Manjrekar comes under criticism after on-air disagreement with Harsha Bhogle

Sanjay Manjrekar has been criticised for his on-air comments against Harsha Bhogle, with fans asking him to publicly apologise to his fellow commentator.

It's not the first time Sanjay Manjrekar has found himself in hot water for his on-air comments.

Cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar has been criticised for his on-air comments against Harsha Bhogle after the pair's heated discussion about the visibility of the pink ball during the third day's play of the day-night Test between India and Bangladesh.

With the Test match at the Eden Gardens drawing to a conclusion, Bhogle suggested on commentary that players need to be spoken to about the visibility of the pink ball, which had been spoken about extensively ahead of the first day-night Test in India.

Manjrekar said, "There have been at least three or four instances of batsmen getting hit on the helmet in both innings."

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Bhogle replied: "When there's a post-mortem done on this game, and there should be a post-mortem done on this game, visibility of that ball will be factor against the white sightscreen."


"Don't think so", Manjrekar responded before elaborating: "because when you see the slip catchers, the way they have taken catches, I don't think visibility is an issue at all. The texture of the ball is the issue."

Bhogle said he'd ask the batsmen from both teams. "Definitely ask batsmen on both sides."

Manjrekar, in reply, asked: "Do you think Virat Kohli wasn't seeing the ball properly?"

Bhogle stuck to his guns. "Or Ajinkya Rahane, or Cheteshwar Pujara. Ask all of them, just ask them, 'what do you think?'". Because if pink-ball cricket is going to be a regular feature, then you want to make sure everything's working."

Manjrekar said, "Don't we get an indication watching from the outside whether the batsman is seeing the ball properly or not?" Reiterating his point, Bhogle said, "Doesn't cost anything to ask. Always good to know everything around you. If I was doing a post-mortem, I'd ask everything because I want to know everything about the pink-ball game. To see, if everything's working, why are so many batsmen getting hit."

Manjrekar's response was what drew the ire of the fans. He said, "You need to ask, Harsha. For us, who have played the game, we get a fair idea of what's happening out there."

Reiterating his point, Manjrekar said, "Have been watching two-and-a-half days, three days of cricket, I don't think visibility is an issue. We've seen some terrific catches taken in the slips, on the boundary as well."

Bhogle maintained his stance. "When you have played the game, you get a very good idea of what's happening, what the conditions are. But it cannot be a limitation to learning. If you'd never asked players, you'd never have got T20 cricket, you'd never have got day-night cricket. So sometimes it's best to ask everybody what they think and justify your hypothesis rather than rolling it out before asking. That's the only point I'm making."

Manjrekar concluded by saying: "Point taken, but don't agree."

This isn't the first instance Manjrekar has found himself in hot water. During the 2019 World Cup, he had commented that Ravindra Jadeja is a "bits and pieces cricketer", for which he was criticised by the fans while the player hit back at him on Twitter.