TNCA reveals impacts of hindered funding

A source from the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association has elaborated on the immediate repercussions of the bar in revenues from the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

How long can a State association hold out without funds from the BCCI following Supreme Court’s directions on Friday?

A top Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) source told Sportstar, “We can manage with our existing funds for a year.”

This magazine has learnt from reliable sources that the TNCA has around Rs. 20 crore in the bank. Most State associations might have similar reserve funds.

The TNCA also earned about Rs. 42 crore from Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) this year but a leading official said, “We will not use the TNPL funds for conducting the day-to-day affairs of the TNCA. That money is separate. We have already used a lot of that money for creating infrastructure and paying celebrity cricketers for promoting TNPL.”

The apex court has effectively stopped two main sources of funding for the State associations – the revenue each association received from BCCI’s television rights and the Indian Premier League (IPL). “Each State association got around Rs. 20 crore as its share from the television and IPL rights every year. We will not get that money now,” said the official.

He was, however, clear that the State associations will be able to operate their bank accounts. “There is no restriction on that. Only the funds from the BCCI have been stopped.”


The State associations, he said, needed to spend money to pay salaries to the staff at its office, its coaches and those who work at their academies.

For instance, while the players participating in the Ranji Trophy are paid by the BCCI, the coach and the other members of the support staff receive money from the State associations. “The subsidy which we get from the BCCI, around Rs. 10 lakhs, for playing in the Ranji Trophy, will no longer be available to us. And each time we host a match, we have to spend money,” the official said.

Will the Supreme Court directive put the India-England Test series in doubt? The BCCI foots the bill for the airfare and accommodation of the cricketers and the support staff of both teams, but there are some expenses too for the host associations.

The official said, “Arranging security for one day alone costs Rs. 20 lakh. So for five days, the State associations will have to spend Rs. one crore. Then we have to arrange for food, make payment to those who helped conduct the Test, print tickets.”

He said, “The State association’s expenses will be close to Rs. three crore. Of course, we will get to keep the gate collection but this may not be substantial in a Test.”

The official added, “The State associations control the grounds, the BCCI doesn’t. We will have to speak to the other State associations and take a stand about the series. I don’t have the answer at this stage.”

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