BAN vs PAK Highlights, T20 World Cup: Pakistan beats Bangladesh by five wickets, qualifies for semifinals

PAK vs BAN Highlights, T20 World Cup: Pakistan beat Bangladesh by five wickets in Adelaide on Sunday and booked a semifinal spot, finishing with six points from five matches.

Pakistan qualified for the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinals after beating Bangladesh by five wickets in Adelaide on Sunday.

Pakistan qualified for the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinals after beating Bangladesh by five wickets in Adelaide on Sunday. | Photo Credit: GETTY IMAGES

PAK vs BAN Highlights, T20 World Cup: Pakistan beat Bangladesh by five wickets in Adelaide on Sunday and booked a semifinal spot, finishing with six points from five matches.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the T20 World Cup Super 12 match between Pakistan and Bangladesh from the Adelaide Oval.


What a day for Pakistan! From hardly believing that it could make the semis, it was given a new lease of life when Netherlands knocked South Africa out. The game against Bangladesh was then a shoot-out for the semis and Babar Azam’s men emerged victorious. Pakistan can still finish top of the table if India loses to Zimbabwe today.

PAK 128/5 IN 18.1 OVERS

Two needed from two overs. Shadab comes in at No. 7. Flicked off the toes by Masood for a couple and Pakistan wins and is through to the semis.

PAK 126/5 IN 18 OVERS

Mustafizur comes. Masood dabs to third man for a single. Just six needed now. Pakistan a shot away from sealing the semis. Iftikhar off the mark with a single. Good yorker and dug out nicely by Masood. A couple more for Masood at deep square as he swats a short ball along the ground. Masood steers another yorker to point for one more. Two to win now. OUT! Iftikhar skies this very high in the air and taken at point. Iftikhar perishes going for the glory shot.

PAK 121/4 IN 17 OVERS

FOUR! Masood backs away outside leg and cuts to the cover boundary for four runs. FOUR! Cracking shot as Masood gets on one knee and sweeps this powerfully to the deep midwicket fence. OUT! Haris steps out, looks to go over point but the fielder takes it. Haris has to go. Iftikhar comes in. PAK needs seven runs to win from 18 balls.

PAK 110/3 IN 16 OVERS

Masood launches this over midwicket and the ball lands safely in the deep as Taskin comes back into the attack. Dabbed to third man for a couple. Taskin oversteps on the third ball of the over. Free-hit coming up. SIX! Haris shuffles across and deposits this slot ball over deep square for a six. A couple more next ball as he bunts this short ball in the gap on leg-side. Another big over, 16 runs from it and Pakistan now needs 18 runs in 24 balls.

PAK 94/3 IN 15 OVERS

Shakib with the ball. Haris gets a single first ball. Three ones to start the over. 36 needed from 33 balls now. Nawaz steps out and pushes the ball to mid-off and hares off for a single. Direct-hit at non-striker’s and this is gone. OUT! Nawaz has to go. Masood the new man in. He goes for a reverse-sweep first ball and gets a top edge over the ‘keeper for a single.

PAK 89/2 IN 14 OVERS

FOUR! In the slot just outside off from Ebadot and Haris latches on it and hammers it over covers for a boundary. Full on the pads and flicked for a single. SIX! Haris gets a top edge on the pull and this goes over square leg. Afif makes a good effort of trying to pull it back in but steps on the cushion with the ball in hand. Thirteen runs from the over and this could be the momentum Pakistan was seeking. Should a breeze from here on for them.

PAK 76/2 IN 13 OVERS

Mustafizur with the ball. Nawaz steers this full on to third man for a couple. Haris steps out and is cramped on the pull. A close chance here as Haris shuffles across and pulls a short one just over the keeper’s head. The ball looks like it hit his helmet grill and another concussion check underway. Seven from the over. Both batters still struggle to time the ball.

PAK 69/2 IN 12 OVERS

OUT! Rizwan is gone and Bangladesh will smell a chance here. Loose ball outside off and Rizwan slashes it straight to the point fielder. Mohammad Haris comes in. LBW appeal turned down, run out chance missed at the non-striker’s end and the ball runs away four four leg-byes off overthrows. The last ball is a no-ball as Ebadot oversteps. Free-hit to Nawaz. It’s a dot.

PAK 61/1 IN 11 OVERS

OUT! Babar is gone and Nasum strikes. Babar goes for wild sweep, gets a top edge and taken at backward point. A couple of wides down leg. Nawaz comes in at No. 3. He misses the sweep, appeal for LBW and not given. Bangladesh reviews but impact is outside off and review lost.

PAK 56/0 IN 10 OVERS

Here comes Shakib. Eight runs from the over. Babar gets a boundary and he steps out and hits it over Shakib for four runs.


Ebadot into the attack. Required rate now over 7. Rizwan slashes over point for a single. Swing and a miss outside off from Babar next ball. Six runs from the over.


Nasum bowls his third. Babar gets a top edge on the sweep and the ball hits the grill of his helmet. A mandatory concussion check underway. Just four singles from the over. Pakistan looking to take this chase deep.


Mustafizur will continue. Rizwan misses a wild slash outside off. Slashed again and a single at deep point. Just two runs from the first balls so far. Babar gets a bottom edge on the pull and gets a single at fine-leg. Three from the over.


Nasum bowls his second. Keeps the batters on a leash. Just one run from the first four deliveries. Loose ball on legs and Rizwan can’t get it away. Just a couple of runs from the over and Rizwan holds strike.


Mustafizur into the attack. Single for Rizwan off the second ball with a slash through cover and point. Babar collects one more in the same region. A direct-hit at the non-striker’s end, the ball dribbles away and the batters steal a second run. Seven runs from the over and Pakistan is coasting.


Shakib into the attack. Rizwan sweeps for a single. FOUR! Rizwan sweeps and this time finds the boundary behind square on the leg-side. FOUR! Back-to-back fours for Rizwan sweeps again and this time finds the boundary in front of square.


Taskin continues. Beaten! This one moves away from a good length and squares up Babar. Three dots to start the over and Pakistan is in no hurry here. FOUR! Full on the pads and flicked away by Babar and past the midwicket fielder for four runs.


Nasum from the other end. Babar on strike. Can he end his poor run of form? Single off the first ball as Babar goes back and turns it away on the leg-side. Extra bounce and that one raps Rizwan on the gloves. Flighted on off and thumped down the ground for a single. Another misfield as the cover fielder lets this through and concedes a single.


Rizwan and Babar are out to open the innings. Taskin Ahmed with the new ball. Taskin to Rizwan first ball. PAK needs 128 to reach the semis. Good length outside off and Rizwan guides it to point for a dot ball. Short of good length, moving away and beats Rizwan’s prod outside off. Dropped! Outside edge and Nurul drops a regulation catch diving to his right. What a start that could have been for Bangladesh. SIX! Top edge on the pull next ball and that flies over fine-leg for a maximum. Tapped to point for another dot. Six from the first over.

BAN 127/8 IN 20 OVERS

Rauf to bowl the final over. FOUR! Shuffles across and Afif scoops that to the fine-leg fence. Six runs off the first three balls. FOUR! Short and wide outside off and Nasum slaps that over the bowler and to the long-off boundary. OUT! Full and flicked straight to the fielder at deep square leg. Nasum has to go for seven off six balls. Mustafizur to face the last ball of the innings. Swing and a miss and the batters collect a bye off the last ball.

BAN 116/7 IN 19 OVERS

Shaheen bowls out. OUT! Another one for Shaheen as Taskin drives this full delivery to the mid-off fielder. Four wickets for Shaheen. Nasum Ahmed comes in at No. 9. Three singles after the wicket as Shaheen aces his yorkers. FOUR! Wide yorker and Afif steers that to the backward point boundary.

BAN 109/6 IN 18 OVERS

Rauf here. Afif steps out and looks to slash this length ball angling away outside off but misses. Gets an inside edge next ball. Two dots to start with and pressure building on Bangladesh here. Afif shuffles across and guides it to short fine for just one. Cracking yorker, skids through the defences of Taskin and misses everything on its way to the ‘keeper. Yorker outside off and Taskin fails to make any connection. Another yorker to end the over and just a single. Two from it.

BAN 107/6 IN 17 OVERS

Shaheen comes back. Single for Afif to start the over. OUT! Musaddek is cleaned up second ball of the over. Slower yorker, dips on the batter and goes through his defences. Nurul is in next. Two dot balls to begin with. OUT! Heaved away on the off-side and taken at deep point by Nurul. Taskin comes out to bat. Loud appeal for LBW first ball and not given. Babar deliberates with the bowler before reviewing. This is missing leg-stump and Taskin survives. Review lost.

BAN 106/4 IN 16 OVERS

Naseem with the ball. Short and wide and cut away by Afif to the point boundary. 100 up for Bangladesh in 15.1 overs. Naseem responds with a short one next ball which hits Afif on the helmet as he misses the pull.

BAN 99/4 IN 15 OVERS

Wasim comes back for his second over. Musaddek tucks one on leg-side for a single. Wide down leg next ball. Run out chance off the last ball but Wasim disturbed the stumps with his hand and as the ball popped out of his hand.

BAN 92/4 IN 14 OVERS

FOUR! Shanto steps out and collects a four down the ground. OUT! Gone next ball. He steps out again and Iftikhar turns the ball away and hits the off-stump. Musaddek comes in. Three dots and a single to end the over.

BAN 87/3 IN 13 OVERS

FOUR! Shanto goes for the sweep, gets an under edge and the ball goes through the keeper for four runs. Shanto gets his fifty off 46 balls but will need to explode now.

BAN 78/3 IN 12 OVERS

Iftikhar continues. Four runs from the over. Bangladesh will need to up the ante here. Afif should be the man for the task.

BAN 74/3 IN 11 OVERS

Shadab back for his third. Single for Shanto and 50 partnership up between these two. Sarkar drives well through covers and well fielded by Iftikhar to keep it to a couple. OUT! Sarkar goes for the reverse-sweep but doesn’t connect too well and that’s taken at point. Captain Shakib is in next. Shakib steps out first ball and misses the flick. Shadab appeals and the umpire lifts his finger after thiking for quite a while. Skipper reviews the decision. This is hitting top of middle stump and the captain goes for a golden duck. Shakib is not happy with the decision and almost refuses to walk as he think there was some bat involved. There was a spike as the ball passed the bat but the third umpire deemed it as bat hitting the ground. Shadab on a hat-trick. Afif gets a single off the hat-trick ball.

BAN 70/1 IN 10 OVERS

Rauf comes back. He bowls it fuller this over and just six runs come from the over. Bangladesh has 70 runs on the board at the halfway stage. With nine wickets in hand, the Tigers will now look to shift gears early in the second half of the innings.


Shadab continues. FOUR! Swept away by Sarkar to the midwicket boundary. Bangladesh would be happy with this start. Shanto gets a couple of an inside edge at fine-leg.


Iftikhar into the attack. Shanto steps out and flicks one on leg-side for a single. Fifty up for Bangladesh in 7.3 overs. Sarkar gets one more next ball. FOUR! Shanto spanks this off the backfoot for a four at deep point. Single to end the over.


Shadab Khan into the attack. A couple of runs for Shanto off the first ball and there is a mix-up between the batters. Shanto gets two more next ball. FOUR! Dabbed to the third man fence by Shanto for a boundary. Single to end the over. Nine from it.


Naseem returns. A couple of dots to start the over as he takes the pace off the ball. Sarkar misses a pull. Four dots now. Finally a single as Soumya drives wide yorker on the off and hares for one. Another miscued pull to the end the over and Afridi misses a tough chance at short fine.


Haris Rauf into the attack. Short and pulled away by Shanto for a couple at deep square. Just four runs from the over as Rauf keeps it between short-of-good-length and good-length.


Dropped! Shadab drops an easy take at cover as Shanto drives on the up straight to the fielder. Mohammad Wasim into the attack. FOUR! Shanto now adds insult to injury as cuts a short and wide ball to the backward point fence. He charges down the wicket and lofts the next one over point for a couple more. SIX! Glorious shot from Sarkar. Pulled away from the waist over the deep midwicket rope.


Shaheen continues. SIX! Litton steps out and pulls this for a maximum over deep square. A couple of quick singles after the maximum. A measured start from the openers. OUT! Said that too soon as Litton guides this straight into the hands of the point fielder. Soumya Sarkar in. Misses a flick as the ball goes down leg.


Naseem Shah from the other end. FOUR! Shanto sends the ball crashing through point for a boundary. Seven runs from the over.


Shanto and Litton open the innings for Bangladesh. Shaheen has the new ball. He shapes the first ball away from the left-hander and beats him. Thick outside edge second ball and Shanto is off the mark with a single. Another quick single for Litton off the next one. Two slips in place now for Shanto. FOUR! Shanto looks to flick this on leg-side but gets a top-edge that goes to the square-leg boundary. Another outside edge and this goes to the point fielder. Driven back to Shaheen and he fields it to keep it to a dot.

Pakistan Playing XI: Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Haris, Shan Masood, Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Nawaz, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Wasim Jr, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi.

Bangladesh Playing XI: Najmul Hossain Shanto, Soumya Sarkar, Litton Das, Shakib Al Hasan (c), Afif Hossain, Nurul Hasan (wk), Mosaddek Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Nasum Ahmed, Ebadot Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman.

TOSS: Bangladesh wins the toss and elects to bat. Shoriful Islam, Yasir Ali and Hasan Mahmud are out. Soumya Sarkar, Nasum Ahmed and Ebadot Hossain come in. Pakistan is unchanged.

8:50 AM IST: The Pakistan vs Bangladesh match has assumed greater signifance now as Netherlands has stunned South Africa by 13 runs and knocked the Proteas out of the tournament. This match is now a shoot-out for the semis and India is officially through to the semis.


Pakistan needs to win its last T20 World Cup fixture against Bangladesh at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday and then hope for other results to go its way in a bid to make it to the semifinals.

It’s a tricky situation for sure, but the players and the team management want to focus on their game and not think about the ‘uncontrollable’ factors. Pakistan’s higher Net Run Rate, which is currently +1.117, means a win would see Babar Azam’s men leapfrog India if Rohit Sharma’s side loses against Zimbabwe. India plays last in Group 2.

Bangladesh: Shakib Al Hasan (c), Nurul Hasan, Afif Hossain, Ebadot Hossain, Hasan Mahmud, Litton Das, Mehidy Hassan Miraz, Mustafizur Rahman, Najmul Hossain Shanto, Shoriful Islam, Soumya Sarkar, Musaddek Hossain, Nasum Ahmed, Taskin Ahmed, Yasir Ali Chowdhury. Reserves: Mahedi Hasan, Rishad Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Mohammad Saifuddin.
Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Shadab Khan, Asif Ali, Fakhar Zaman, Haider Ali, Haris Rauf, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, Mohammad Hasnain, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Wasim, Naseem Shah, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Shan Masood. Standby Players: Usman Qadir, Mohammad Haris, Shahnawaz Dahani.
The Pakistan vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup Super 12 Group 2 match will be aired LIVE on the Star Sports Network on Sunday, November 6. The match will also be LIVE streamed on Disney+Hotstar.
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