Kartikeya's new spell.


MUMBAI 160/3 in 31 OVERS: It's become evident now that the slower delivery will be an increasingly important tool for Gaurav Yadav as the day wears on. Meanwhile, Parth Sahani replaced Kumar Kartikeya. He too is sticking to a leg side line. The umpires had a word with MP captain Aditya Shrivatsava, maybe regarding the use of restrictive leg stump line by the spinners. The field is well spread out and there are men preventing the easy singles. So, the sweep shot seems to be the most productive at the moment.  Mumbai trail by just 2 runs now.

MUMBAI 145/3 in 27 OVERS: Gaurav Yadav from the other end. Slip in place. Akshat Raghuwanshi at cover point gets his hands to a bullet drive from Jaffer but the ball does not stick. Would've been a blinder. Raghuwanshi dived full length to his left. Meanwhile, there was a nasty collision between Shubham Sharma and Aditya Shrivastava near the boundary. Jaffer drove handsomely and both Shubham and Shrivastava were closing in on the ball. Shrivastava, realising Shubham had put in a sliding effort, tried to stop but his knee thudded into Shubham's shoulder and he was wincing in pain! Shubham is off the field. Meanwhile, the batters ran four. Kartikeya is sticking to a leg side line. Mumbai batters have realised that and are making room to play inside out over cover. Gaurav is adopting the off side line, bowling almost too wide outside off. Mumbai batters continue to play their shots as Parkar gets under this full ball outside off and slams it over long-on for six. GONE! Despair for Jaffer as Gaurav bowls a slower full delivery on the leg stump and Jaffer falls for the trap, clean bowled. Here's Sarfaraz Khan. He's closing in on a 1000 runs for the season.

MUMBAI 118/2 in 23 OVERS: Parkar on strike. Kartikeya with the ball. The field's spread out. Just a slip in place for Parkar. Kartikeya bowls a leg-stump line and Parkar sweeps fine past the keeper for a four. Kartikeya sticking to the line outside leg. Parkar pinches a single off the last ball and retains strike.

Sun's out over Chinnaswamy Stadium. There's a smattering of clouds too. But we are all set for an on-time start. Out come the MP fielders. Suved Parkar and Armaan Jaffer are in the middle as well.

9:10am: First session: 9.15am to 11:45am; second session: 12.25pm to 2.25pm; third session: 2:45pm until stumps.

9:00am: MP remain on course to win its first Ranji Trophy title after centuries from Yash Dubey, Shubham Sharma and Rajat Patidar. Here's a wrap of the fourth day's play - REPORT

8:51am : It will be interesting to see Suved Parkar and Armaan Jaffer's approach this morning. Mumbai's still 49 runs behind MP's first-innings score and they've lost two wickets. MP's in the driver seat. To entertain any thoughts of what will be a spectacular come-from-behind win, Mumbai needs to bat fast, set a tricky target and then get an MP lineup, that made 500-plus in its first innings, all out. The pitch is showing signs of wear and tear and scoring runs against the spin of Kumar Kartikeya and Saransh Jain won't be easy. Mumbai will be praying for a miracle.


Mumbai:  Prithvi Shaw (c), Yashasvi Jaiswal, Armaan Jaffer,  Suved Parkar, Sarfaraz Khan, Hardik Tamore (wk), Shams Mulani, Dhawal Kulkarni, Tanush Kotian, Mohit Avasthi, Tushar Deshpande.

Madhya Pradesh:  Yash Dubey, Himanshu Mantri (wk), Shubham Sharma, Rajat Patidar, Aditya Shrivastava (c), Akshat Raghuwanshi, Saransh Jain, Anubhav Agarwal, Gaurav Yadav, Kumar Kartikeya, Parth Sahani.


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