Road Safety World Series 2021 Final Highlights: India Legends vs Sri Lanka Legends - Sachin and Co. beat SLL by 14 runs

Road Safety World Series final, INDL vs SLL: Get the live cricket score, commentary, updates and more from the final between India Legends and Sri Lanka Legends in Raipur.

Updated : Mar 22, 2021 00:38 IST , Raipur

India Legends take on Sri Lanka Legends in the Road Safety World Series final.
India Legends take on Sri Lanka Legends in the Road Safety World Series final.

India Legends take on Sri Lanka Legends in the Road Safety World Series final.

Welcome to Sportstar 's Highlights of the Road Safety World Series final between India Legends and Sri Lanka Legends. This wa s Santadeep Dey bringing you all the action as it unfurl ed at the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Stadium in Raipur.

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Congratulations, champs!


SLL 167/7 after 20 overs: And the India Legends keep their nerve as they edge out Sri Lanka by 14 runs to win the tournament!  Munaf gave away the first ball for six but the icy demeanour of the man prevailed as he nailed the remaining deliveries right on the block as Jayasinghe and Maharoof fall off the last two balls of the tournament! What a ride has this been back through time with the superstars of yesteryears putting up a riveting spectacle.

Munaf Patel to bowl the final over.

SLL 155/5 after 19 overs: Gony to Weeraratne.  OUT! Gony sticks to his plans and gets the danger man! Weeraratne is worked out by the bumper as he scoops straight up and Vinay Kumar pulls off a stunning catch at point. Not a single boundary in the over and SLL needs 24 runs off the final ball!  Kaushalya Weeraratne c Vinay Kumar b Gony 38 (15b 3x4 3x6)

SLL 152/4 after 18 overs: Weeraratne is on a roll and he makes Vinay Kumar pay a heavy price!  Vinay who began well by strangling the batsmen with the short ball, drops his plans completely and pushes the ball full to Weeraratne who goes beserk to finish 4,6,6 as SLL needs 30 in two overs now!

Vinay Kumar into the attack. Could well be the decisive over!

SLL 132/4 after 17 overs: Well, well! Some real drama on the field here! Gony steams in for a delivery and the umpire calls a no-ball. Seems like there were only three fielders inside the circle. Tendulkar is fuming and I have probably never seen him so animated on the field! Gony runs in for the free-hit delivery and Jayasinghe hits the ball straight back to him from the blockhole. Gony picks the ball and throws it back in aim of the stumps but instead hits Jayasinghe with a loud thud. The batsman falls and winces pain as both teams gather to give him some attention.  Jayasinghe is quickly back on his feet and sees off the over. SLL needs 49 runs in 18 balls.  Massive over coming up.

SLL 124/4 after 16 overs: A fine over from Munaf Patel as he concedes just eight runs. Patel has mixed up the pace to keep Jayasingh and Weeraratne on their toes as SLL needs 58 runs from 24 balls!

SLL 116/4 after 15 overs: Weeraratne smashes Pathan for some crucial runs here! A majestic lofted drive over extra-cover sails into the stands, what a shot that was! Pathan keeps things tight save for the last ball where Weeraratne makes room for a slice that finds the gap between square leg and short fine leg! SLL now needs 66 runs from 30 balls and more importantly, Irfan Pathan has completed his four overs.

SLL 103/4 after 14 overs: Jayasinghe smashes Yusuf for a biggie down the crowd, brings up the 100 for Sri Lanka! Pathan leaks a couple of singles in a 11-run over and the run rate is under check. Sri Lanka Legends need 79 runs from 36 balls, game on!

SLL 92/4 after 13 overs: Irfan to Tharanga. OUT! Tharanga holes out to long-off! What a blow this is for Sri Lanka. Certainly the pressure has gotten to the batsmen and Tharanga perishes under the soaring burden. Pathan keeps the ball full, perhaps good enough to be tonked over the fence and Tharanga was right in his approach. Tharanga however, fails to time  the ball that and soars up presents a fine catch to the substitute fielder Pawar. Upul Tharanga c sub Pawar b IK Pathan 13 (16b 1x4)

SLL 87/3 after 12 overs: Pathan to Jayasuriya. OUT! Yusuf traps the big man in front! Jayasuriya went for the sweep and Pathan's rushed-in delivery was too full the shot. India gets a massive wicket and Pathan dons another splendid over as new man Jayasinghe and Tharanga are forced to deal in singles in a four-run over.  Sanath Jayasuriya lbw b YK Pathan 43 (35b 5x4 1x6)

Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan picked the three top-order wickets of the Sri Lanka Legends.

SLL 83/2 after 11 overs: Tharanga and Jayasuriya are poles apart with Jayasuriya injured and unable to push himself for the doubles. Tharanga finishes the over with some respite as he flicks Irfan past square leg for another boundary.

SLL 75/2 after 10 overs: Yusuf Pathan manages to keep Jayasuriya under check but not for long! Pathan has moved the ball in to frustrate Jayasuriya with the ball hitting the stump line. The boundaries have dried up and right on cue, Jayasuriya unleashes an uncharacteristic reverse-sweep to beat the backward point fielder. Jayasuriya, however, is running out of options as he is struggling with a hamstring injury.

SLL 68/2 after 9 overs: Irfan to Silva. OUT! Irfan strikes first ball as Silva slices it straight to point! Welcome change from skipper Tendulkar and Pathan has delivered rightaway. Crucial phase in the game builds up as Pathan continues to trouble with a couple of inswingers and away-swingers to keep Jayasuriya and new man Tharanga guessing.

Irfan Pathan into the attack.

SLL 65/1 in 8 overs: Pathan to Dilshan. OUT!  Edged and taken by Naman Ojha behind the stumps! A decent bounce from the length caught Dilshan by surprise and the nagging line has induced the edge. SLL has tweaked the batting order with Chamara Silva coming in. India has kept the proceedings quiet with 16 balls bowled without a boundary!  Dilshan c Naman Ojha b Y Pathan 21(18) [4s-3]

Yusuf Pathan into the attack.

The teams have headed to the short strategic timeout.

SLL 61/0 in 7 overs: Excellent from Ojha as he gives just three runs in the over! Ojha beats Dilshan with the deft slower-one that has found some turn on the track. SLL is in a good position as India's desperation grows for a wicket.

SLL 58/0 in 6 overs: Powerplay done and dusted and SLL is off to a cracking start! Vinay Kumar begins with two wides and follows it up with a loose delivery to Jayasuriya that gets the right treatment over the cover region. He has muscled that with some disdain but Vinay Kumar has come back well to restict the run-flow ahead of the end of the Powerplay.

Vinay Kumar replaces Munaf Patel.

SLL 48/0 in 5 overs: Ojha concedes a boundary to Dilshan and follows it up with three wides in the over. A relatively quiet over otherwise but the extras have eased the pressure on the batsmen.

Pragyan Ojha replaces Gony.

SLL 39/0 in 4 overs: Jayasuriya smokes Patel! This is stuff of gold! Patel peppers the short ball to Jayasuriya and he rocks back and pulls it through midwicket. The ball stormes to the fence in a jiffy for a boundary. Patel follows up with a loose fuller deliver outside off and Jayasuriya swings his hefty wrists through the arc as the ball sails back into the crowds for a six! This is a massive over as Dilshan adds the final touch with a delightful punch down the ground for another four!

SLL 21/0 in 3 overs: Jayasuriya begins to find his touch! Gony errs in line and strays the ball onto the southpaw's pads and Jayasuriya is more than happy to glide it past deep backward square to the boundary.

SLL 13/0 in 2 overs: 12 runs from the Munaf over as Jayasuriya and Dilshan find the fence! Munaf began well with a couple of deliveries attacking Jayasuriya's stumps but his third ball loose outside off. Jayasuriya, in complete zest of his yesteryears, pounced on it and cut it past the point fielder to the boundary in a flash! Dilshan gets into the act with a stunning drive through extra cover as well. SLL will need a rollicking start against a strong Indian bowling lineup here.

Munaf Patel opens the attack from the other end.

SLL 1/0 in 1 over: Brilliant start from Gony! The tall operator rushes the ball onto Dilshan and Jayasuriya who have pressed back onto the crease. Gony maintains a tight line throughout the over and has tested the resolve of the openers early on.

Manpreet Gony with the ball for INDL.

WELCOME TO THE CHASE! Sri Lanka openers Tillakaratne Dilshan and the 'Matara Mauler', Sanath Jayasuriya walks out to the crease. Sachin Tendulkar leads the India Legends onto the field.

The live coverage of the second innings begins shortly. Stay tuned!

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INDL 181/4 in 20 overs: Kulasekara does some damage control in the first five deliveries of the last over. However, Pathan plays spoilsport as he dispatches the last ball of the innings deep into the stands.

INDL 169/4 in 19 overs: Weeraratne exacts revenge! Yuvraj, trying to smoke a slower, short ball over deep mid-wicket, finds Maharoof near the ropes. Irfan is the new man in.

INDL 162/3 in 18 overs: Only four runs off this over from Maharoof. He mixes it up well to confuse the batsmen and has been the only Sri Lankan bowler, except Herath, who has looked to be in decent touch tonight.

INDL 158/3 in 17 overs: 150th maximum of the tournament. 150 runs for India. Kulasekara's round-the-wicket approach does nothing to stop the Indian charge. THIS IS A MASSACRE! Yusuf completes his fifty with a six. STAND. AND. DELIVER.

INDL 138/3 in 16 overs: Sri Lanka bowlers are being sent on a leather hunt! Four from Yuvraj to bring up his fifty. He holds his pose for a while for the shutterbugs after he goes downtown. Yusuf frees his arms next. Two cracking sixes from the flamboyant right-hander brings up the fifty-run stand. As if those weren't enough, he opens the face of his bat to score another boundary off a yorker! Dilshan has been left totally flabbergasted. There is literally nothing that is seemingly working against the duo. Time for another break!

INDL 116/3 in 15 overs: Yusuf greets Maharoof, who has been quite economical, thus far, with a flick down fine leg for a four. Yuvraj, meanwhile, continues to saunter towards yet another fifty. The projected score is 155.

INDL 108/3 in 14 overs: Bowling change from Sri Lanka. Weeraratne has been introduced into the attack. He has proven to be quite expensive in the tournament, thus far. Can he spring up a surprise today? No. Yuvraj has launched him into outer space off the very first ball. And another... Yusuf Pathan gets a lifeline as Jayasinghe lets one burst through his fingers and over the ropes. 74m maximum, reads the scoreboard. This is the most expensive over of the innings with 16 runs coming from it. 100 up.

INDL 92/3 in 13 overs: Sloppy work in the deep, this time, from Kulasekara as he slips and falls. Easy pickings for Yuvraj! Dhammika doesn't look too happy. Yusuf follows it up with another boundary towards deep backward square leg.

INDL 83/3 in 12 overs: Will Yusuf come out all guns blazing?Only time will tell... Sri Lanka lets go of a wonderful opportunity as a direct hit wouldn't even have seen Yusuf anywhere in the frame. However, Dilshan and Co. have managed to slam the brakes on the run flow somehow.

INDL 78/3 in 11 overs: Close! A beautiful yorker from Maharoof almost sees Yuvraj chop one onto the sticks. But... but... but... They have the bigger fish in the net! The captain goes. Tendulkar, looking to scoop, gets a top-edge. The pace on the ball wasn't enough to clear the wicketkeeper, who takes a fine catch.

INDL 77/2 in 10 overs: Dilshan decides to take matter into his own hands post the tactical break. AND... BOOM! You just cannot bowl short to Yuvraj. Two pull shots. Two sixes. Vintage Yuvi stuff! The second maximum had landed on a broadcast crew member's camera. Wonder how it escaped without a scratch...

INDL 63/2 in 9 overs: Maharoof bowling short-of-good length deliveries to frustrate Yuvraj. Only four runs come off this over as we head into a strategic timeout!

INDL 59/2 in 8 overs: The crowd's going crazy every time SRT10 is taking strike... Sri Lanka has been excellent on the field through the course of this tournament. After Chamara Silva's incredible catches in the last outing, Jayasuriya pulls off a diving effort in the boundary now to save two runs. Tendulkar ends the over on a high with a chip over the infield to bring up yet another four.

INDL 52/2 in 7 overs: Tendulkar looks unhappy with himself as he gets beaten on the drive. Jayasuriya is putting up a good show here. Yuvraj eases things a bit with a boundary as the fifty comes up for the India Legends.

INDL 46/2 in 6 overs: Yuvraj joins the party as he utilises the pace on offer from Dhammika to split the fielders at mid-on and mid-wicket with a wristy flick. The 37-year-old, however, bounces back well to stick to the right channels and avoid conceding further runs in the over.

INDL 42/2  in 5 overs: Badrinath welcomes Jayasuriya with a boundary. The former Sri Lanka opener, however, has his revenge off the very next ball as he traps the right-handed batsman plumb in front. Tendulkar, in the meantime, continues the onslaught with a glorious straight drive.

INDL 31/1 in 4 overs: Dilshan comes into the attack. He is the leading wicket-taker in this tournament, thus far. Tendulkar, however, couldn't care less as he hammers two back-to-back boundaries much to the joy of the crowd.

INDL 20/1 in 3 overs: Herath strikes! Sehwag, immediately after dispatching one into the stands, plays for the turn but this goes straight on to crash into the off-stump. S Badrinath comes to the crease.

INDL 12/0 in 2 overs: The cries of "Sachin, Sachin" rent the air as the Master Blaster creams one through cover. Goosebumps! Russell, down with a hamstring injury, gets some treatment.

INDL 4/0 after 1 over: Out come the Sri Lankan players. Sehwag to take strike. Herath to start proceedings with the new ball. Tendulkar's first scoring shot is a boundary through covers.


India Legends (Playing XI): Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar (c), Yuvraj Singh, Yusuf Pathan, S Badrinath, Naman Ojha (w), Irfan Pathan, Manpreet Gony, Vinay Kumar, Pragyan Ojha, Munaf Patel

Sri Lanka Legends (Playing XI): Tillakaratne Dilshan (c), Sanath Jayasuriya, Upul Tharanga (w), Chinthaka Jayasinghe, Chamara Silva, Kaushalya Weeraratne, Russel Arnold, Farveez Maharoof, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dhammika Prasad, Rangana Herath

TOSS UPDATE: Sri Lanka has won the toss and elected to field.




Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Stadium, Raipur


India Legends: Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar (c), Mohammad Kaif, Yuvraj Singh, Yusuf Pathan, Naman Ojha (w), Irfan Pathan, Manpreet Gony, Vinay Kumar, Pragyan Ojha, Munaf Patel, S Badrinath, Noel David, Sairaj Bahutule, Sameer Dighe

Sri Lanka Legends: Tillakaratne Dilshan (c), Sanath Jayasuriya, Upul Tharanga(w), Chinthaka Jayasinghe, Chamara Silva, Kaushalya Weeraratne, Russel Arnold, Farveez Maharoof, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dhammika Prasad, Rangana Herath, Chaminda Vaas, Upul Chandana, Dulanjana Wijesinghe, Sachithra Senanayake, Romesh Kaluwitharana, Chamara Kapugedera, Malinda Warnapura


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