SCO vs WI Highlights, T20 World Cup 2022: Scotland beats West Indies by 42 runs, stuns two-time champion

T20 World Cup 2022 Group B: Get all the score updates, commentary and highlights from the first round match between West Indies and Scotland in Hobart on Monday.


Updated : Oct 17, 2022 14:11 IST

Scotland’s George Munsey (c) celebrates with teammates after taking a catch to dismiss West Indies batter Kyle Mayers.
Scotland’s George Munsey (c) celebrates with teammates after taking a catch to dismiss West Indies batter Kyle Mayers. | Photo Credit: AFP

Scotland’s George Munsey (c) celebrates with teammates after taking a catch to dismiss West Indies batter Kyle Mayers. | Photo Credit: AFP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the T20 World Cup 2022 First Round Group B match between West Indies and Scotland at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart.


Richie Berrington (Scotland): It’s a special win for us. A lot of hard work has been put in for this in the last one year. Extremely proud of the boys. We haven’t had as much as T20 cricket as we would have liked. But we played a lot of 50-over cricket, so it was important we transferred that skill to T20 cricket. We were looking at a few more (runs) after the start we got off to. But we knew this was a competitive score. The bowlers were exceptional. Mark Watt was exceptional, in the PowerPlay, and he generally takes big wickets. Michael Leask today was excellent four overs on the trot.
Nicholas Pooran (West Indies): Tough loss for us. Disappointing for sure. I guess now we got to do the hardwork and win both the games. A 160 was a par score. The middle-order batting was disappointing. We have been struggling in the middle-order for some time and it continues. Definitely not acceptable. The ball wasn’t spinning much. We have to reflect and get better. Next two games are must win. I guess when you perform bad as players, you want the next game to come as quickly as possible. I don’t think we were complacent. We did get off to a good start, but disappointing after the PowerPlay.
George Munsey 66* (53): It’s okay (injury), it’s not great. We will see how we go tonight and try and do what we can for the rest of the week. I’m always looking to improve. Thought the guys did really well. We fought like everything in the field. Guys took their catches and Watty (Mark Watt) was outstanding with his figures and the way he bowled, just class. It was a really good performance. The guys took the pressure off me in the middle after that rain delay. I enjoyed the start and found it a bit trickier after the break but I always enjoyed playing here in Australia. We knew we had enough on the board and that’s how we went about it.
WI 118 IN 18.3 OVERS

Sharif. Holder flicks it to deep square for just one. Single for McCoy next ball as he gets a thick outside edge to third man. OUT! Holder holes at long-off as he looks to go big and Greaves dives in the deep and takes it. Scotland stuns West Indies by 42 runs. What a World Cup we are having. Two days, two huge upsets. Namibia beat 2014 champion Sri Lanka yesterday and today two-time champion West Indies has gone down to Scotland, ranked 15th in the world.

WI 116/9 IN 18 OVERS

Here comes Davey. Holder swings and misses and it goes off his thigh. Holder flat-bats the next one for a single at deep midwicket. FOUR! Full-toss, Holder clears his front leg and finds the gap between long-on and deep midwicket. FOUR! Consecutive fours for Holder. Another full toss and Holder places it past point with an open face of the bat. Driven through covers for two more. Pulled away for a single and Holder will keep strike.

WI 105/9 IN 17 OVERS

Watt bowls out. OUT! Another one for Watt and this is Odean who departs. Odean looks to go big as Watt tosses it up and finds Greaves at long-off. No. 11 McCoy comes in. Scotland one wicket away from creating history.

WI 101/8 IN 16 OVERS

Wheal bowls out. SIX! Finally something to cheer for the Windies. In the slot and Holder swings and clears midwicket boundary by quite some distance. FOUR! Holder slices this behind point and to the boundary to collect four more.

WI 89/8 IN 15 OVERS

Sharif runs in. A couple of singles off the first two balls. Holder shimmies out and drives through the covers for a single. Short-arm jab by Odean for one more at midwicket. Holder makes room outside off and drills it down to long-off for just one. Good bouncer to follow up and umpire calls it one for the over. Tucked off his hips for a single and Odean will keep strike.

WI 84/8 IN 14 OVERS

OUT! And West Indies is absolutely crumbling here. Joseph gets an outside edge off Watt and the keeper takes a sharp one. Odean Smith comes in at No. 10. FOUR! Outside edge past the keeper and Holder gets four runs as he looks to slash this on the offside.

WI 79/7 IN 13 OVERS

Leask bowls out. OUT! Wicket number seven and it is Akeal who has to go. Horrible mix-up, Akeal was nowhere close to making it at the non-striker’s end and Leask, despite missing the stumps in the first go, manages to take the bails off with the ball in hand in the second attempt.

WI 77/6 IN 12 OVERS

Wheal is back. Holder tucks this length ball off his pads for a couple at long-on. He guides the next one to third-man for a single. Brooks collects one more in the same region. OUT! Brooks goes now. Shortish delivery and Brooks pulls it awkwardly and Leask does well to run in, slide and take it at deep midwicket.

WI 72/5 IN 11 OVERS

OUT! Gone first ball after the break and this is Powell who has to walk back. Leask gets his second wicket. Powell looks to launch this into the stands but finds the fielder at long-on. West Indies loses half its side and Scotland is clearly on top now. Holder is in now, probably the only one who can save West Indies from this situation.

WI 69/4 IN 10 OVERS

Sharif to Powell. He almost plays onto his stumps first ball as he gets an inside edge on this full ball outside off stump. Another tight over with just three singles from it. West Indies struggling at the halfway mark; needs 91 runs to win in 60 balls with six wickets in hand.

WI 66/4 IN 9 OVERS

Leask will continue from the other end. OUT! And now Pooran is gone! The captain rocks back to pull but misses as the ball turns away a bit and the woodwork is disturbed. West Indies four down. Rovman Powell heaves this wide outside off and slices it high in the air before it lands in no man’s land at deep extra cover.

WI 60/3 IN 8 OVERS

Watt into his second over. OUT! Watt knocks King over! Kings goes back to cut but misses and Watt has his man.

WI 57/2 IN 7 OVERS

Michael Leask with the ball. King punches off the backfoot to long-on for a single. Just four singles from the over.

WI 53/2 IN 6 OVERS

Wheal to bowl the last over of the PowerPlay. FOUR! King stands and punches this through covers for a boundary. Delicately done. Fifty up for WI in 5.3 overs. OUT! Lewis has to go as he pulls this straight to the deep square leg fielder. Pooran is in now.

WI 47/1 IN 5 OVERS

Davey continues. SIX! Full outside off and Lewis shimmies out of his crease a bit and lofts it down the ground for a maximum. FOUR! King ends the over with a boundary. Full outside off and King lofts it to the long-off boundary.

WI 34/1 IN 4 OVERS

Sharif with the ball. Starts with a wide down leg. Lewis tucks this length ball off his pads but still doesn’t open his account as it is called leg-bye. FOUR! Exquisite shot from King. He crunches this through the covers and to the boundary. FOUR! Length ball on the hips and Lewis turns it away behind the keeper to collect his first boundary.

WI 20/1 IN 3 OVERS

Josh Davey into the attack. First ball is on a length, angling down leg and Mayers cannot pull it away. FOUR! Mayers lofts this down the ground for another boundary. SIX! Full on the pads and Mayers picks this up and deposits it beyond the backward square leg boundary. OUT! And gone! Huge wicket for Scotland and Mayers has to go. It was full again on the pads, Mayers flicked it in the air off his toes and Munsey took a sensational catch running behind. Brandon King comes in and defends the first one back to the bowler.

WI 10/0 IN 2 OVERS

Brad Wheal into the attack. Two dots first up. Mayers drives beautifully but a good stop in the covers doesn’t give him any runs. FOUR! Good length on middle and leg and Mayers pulls this in front of square and to the midwicket fence. FOUR! This is deftly carved behind point for another boundary as he waits for the ball.

WI 1/0 IN 1 OVER

Kyle Mayers and Evin Lewis come out to begin the 161-run chase. Scotland will start with spin. Mark Watt to bowl. LBW appeal second ball but that was going down leg. Three dot balls to start the innings. Mayers gets off the mark with a single to long-on as he heaves this full outside off delivery. Drifting into the pads and the keeper missed what was a stumping opportunity as Lewis was out of his crease. Just a single from the first over. Tidy start by Scotland.

SCO 160/5 IN 20 OVERS

FOUR! Munsey finally gets going. He pulls this Odean delivery to the midwicket boundary. Good length delivery outside off and Greaves reaches out to make the connection but misses. Short of a length now outside off and slapped on the off-side for a single by Greaves. FOUR! Full toss and Munsey metes out appropriate treatment with a whack down the ground for four runs. Final delivery coming up. This is slow and wide outside off and he will have to reload this one. FOUR! Outside edge past the short third-man fielder and Munsey will take it.

SCO 145/5 IN 19 OVERS

Joseph bowls out. Full toss first ball, Munsey misses the attempted flick and umpire gives him out LBW. He reviews it straightaway. Impact outside leg stump and Aleem Dar will have to overturn his decision. Munsey survives. Short again, Munsey backs away to flap at it but misses. Another LBW appeal but not given. This time West Indies reviews. Munsey looked to reverse scoop this but missed. But he will survive again as this is pitching outside leg. Greaves misses the pull and the ball goes off the helmet and Pooran does well to dive to his right and saves some crucial runs for his team. A couple for Greaves off a full toss to end the over.

SCO 140/5 IN 18 OVERS

FOUR! McCoy comes with the ball. Greaves shuffles across, gets on one knee and shovels this over short fine-leg for four runs. FOUR! Short into the body and Greaves pulls, doesn’t make the best of connections, but the fine-leg fielder was too far in and this goes away for four runs. Two more for Greaves at backward square-leg. Ten runs off the first three balls of the over. Greaves now goes for the sweep but doesn’t connect and only manages a single on the off-side. Single to end the over.

SCO 128/5 IN 17 OVERS

Joseph to bowl. Bouncer goes too high and wide called. Fifty for Munsey off 43 balls, his first in T20I World Cups. OUT! Yorker, Leask swings and misses and Joseph hits timber. Three singles to end the over. New batter Chris Greaves gets two of them.

SCO 122/4 IN 16 OVERS

OUT! Slower one and MacLeod slaps this straight to the cover fielder and Odean has his first wicket. Leask gets a couple as he mucles one over mid-on. Two singles and a leg-bye to end the tomorrow.

SCO 117/3 IN 15 OVERS

Akeal bowls out. FOUR! MacLoed continues being inventive as he reverse sweeps this one behind point for a boundary. Ten runs from the over.

SCO 107/3 IN 14 OVERS

McCoy into his second over. Three singles off the first three balls. FOUR! MacLeod shuffles across his stumps and scoops it past the keeper for four. FOUR! Conseutive boundaries as MacLeod stays leg-side of this full delivery and lofts it over the off-side for a boundary.

SCO 96/3 IN 13 OVERS

Holder for this third over. Short, into the body and the ball hits the sticker of the bat on its way to the backward point fielder. FOUR! This time MacLeod connects the pull well and beats square leg to it.

SCO 87/3 in 12 overs

Joseph comes back. Berrington gets an inside edge on the pull on his helmet and the routine concussion check is underway. He is okay to continue. Munsey pulls to backward square leg for a single. OUT! Another mistimed pull and this time it is Berrington who is caught at short midwicket. Scotland loses three wickets. MacLeod comes in at No. 5. He is greeted with a bouncer which is called wide.

SCO 83/2 IN 11 OVERS

Akeal comes back for his third over. Just three singles to start the over. Berrington punches through the covers for a couple. SIX! Berrington cuts loose and slogs this over deep midwicket for maximum - the first of the match.

SCO 72/2 IN 10 OVERS

Odean will continue. Munsey pulls the first one hard to deep square-leg for a single. Berrington doesn’t really time this pull but still fetches a couple at deep midwicket. Odean continues to bowl back-of-a-length and Berrington is unable to connect the pull well. A couple to end the over. This was in the air and Akeal, quite surprisingly, didn’t go for the catch and instead decided to take it on the bounce. Pooran doesn’t look too happy with that effort.

SCO 65/2 in 9 overs

Holder continues. Starts with a yorker to Munsey, who digs it out for a single on the leg-side. OUT! Cross holes out at mid-on as he mistimes a pull shot. Holder has his second wicket. Richie Berrington, the captain is in next. He drives through covers for a single off the first ball. Just three runs from the over and the wicket.

SCO 62/1 in 8 overs

Odean Smith comes into the attack. Short, angling away a bit and Munsey cuts it to point for a single. Back-of-a-length and pulled to fine-leg by Cross for one more. Four singles off the first four balls and the scoring rate has dropped drastically after the rain break. Five singles from the over and West Indies seems to have pulled things back here.


Jason Holder into the attack. Over the wicket to Munsey. On the pads and full first ball and Munsey tucks it away for a single. OUT! Bowled him and Jones has to go. The ball moves in and Jones is cleaned up. He seems to have also got an inside edge. Matthew Cross comes in at three. He is off the mark first ball with a single. Full and Munsey drives it straight to the cover fielder. Full, slower on middle stump and pushed to mid-off by Munsey for a single.

SCO 54/0 in 6 overs

McCoy continues. Excellent over after the break. A searing yorker to end the over and there is a LBW appeal against Munsey. Not given and West Indies goes upstairs. The ball has hit him on the shin and there is not bat involved, DRS confirms. Impact is outside off and WI loses the review. Just two runs from the over however.

10:45 AM IST

The players are back on the field and the good news is that no overs have been reduced despite a 47-minute stoppage.

10:42 AM IST

Play is yet to resume. We might see overs being reduced now.

10:22 AM IST

Play has been interrupted by rain. Stay tuned for further updates.

SCO 52/0 IN 5.3 OVERS

There is a grace period of 30 minutes, after which overs will be lost if play doesn’t resume.

Match interrupted by rain

Obed Mccoy comes in to bowl. LBW appeal as Munsey misses trying to flick this full delivery on off on the leg-side. Rain comes down here in Hobart and the players walk off the field.


Akeal continues. A couple of singles to start the over. FOUR! Jones steps out and drives this through cover and point for a boundary. He lifts the next one high over the bowler’s head but the ball plugs in the field and doesn’t reach the boundary and settles for a couple. Fifty up for Scotland in five overs.


Alzarri Joseph replaces Akeal. First ball is back-of-a-length on middle and off and Jones hops to defend. Single next ball as Jones splices it over Joseph’s head for a single. FOUR! Room outside off and Munsey slaps this through cover and mid-off for a boundary. FOUR! Consecutive fours as this one is pulled away to the square-leg fence. FOUR! This is smashed down the ground to make it a hat-trick of fours for Munsey. This is short of leg-stump, Munsey doesn’t get it off the middle of the bat as he looks to pull it fine and gets a single.


Mayers will continue. FOUR! Munsey moves slightly across his stumps and whips this full delivery on the pads to the square-leg boundary. FOUR! This is sprayed on the pads again and Munsey flicks this again to the square-leg boundary. Mayers comes round the wicket now. Bouncer straightaway, Munsey ducks under it and wide called. Good yorker to follow it up and Munsey digs it out. This is again going down leg on a good length but Munsey doesn’t connect well and gets a single. Another back-of-a-length delivery, Jones misses the pull and runs for one leg-bye. Wide down leg-side now. FOUR! Short ball and Munsey gets it over Pooran off the edge and collects four more to the end the over.


Akeal Hosein starts off with four dot balls. Single off the last ball of the over and just a comes from it.


Mayers to Munsey first ball. Pushed through point and cover for a single first ball. FOUR! Jones starts off with a boundary. It’s a full toss and Jones leans into the drive through extra-cover for four runs. FOUR! Back-to-back fours as Jones gently places this full toss between cover and mid-off for another four. Pushed to point this time for a dot. Two more dots to end the over.

Kyle Mayers will bowl the first over. He is yet to pick a wicket in T20Is. Munsey on strike. The Windies players take the knee before the start of play.

West Indies players in a huddle as George Munsey and Michael Jones come out to open the batting for Scotland.

The Scottish anthem is first. Now the Windies anthem. Done with both. Live action coming up shortly.

The teams walk out for the national anthems. We are moments away from live action. West Indies starts favourite, but after Namibia stunned Sri Lanka yesterday, Scotland might just fancy its chances.

Pitch report: The pitch is firm and should favour the batters. Not much assistance for spinners by the look of it. Should be a high-scoring affair, reckons Samuel Badree.

West Indies Playing XI: Kyle Mayers, Evin Lewis, Brandon King, Shamarh Brooks, Nicholas Pooran (c) (wk), Rovman Powell, Jason Holder, Odean Smith, Akeal Smith, Alzarri Joseph, Obed McCoy.

Scotland Playing XI: George Munsey, Michael Jones, Matthew Cross (wk), Richie Berrington (c), Calum MacLeod, Chris Greaves, Michael Leask, Mark Watt, Josh Davey, Safyaan Sharif, Brad Wheal.

TOSS: West Indies won the toss and elected to bowl.

Lost by 102 runs vs New Zealand
Lost by 68 runs vs New Zealand
Lost by 72 runs vs Pakistan
Lost by eight wickets vs India
Lost by 16 runs vs New Zealand
Lost by 31 runs vs Australia
Lost by three wickets vs Australia
Won by eight wickets vs New Zealand
Lost by 90 runs vs New Zealand
Lost by 13 runs vs New Zealand
West Indies: Kyle Mayers, Johnson Charles, Brandon King, Nicholas Pooran (c) (wk), Raymon Reifer, Rovman Powell, Jason Holder, Odean Smith, Alzarri Joseph, Sheldon Cottrell, Yannic Cariah.
Scotland: George Munsey, Matthew Cross (wk), Richie Berrington (c), Calum MacLeod, Brandon McMullen, Chris Greaves, Michael Leask, Mark Watt, Safyaan Sharif, Brad Wheal, Hamza Tahir.

West Indies and Scotland will lock horns in the first Group B match of the 2022 T20 World Cup at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart on Monday. Ireland and Zimbabwe, who are also in Group B, will face off at 1:30 PM IST at the same venue later in the day.

There are a total of four Super 12 slots up for grabs in the first round matches. Two teams from each of the two groups will advance to the Super 12 stage. On Sunday, Namibia stunned Asian champion Sri Lanka before Netherlands scraped out a narrow win against UAE in Group A.

West Indies: Nicholas Pooran (c) (wk), Rovman Powell (vc), Shamarh Brooks, Yannic Cariah, Johnson Charles (wk), Sheldon Cottrell, Jason Holder, Akeal Hosein, Alzarri Joseph, Brandon King, Evin Lewis, Kyle Mayers, Obed McCoy, Raymon Reifer, Odean Smith.
Scotland: Richie Berrington (c), Matthew Cross (vc) (wk), Josh Davey, Chris Greaves, Hamza Tahir, Michael Jones, Michael Leask, Calum MacLeod, Brandon McMullen, George Munsey, Safyaan Sharif, Chris Sole, Craig Wallace (wk), Mark Watt, Brad Wheal.
The T20 World Cup 2022 Group B match between West Indies and Scotland will be aired LIVE on the Star Sports Network at 9:30 AM IST on Monday, October 17. The match will also be LIVE streamed on Disney+Hotstar.
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