Vinay Kumar: 'KPL is the start of a new season'

Vinay Kumar was heavily criticised for conceding 17 runs off the last over in match two of IPL 2018, against Chennai Super Kings, which won the match in spectacular fashion.

R. Vinay Kumar will be playing for Hubli Tigers in the 2018 edition of Karnataka Premier League.   -  K.R. Deepak

In April this year, Vinay Kumar was at the receiving end of a rough social media backlash. The pacer was unable to defend 17 runs in the last over for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in an IPL encounter, which led to a rush of abusive messages from Twitter users.

Though Vinay was hurt by the online reaction, he took it in his stride. He even posted a response on his Twitter account, which read “Hey guys take it easy, it's just a game. Where were you all when I defended 9 runs against RCB and 10 runs against Mumbai Indians!! Sometimes things do go wrong so CHILL....”

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A few months on, a fresh start awaits Vinay. He is the key player for Hubli Tigers in the Karnataka Premier League (KPL), which commences here on August 15.

“People say all sorts of things online. It’s very easy to sit on your couch and say things. I take full responsibility for that over, but at the end of the day, it’s just a game. All of us go into the field to win, but we cannot win every single time. Many bowlers went for 20-25 runs in an over in the IPL,” Vinay said here on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old explained that he does not allow criticism to affect his game. “It’s very important for a sportsperson to treat successes and failures equally. Yes, I had a bad game, but I’m ready to come out stronger. I’m mature enough to handle these things,” he said, “The KPL is the start of a new season, and a new day.”

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